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101 Kindergarten Tips ~ a commercial site still offering some free ideas
1492 Exhibit ~ the Library of Congress presents this ongoing voyage of facts
1996 ThinkQuest Contest Winners
A Starter for Elementary Kids and Teachers
Absoloutely Unique Lessons Using Postage Stamps ~ classroom ideas submitted by teachers
American School Directory, Welcome to the ~ each of America's 106,000 k-12 schools now have their own free Web site
Arctic Studies Center home ~ info on Artic people, culture and environment
B H S Homepage ~ Bloomfield (Connecticut) High School online
Bergtraum, Murry High School ~ New York
C S U System home page ~ links to CT's 4 state univ
Caltech ~ California Institute of Technology official Web site
Career Center - Graduate and Professional Study ~ a page leading you to links of specialty schools by subject
Carnegie Mellon University Libraries Front Door
Central Connecticut State University ~ New Britain, CT
Cheshire High School home page ~ Cheshire, Connecticut
Children's Literature Web Guide ~ Internet Resources related to books for children and young adults
Choate Rosemary Hall ~ Wlfd, CT educational institute
Cisco Educational Archive and Resources Catalog ~ virtual schoolhouse and teacher / school Net - classroom usage
Classroom Connect ~ a premier Web site for K-12 educators and students
Classroom Connect ClassroomWeb ~ 100s of schools get free Web space in their database
Classroom Connect's Virtual Auditorium!
Coach University ~ an interesting teleclass approach of making you a coach with shareware and other modules
Cobuild ~ Collin Cobuild is helping learners with real English
Collegescape Home Page ~ list of colleges - some you can apply to online, financial aid info +
ConneCT'96 home page Connecticut educational and library systems tied together online
Connecticut Association of Boards of Education -- CABE
Connecticut Community-Technical Colleges home-page ~ direct link source to 12 institutions
Connecticut Educators Computer Association, CECA
Connecticut School of Broadcasting ~ the official site for the Farmington, Connecticut headquarter based school
Connecticut State Department of Education
Constitution of the United States ~complete doc beginning w/ "We the People..."
CT School of Broadcasting* ~ * site title reworded for ID; plv
Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts
Digital Education Network, The : A resource for teachers and students
Duke University
E T S Net, Welcome to the ~ Educational Testing Service official Web site - review their practice test questions, read their online magazine and much more info
EdCen home page ~ Education Central - the communication and resource center for professional educators
EDU-Link ~ resources to sites pertaining to biology, chemistry, physics and math
edu: U. S. News Colleges and Careers Center ~ free college location and financial aid info
Education Free Forum ~ professionally created site packed with category topics for teachers, students, parents
Educational Testing Service (Gopher)* * actual site title: gopher://gopher.ets.org/
Educator's Toolkit ~ nicely produced, easy to follow resource of ideas
Edupage Newsletter, The ~ this educational consortium encourages using the Net for distribution of valued and useful information
EduStock ~ educational site designed to teach young and old all about the stock market
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse ~ mtrl for math/science teachers
Engines for Education, Welcome to ~ "hyper-book" (hypertext essay) covering educ sys
Exploratorium home page ~ educational links
Family Education Network, Welcome to the
First Nations Network Main Menu ~ Canadian Indians' cmmnty server w/details of interest
Franklin, The World of Benjamin ~ about him
G N A -- The Text Project ~ a generation of hypertext text books of various subjects taught over the Net
Gateway to World History ~ Cntrl CT State Univ svc
Global Schoolhouse, The ~ Internet resources for educators from software material to class projects online
Globewide Network Academy, The ~ helping you with distance education with over 10,000 courses and degree programs listed
Goodwin, E. C. R. V. T. S. ~ one of Connecticut's Regional Vocational Technical Schools based in New Britain
Hampton Elementary School Homepage ~ Connecticut school online
Harvard University WWW home page
Highland School ~ Cheshire Connecticut elementary school online
Hot Science Links for Teachers ~ the Net is truly an educational resource
hphs ~ Hartford (Connecticut) Public High School online
I E T F / TERENA Training Materials Catalogue ~ resources for Internet Trainers to use for training other users
I L T web: History: NA: NativeAmerican Navigator ~ Institute for Learning Technologies presents maps, timelines and other factors
I'm NOT Miss Manners of the Internet ~ Arlene H. Rinaldi's Netiquette Home Page
Infoseek : Internet for schools
Internet College Exchange (ICX) ~ get scholarship info, list of colleges and more
Internet Guides, Tutorials, and Training Information (Library of Congress) ~ one page of links to other great resources
Internet Resources for English Teachers and Students
Introduction to the Internet for Teachers ~ material intended to help teachers get started using the Internet in the classroom
Journalism Exercises ~ great ideas for journalists today and the future to use the Net to its fullest resource potential
K-12 Acceptable Use Policies ~ site materials assisting school districts in development of effective Net policies / practices
K-12: Table of Contents ~ Busy Teacher's website
Kaplan Educational Centers, Welcome to ~ an LA 11 ranking site with great interactive online projects to test your knowledge
Knowledge Adventure ~ educational software for the young and growing
Learn a Little, Accomplish A Lot ~ texted words showing English to Spanish translation
Learning in Motion's Top Ten List ~ their choice of monthly 'best' educational sites
Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
Lemelson-MIT Prize Program, The ~ American inventors & their discoveries
Lessons Developed by Susan Boone ~ originating at Saint Agnes Academy, Houston, TX, this site encourages students to LOOK AROUND the Web
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) home page
Logan Net ~ Web site of James Logan High School, Union City, California - San Francisco Bay area
M I T home page, The ~ Mass Institute of Technology
M S U School of Architecture ~ Mississippi State University
Make You Think Series ~ just press the question mark for the 'fun' test to take
Mansfield Middle School ~ CT
Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map ~ learn about the different type of maps available
Math ~ a long page of resources, games and teacher lesson plans for this number subject
McGraw-Hill School Division Home Page ~ a place for teachers for product info and store items
Middlesex Community Technical College ~ main campus grounds in Middletown, Connecticut
MindWarp ~ models of consciousness / pshcology
Modern Language Association Documentation ~ A Guide to Writing Research Papers
National Center for Technology Planning ~ suggestive ideas on helping the educational community utilize the Net
National P. T. A. ~ 100 years of Parent, Teacher Association's ideas now online
Naugatuck Valley CTC, Welcome to ~ Community Technical College, Waterbury, CT
Navigate Clarkson ~ Clarkson Univ, Potsdam, NY
Nerdity Test, The infamous ~ answer the questions and get your online score
Netropolitan Life ~ a college course documentation of the electronic world culture
NetTech home page ~ Northeast Regional Technology in Education Consortium
New York University, Welcome to
Nine Planets, The ~ multimedia tour of solar system
Nova Southeastern University ~ Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Parents and Children Together Online ~ educational Family Literacy Project
Parker High Home Page ~ preview this info packed site in Janesville, Wisconsin
Pinchbeck's, B.J. Homework Helper this youngster and parent have collected over 370 sites to help you quickly get the research info you may need
Princeton University
Pueblo Home Pages ~ a Global Learning Collaboratory
Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiative ~ Mars projects, shuttle team progreses and more educational timely developments
Regional Technology in Education Consortia ~ their mission is to improve student achievement via technology
Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now, Welcome to ~ professionally done, informative site
Researchpaper.com ~ large collection of topics, ideas and assistance for school related research projects
Sailor's (Maryland's Public Informatioin Network) Home Port ~ Maryland's State Department of Education
ScholarStuff ~ professes to have more stuff for scholars than anywhere else on Web
Scholastic Place ~ popular educational publishers go online
School Placement Services
Schools on the Web ~ a special grant giving service sponsored by MicroSoft
Schools Online
Schrock's, Kathy Guide for Educators
Smartnet Home Page ~ Sacred Heart University's Smart Center focuses on mathematics and science
Smithsonian Institution home page
Southington High ~ Connecticut public high school online
Southington Public Schools ~ CT
St. John's University ~ NY
Strategic School Profiles - all Connecticut Schools
Teacher Education Program ~ special UCLA outline of subject matter, courses and resources
Teacher Links
Teachers.Net!, Welcome to
Teaching Techniques for Adult Learning* ~ *actual site title: Look Around; - great basics explained on conducting classes
Teachnet.com, Welcome to ~Teacher's Edition Online Resources
Technology at Work ~ real title - Jason VIII: Journey from the center of the earth as presented by EDS
Th E 'Lectric Learning Web ~ excellent concepts creates a global learning kiosk center
ThinkQuest 97 Internet Contest Home Page
Titanic Live Online
Tools for Writing ~ ace your English/Journalism assgnmnts
Towson University ~ Towson, Maryland
University of Connecticut
University of South Florida
Virtual Classroom ~ Sabine Parish School in Louisiana produced an excellent resource site to other sites of interest and info
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit ~ interactive icon presentation
Washington Middle School, Meriden, CT
Washington University in St. Louis
Web Spanish Lessons, by Tyler Jones ~ includes postscript docs containing samples, tests and audio
Web66: International WWW School Registry
Webmonkey - Teaching Tool
WebServ - Abstract ~ aka Teaching and Publishing on the Worldwide Web - this October '95 documentary is still valuable today
Wesleyan home page ~ Middletown, CT Univ
What Good is Math? ~ a great educational page put together by the students at University of Richmond
Willamette University Main Web Page ~ Salem, Oregon
Windows to the Universe, Introductioin to ~ fun and innovative coverage on earth and space sciences
World Alumni Net ~ enter your graduating school and personal name - see if your friends have done the same
World History - HyperHistory ~ a growing Web project which covers 3000 years of world history
www.student, Welcome to ~ Dutch home page projects of students in Wageningen, the Netherlands
Yale University Front Door

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[Phil Viger 1975 yearbook photo]

Phil Viger attended grades K-8 at Saint Stanislaus School in Meriden, Connecticut.
From September 1971 through December 1974, Phil was well known for his journalistic, broadcasting and Cable RAVE activities as an Orville H. Platt High student in Meriden. Phil completed his senior year and graduated from Francis T. Maloney High School, Meriden, CT in June 1975. As a result of the mid-year relocation and print deadlines, the above photo and Phil's name never made either yearbook publications.
Other educational achievements include graduating from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 1974 and Real Estate Career Institute of Southington, CT in 1983.
Phil also has computer and business management accreditation at Middlesex Community College of Middletown Connecticut as well as several various advertising, sales and marketing seminar experiences.

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Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut sign
Meriden, Connecticut

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