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164 Currency Converter by Oanda ~ excellent global currency online service
African Stock Exchange Guide, The ~ Johannesburg Stock Exchange trade companies info provided by Africa dot com
American Association of Individual Investors ~ providing individual investors with knowledge that will help them to manage their own assets
American Express home page ~ credit card co
American Stock Exchange - The Smarter Place to Be ~ visibility for over 700 companies
Asian Securities Online
Associated Foreign Exchange, Inc. ~ the dollar's value in other countries
Australian Stock Exchange ~ official site
Bank of America ~ from home banking services to money management tips
Bank Rate Monitor Home Page ~ get the rates, news and other basics
Banks with home pages, List of
Business Systems International ~ systems integration specialists for banking
C B S MarketWatch ~ get the latest financial headline news, market data, portfolio reports and more
C N N FN ~ Cable News Network Financial Network online
C N N fn - US Stock Markets ~ see how the numbers fall with this updated every 3 minute report
C N N fn - World Stock Markets ~ foreign market rated info
Chase, Welcome to the new... ~ credit card svcs
CheckFree Investment Services - Ticker Symbol Lookup ~ security APL ticket lookup
CheckFree Investment Services Quote Server ~ check your stock from this 15 minute delayed ticker
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Choosing and Using Credit Cards -- February 1993 ~ Federal Trade Commission article
Citicorp/Citibank home page ~ credit card svcs
Closing Bell ~ Mercury Mail's free service provides daily e-mail messages containing closing prices and news of market indices, mutual funds and securities from 3 major US exchanges
Colombo Stock Exchange ~ official site of Sri Lanka
Connecticut Student Loan Foundation Home Page, The
Consumer Credit Counseling Center of Connecticut* CCCS ~ *actual site title: Credit Counseling; - helping those with personal financial debt problems
Credit For Security - Unsecured Credit Guaranteed ~ a modest fee will identify sources of credit card issuers
CyberCash home page
D B C Online ~ America's leading provider of real-time market data to the individual investor from the Data Broadcasting Corporation
Debt Counselors of America - the non-profit group that helps consumers get out of debt
DigiCash ecash - ecash home page ~ software form of electronic money
Discover Card ~ their official site even lets you check the balance of your statement
Dow Jones Interactive Publishing ~ online informational services
Dreyfus, Welcome to ~ well-known mutual funds organization now online
Dun & Bradstreet Information Services
eBroker, Welcome to ~~ All American Brokers serves you online
fastWeb (Financial Aid Search Through the Web) ~ use their database to match your skills and needs
Fidelity Investments ~ investment and retirement fund information
FinanceCenter Personal Finance Resource
Financial Times, The
FINWeb Home Page ~ financial topic resources online
First Card ~ credit card svcs
First Virtual Homepage - Internet Commerce ~ FV (A Secure Way to Handle Internet Credit Card Transactions)
Form for Mortgage payment query ~ provided by Hugh Chou
Free Online Secrets of Credit Repair ~ valuable information compiled by Lexington Law Firm
History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day ~ excellent documentation
Holt Report Index Page ~ professional site reports the timely financial market developments
Homebuyers Fair Mortgage Loan Qualification Calculator ~ American Finance lets you see for yourself online how much you can afford
Hugh's Mortgage and Financial Calculators ~ Hugh Chou hmpg
I P O Data Systems, Inc, Welcome to ~ Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Data on the Web
Investor's Supersite on the Web, The
InvestorsEdge Web Site, Welcome to the ~ see the latest Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S and P, 30 year Treasury indexes and more
InvestorWeb Home Page ~ long standing site provides interesting points of views on market developments
iWORLD: Internet Daily Stock Report ~ a forum for activity and morning / close info
Lombard Public Access Quotes ~ registered users access free info from this California based brokerage firm
London Stock Exchange ~ official site
Looking for Student Aid ~ a brief intro on where to get more information on financial aid
MasterCard International Pointers ~ credit card co
Merrill Lynch ~ financial investments
Merrill Lynch Online ~ investment info at your fingertips
Money Quick Quotes ~ Pathfinder's service enables you to get a quote or search a symbol plus review Money Online
Morningstar.Net ~ an online investment magazine that is also a live source of info on stocks and mutual funds
Mortgage Calculator Input ~ see how the monthly payments break down
Mutual Fund Investor's Center, The ~ get an education on how it all works
Mutual Funds Interactive(sm) ~ an independent resource of info on the Web
NationsBank Home Page, Welcome to ~ official site
NETworth ~ follow mutual funds or equities from one source
New Stock Issues ~ NewsPage Stock Industry News articles updated daily
New York Stock Exchange ~ this non-official site from Ohio State University is a great way to start learning about the Exchange
New York Stock Exchange Home Page ~ this official site acts as an educational tool for investors, students and teachers
Newsday.com / AP Update - Wall Street ~ seee the latest stock news as reported by the Associated Press every half hour during trading
Novus (sm) Network Services home page ~ incl 'Discover' & 'Bravo' credit cards
Olsen and Associates: Currency Convertor
Oslo Stock Exchange ~ another point in the world for the timely numbers
P C Quote Makes the Internet MarketSmart
People's Bank of Connecticut ~ a nationally popular organization now online
Philadelphia Stock Exchange ~ their official site
Play the stock market online
Prudential Securities' Virtual Branch Office ~ financial advising online
Quicken Financial Network ~ get stock and mutual fund quotes and other news online
Quote.com - Quotes, News, Investment Research and More ~ quick quotes online
R A M Research Group, The Planet of Low Rate, No Annual Fee, Secured, rebate Credit Cards ~ Best Credit Card Deals
Schwab, Charles and Co., Inc. -- SchwabNOW ~ mutual fund one source online
Silicon Investor ~ excellently high rated site with timely feature article info and more
Southington Savings Bank ~ Connecticut banking online
Standard and Poor's ComStock on the Net ~ real time market data with unlimited flexibility
StarNet Online Up-to-Date Stock Quotes
Stock Market Data
Stock Market Update - stock market quotes, news, charts and analysis ~ nicely done page for info access
Stock Smart* ~ *actual site title: Stocks, Mutual Funds, News, Portfolios, Financials, Investments - free service lets you follow the latest developments
Stock-Line ~ professionally done site enables you to really learn what's going on in the market including Real Audio interviews with some of the shakers and makers
StockMaster ~ you enter the desired trade item and then see their quote and graph - free 15 minute delay ticker info and more regarding stocks and funds
Student Guide, The ~ financial aid from the U. S. Dept of Education
T R W, Inc. ~ more than your credit report source
TeleStock - Overview [deutsch] ~ closing stock quotes and other info for the financially minded
Thompson Associates, Carl -- (303) 494-5472 prof invstmnt svs
Trader's Financial Resource Guide, A: Stocks and Options ~ a professionally filtered guide
Tripod: Book Survey / Credit Debt
Trojan ~ an investment program designed to pick winners out of a given Australian throughbred race
U S Securities and Exchange Commission ~ official governmental site
U. S. National Debt Clock ~ shows current calculated figure
Visa ATM Locator Welcome ~ pick a state and find the 3 machines closest to you
Visa Expo ~ credit card co
Wall Street City
Web Investors ~ excellent site for basic info (like a full dictionary of terms) to factors for seasoned users
WebCalc ~ try this unique online Web site that acts as a virtual calculator
WebIPO, Welcome to ~ internet public offerings: raise money for businesses via th net
WWW Internet Fund home page ~ world's first internet mutual fund!
Zacks Investment Research, Inc. ~ a highly rated site for info on picking stocks

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[CAUTION: credit card finance fees]

Using your credit card for cash advances is extremely costly!
You may be charged a 3% transaction fee; plus the finance charges of
as much as 22% APR are calculated immediately - there's no grace period.
Remember, too, your bill payments must be received by the due date;
or you may be charged an additional late payment fee - it adds up!

National Credit Bureaus

Credit Information Services
P.O. Box 105873
Atlanta, GA 30348
Phone: 800-685-1111

National Consumer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 2104
Allen, TX 75013-2104
Phone: 800-392-1122

Trans Union Corporation
National Disclosure Center
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19022
Phone: 800-916-8800


A financial formula whereby your money will "double"
at the exact point (year) by dividing 72 by the % of interest.

Example: $2,000 invested at age 21

          24 yrs            12 yrs             6 yrs             4 yrs
         -------           -------           -------           -------
     3% | 72           6% | 72          12% | 72          18% | 72
    21....$2,000      21....$2,000      21....$2,000      21....$2,000
    45.... 4,000      33.... 4,000      27.... 4,000      25.... 4,000
    69.... 8,000      45.... 8,000      33.... 8,000      29.... 8,000
                      57....16,000      39....16,000      33....16,000
                      69....32,000      45....32,000      37....32,000
                                        51....64,000      41....64,000
                                        57...128,000      45...128,000
                                        63...256,000      49...256,000
                                        69...512,000      53...512,000


The Universal Currency Converter™

I want to convert


National Debt

Debt Clock

reload page for current adjustment

take a

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Meriden, Connecticut

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