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Acropolis Internet Casino - Elegant Gaming Online ~ you may even download a version of their games
All-Movie Guide
alt-n - Your On-Line Entertainment Network ~ featuring dialog developments for Soaps, to comics and more dailies
Arcadia Home Page ~ actually Clarence Donath's Page referencing New England arcade machine resources but also many more tidbits
Attitude Network, Welcome to the ~ it's time to redefine the state of your gaming + mind
Bass Voyage to the Titanic
Blizzard Entertainment News ~ online gaming svcs
Boardwalk USA ~ six acres of in/outdoor amusements at Colorado Springs
Chess Mentor by Aficionado
Chomp ~ (official site name is URL) download this 3.7 meg beta game and start chewing gummi savers
Chris' Duke Nukem 3D homepage ~ download game files, cheat codes, link to other related sites, live java chat
Claudia's Entertainment Page ~ excellent Connecticut home page with movies, television and multimedia theme
Coast to Coast Games Archive ~ this site is packed with excitement
Connecticut Passport, Welcome to ~ a personalized guide to events and activities around Connecticut
ContestGuide.com ~ extensive reference of sites you can visit for prizes and fun
Cy-Fair ISD's RealMedia Theatre, Welcome to
Cyan home page ~ MYST - mystery game of different worlds
Descent Page, The Official ~ 3D vessel game
Dowd's, Daniel Whelland weeklyhoroscope #2 ~ great site to check your sign's message
Dream Arcade ~ best collection of JAVA games online
E! Online - Front Door, Welcome to ~ Entertainment News
EachMovie ~ reviews of what's playing
Epic MegaGames Web Page, The Official ~ massive commercial site
Eric's Software Directory ~ an archive of over 3000 downloadable Mac games
Film.com Home ~ latest movie reviews, features, cinecism and even a store
Fun 'N' Games - Download Free Games ~ most are Windows based required
Fun City, Welcome to ~ clssfds, prsnls, links
Fun.Com ~ a source for internet based entertaining activity
Game Shack ~ grab some games and start playing
GameCenter.com ~ game software news, features and reviews from C|Net
GamePage, The ~ downloads, cheats, reviews
Games Domain ~ hundreds of game reviews, samples, patches and more
Games Room Server, The ~ play live matches worldwide via the Net with their CD software
Gameshows.com ~ play BoxerJam's Strike-A-Match or Out-of-Order live online games against other WWW players for free
Happy Puppy's Front Porch ~ claims to e the #1 game site on the Net - software offers, game playing options, news, tips and more
Hershey Museum Home Page ~ learn about this great visitor attraction before you go there
Hollywood Online
Horoscope of the Day ~ check your daily horoscope - an INX service
Hugo Trilogy for Windows - Puzzle Based Adventure Game ~ another great production from Gray Design Associates
I M Db's local cinema listing pointers, The ~ Internet Movie Database
iChess home page ~ play chess against each other on net (JAVA enhanced browser req'd)
Imagine Games Network, The Most Visited Resource for Computer and Video Games ... ~ even features live event chats
Internet Casinos ~ cyberspace gaming
Interplay Productions ~ interactive gaming/entertainment
Kaplan's Award-Winning Games Take a Productive Study Break ~ these online interactive programs are not only fun but education too
Late Show with David Letterman, The ~ get all the latest info including Dave's Top 10 List
Lotto Luck: home page ~ the Internet Lotto game you don't have to pay to play
Mark's Mystery Picture ~ Wise Acres production also seen as interactive Prodigy member service
Men in Black ~ an official 'now in theaters' site
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Games
Movie Bloopers, Welcome to ~ you pick the category and enjoy the picked reviews of errors
MovieLink ~ search by theater, title, time or simply browse what's available
Movieweb: home page
MovieWorld ~ see the current times, places, reviews and even industry news
Mr. Showbiz, Welcome to
MudBall Wall ~ interesting game from Broderbund - you can even play using your browser and shockwave plug-in
NetNoose ~ play hangman against a dictionary - choose your level
NetPlay Game Club Home Page ~ download their software and start freely playing with others
New England What Where When ~ calendars of events, contests and more regional info
Nickelodeon - entertainment and games, just for kids ~ the official site
Nintendo home page
O'Donnell Show, Rosie ~ famous TV talk show host / comedian has her own Web page
Oakdale Theatre ~ Wlfd, CT musical/entertainment shows center
Oscar.com The official academy awards Web site
Outland Chess ~ internet matches for a fee
Paramount Pictures Online
Play4Prizes: Play Free Games; Win Cash ~ weekly drawings of winners for Interlotto gambling play too
Playbill On-line ~ theatre related +
Riddler!, Welcome to ~great games and prizes all free
Sega Online!, Welcome to
Shockzone Gallery Guide ~ part of Shockwave's official site showing sites using the special plug-in feature
Sidewalk, Welcome to ~ your personalized major city guide to entertainment
Sony Pictures Entertainment Movies
Stickney's, Doug Silver Screen Siren Website ~ view the images and galleries of your favorite Silver Screen Movie Stars
Stuart Entertainment, Welcome to ~ Bingo King - Video King - Bazaar & Novelty
Sweepstakes Online Welcome Page
Tales From the Crypt ~ tv & movie script features
Tarot ~ what do the cards say about your future?
The Net ~ Sandra Bullock stars in this timely movie
Ticketmaster Online! ~ hmpg
TicketWeb: The Online Ticketing Alternative ~ an internet-based box office for lower cost tickets
Today's Stars ~ AdZe's horoscopes
Top Centre Ticket Service - Your Source for the Best Tickets for Sports, Concerts, Theatre and Events
Top Ten Lists from Late Show with David Letterman, The ~ keep up with the entertainer's lines
Totally Nickelodeon ~ an interactive adventure designed to appeal to the entire family - an extension of Nickelodeon tv show popularity
Toy Story, Welcome to
Turkey Movie Page, The ~ see if your worst movie, actor, director etc made the list
TV Guide online - Top 10 Video Rentals ~ you even get to see some movie clips online
Ultra Game Players Online: Video Games, Nintendo, PC, Saturn, PlayStation, Game Info, Codes ... ~ see the latest Top 10 game list
United Internation Pictures
Universal Studios ~ their official site
Video Game Yellow Pages
Video Games and Stuff ~ a personal home page dedicated to video games like Mario and more
Video Games On Line ~ find any Web site that has to do with the videogame industry - regardless of platform
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness ~ medieval war game
Warner Bros. Home Page, Welcome to
Web-a-Sketch! ~ redesign your ole Etch-A-Sketch drawings online
What's On Stage ~ Britain's National Performing Arts Information Service
Wheel of Fortune home page
Word Play ~ if you like the dictionary, this site is for you
WWW.GAMERS.ORG ~ DoomGate FAQ: Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom
Yeti Snowball Fight ~ using your browser and shockwave plug-in, you throw snowballs at the snow monster hopefully before he hits you

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Test your knowledge and skills against other challengers
with this live, interactive online game from BoxerJam.
Popular with AOL members, you can play for free on the Net!

[Yahoo Chess]
Yahoo Games

It took nearly a decade, but on June 20, 1998,
another of my "visions" became a pleasant reality!
For years, I've been playing 'live' chess matches with
local challengers using our computers, modems and a software
program called PCCHESS that was produced in the mid '80s.

Although I still use that CGA program on my SVGA Pentium system,
I'm happy to discover you and I can conduct our own session
miles, states and even countries apart - all totally FREE.
Of course you'll need access to the Internet / World Wide Web,
but you don't need to download any special programs (although you
must have a JAVA capable browser) ... just join Yahoo services.

Interested in a live match whereby you get to see the pieces and
the board PLUS pass along timely chat messages with me?
Let me know the time we should meet.

Yes, Yahoo has other board and card games you can play, too!

take a

Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut sign
Meriden, Connecticut

for more references

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