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People Search
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Seek my children, and you shall find.

Search Example : John Smith
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Last First SmartName (Bob = Robert)
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  Find A Person's Phone Number:
Last Name: First Name:
City: State:

  Find A Business Phone Number:
Business Name:
City: State:

  Find Someone's E-Mail Address:
First Name: Last Name:
City:  State/Prov.:

  Find Who An E-mail Address Belongs To:
E-mail Address:
Type e-mail address in the form johndoe@company.com.
Partial addresses will return all listings starting with those characters.
  Find Who Owns A Particular Phone Number:
Phone Number:
Type phone number in the form 425-555-1000 (area code is required).
Any alphabetic characters will be translated into their corresponding numbers.
Partial phone numbers will return all listings starting with those numbers.
  Find Occupants Of An Address:
House Number:
(e.g., 123)
Street Name:
(e.g., N 4th St)
City: State:
Leave off apartment or suite numbers.
Use standard postal abbreviations (St, Rd, Ave, N, S, NW, etc.).
To find all residents of a given street, leave the house number empty.

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Who Where?

Looking for E-mail Addresses?

Person's Name: in any order

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[Ellis Island Monuments]
American Immigrant Wall of Honor

See if your ancestors crossed through this historical gateway!

take a

Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut sign
Meriden, Connecticut

for more references

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