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I-691 West
(exit 8)

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left view at end of exit 8, I-691 West . forward view at end of exit 8, I-691 West . right view at end of exit 8, I-691 West

digital photo of exit 8, I-691 West

At This Exit:
(I-691 West x8)

Brookside / City Parks
Ceppa Field
Thomas Edison Magnet School
Falcon Field
Meriden Fire Department Headquarters
Solomon Goffe 1711 House
Nathan Hale Elementary School
Francis T. Maloney High School
Casimir Pulaski Elementary School
Israel Putnam Elementary School
U. S. Route 5
Roger Sherman Elementary School
Veterans Memorial Monuments
Washington Middle School

Area Businesses:

Hunter Memorial Municipal Golf Course

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Phil Viger
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I-691 West
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