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A A P C C Home Page ~ American Association of Poison Control Centers
A M A home page ~ American Medical Assoc; database of 650,000 US physicians
Achoo ~ an Internet Directory of over 7,000 indexed and searchable healthcare sites
All About Health ~ an online news magazine with detailed topic articles
American Medical Association (AMA) Home Page, Official ~ even includes an on-line doctor finder
American Optometric Association
Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Connecticut, Welcome to
Arthritis Foundation
B and W 360 Degree Panorama
Behavior OnLine : The Mental Health and Behavioral Science Meeting Place ~ join ongoing discussions or read statements from other psycology professionals
Cafe Herpe ~ an artistic yet informative approach to help you understand and deal with this virus
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page
College of Chiropractic at University of Bridgeport
Discovery Channel Online
Do You Know What's In Your Milk? ~ a production drug in cows may now be affecting you
Doctor's Page, The ~ a focused site relating to those in the professional field
Earth and Moon Viewer ~ use your computer to get a current image from afar
Edmund's Home Page ~ multi-award winning site providing links to all of the Medical Professions
Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page by EMBBS, The ~ educational resources for emergency and primary care physicians and health care providers
Emergency Nurses Association ~ official organization site
Factoids ~ fun science facts to amuse and inspire students and colleagues
Family Health Information Center* *actual site title: Medical
Galileo Project Information
handicap; Directory of /pub/handicap
Healthatoz - The Search Engine for Health and Medicine
Herpes Advice Center FAQ About Genital Herpes ~ excellent, well presented data on this growing viral disease
Herpes Zone ~ excellent data on this infectious disease
HospitalWeb ~ list of Hosps on net
Hubble Space Telescope
Introduction to Windows to the Universe ~ learn about our planet and universe - extremely graphic intensive
KidsHealth.org - Children's Health and Parenting Information
Leading Ladies ~ ways you can fight breast cancer
Learn2 Floss your Teeth ~ a great graphical tutorial on a very important routine
Mad Scientist Network, The ~ colorful and informative site
Med Help International ~ non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality medical information
Med Nexus Home Page ~ now you can monitor the rapidly evolving healthcare system from your computer
Medic Home Page, The ~ medical education information from the University of Texas
MigraineZine ~ headache info
Modern Healthcare - Icon Page ~ professional magazine publication online
N A S A Jet Propulsion Laboratory ~ see the latest project developments including photos from Mars
N I A A A - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcholism
National CLearinghouse for Alchohol and Drug Information
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Neuroscience for Kids ~ special site for elementary and secondary students and teachers interested in our nervous system
New England INDEX home page ~ info/links for disabled
New Scientist Planet Science - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly magazine
Nurses, RN & LPN have earned "A License To Care" ~ learn more about these professionals
Nye, Bill - Science Guy
Nye, Bill the Science Guy's NYE Labs OnLine ~ now get the PBS guy and facts on your computer
OncoLink Cancer News ~ provided via University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
Operation Smile Internet Headquarters ~ provides reconstructive surgery and related health care to indigent children and adults world wide
ParenthoodWeb -- The WWW community for parents and prospective parents
Phys: Nutrition for Normal People ~ professionally designed informative site
Planets, Welcome to the
Plott Chiropractic ~ informative topics are 'just a mouse click away'
Puberty 101
Research Institute on Addictions, The ~ research findings on drinking, drugs and other substance abuses
Saint Francis home page ~ one of the nation's leading health care systems in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Saturdays at Talcott Mountain Science Center ~ learn what's waiting for you at Farmington, Connecticut
Science and the Environment - A Learning Tool ~ electronic magazine brings you environmental news from around the world
science club child kid experiment fair project ~ if you need more resources to other science related sites, this the place to start
Science Friday Kids' Connection
Science Hobbyist: Amateur Science subpage ~ here are some great resources for science projects
Sky and Telescope
Sneeze Page, Welcome to the ~ Clariton provides various .au files of different sneezes
Sojourner Roll-out, Movie of (9 frames)
Space Calendar (JPL)
Space Movie Archive gateway ~ biggest collection of space animations in the world - search database of over 2300 videos
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ~ federal / world-wide organization site
The Body: A Multimedia AIDs and HIV Resource ~ get the facts today
Thoughts from the Middle of the Night* *actual site title: is the URL ~ a brief story of a down syndrome experience
Toll-Free Numbers for Health Information
U. S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
UConn Health Center Main Page
Veggies Unite!
Virtual Hospital home page
Washington University Institute for Biomedical Computing ~ hmpg
Web-O-Rhythm ~ a WWW based biorhythm program that creates a personalized analysis based on your info
Webaholics Anonymous(tm) Homepage
Whole Brain Atlas, The ~ Keith A. Johnson, M.D. and J. Alex Becker provide graphic info
World Equine Health Network ~ your complete horse health resource
World Wide Webaholics ~ membership Webring that also sends monthly newsletters

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