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I hope you enjoy the following collection of link-to sites as much as I.
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!sdrawkcaB ~ enter any URL and Surf the Web Backwards - excellent CGI script
1,2,3..Easy Web Page Center ~ great site helps you quickly understand the HTML basics and details
123Promote HTML Tips and Tricks ~ great suggestive ideas for the advanced writer as well
216 Color Cube, The ~ move your mouse over the squares and see the background colors instantly change
24 Hour JavaScript.com - Welcome / Login
A B C tec Toast Free Guest Book Service* ~ *actual site title: their URL
A B Cs of building your own Web site, The ~ a feature service of CNet
Accessible HTML guidelines - Table of Contents ~ Tips for designing pages usable for those with disabilities
AccessWatch ~ excellent server tool - usage statistics
Add Width and Height to IMG tags ~ MS-DOS based utility updates your HTML pages with proper dimensions
An Exploration of Dynamic Documents ~ Netscape's views on server push and client pull capabilities
Animated Art For Netscape ~ an organized list of 'borrowed' GIFs
Anti-Counter - Instructions!
Authoritative Guide to HTML ~ excellent layout
B K HTML Body Builder ~ download this tool and develop the proper text/background colors
Bare Bones Guide to HTML, The
Beginner's Guide to HTML, A
Best Viewed With Any Browser ~ editorial and suggestions on creating HTML scripts readable by all browsers
Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
Browser Capabilities Registry ~ this site shows you how the different browsers interpret HTML scripting
Builder.com - Web programming - JavaScript for beginners
Builder.com, Welcome to ~ C|Net's special feature section on the latest Web site development ideas and methods
Burton's, Jeff Home Page ~ excellent site dwells on the color usage of Web page creation and more
C G I Collection, The ~ Robert Niles, author of many published CGI / JAVA books, shares his scripts online
C G I Email Handler (2.1), A Simple ~ how to set up the form by Thomas Boutell
C G I Made Really Easy ~ writing CGI scripts to process Web forms and more in simple to understand directions
C G I Mail - Form E-mailer ~ Windows 95/NT commercial program that converts form input to readable e-mail type text
C G I Programming For New People
C G I: Common Gateway Interface ~ a brief overview of the programming
Carlos' Forms Tutorial 1 ~ a generalized text lesson on creating forms for your Web pages
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies ~ get the facts on how this tool / programming works
CNET features - how to - HTML tips and tricks ~ yet another great resource on how to create your own Web site
CNET features - how to - know the code: HTML for beginners ~ multi-page detail info
Color Test ~ excellent page shows you what the colorized text codes are
ColorCenter ~ JavaScript application lets you try out text and background color combinations and textures online
ColorMaker ~ Sam Choukri provides an excellent way to pretest your page design colors of text and backgrounds
Common Gateway Interface, The ~ now you can learn about CGI scripting
Common Gateway Interface: Forms, The ~ details from start to finish
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi ~ Newsgroup topic
Compendium of HTML Elements, The ~ see just how the different tags work for the various browsers available
Counter ~ programming code required
Counter service ~ Russian Web Counter by Dux
Counter.com home page
Craig's 1 Stop for HTML ~ everything you need to create a Web page can be found at this site
Crash course on writing documents for the Web ~ intially written for PCWeek editors
Create Your Own Web Page ~ a general, easy to follow outline of what to do from the folks at Small Planet Communications
Creating Net Sites ~ Netscape's reference link leads
Cut and Paste Warehouse, The ~ great source for JavaScripts, applets and much more
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript ~ over 160 scripts for your Web page usage
Cybergroup ~ excellent (LA 11) info on setting up your own server to the tools / ideas of creating a Web site
CyberHits: Free Counter, Clock or Date Display Service
CyberInk Guestbook
Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit ~ yet another resource layout
De Forest's, Norman HTML Sampler ~ the basics simply displayed
Designing HTML Tables to Work with HTML 2.0 Browsers ~ excellent reference for those writing HTML tables
desktopPublishing.com: The Ultimate Desktop Publishing Resource ~ fantastic, professional site of resources
Developing WWW Resources ~ - Creating Web Pages Using HTML - last updated spring of '96
Digit Mania ~ counter styles
discussion on choosing a document
Doc JavaScript (sm)
Doctor HTML v5 ~ get an analysis of your Web site page's scripting
Dreambook ... Free Guest Book Server ~ a new service for your Web site
Dresser's, Ron Calculator ~ a interactive JAVA scripted / graphical page good for both IE and NS browsers
Dresser's, Ron Scriplets, JavaScript/VBScript ~ he's developed a brief but creative source of scripts to use
Elsop's Webmaster Resource Center ~ a service from Electronic Software Publishing Corporation
Email Form Generator ~ now you can easily create a form for your Web site
Firefly ~ what is OPS and how does it replace the 'cookies.txt' standard as you browse the Web
For Developers ~ Sun's official Java information page
Form-Mail by remote ~a cost effective way of adding forms to your Web pages without CGI script needs
FrameShop ~ Sam Choukri's page creates the frame pages for you when you enter the text on his site
Free for Free - Free Counters, Guest Books, Graphics, Fonts, Trackers and more ~ everything at this site is free
Free-Mail by remote ~ now you don't need to use the mailto: tag on your pages
FreeCode Free Internet Source Code ~ free commercial / personal use scripts compatible with Unix / Windows and written in C/C++, Java, Perl and Visual Basic
Gamelan ~ most anything you need regarding JAVA
Gamelan's JavaScript section
Get a Free Message Board system ~ a great feature to add to your home page
Glover's, Jeffrey M. Do's and Don'ts of Web Site Design
Good design for visually impaired users
GuestPAD Home ~ a free (or fee if you want features) service for your site - displays excellent presentation
GuestWorld ~ new name for former Lpage guest book service
Guide to Creating a Successful Web Site, A ~ colorful, crisp info with detailed enlightments
Guide to good practices for WWW authors ~ Extensive, great reading material to help you understand site design
Guide to Web Style: Welcome ~ Sun microsystem's "cookbook" for better web page creation
Guidelines for HTML Writers of MIDI File Pages (Charles Kelly)
Guides to HTML ~ HyperNews Forums - (nearly 300) Web Mastery Resource Lists
H C I Resources: WWW-related issues ~ Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the net - page design links
H T M L - based Interfaces ~ tutorials on building CGI scripts for your Web pages
H T M L 3.2 and Netscape 3.0 - webreference.com ~ now you can learn how to tame the Mozilla beast
H T M L Authoring Help ~ from getting started to understanding Netscape's extensions
H T M L authoring newsgroup, The ~ write these special group members and get a response on your questions
H T M L By Example Home Page ~ the complete text of this 500 page Que book is online here
H T M L Crash Couurse ~ even includes some Java lessons
H T M L Definitions ~ frequently requestd term meanings from "Kathy" on netline.net
H T M L Design Guide Main Page ~ nicely produced site with detailed reference / factual material
H T M L discussion news group ~ special dedicated Net newsgroup
H T M L Elements ~ long, one page resource from Sandia National Laboratories
H T M L for beginners, CNET features - how to - know the code
H T M L for the Conceptually Challenged ~ quick, one page online HTML tutorial covering the very basics with samples
H T M L Form-Testing Home Page ~ Digital Equipment Corporation's 1994-96 resource page of early form usage development
H T M L Goodies Home Page, The - Thanks for stopping by ...; ~ how to script, icon and Java resources plus much much more
H T M L Guru, The ~ a well organized site personalized to offer assistance for site creators
H T M L Help
H T M L Help by The Web Design Group ~ excellent resource for site developments viewable by any browser
H T M L Language, The ~ excellent all-in-one source of info (plv)
H T M L Made Really Easy ~ on epage that helps you quickly understand the HyperText Markup Language
H T M L Main Menu ~ Columbia Univ documentary on how to use...
H T M L Quick Reference
H T M L Reference Guide ~ Netscape's perspective and lessons
H T M L Reference Library, The ~ downloadable file for offline lessons
H T M L Reference Manual ~ from Sandia National Laboratories
H T M L Tags, A List of ~ Otmar's brief list
H T M L Tutorial ~ a one-page lengthy college lecture reference sheet
H T M L Tutorial ~ Mosaic tutorial from Clarkson Univ
H T M L writers guild tools and utils
H T M L Writers Guild Website, The
H T M L Writers Guild: WWW Resources/HTML Resources ~ HTML Writers Guild recommended resources to professional HTML usage
H T M L: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners ~ 17+ mini chapters help you learn HTML
H T M L: The Definitive Guide
H W G HTML Resources: Validation ~ find out why you should validate and how to validate your documents
Hacking H T M L ~ get ready to run your own printing press
Homepage Creation Center ~ provided by 'the-inter.net'
How do they do that with HTML? ~ excellent resource covers even Netscape and IE tricks
How Do They Do That?? Page ~ Web Developers' Virtual (designing) Library
How to write HTML files
HTMLscript Corporation ~ special professional developers' reference for detailed page scripts
Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 ~ the official word on this script edition
HyperText Markup Languagge Specification 3.0 ~ the official word on this version
I S O 8859-1 (Latin-1) Characters List ~ special characters for HTML
Image Map Example ~ brief info on creating your own linkablbe images
Index Dot HTML: The Advanced HTML Reference ~ HTML 3.0 and 3.2 plus Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mosaic
InfoBON's HTML Guide by Dr. Clue [] Table of Contents ~ best graphical layout presentation
Intermediate HTML ~ Case Western Reserve University helps you further understand the production of a Web site
Internet Audit Bureau (tm) ~ report your web page accesses
Internet Count
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents ~ by Ian S. Graham
Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents ~ award winning online tutorial provided by Case Western Reserve Univ
Introduction to JavaScript
Java Weekly, The
Java(TM) Boutique, The ~ 100s of applets for your use
JavaMachine ~ no programming knowledge needed for your HTML scripting of pages with this tool
JavaScript ~ Netscape's list of great reference resources
JavaScript ~ Brian Buechler's favorites with actual samples can be found here
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Javascript discussion newsgroup ~ read or post questions / answers regarding this hot topic
JavaScript for Anyone
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer
JavaScript Tip of the Week (from WebReference.com)
JavaScript: Simple Little Things To Add To Your Pages
Javascripts.com - Free Registration ~ join and access the many idea codes available
K B Guest Book Server: Simply the most advanced and reliable guest book server there is ~ at a nominal annual fee
Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator, A ~ another way to check your document scripts
King of the Jungle, The ~ their award registration page
Learn Advanced JavaScript Programming ~ excellent scripts to download - this site has been accessed over 250,000 times
Life on the Internet: Creating Your Own Home Page
LPage Home Page - CGI Specialists using VB/MSAccess ~ World Famous CGI Shop (incl tutorials)
MadeiraWorld.com ~ yet another free guest book service
Mag's HTML Resources ~ by Tom Magliery
Mag's List of HTML Documentation
Magic JavaScript* ~ *actual site title: URL; - uses latest Java 1.2 technology - excellent with Navigator 4.0, okay with lesser than
Make Your Own Home Page, Welcome to ~ answer a few questions which get entered into a form producing an HTML script for you
Matt's Script Archive ~ free Perl and CGI references
Mediarama's Color Page Builder ~ lets you see what RGB codes do when designing your HTML pages
Mindleak's WebDesign Archive ~ backgrounds, animations, images, wav and midi files resource in one location
Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support ~ an overview with a dozen varoius samples of form implimentations
Munica* *actual site title: http://www.munica.com/ - home of the Web FormPAL CGI scripts
N C S A's imagemap tutorial ~ step-by-step info for those creating CGI scripts
Net Tips for Writers and Designers ~ David Siegel's Web Wonk
Net-Trak - The Best Free Web Site Trakker ~ more than just a counter
NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation ~ let their robots provide this free service - results via e-mail
NetMind Free Services home page
Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers ~ all about the 216 browser safe colors to use in graphics
OneWorld / SingNet WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation - ver 2.0 - 21 Oct. 1994 ~ ref resources for creating sites
Online Resources for the Designing Web Graphics Book
Page Count, Free Counters from
Pergatory Guestbook Server System ~ free service for your home page
Perl Language Home Page, The ~ a non-commercial site of useful and timely info for the good of the Perl community
Perl Subroutines
PerlWWW ~ an index of Perl programs and libraries related to the World Wide Web
Persistant Client-State HTTP Cookies ~ Netscape shares the info on how these cookies really work
Piett Productions ~ free guest book for your home page
Planning to Build Your Class' Web Page ~ Prodigy's basic suggestions for educators thinking of getting their students' productions online
Plea ~ * official title Web Prestige - speaks of why not to take graphics linking to another server
Programming 101 By Way of JAVA ~ T. Boutell shares the secrets and tips on JAVA writing
Project Cool: Man ~ ~ includes developer's zone and coolest on the Web
Project W Home Pages ~ place your 'monitored' web pages on net for fee
QPage.com The On-Line Automatic Web Page Maker ~ you can design your own Web page online right now
Quad's, D.J. Ultimate HTML Site ~ multi-awards winning site guides you through the process
Quick Review of HTML 3.0, A ~ as put out by the W3 organization
QuickTime Plug-in Sample Web Site ~ great look for Apple's feature abilities
R G B - Hexadecimal Color Conversion ~ calculation formula provided
R G B Color Chart ~ Douglas Jacobson's excellent RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart identifies the color and numbers nicely
Ramsch, Martin - iso8859-1 table ~ codes to use for unique characters
Rank This The Online Tool and Cyberguide for Search Engine Promotion ~ Web masters can easily find out how well the popular search engines recognize their URL
Rose's Java Page
Shareware CGI's
Siegel's, David home page presents webpage creation ideas
Site Flow ~ yet another free counter service for your Web page
So, you want to make a Web Page ~ Joe Barta offers online and downloadable (for later offline reference) tutorials on creating Web pages, using frames, tables etc.
SPiN Goodies: Multi Guest Book ~ yet another free service for your Web pages - from Denmark
Stevie's Guest Book Setup ~ just fill out the form and start using this free guest book service from Steve
Style Guide for Online Hypertext ~ provided from the W3.org site
SuperNet User Guide - Creating a Web Site
Swain's, Rex HTML Sampler ~ an LA 11 page shows EVERY tag available
Systran Software HTML Translation Page ~ pick a less than 10k page and see it in a different language
TableMaker ~ Sam Choukri offers an online solution to creating those Netscape tables - you enter the text on his site
Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week: the home page ~ Laura Lemay, cmmrcl book author
Templates for Homepages ~ Christian Mogensen at Stanford University helps get you started
Templates for web pages
Ten Commandments of HTML FAQ, The ~ excellent one pagers on creating your scripts
Thalia: Guide: Compose page-colors ~ a slide color graph will indicate the hexadecimal colors desired
The Rail -- Central Station ~ make your site one of the engine's stop locations
Through the 6x6x6 Color Cube: An Interactive Voyage ~ William Johnston designed this site to help you understand the potentials
Timothy's JavaScript Examples
Toast Guest Book Service ~ another free offering to enhance your Web site
Tool Shop, The ~ great sample on how using JavaScript, CGI and an on-line catalog works together
Tools and Tips ~ Compuserve's Web page thoughts
Tools for WWW providers
Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Home Page
Top Ten Ways to Tell If You Have A Sucky Home Page
Tripod: As the Doctor ~ free question and answer service for Tripod members
Tutorial Document ~ Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script sampling
Usenet newsgroup devoted to JavaScript
V R M L Kit
Vicinity Home Page ~ enhance your Web site with free yellow pages, business finder, interactive maps and more
W I P, ZDNet AnchorDesk - ~ Web Interoperability Pledge calls for Netscape and Microsoft to cooperate on common HTML
W W W Intro - HTML Head Tags
W W W Translation Page
W3 HelpDesk ~ aka The Web Designer (Excellent)
Wade's WWW Tutorials ~ links to sites about basic & Netscape's various HTML
Watson, Dr. ~ Dr. Watson v2.04 diagnoses your html scripting
Web 302 ~ another simple way to understand the basics of HTML scripting on one page
Web Audit* ~ *aka Wishing Wishing - home of the famous Web service plug-ins: wish audit, wish guest, wish snoop, wish history and more
Web Communications HTML Tutorial ~ an introduction / tutorial on creating forms for your site
Web Counter
Web Design Tips ~ a brief one page contining one's worthy opinion
Web Developer's Toolbox: CGI Library ~ perl programs for Unix systems that spice up your Web site
Web Developer's Virtual Library, The ~ top rated detailed reference site answers most of your needs
Web Developer's Virtual Library, The
Web Engineer's Toolbox, A ~ learn image mapping, cgi info, icon libraries
Web Engineer's Toolbox: 256 Color Picker
Web Interface to Whois ~ internic svc
Web Letter's Guide to Creating a Web Page ~ downloaded over 12,000 times on AOL
Web Page Wizard ~ an easy 1-2-3 way to create a CGI form script useable for Unix systems
Web Shaman: Internet Programmer ~ Grant Lindley offers HTML, CGI, Java and JavaScript fee based expertise
Web Site Design Page ~ animated resource of designing link sites
Web Weaver's Guide to HTML ~ Lady Cobra shares her findings
Web Week -- Ask Dr. Website ~ several of your HTML / design questions are answered here
Web-Counter home page
WebCom - Publishing on the Web ~ complete comprehensive resources
WebCom Guide - HTML Guide ~ Web Communication's suggestions and resources on page creations
Webcrown-RGB Converter ~ you enter the numbers to see the results
WebHits - The German WebCounter ~ a 'fee based' alternative to the busy free services
Webitz Group, The ~ Web Developers' resources
Weblint ~ an HTML validator for your home pages - written in Perl script
Webmaster Territory
Webmaster's Travels, The
Webnet Webratings, Welcome to ~ Australia's largest WWW rating service for personal and corporation pages
Webreference.com - The Webmaster's Reference Library ~ keep abreast of new developments
Websmile - Hot HTML Tips ~ including JAVA scripts and more helpful ideas
WebTips - Free Web Site Promotion ~ place their icon button on your site so visitors can e-mail others about you
WebTools ~ an 'org'anization setup to assist your resource needs
Werbal: Advertising Agency - The 10 Commandments ~ provides excellent samples of great composure for the Net
World Famous Guestbook and CGI Shop, The
World Wide Web ~ HTML Reference, creating and navigating sites
World Wide Web Authoring ~ Eric Kaplan explains/shows HTML
World Wide Web Consortium ~ W3C
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), The ~ main intro page
World Wide Web Design Resources ~ C/IAM list of WWW manuals
Writing HTML ~ teachers on / off line tutorial
WWWeblint ~ subscription paid service checks your pages HTML usage
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Internet: World Wide Web: Announcement Service
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual ~ center for advanced instructional media
Zant's Webpage Publishing Guide ~ brief list of helpful places to go for Web page design / publication

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