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212.net ~ a rather unique and interesting commercialized site with varied topics to choose from
A O L, Welcome to ~ America OnLine's main info page
A S A Compucom, Opening Page ~ ISP and IPP also displays users' home pages
A T & T home page
Acadiana Internet Home Page ~ a small but growing ISP
America Online
aracnet.com home page ~ Portland, OR ISP
Borg Personal Listings ~ complete list of ISP subscribers' home page URLs
Cajun.net, Welcome to ~ an ISP with great spunk
Comcast Online In Connecticut ~ *actual site title not visited
CompuServe, Welcome to
Computerized Horizons ~ Fairfield, CT ISP
Connix ~ Middlefield, CT ISP
Coqui.Net: The Internet Access Provider of Puerto Rico. 753-1771 ~ ISP
Cox Connecticut ~ the Nutmeg state's cable television, telephone and internet service provider
Cyber Services, Inc. - An Internet Service Provider for North Virginia, Washington, DC and Southern Maryland
CyberShore home page ~ CT ISP
CyberWay Home Page ~ an ISP in Singapore
DIGEX, Inc. ~ Maryland based national ISP
EarthLink Network home page ~ nationwide ISP
East Coast Internet Home Page ~ Connecticut ISP and commercial presence services
Erol's Unlimited Internet ~ growing regionalized ISP
Europe Online, Welcome to ~ ISP
First Net of Acadiana ~ LA ISP
Freeway, Northern Michigan's Premier Internet Service Provider ~ ISP
Frontier Internet ~ ntnl ISP
G N N ~ Global Network Navigator (ISP)
G W I / Engineering Internet Excellence ~ ISP - former Biddeford (ME) Internet
Genie Services home page ~ online Internet connection services
Global Infonet, Inc. home page ~ San Fransico Bay ISP
GlobalCenter, Welcome to ~ a commercial company offering Net access and Web publishing services
Golden Triangel Net - Southeast Texas' Start Page ~ ISP
i-conn, Connecticut's Internet Connection! ~ ISP
InfiNet!, Welcome to ~ sprawling US, VA based ISP
Info Avenue WWW Home Page N/S Carolina based ISP serving SE region
InterAccess ~ Chicago ISP
Interlog, Welcome to ~ Ontario's Internet Connection (ISP)
InterServe Communications ~ Palo Alto, CA ISP
IQuest Network Services ~ Indianapolis based ISP for midwest
Kilroy's Internet, Welcome to ~ Berlin, CT based ISP serving Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island
M C I, Welcome ~ ntnl ISP and LD phone svcs
M S N . COM, Welcome to ~ Microsoft Network with International site location options
Megahits (c) - Connecticut's Premier Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Miami County Kansas OnRamp ~ excellent ISP home page, too
MindSpring Enterprises home page ~ Atlanta, GA based ISP
N R V net Online ~ Virginia based ISP
Net Source of Naples Internet Services - Dialup Access - WWW Domain Hosting / Virtual Domains - Lan / Wan Consulting - Novell / DOS / Windows / Unix Specialist - Naples, FL
NETCOM On-line Communication Services, Inc. ~ ISP and Web presence services
North American Internet, Inc. home page ~ ISP
North Bay Network ~ Calif. ISP
Northwest Nexus ~ Pacific Northwest ISP
Pacific Bell Internet
Peak, Inc. - Internet Service Provider and Education Center ~ Public Electronic Access to Knowledge in Orgeon
Primenet Services for the Internet WWW ~ Arizona based prtl ntnl ISP
Prodigy Service, The
Quantum Networking in Phelan, California ~ tri-community ISP
Quantum Networking Solutions, Inc. ~ Antelope Valley, CA ISP
S N E T Internet, Connecticut's leading ISP, Welcome to
SeaFare Access Ltd. ~ St. Johns, NF, Canada ISP
Sense Networking: oz.net ~ Seattle ISP
Sirius Connections ~ San Fran/Bay area ISP
Slip.Net - America's Premier Internet Service Provider ~ ISP
SmartLink home page, The ~ Santa Clarita Valley, California ISP +
Southwest Link ~ Phoenix, Arizona ISP
SoVerNet - Vermont's Internet Connection ~ ISP
Sprint ~ ntnl ISP and LD phone svcs
StratoNet, Inc., Welcome to ~ Florida ISP with great home page
Super Collider BBS ~ full internet, game connections, teleconferencing capabilities and more @ 33.6 kbps
SUPERNET! ~ (aka ski.com) ~ Colorado ISP attracting major ntnl cos for marketing dvlpmnt
T F S net: America's Corporate Internet Provider ~ great Kansas City ISP
T I A C: Voted Best of Boston by Boston Magazine! ~ ISP
The List ~ over 3,300 Internet Service Providers (ISP)
TotalNet ~ growing Canadian ISP
Tour AOL ~ read about a couple of their features and comments from some of their users
Transparent Background Images ~ a descriptive page on how to create the imaginable
U S A .NET ~ ntnl ISP
UltraNet Communications, Inc. ~ Marlborough, MA ISP and more
USFreeway Online ~ unique ISP offers free access if you don't mind their visiting advertisers
W O W .com - home page ~ CompuServe service (schedules to cease operations 1-30-97)
WebKorner.Com ~ Charlotte's ISP
WebZone Home Page, The ~ Tulsa Oklahoma ISP with great info and access to member home pages
Welcome to the Internet ~ Q L D - Australian ISP
Whole Earth Networks ~ California ISP
Winternet, Welcome to ~ Minnesota's leading Internet Service Provider
WorldMaster home page ~ Compuserve's 'OurWorld' special feature
Xensei Corporation, The Boston, MA/South Bay area ISP and presence provider

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Internet Traffic Report

hourly stats on how well the data flows through the global Net

An average 1 hour "Surf-the-Net" session
absorbs approximately 2 megs of disk space ...

... remember to clear your cache directory, often!

Welcome to the Internet - enjoy the ride!

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