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I hope you enjoy the following collection of link-to sites as much as I.
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A W N: Animation World Network, Welcome to ~ most anything you want to know about today's animation is here
Angelfire Communications ~ register for their free home page usage - utilize their graphic source
Animated GIFs ~ a large collection from nicely organized on the Dr Fun site
Anthony's Icon Library ~ not your routine sort - special selections for programmers, designers of programs etc
ArtToday, Welcome to ~ a member fee based publisher resource site of over half-million images
Backgrounds - All ~ 7+ pages of great selections
Barry's Clip Art Server ~ professionally displayed images and services benefit your graphic needs
Clipart Directory
Club Unlimited - GIF Animation Gallery ~ fantastic resource uses frames for fast loading images
Color In Web Documents ~ a color chart for Netscape + pages shows you the proper RGB hex code
Color Picker - by Professional Web Design ~ great instant hexidecimal and interactive sampling
Creating Transparent Background Images ~ a step-by-step guide
D M S Guide to Color for the Web ~ a must read from Digital Media Solutions explains why to use only the 216 available colors
Dip In Sweden, The *New* Entry @ the Original ~ Web graphic resources
Directory of /images/gif89a ~ Smithsonian Institution's Office of Printing and Photographic Services Photo Library
Electronic Zoo / NetVet - Animal Image Collection Page
Eric's Hot Page ~ he's put together a nice selection of icon images and other type of graphics
ESRI = The Leading GIS Software ~ mapping & graphic imagery
F X Multimedia No.1 In the UK ~ great source for banner creations and clip art selections
Fairy Suryana's High Quality GIF89a Animations ~ extensive, organized list
Fefe's Transparency Page, Welcome to ~ have a color of your GIF become transparent online
Fontastic - index of fonts ~ font archive
Free Animated GIFs ~ great professionally created selection
Free Art
Free Christmas Clipart
Free Linkable Homepage Builders Images and Graphics - images, GIFs, JPG ... ~ whereby others don't like this idea, you may directly link to this site's graphics for your home page
G I F Animation on the WWW ~ everything you need to create GIF89a is here
G I F Animation Page ~ Helen's animated gifs galore!
G I F GIF GIF Home ~ a shareware animated GIF maker that may be better than the commercial products
Gill's, Stephen R. Background Page ~ features over 150 of Hawkeye's textures
Goodbary's, David Animated GIFs Page ~ a brief but well organized selection of great images
Goulds, Terry Home Page Graphics ~ bullets, buttons, icons and much more
Grafx Factory, Welcome to the ~ nice selectoins of specially designed backgrounds and button graphics plus more
Graphic Element Samples ~ from Standford
Graphic Station, The ~ J Payne puts together a great organized collection of images to use
Greek Letters and Math Symbols ~ Inlines for Greek letters and some chemical symbols from UMASS / Five College
HappyGraphics ~ happy (smiley face +) icons and links
Heikki's Home Page ~ over 700 background images and other interesting resources from Creative Design Specialists
Hey You! ~ a personal page offering free graphics and special production packages
http://www.abctec.com/cgi-bin/pickture ~ various images available for free usage
Iain's Textures ~ Anderson permits usage of the images provided links made
Icon Browser, The ~ Department of Computer Science at University of Pisa offers over 100 icon images
Icon Depot, The ~ everything you'll need for your Web page
Icons for Web Publishing and Design ~ a service of desktop publishing
Icons Found at www.baylor.edu ~ a late '95 collection from Baylor University
Icons, Textures and Art Stuff ~ a brief list of other sites to get what you need
Iconz ... The Ultimate Free Icons Collection Fopr Your Home Page ~ sharp, clean, professional looking images
Image Shop, The
Image-O-Rama ~ formerly WWW/HTML images/graphics/icons
It's Alive GIF Animation
Jeff's Paint Shop Pro Tips ~ nicely done site helps you understand the basics of the 3.x and 4.x versions
Jelane's Free Web Graphics ~ an excellent site that not only offers images, but how to create your own
Jpeg Playground ii, The ~ this excellent site helps you understand Jpegs and the latest development news
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
local GIF icons ~ Dani Ellis' collection of buttons
Mapedit ~ excellent program from Boutell enables you to make client or server side image maps
Moby's Icon Archive ~ including 3-D buttons
Multimedia and Clip Art ~ provided by San Fransico Univ
netCreators Icon Page - Free GIFs, Clip Art, Animations, Backgrounds, Icons, Bars, Bullets, Buttons, Cartoons, MIDI and more
On-Line exhibitions, images, etc.
Online Bonsai Icon Collection, The ~ GIFs of this famous tree
Paint Shop Pro 4.0 and Photoshop, Plug-in filters for
Paint Shop Pro 4.12 Tips and Tricks ~ learn how to make affordable sizzling graphic images
Paint Shop Pro Tips and Trips ~ this colorful site helps you understand the potentials abound
Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics ~ Chuck Dale takes you through a step-by-step guide for this great program
Peak - Peak images page ~ this Oregon ISP allows you to utilize their collection of Web Page creation tools
Pixelsight ~ excellent resource of professionally created images for your Web site - register today
Planet Earth Home Page - Images Section ~ excellent resources of URLS to add to LA
Quick Clips ~ add a little (graphical) style to your personal Web page
Quicktime to GIF Animation Resource
S I T O artchives and collabspace ~ a place for image-makers and image-lovers to collaborate and exchange ideas
Screen Saver Heaven ~ archive index of the best available on the Net - over 500 images for Window users
Shaikun's, Mike Animated GIF Collection ~ over 600 selections
ssanimation.com ~ over 100 all original and free graphics to use
Steviejeep's Place ~ animated backdrop / wallpaper pages
Syed's Bullets, Buttons and Other Gizmos ~ graphic images for your usage
Texture Land ~ special free, unique background images for your Web site
Texture zone main page ~ a personal home page with a special feature
tips and tricks for Paint Shop Pro ~ Darling makes a simple page of explanation for this great tool
Transparent / Interlaced GIF Resources
Transparent Page ~ transposes your GIFs, online
Trendy.Net Homepage Builders Images and Graphics
Ventana: Commodity: Clipart ~ free image resources ready for your downloading
Victorian Animated GIFs ~ free collection of a century's images
Virtual Image Archive v2: ~ thousands of links to sites with digital images
W W W / H T M L images/graphics/icons/buttons
W W W Icons at BSDI ~ Berkeley Design Inc shares their collection of images
Ward Graphics Home Page
Warner Bros. Animation Home ~ partake in interactive games, kid section and of course a lesson on creating interesting graphic images
Web Graphics to Go ~ one individual's talents becomes everyones' free images to take - including logos
Webreference.com: Animation Tutorial
www.gifworld.com - The Best Animated GIF Site on the Web ~ partially commercialized site

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[animated graphics created by GIF Construction Set]

GIF Construction Set

Many use Alchemy Mindworks' software tool for creating animated graphics

[GIF Wizard shrinks your images]

GIF Wizard

Shrink your graphic file sizes by as much as 90%

[Paint Shop Pro]

Paint Shop Pro

Popular graphic program with numerous drawing and painting tools

[Adobe Photoshop]

Adobe Photoshop

Said to be the greatest image preparing software ever written

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