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I hope you enjoy the following collection of link-to sites as much as I.
URL listings on this page were discovered and explored by me throughout 1998.
You can even find/visit my 1999 and 2000 hot list of favorites on separate page(s)!
I shall conquer the task of indexing all of them into the regular alpha / category sections, soon!
Please remember to return to L[animated graphical eyes]K AROUND for more exciting features. Phil

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Directory of /pub/simtelnet/win3/scrsave ~ ftp directory of screen savers for Windows 3.1
Home Buyer's Vocabulary
gopher://gopher.tc.umn....ormation%20Servers/all? ~ a very long list of nearly every GOPHER site available on the Net
gopher://gopher.unr.edu...a/how-to-query-veronica ~ actual title: How to compose Veronica Queries
gopher://gopher.VOA.GOV/11/newswire ~ read the timely reports as submitted by reporters for Voice of America broadcasts
Mozart's Musikalisches Würfelspiel ~ a musical dice game for composing a minuet
Cease Fire ~ this organization believes having a gun in the home makes you less safe and puts you and your loved ones at risk
FREE Links
Entrepreneur Test ~ add or subtract your score as you evaluate your real self
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive ~ current and archive spectacular NASA photos
Welcome to CareerCity ~ search for over 125,000 exciting jobs, post your resume or known job opening
The Obituary Page
European IQ-test
Welcome to Yahoo! Chat
Internet Hoaxes
Classifieds ~ actual site title: Lycos 'Special/Ticket Events' state / region category selector page to info
The Banner Generator ~ allows you to create your own banner online from their site
The Neverending Tale ~ a great kids' site enabling them to add their version of a story
Crayon's News Sources
Color Landform Atlas of the US
The Filecity Midi File Archive ~ over 2100 unique files totaling over 75 megabytes
Stage Hand Puppets * Activity Page *
FOX News
FOX News - Meriden, CT - Weather
De Proverbio ~ the world's first multilingual electronic publisher of proverb studies and collections
National Budget Simulation
LBL ITG Whole Frog Project
Chuck's ~ a Connecticut Steak House restaurant in Hartford County areas
Guide: Home Page ~ Netscape's special Yahoo feature stories by category
New Users
Hey You! ~ a personal page offering free graphics and special production packages
Welcome to DisneyOne! ~ a great unofficial personal page of info and questions
Image Soup Magazine ~ an excellent electronic periodical for artists on the Web
Snap! Online ~ C|Net's daily service of news, features and more to enjoy reading
Knut Berg Homepage ~ you'll enjoy his map images for surfing his site
MultiPlay '97 ~ freeware that allows Windows 95 / NT users to play multiple mid, wav, avi + files (unlike the regular player)
WhoWhere? Personal Home Pages Directory ~ now you can access members of AOL, Angelfire, Compuserve, Geocities, Netcom, Prodigy and more from one source
GifBuilder ~ Macintosh software that creats animated images for Web page usage
Welcome to Interlinks Online!
Children's International -
Youth Online Awards Page ~ now there's special recognition to our younger contributors
! The ScrawlWall(tm) Homepage ! ~ enables your visitors to leave open messages at your Web site
Mid Link Magazine
Macintosh Graphics News ~ Mac users can keep up with the industry changes here
Signboard Factory
Royal Frazier's GIF Animation on the WWW
Bill's Excellent Links! ~ a personal page with intents such as LA
Missing Kids/People Links ~ an extensive list of sites world wide including various countries and states
Irfan's Home-Page ~ creator of a great 32-bit freeware image viewer
~Mystiqal's ~ Animated Icon Library ~ a great collection (over 200) to even sit back and enjoy
Northeast Regional Climate Center ~ weather info as provided by Cornell University
Subway navigator ~ find routes in subway systems in various cities around the world
NCDesign HOME PAGE ~ Network Communication Design offers HTML and VRML guides plus much more
Microscapes: Images From the Microscope
Welcome to the Official MOON PIE Web Site ~ recipes, games and more
Movie Box Office Reports - Welcome from The Mining Company ~ hosted by Peter Miller
10 Laughs A Day ~ a different category of jokes and more on a daily basis
The 1998 travel contest on the Internet- a contest for your website
Too many Petra photos!
Richard's Personal Home Page ~ he's using JAVAscript and Shockwave for your South Park and other featured entertainment
Nuthin' but Links ~ a near duplicate to LA intention (including colors used) expect frame version
Infinite Net Search ~ a rather extensive site much like LA intentions of several hundred categorized links
Big Brother ~ hyperlink validation tool - run it against your HTML documents to verify your URLs
Easy Listening Music
Plugged In
Time Zone Convertor ~ you enter a time and see what time it becomes in other parts of the world
Populus, The Intelligent People Locator
Music Previews
Poetry ~ a JAVA enabled browser is a must to use this site
Current Weather Maps/Movies
Macromedia ShockRave ~ games, toons, music and more
Macromedia ShockRave - Plug-in Test Page & System Requirements ~ this page tells you if you installed your program correctly
NASA Shuttle Web
Sound America
Libweb - Library WWW Servers ~ over 1900 pages from libraries in over 70 countries - updated nightly
http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/ ~ aka Legal Information Institute ~ offers Supreme Court opinins under the auspices of Project Hermes, the court's electronic-dissemination project
Pete Kernan
Yahoo! Travel ~ book a flight, rental car, hotel room and more from one page
Welcome to the Twelfth House
USA CityLink Home Page ~ your link to America's cities - great travelers resource
The Jacob Wetterling Foundation
W3C HTML Validation Service
Our Stats(HitBOX)
UK Online - Member's Pages ~ the list of personalized / creative sites just keeps going
Lost Children's Network ~ includes info on the Amber Plan: local radio station alerts
Web Review - Digesting CSS2 ~ a timely, continuously updated e-zine covering Web developments
Web Review - Creating Browser-Generated Graphics with Tables ~ interesting article dated 1/30/98
O'Reilley's WebSite
The Why Files
Computer Terms Dictionary
Find People and Businesses
InterPolitics....The Best Vote On The Web ~ each day, you get to vote on an interesting question
WWW Viewer Test Page ~ excellent document tests your browser's settings for graphics, audio, text and more
Labels of the web.
549 FLIX Home Page ~ Connecticut's Hartford Courant movie and entertainment special site
Tiger Information Center
ABC's TV's The View
AdClub Network | Welcome ~ this service pays you to surf and pays Web masters a per access fee
Adobe PDF ~ listed sites arranged by category using portable document format files on the Web
Adobe Photoshop Tips
Animated Gif Artists Guild ~ professional organization for the creative and talented
Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ: MICROSOFT WINDOWS ~ answers to frequently asked questions - great info
Welcome to the AKC ~ the American Kennel Club online
Internet Park: live word games ~ exciting challenges from other live players - no software to download, no fees to pay
America's Most Wanted ~ see the weekly updated info with photos and descriptions
Welcome to Andy's Art Attack! ~ by far, one of the best graphic sites around with free download offers and tips
Andy's superfreaky Homepage ~ a Meriden, CT teen makes his mark
Zack's Family.....on the Web !!
Ansir for One Personality Profile: Have YOU taken the test? ~ set aside 30 minutes for yourself and see the end result
Welcome to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut ~ latest site URL / title 2/13/98
ArtToday - Internet's largest image and font archive ~ priced as yearly subscription
ATF Most Wanted
Atlantic Records
Welcome to AudioLounge ~ listen to great radio stations broadcasting over the airwaves and now the Net
Windows Software
Ball Park Franks ~ see how plump these dogs get with your real audio and shockwave plug-ins
BBC Online - Homepage ~ features of the British Broadcasting Corporation
Welcome to the Weekly Freebie Compilation!!! ~ over 230 sites requiring no SASE or shipping charges are listed
Wow Web Wonders ~ a gallery (listing) of outstanding Web sites worth visiting
Biography.com ~ get the info on some popular individuals, (over 15,000 entries), try the quiz feature and more
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Home Page ~ enter your zip code and learn the details of the health insurance organization near you
Body Mind & Modem: Start ~ interactive Aikido on the Web - shockwave and QuickTime plug-ins required
EPI - Entrepreneur Test ~ go ahead, take this marketing firms exam and see if you have what it takes
Bottom Line/Personal ~ the famous Boardroom Publishers have taken to the Web
BoxTop Software, Inc. Products ~ top tools for Web graphics production - some even free for Macs and Windows
of Internet
The Intranet Journal
The League of American Theatres & Producers ~ with the spotlight at Broadway, New York
Welcome to the Official Home Page of Burger King Corporation
Welcome to BUYDIRECT.COM ~ this C|Net company service enables you to download software direct from the manufacturer at one site
The M.A.M.E. Shack
CALCAGNI ASSOCIATES REAL ESTATE - HOME PAGE - New Haven County Property Listings ~ in Connecticut
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
CBS | Welcome Home - Sunday ~ first date online, February 1, 1998
Electronic Resources on Ornithology
CDSNET: Member Home Pages ~ see what the folks in Oregon have created
Chank Diesel:
CIDCO Store - Internet Solutions ~ a new internet access phone set for under $500.
Welcome to Circuit City Online ~ shop for price, selection and service here
Windows httpd
Darrell Rolston's WWW Homepage
homepages ~ actual site: homepages hostedon Clarity Connect Server
Emergency Resource Directory ~ comprehensive guide for those within the police, corrections, fire, judicial and EMS fields
FreePlay - Classic Arcade Game Emulation for the PC
clickTV | homepage ~ telling the Web visitor what's on television today
Currency Rates
Interest Rates
U.S. Stock Markets
Specialized Free For All Links Pages ~ a site designed to help you place your URL under the proper category
Coldwell Banker Online
Images of Insects
Computer Solutions ~ a young and growing, Torrington based, CT ISP
/users/ - ~ actual site name: Computer Solutions index to members' personal pages - Torrington, CT based ISP
The New York City Trivia Game ~ created as an eighth grade school project - info on the city, boroughs, and sports
Planet 10 Links ~ a personal page with a growing list of sites to visit
Telephone Directories on the Web ~ online since Sept95, contains phone and fax numbers worldwide
Cool Banana! Site of the Day ~ great fun site to see what they've chosen
Credit Choice, Credit and Credit Card Information ~ said to be the most comprehensive Credit Card resource online
State Highpoint Information
Free Email and Free Unlimited Webspace ~ actual title: Crosswinds Internet Communications, Inc
Internet Resources:Animated Gifs Page ~ over 250 pages of images with nearly 30 megs in total
Sullivan's Java ~ resource links used by a Virginia University Professor
Worldwide News Sources
CSW Net, Inc. - Web Pages - Personal Pages ~ individual productions stored on this ISP's server
White Pine's CU-SeeMe Home Page ~ video chat software
Directory of Public Telephones
Cyber Dialogue's Online Marketing Center
Dave's Video Game Classics
DBasics Statistical Counter Services ~ in the beginning, there were only Digits.Com and these guys
Debt Counselors of America ® - The non-profit group that helps consumers get out of debt.
Welcome to the Digital Camera Resource Page ~ excellent, often updated, timely info on the evolving industry
MIDI Made Music Jukebox Page
American Diabetes Association Customization Page
digitalcity.com ~ a feature service of AOL, you get to see various cities' movie, dining and real estate guides plus news in those areas
Stephanie's Gallery
Welcome to the Discjockey.com! Home of the Internet Radio Station Network, Online Music Store and Jukebox From Hell! ~ hear the tunes / get the info from the 40's on up
The Sound Connection Web Site ~ info for / from DJs with links to other musical resources
Free Midi Music from Black Gospel to Motown
DomesticBank ~ offers mortgages, debt consolidation, line of credit and more
Spreadsheet_2.doc ~ aka: Don's Boss Page ~ fool your employer you're working not surfing
#1 Pediatrician Answers All Your Pediatric Questions - drpaula.com
EDP Online ~ this page leads you to their users' home pages
Education World (tm) Where Educators Go To Learn ~ search their database of over 50000 sites - get the latest educ news online
LinkScan Home Page. LinkScan: Finds Broken Links and Creates SiteMaps. ~ commercial tool runs on Unix and Windows NT
GEO Emblaze | Home ~ developers of WebCharger and other multimedia display products requiring no browser plug-ins
ENTER Magazine ~ not your ordinary publication is in print and online
Welcome to EtakGuide ~ a leading provider of digital maps
Europe Today - the Internet travel and tourist information for Europe
Euro TV
Electronic Urban Report(EUR)
The Events Calendar ~ Connecticut's original 'things-to-do' guide
History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day ~ excellent documentation
Eyeland, Welcome to ~ excellent resource on quality graphics - including editorals on making such
Fade To Black
Family Stuff
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Home Page ~ commercial product and other Genealogy resources
LE FastCounter
The Fathead Web Page ~ an excellent personal home page with well organized / designed features
FBI Wanted Fugitives
Obituaries, Eulogies & Memorials @ FinalRegards.com
Public Safety Communications WebRing ~ if you're a part of this chosen profession, join now
Welcome to First-TV
Fortune City
Tsali's Home Page ~ a very well done personal production
Franchise Information ~ valuable data regarding all aspects of franchising - including a self-test for your interest
http://www.freestats.com/ ~ not only do you get free reports on how many hits your site has, but where your visitors come from
Friendly's Ice Cream Corporation
Laughing Matter ~ a personal page designed to link you to other great humor sites
information privacy
Cel Assembler
Welcome to Gary's World ~ Gary Craig, Hartford, CT radio personality, has his own entertaining site
Break Room for Public Safety Communications Personnel ~ even 911 / dispatchers need to relax and laugh
Life Star Medical Helicopter Program ~ an excellent "unofficial" page of Hartford Hospital's Air Medical Program
The Award Archives ~ if you're looking for an award for your site - here's an extensive list of offerers
Riddles and Answers ~ they're really easy once you understand the logic
Partnership for a Drug Free GeoCities
Jeff's PhotoShop Tip's and Techniques
My Child Has Run Away, What Do I Do?
Greenwich 2000
Home Buying Tips
Guida's Dairy: Finest Milk and Dairy Products ~ in business since 1886, there's even SuperCow for Kids to enjoy
The Father of Shareware
HomeBuyer Guide
HealthGate ~ great informative site regarding medicine, behavioral health, plus drug, patient and medical education
Hispanic OnLine
Hollywood Online Video
HomeOwners Finance: mortgage broker, loan, interest, home, house, purchase, refinance,
H. Pearce Company ~ a Connecticut real estate company
Dynamic HTML - Guru Resource ~ experience and learn how the very latest browsers have much more to offer
Consumer Mortgage Information Network
World History : HyperHistory ~ a growing Web project which covers 3000 years of world history
UPI News: Contents
Peer's Web Home ~ an interesting personal page enables you to see HTML samples and JavaScript tests
I found it! Look search explore ask - find ~ great site - much developed like LA's intention
Frugal/Mindful Living Resources ~ altho mostly a link-to site resource, their selections highly benefit you
America's Roof
Inference Find! -- Home Page and Resource Center ~ search engine tool that checks all the best engines, merges results, removes redundancies and groups them
How to Start a Business: Entrepreneur Test ~ a brief checklist for going into business
InRealty - Welcome! ~ professional site with timely info resources for the professional and layperson
Netscape Navigator
Daily Mortgage News Report ~ see how the rates are doing - read reports on what affects them
Youth Watch
- Internet-Watch: Internet Technology News - ~ service of Andover News
internetnews.com ~ you'll want to visit daily to keep up-to-date
World Ring Map Menu ~ claims to be the original Web Ring of the Net
IQ Test ~ the Internet's most popular and entertaining IQ test that's free, fast and fun
Forms And Publications - IRS ~ now you may gain the necessary documents to file those taxes
Download ClearVideo Decoders
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk ~ excellent form page allows you to translate words in different languages, find people and more
Job Digger
Make Use of Informational
TV-Live KCTU Broadcast  ~ Kansas television stations make history being the first to telecast live their programs over the Net
Keep Smilin Index ~ a great site with positive tasks and messages
Cartoon Archives ~ excellent motivational messages within for use on your Web site
Home Page ~ actual site title: Kentucky Fried Chicken
The Kleinman Report ~ each month, Geoffrey reviews various sites for your LOOK AROUND pleasure
Knowledge Network Explorer
KnowX | FREE Public Records Searches | Do you know x? ~ low cost database search info available
Kraft Interactive Kitchen ~ an official Kraft Foods site
Welcome to LAZINESS.COM ~ entertainment forum committed to bringing provocative and interesting content
Welcome To LensCrafters
PRINT LEXMARK -- Business Printers
Historical Maps of the United States ~ from as early as the 1500s to mid 1970s
Betsy Ross Homepage
ABCs of Small Business Success ~ professionally produced site with several valuable tips
The Entrepreneur Test - an interactive quiz ~ see if you have what it takes to succeed
Darek's Place on the Net ~ a personal page with much production and creation thoughts put to action
LOOPLINK ~ the site traffic builder - your site is tied to others with similiar category
World Wide
3D World ~ a few graphics of possible interest to you
MAGELLAN Geographix Maps - Interactive Atlas ~ just select one of the regions to get started
Custom Maps and ZIP Code Maps at MapSource ~ your source for buying the map you need
Marketing Tools
Mark Twain Bank
Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site - Download Free Web Graphics, Learn about Photoshop and Corel, and much more!
Windows Screen Savers
Windows Applications
Enhanced for Netscape
The Whole Brain Atlas
The Official MAME Emulator Page ~ Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator - begun in early 1997
MAME Emulator Page Downloads ~ Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator allows you to play your favorite 80's arcade games on your pc, mac or Unix system
Promote Site Earn Extra Income ~ aka: WaveLink - an Australian based service for a fee that pays you commissions too
Vikram's MIDI-Fest
Electric Minds ~ a unique community based setup which allows you to chat and uniquely communicate / share ideas with others
Mirabilis LTD. - Download Page ~ includes Win32s install software AND ICQ program for Windows 3.1
Money Matters for Kids ~ a 1998 site for today's growing leaders
Tomorrow's Morning! ~ news stories for kids - subscription service also available
Motown at 40 presented by the Detroit Free Press
Touchtone Pictures
Acronym Finder ~ searchable database regarding computer, technology, telecommuncations and the military
MyDesktop Network - Today's contents ~ technology information at your fingertips
Mysterious Places ~ explore sacred sites and ancient civilizations
Lets Get Married in Virtual Cyberspace
National Archives and Records Administration ~ important government documents preserved for your online viewing
National Geographic Online
Nathan's Basement Entrance
PC Resources for Photoshop - Main Page - Contents ~ an excellent site for your imaging needs
NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation
MPEG Audio-Video Creation & Playback for The Web, Intranets & CDs ~ actual site title: Net Toob
Daily Download ~ excellent site suggests what 'free' software products are available for your testing
News Index ~ the original news only search engine of current newspaper articles from around the globe
Welcome to NextCard ~ the first true Internet Visa - apply / approval online
The Weird
Latest Weird News
A Yucky Web Site
NME.COM - NME.COM ~ New Musical Express - the world's biggest-selling rock weekly
Library-in-the-Sky ~ features a weekly site to visit plus many other resources normally found in your community's library
New York City tourism ~ all you may ever need to know about the Big Apple's appeal
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ~ facts on this yearly event
Operation Lifesaver Inc. ~ look, listen and live when you cross America's highway-rail intersections
the olympic movement . le mouvement olympique ~ a multimedia site of the special sport organization
Personals - One & Only - Home Page ~ their motto is bringing the world together a couple at a time
Online Credit Network - Order Your Credit Report ~ a service of Trans Union
Quebec City - Ville de Québec ~ a tourist guide delight regarding this French land
Outward Bound
Press Association
Card Games ~ rules and info about card and tile games from all parts of the world
Paradise Guestbook Server - Serving Website Enhancements Reliably ~ offering even more for Web masters who don't want / have CGI access
Paramount Pictures
Past Perfect
Home Page improvement ~ John Timmons has put together a simple, basic explanation program on HTML basics and usage
Shotgun will Shoot Your Site All Over the Web! ~ a free service exposes your URL to over 50 other sites
More traffic, more hits, more visits. Search Engines free manual URL submission. ~ actual site name: Pegaso Web
PEI Magazine ~ Photo Electronic Imaging
Pete's Movie Page
Welcome to PlaySite ~ the premier JAVA game site - JAVA enabled browser required
The Public Safety Banner Exchange ~ sites by, from, for police, fire, ems and 911 personnel encouraged to join
Populus, The Intelligent People Locator ~ growing database of info
The Positive Press: Good News Every Day ~ check their daily story and other resource factors
College PowerPrep ~ SAT tips, crossword puzzles and other educational tidbits
And if you need a few tips on keeping your car running well...
PR Newswire
Business Reference Center ~ database info for a fee from the Prodigy Net system
PROJECT FIND, INC. ~ lost child database whereby you can search by last/first name(s) and area
Business Search Engine - Pronet International Business Directory ~ over 310,000 businesses from more than 170 countries are registered in their database
Real Estate ~ actual site name: Prudential Real Estate - national main page
Puzzability ~ professionally done - you'll enjoy the ever changing challenges
Web-O-Rhythm ~ a WWW based biorhythm program that creates a personalized analysis based on your info
creditreports, credit, report, creditcards, trw, equifax, trans union, transunion, experian, reports, consumer reports, business reports, consumer credit, business credit, creditreports, credit card, card, finance, home loan, loan, loan shark ~ actual site title: Q Space
QuikLoad: Enhance your Web Site's Loading Time by pre-loading the graphics!
Radio Times
Real-Time Weather Data: Home Page ~ for meterologists and the understanding public
Find a Realtor and Real Estate Directory
Realtyadvisor.com ~ real estate news and data links
American National Red Cross
The Insect Nest Web
Real Estate Zeen & Network - REZN on http://www.rezn.com ~ where real estate agents can sharpen skills, chat and enjoy jokes and humor
THE RICE SCHOOL WebNaissance Pages ~ a middle school time line project on the life of Galileo Galilei
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ~ the greatest show on earth is now in cyberspace
Roadside America ~ who needs a car - now you can take hyper tours from your own home
rockhall.com ~ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Rock Mall Trivia Challenge with over 12,000 question in 100 + categories.
RUBIK ONLINE ~ learn all you can about this classic cube - try it online
Sally On The Net ~ official site for Sally Jessie Raphael Show
Final Bell - Stock Market Simulations ~ from the CNN FN network, now you can compete directly with your friends, classmates, co-workers with this free stock trading simulator
Welcome to ScamWatch ~ a service of InterGov with ways to avoid scams and get the latest methods others try to use to fool you
Thalia: Guide: Color page ~ extensive details on how to create unique colors for your documents and text
Welcome to Semaphore's FREE Internet Resources ~ includes National Address browser and Credit Card Processor programs
SimpleNet - The low cost web hosting service ~ very reasonable for starters
SKY Online
Sherman's Lagoon Comic Strip ~ screen saver freeware also available here
Science Learning Network: Home ~ a great educational and informative site
Welcome to SNET Web Hosting
Australian TV Guide
TMP Weekly, The
CT Fugitive Task Force ~ info from the FBI in New Haven includes photos of their most wantted
Welcome to the first International Free Accommodation Network ~ you can travel around the world and stay at places while others stay at yours
Welcome to Stormi.Com ~ an excellently done personal homepage - LA11
Encyberpedia's MAPS and Geography ~ extensive list of sites containing maps from around the world
The Dollar Stretcher ~ over 400 articles to help you stretch your time and money for better living - added weekly
Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page ~ viewpoints from the Hubble and more
In The Know ~ brush up your business vocabulary with these industry buzz word terms
Four-Year Career Timeline
Beverly Massachusetts real estate properties. Find your perfect homes for sale here. ~ Kathleen and Terrence Sullivan are Re/Max REALTORS
Q&A - Answers
Tabloid News Services
The Taco Bell Setup Page
Talk City
Screen Saver Central ~ this teen shares his over 500 Windows 95/3.1 collection for your downloads
Are you a dune-certified web professional? ~ take the test and see how you rate
NetBusiness ~ IBM and Lotus bring you updated news regarding electronic commerce
TeenWorld Online
Community Directory ~ here's your chance to see Teleport Internet Services' members' pages arranged alphabetcially, by subject or category
The Park: Live Chat Rooms, Discussion Area, Virtual Flowers/Postcards & Free Personal Ads ~ an international online community established in 1994
The Gist
The Entrepreneur Test ~ brief exam you can print on paper and complete
TheNet1 - Home of 100Hot Sites - Your Internet Source ~ search engine for consumers, businesses, opportunities and more
inside thesite ~ great site to go to nightly for top pics, industry news, and other tips / ideas
The Vault ~ Meriden, CT night club for 21 and over - some teen night specials, too
Kevin A. Kelly ~ this high school teach in Mass. has put together a great personal and informative page
Hartford Area Dining & Amusements ~ an "un"official page with lots of official and informative data
National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids
Internet Tool Zone - FREE Guestbooks, Counters, Web Chat and more!
Welcome to Town-USA ~ your home town community connection and local info resource center
Town USA Connecticut Homepage ~ features links and info regarding maps, weather, news, classifieds, events and more
New Haven, CT ~ a Town USA service feature
Travel Avenue ~ this service company lets you do some of the research and save on the fees
Trivia Web free online trivia game ~ register for free and start competing
Trivial Net! ~ computer nerds get tested here
Turner Adventure Learning
Turntable : BOOTY : Give Some Get Some
Ty Inc. - The Official Home of the Beanie Babies
WWW Test Pattern
Acronym and abbreviation list ~ find out what SNET, FBI and others really mean
Houdini! - Harry Houdini ~ an excellent site on the mystical man
United Way of America Home Page
Personal World Wide Web Pages ~ from the faculty, students and staff of the University of Southern California
DEA Most Wanted
The Color Specifier For Netscape ~ use the Hype Electrazine for determining your color coding
Dictionary of Proverbs in American Country Music Hits (1986-1996)
Entry-level Jobs
Connecticut Link Swap... A FREE Banner Exchange for CT domains
SuperMarkets Online's ValuPage ~ great way to save on groceries - you enter a zip code, select desired coupons, print the final page and present to retailer
Virtual Presents
Veterans Memorial Medical Center
Virtual Tourist Pre-Home Page ~ a mapped based directory of all the WWW servers in the world
HTML converters ~ software utilities that fileter / convert HTML to other processors and vice versa
Wanderer's Real Audio 50's-60's Links ~ see and hear the lifestyled and times of the 40s 50s and 1960s
Wanderer's Nostalgic 50s-60s Card Shop ~ send someone a special e-card with Real Audio or MIDI featured tune ~ a very long list of nearly every GOPHER site available on the Net
Welcome to the Agricultural University Wageningen
Warner Brothers Webcards.
Women's Cancer Network ~ physicians info detected to prevent, detect and conquer cancer in women
Western Connecticut State University
Individual Pages at Western ~ nearly everyone at Danbury CT's University has something to say
Local Weather ~ actual title: WCSU Weather Center - current outlook
The Weather Channel - New York City, NY ~ this page exclusively displays doppler radar image for Southern New England / New York / New Jersey
CT Central Weather ~ this page zeros in on New Haven County current weather as service provided by New Haven Register-Journal
Welcome to Web Police ~ crime fighting agency (from e-mail abuse to international terrorism) with offices in 435 cities in 104 countries
WebCensus ~ a 60-second survey - stand up and be counted
The Ultimate Web Host List! ~ confused as to who to use, read the suggestions
Welcome to Webintosh! ~ an excellent way to keep up with the daily news affecting Apple owners and other Web users
WebPosition by FirstPlace Software ~ increase traffic to your Web site without spending advertising dollars
Web Site Garage - One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site ~ enter your URL and get a complete diagnosic on HTML usage, popularity reports and more
WebSitez - Search engine for domain name addresses! Beats Internic whois! ~ find any Web address / site in the world
Websmile - HOT HTML TIPS ~ including JAVA scripts and more helpful ideas
Web Thumper - MIDI Files
Internet Cool Site of The Day ~ from the makers of What's New
The White House for Kids
The Human-Languages Page
Windows2000(tm) by Encyberpedia and Bob Kerstein ~ extensive list of cams around the US and world
Welcome to the WinSite(tm) Archive! ~ claim to have the planet's largest software archive for windows
Women's Wire
World Climate: Weather rainfall and temperature data ~ get the historical weather averages for your selected area
World Climate: N41W072 ~ all the climate data you'd want to know about Central Connecticut and its surrounding areas
http://www.worldnetcard.com/ ~ 100% approved Visa credit - no credit checks (but very high demands)
WorldVillage ~ great family site with daily contests, special features, cool site selections, games, ideas and more
The International I Hate Frames Club
Yahoo! News and Events ~ like an electronic newspaper with info provided by Reuters News Source
YMCA of the USA
Young Investors
Welcome to the YWCA of the USA
Zacks Investment Research, Inc. ~ a highly rated site for info on picking stocks
The Digital Anatomist Project ~ 2D and 3D info on heart, lungs, brain and knee
Human Anatomy Online
Automotive Learning Online
College Courses by Computer
The Idea Channel
SAT Tip of the Day
Icons & Such
Youth Central

Personal Toolbar Folder


Yellow Pages


What's Cool
What's New

Instant Message
eXTReMe Tracking ~ this page Phil Viger's own info regarding LOOK AROUND statistics
WebCrawler Web Roulette
NSI Secure On-Line Payment System ~ check on the payment status of a domain name registered with InterNIC

Guide Sections

Computers and Internet


Netscape Search
AOL NetFind


GTE SuperPages

Banking and Finance

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Bank of America
Fidelity Investments
Quicken Financial Network
Wells Fargo Bank

Business Resources

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Library of Congress
Business Week Online
Edgar Online
Money Online
Monster Board Job Database

Computers and Technology

BONZI Voice Email
Gamelan's Java Software Directory
Gartner Group, Inc.
PC Magazine Online
CMP TechWeb
Wired News


CollegeNET Home Page
Discovery Channel Online
Education Index
NetDay National
Smithsonian Institution


Internet Movie Database
America Online
The Internet Underground Music Archive
TV Guide
The Dilbert Zone
Warner Bros. Online

General News

CNN Interactive
New Century Network
The New York Times on the Web
Mercury Center
USA Today

Hobbies and Lifestyles

Women's Wire
Outside Online
American Association of Retired Persons Webplace
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Apartments by Rent.Net
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Newspaper Association of America
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Netscape General Store
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The Constitution State
The Free Webpage Provider Review ~ info on free Web space, email and other production services
Shy Exhibitionist Cyberzine Preview
eXTReMe Tracking
Meriden girl wins award for essay on breast cancer
New Miss Puerto Rico of Meriden crowned
Meriden: Pageant will crown Miss Meriden tonight
Perez wins Miss Meriden Scholarship Pageant
Persistence pays off for contest winner
Meriden: A celebration of music, food and family
MERIDEN man says trains toot too much
The Strong Agency ~ a real estate company serving the lower level of the Connecticut River Valley
BHS 32 Bit Download Center! The best 32-bit Shareware,Freeware,Trialware and Drivers on the Internet for NT!
Free Internet Advertising, No website or page needed!!
Aimee's Studio -- Dedicated to those who are dedicated about their art.
Make a Friend on the Web
Angelfire Communications
Yahoo! Auctions
WebScripts (Perl CGI Scripts)
AltaVista: Translations ~ enter any word, phrase, document or even a URL and watch your English text convert to French, Spanish etc
This is a terrific translation site...translate Spanish, French, and other
Return Host name and Ip Address
Berlin, CT Chamber of Commerce
BellSouth.net - Shared Web Hosting
The Scrabble Rack
Add-It FREE : Add url to 40+ Search Engines for FREE (Business Web). Add submit your web site url for free.
Play WinFive: GRAPHICS Mode
The Calorie Control Council ~ sound advice on cutting calories and fat intake
Somerville Police
Celebration Sites: Specialty Web Sites that bring together your family and friends to celebrate your wedding, reunion, or special event.
IP Address to Latitude/Longitude
The CGI Resource Index
WeatherNet: Weather Cams
A Winter Web Wonderland
CitySearch Map
Plott Chiropractic
AT&T Inter@ctive Communications ~ click to dial conferencing
Live PNG
Commercial Real Estate Eastern United States Guide
Mission FunHouse Chat & Joke BBS
Contractors Directory
CPCUG Members' and Groups' Pages
Ham University -- What is it? ~ a premier Windows program to help you pass your FCC exams
How Bizarre --- OMC ~ this page contains the lyrics of the LA theme song
CNN Custom News
3-D riddle
What's New at Cyber Hosting
Welcome to Searching For People
Promotion Artist Software
Refer Me - Web-Based 'Tell-Your-Friends' System
Backgrounds - Free Textures, Icons, Balls and Page Dividers
Personal Home Pages ~ from the folks at the University of San Francisco
Don's Place
DialSpace: Homepages
Eustace Families Association
Welcome to Easyweb ~ a long directory of their members' home pages
Backyard Barbecue Buff ~ home cooked recipes
Create Your Public Profile
The Illustrated Elton John Discography
Elton John Album Puzzle
"I ain't no puzzle piece that needs to fit"
S.P.O.T.D. '98 ~ surfin' pick of the day
eXTReMe Tracking ~ this page Phil Viger's own info regarding LOOK AROUND statistics
Index of /downloads/midi
"A collection of Stereograms":
Welcome to FOTW
Free Stuff and Sweepstakes! (Free-n-Cool)
Freebies - Welcome from The Mining Co. ~ a guide for parents, teachers and the common freebie junkies
Color Table
gabby.com, The Internet Home Of The Gabby Cabby, the World's Most Famous New York City Cabdriver
Music Zone - Welcome!
Music Zone - Greeting Cards
Get-A-Name (tm) Internet Domain Registration Service
Reddy's Forensic Home Page ~ this New York professional has one long page of excellent link resources
Netscape Technical Support
Netscape NUGgies
VirtualPROMOTE Helpware Members Directory
Angelo Napoli's Web Page
Untitled Document
Easter Greetings
Learning on the Web
The Mining Co. ~ 500 expert guides of what the Net has to offer
Welcome to Netscape Communicator 4.0
Sponsorship Rate Card
Netscape Netcenter
Free Brainstorm Sample From Jimmy Rocker
4th > MIDI Plaza : Main Index ~ you can even download 60 megs of 1500 files zipped
WhoWhere? Personal Home Pages Directory ~ home pages of subscribers/members of AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, GeoCities and others
WhoWhere? Personal Home Pages Directory ~ home pages from subscribers of Prodigy
Welcome to Hometown AOL ~ your place for home pages of their subscribers
Hometown AOL: Business Park
MiniVend Shopping Cart
Horizons: The New England Craft/Travel Program
Scientific Results From The Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
ht://Dig -- Internet search engine software
The Virtual Recruiting Network
News Services for Windows 3.x
Windows 3x Software
A Standard for Robot Exclusion
Instant Call Home
The Instant Call Button, a teleweb service of USA Global Link
The Dancing Baby
Connecticut - All Warnings
Connecticut - Hourly data
Connecticut - State forecasts
Interactive Weather Information Network ~ this radar image page shows the latest US weather every 5 minutes including warnings
Music Music Music to Soothe the Savage Beast
Welcome to The JavaScript Source!
JFAX.COM - Fax, voice mail, email. The leader in unified messaging.
from here.
Real Estate Forms
101 Investment Terms You Should Know
Lake Tahoe Real Estate - Lake Tahoe MLS
Netscape Learning
Welcome to EgyptWorld ~ virtual tour of pyramid museum
Yahoo! Get Local: Meriden, CT 06450
MailStart - Check your email from any web browser
Maps On Us: Show Map ~ Meriden, CT starting map
1,000's of Perplexing Paper & Pencil Puzzles that you can buy
Cindy's Southern Genealogy
The Official Danfilms Homepage
Meet The Quads! ~ a personal home page about Shawn, Patrick, Colleen and Ryan Worrell's entry to this world
Driver's Examination Home Page 2.04
Journey Through Where Love Prevails
Have a GREAT Day...!!!
Sonja's Cool Links
The Bergen County Internet Tutor
Meriden Ski Club, Inc.
AC SOFTWARE ~ young entrepreneur Andy Cohen of Meriden CT offers some gaming shareware
Matt's Radio and Concert Page ~ he's even looking to trade radio station bumper stickers
The page of fun.
www.MAZES.com - Perplexing Puzzles by John@Mazes.com
Home Page: Thomas S. Tullis
Graphics-Graphics and Gifs To Go,Clipart and Animated Gifs
Thanksgiving Graphics
What's New ?
Historical Boys Clothing
Karen's Home Page
Lindsey's Bone Marrow Transplant Page
Maddy's Archive of Songs and Search Engines
Welcome to Your Daily Freebies ~ updated every 10 days
Welcome to TaxLady's Corner
Trudy's Little Red School House
Alex's N.Y. Yankee Page
Virgo10's Laughing Place! In The Beginning...
Index of /homepages/
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
LC-HABS/HAER Collections ~ Historic American Buildings Survey - excellent documentation on items from 1933 - present
Northeast Regional Climate Center
Forecast for CT006 ~ timely text data of Meriden, CT's current and next few days weather forecast
Black Thursday
Center for Real Estate & Urban Economic Studies at the University of Connecticut
Real Estate Data
Other Real Estate Sites
1 800 517 9020 - Mother Nature's General Store - The world's largest selection of vitamins, herbs, and supplements online! - www.mothernature.com
MP3 Players
Welcome to Multicultural Radio Broadcasts
World Association of Talent Modeling & Entertainment - Olympics of Performing Arts
Table of Contents ~ basics of the Internet and the Netscape browser
Phil's Page
Net77 Page Design Templates
New Hampshire
NetSeek World Presence Resource Center
Freeware Shareware World Center - Nonags Main Page
Beginners' Central, a Users Guide to the Internet
Webcrawler Top Stories News
Visit Ron's page
Wallingford CT Dog Pound Web Page
Phil Viger's Homeland
Infoseek Home Page Center
Amateur Radio Club
Lawrence Goetz's Home Page
Bob In Houston - Prodigy Internet Help
How to Buy or Sell Your Home Online
VIRTUAL GARDEN: Find a source
Jack's Killer List of OTR Sites
Personal AccuWeather Main Weather Page - MERIDEN
SepnChris's Scrabble Page
Free Guestbooks ~ by Phaistos
Yahoo! Games
Pacific Bell Internet Services
The LD Child ~ learning disabilities - 'through the eyes of the LD child'
Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University
Welcome to WorldNIC
Register.com - The Free Domain Registration Service
LinkExchange - Affiliate Program Search Engine
REX - at Skyline.Net
Rosie O'Donnell Show
Payment Tracking
GIF Animator (Animagic)
The Salvation Army International Headquarters
SCORE - Service Corps Of Retired Executives
Linkoholics / Linkaholics / Webaholics
Macromedia ShockRave
Shirley Schollmeyer, Realty Executives
Sound America
SPLAT! Free Search Engine! + Free Chat! + FREE Web Promotion
StreetLink Investor Information Center
Tonia's Place
Submit.Org - Submission Service, Search Engines, Directories, Increased Visibility, Promotion, Web Site, Submit
Tref's Place (or "Graphics Central"): Unique Art and Graphics
Buying Stocks Online -- Beatrice's Web Guide
More Than Just Jobs - JobSecure: The Everything Employment Website - Find a Career Here
Reserve Your Name Now!
The New Domain Names: Get 'em While They're Hot (and Available)
Dissecting the Earthworm
Welcome to TerraServer ~ see what your neighborhood looks like from space
Microsoft TerraServer Image Page ~ b/w aerial view of Meriden, CT
University of Sioux Falls
University of Sioux Falls Student, Faculty, Staff Homepages
Mata Hari - Internet's Most Powerful Desktop Search Tool
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
TotalNEWS: all the News, on the Net, all the Time
Designing More Usable Web Sites
Kate Kreates Graphics and Web Design: Custom Banners
The Widow's Web
Highland Graphics - Clipart! ~ commercial religious images
Fat Bob's MIDI
CHS Documents Archive
River Walk ~ over 30 photos give you a visual glimpse of a 7-mile path in Louisville, Kentucky
UNIServe: Personal Web
U S WEST Dex - Yellow Pages
International Trade Discussion Forum
Virtual Exploration
VirtuallyTHERE, Inc.
Memory Game ~ an excellent JavaScript game on Virtual Promote's site featuring the popular search engine titles
~ actual site title blank but should read Virtual Window - expected 1/99
Vivo Software, Inc - Home Page ~ yet another independent streaming audio/video plug-in for your browser
CT Ham Radio
Wall of Sound
Leslie's MIDI Midi FAQ Music files midi tools GIFS animated gifs Gifs files HTML publishing and PC Resources Magazines eng Scotland and more.
The Dash
MovieLink | 777-FILM Online
WebCom -- HTML Resources Guide
WebCrawler Web Roulette
WebCrawler Search Voyeur
WebNet.com - Your Internet Solutions Partner!
** (actual title blank) Web Page Register
Java Examples in a Nutshell: Introduction to Applets
Web Review - A Quick-Start Guide to Flash 3
Spirit of New England
Who? Me? Search Form - Find out if someone is looking for you (maybe an old friend)
Subaru dealer in Wilton, Connecticut - Subaru of Wilton - Selling, Leasing and servicing Subaru Legacy, Subaru Outback, Subaru Impreza and Subaru Forester All-Wheel Drive cars
WIRE home
Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
World 1000 from WebSideStory, Inc.
Augusta, Georgia: WRDW-TV CHANNEL 12, A CBS Affiliate
Advertising on the internet
Public invited to send names to comet
UMD Personal Homepages
100hot Jokes!
Getting on the Internet is as easy as 1,2,3 ~ actual site title: 123 Biz Web - hosting services at reasonable fees
Web Hotspots S Edition
321 Calendar System and Survey Maker
360 ALASKA in Panorama - A Visual Immersion
Enter Top 50
800 Numbers, find listings and directories of 800 numbers
9NETAVENUE Park Your Domain FREE
AAA Internet LLC - The Best Value In Internet Services!
New England, Boston, Cape Cod Travel and Tourism Info
ABC's TV's The View
The Abslute Truth Issue #1
Sam's International Pen Pal Club
Washington Middle School, Meriden, CT
UIUC People List ~ personal home pages of students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Guide to Dogs on the Internet!
ACN - American Communications Network
Cyber Spanglish
Hosting ~ actual site: acunet.net package plans
Acupuncture.com--Your online resource for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ad Council
Add Me!
Addr.com Web Hosting
Adjacency: Creating Killer Interactive Web Sites ~ check out their own excellent home page creation
ADSL Forum Home Page
Advertising Glossary
AdZe's Web Related Links
Alachua Freenet Users' Home Pages ~ see what the folks in Gainesville, FL have created
America's Health Network - Health, Medical, Anatomy, and Hospital Information
Web Pages at Advanced Internet Advertising Services
Scrambled Word Quizzes (I-TESL-J)
Ask Jeeves! ~ a fast and easy way to find answers on the Web
All-in-One Search Page
net lounge ~ actual site title theme: All About Us - a special site just for girls
AllApartments: Search for apartments to rent by apartment amenity
Alldomains.com - Domain Name Registration, with Free Web Forwarding, Email Forwarding, DNS
JavaScript for the World Wide Web.
American Speedy Printing: Cool Links
Ameriserv.net Inc. | Internet Marketing Systems - Cleveland, Ohio
AmeriCart! Web Shopping Cart Server
Amtrak's Northeast
C*E*A ~ Center for the Easily Amused
America's Most Wanted
Andreas' Personal Web Page! ~ this site has been online since December 1994
Successful Internet Businesses
Susie's Virtual Garage Sale
KimMarie's Place
John's Useful Links Page
Welcome To Rufieo's Corner
The AntiTelemarketer's Source
My Web Design Toolkit
Home Page Studio Apart Office System Buenos Aires Argentina ~ great site demonstrates international attraction with 5 language pages
Archdiocese of Hartford - Contents
United States Educational Institute
Around Town Mall - A San Francisco Bay Area
Arvic Search Services Inc. Incorporators. Trademark Agents. ~ full Canadian service - USA trademark search service
Do's & Don'ts of Trademark Selection and Use
How to SECURE TRADEMARK protection for use a domain name
ASK Group
Ask Reggie Domain Search
Ask Reggie Domain Search ~ specifically lists .com domain names owned by Phil Viger
Ask Reggie Domain Search ~ specifically lists EVERY domain name registered by PHIL VIGER
American Sign Language Institute ~ New York, NY
Astro-Space - Virtual Business Account
At Hand Quick Search ~ yellow pages local information at your fingertips
Pat & Mike's World Wide Web Radio Show
Augusta Georgia: @ugusta, The Augusta Chronicle Online
Free  World Class Business Web Hosting  50MB AumCom ~ main company name of 123BizWeb
Autosig.com - Email Signature Generator
CyberClinic - Medical Information Resource
American Veterinary Medical Association-- AVMA Online
AVMA Care for Pets Home Page ~ from the American Veterinary Medical Association
Active Video Productions
Ballparks by Munsey & Suppes ~ baseball, basketball, football and hockey arenas included
Bannermation Inc.
BannerWomen! The Leading Advertising Alliance for Women Online!
BBC Online - Homepage
Your Financial Resource Center
Web Promotion Spider
Benchin' Software Review -
BEST.COM Best Internet Communications, Inc
Internet Presence Solutions ~ Web Design ~ Custom Graphics ~ Animation ~ Java and More!
Openpage Main ~ actual site title: Bid.com - online auctioning American or Dutch style
Big Planet - Home Page
Billboard's Hot 100 Singles
The Ultimate Elvis Presentation!
Biztravel.com: The Internet Company for Frequent Business Travelers
Internet Marketing, Bulk E-mail, Home Based Business Resources
Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference
Blue Book
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Blue Note Records
Voice E-Mail Home Page ~ by Bonzi Software - great for even AOL POP3 users
Bottom Dollar: Price comparisons on books, CDs, software, hardware, toys, and movies.
BRAVENET.COM -Guestbook, Email Form Processor, Forum Server-
Welcome to BrokerLaw
The Brookings Internet Page ~ informational page for the city of Brookings, South Dakota
Brooks-Rx - Welcome
Welcome to BrowserTune and Hotspots!
BuildingOnline: 949-496-6648 ~ Where the Building Industry is Found on the Internet lumber windows lumber windows home plans submit URL
Business 2.0 Home Page
Cabinet Factory, Inc. Home Page,cabinet doors,dovetail,drawer,wainscot,raised panel,molding,mitered,kitchen,mullion,RTF,valance,LaCrosse,WI
Calico Technology - eSales, eCommerce and configurators solutions
The Mayflower Inn - Washington,
Connecticut Campground
Candy Direct - World's Largest Candy Store Online
Capitol Records
California Association of REALTORS® Online
Car and Driver
Carbuyer.com Classifieds- Used & New Auto, Car, Trucks, Vans, Utility Vehicle, Motorcycles For Sale Classified
Internet Card Central ~ your megasite source for free virtual postcards and greetings cards
* * CardSecure Live Domain Lookup
The CareerBuilder Network
Caribbean Online Directory including Caribbean facts, Caribbean Real Estate, Caribbean Travel, Caribbean Tourism, Caribbean Maps, Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Barbuda, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, BVI, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Florida Keys, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Monserrat, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Martin, St. Maarten, St. Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad, Turks and Caicos, Turks & Caicos, US Virgin Islands, Venezuela
CaseyNet Online - www.caseynet.com -
Cassello Realty
CAST: Bobby
Diabetes Dictionary
Catalog Shopping, Great Online Shopping and Free Mail Order Catalogs
Catch The Web Captures Web Pages for Browser Presentation of Copied Pages
The Catholic Forum
Catholic Online
Join the Fight Against Spam! ~ Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
CBS ~ their special page for news updates
Gareth and Peter's SIRDS pages
U S WEST Dex - In Your Area ~ New Haven, CT county
CECA - Connecticut Educators Computer Association
Census Bureau
1990 Census Lookup
Centauri Webs
Central America Business Directory: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica
The CGI/Perl Cookbook
The CGI Resource Index
Home (Actual Title CGI For Me)
The Check Gallery, Inc. - Home Page
Checks In The Mail
Meet Chef Paul Prudhomme And Magic Seasoning Blends
Children's Stories - Audio Renditions
China Times
Christnet Organization
Net Profile - Intenet Web Pages Design & Development
CI Host ---> "Providing The World With The Internet"
Classifieds2000 - The Internet's Classifieds
Classifieds online.
Links-R-Us At Clickets
ClickLink Banner Exchange
ClickTrade Affiliate Partner Programs: Increase web site traffic and develop sales.
CIS - User Home Pages ~ see what the members of this Iowa serving ISP have created
CNET features - how to - the online investor: digging for stocks on the Net
CNET Internet Glossary
CNN Interactive
Site Builder's Exchange
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Collectors' Publishing secondary market value guides collectibles beanie babies d56 charming tails cherished teddies boyds bears harbour lights dreamsicles hallmark ornaments harmony kingdom precious moments swarovski crystal
collectors' publishing collectibles secondary market value guides, pocket planners, and news! ~ CheckerBee Publishing of Meriden - formerly Collectors Publishing
Intro to PTD ~ printing to disk tutorial
Universal Form Data Mailer
Compmore.Net Customers Area
Mac's Colouring Book Pages
Karen's Home Page
CGI Applications
connecticut.com - Connecticut tourism, business, parks, events, tv&radio, restaurants, and more
connecticut.com ~ page lists CT radio and tv stations with affiliate and logo id
Homepage of Connectix Corporation
Terryville Public Library
ConnWeb - The Connecticut Web
Credit Report, Free Trial Offer
Welcome to Consumer Reports® Online
AVON- Women- Running - Results
Counsil of Registrars Home Page
Costa Rica.Net
Ric Manning's Gizmo Page from The Courier-Journal
Court TV Glossary
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Larry McGoldrick's cgi script building page
Chicago Public Schools
Home Buyer's Vocabulary
Introduction to Image Maps
Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.17)
Staff and Student Home Pages
User Home Page Index, UMCP Computer Science ~ University of Maryland, College Park students produce for the Internet
Studenter m.m.
What DO all those (chat) acronyms mean?
CT Real Estate Report
Connecticut Academy for Education in Mathematics, Science & Technology, Inc.:
Connecticut Auto Web is where Connecticut shops for new and used autos cars trucks and vans. Check us first for good cheap low cost vehicles inexpensive financingfree trade allowances or just a great deal.
"Affordable Website Design and Homepage Layout"
Consumers Connect - E-Mail Privacy Service
CT Internet
Connecticut Lions Clubs
CToys Store Directories, Beanie Babies ® News
CT Assoc of Realtors
Connecticut River Valley & Shoreline Visitors Council
Welcome to Cyber-Beach Elec. Post Office and Chat Gateway!
Welcome to Cyber Hosting
cybermeals Home
A Welcome to Cyber Media Internet Solutions Inc.
FREE Domain Name RegistrationForm
CYBERphile Internet Home Page
Cameo Broadcasting Systems
CyberStones ~ a satirical news magazine on the internet
Cyberteens - Where Creative Teens Rule
Cybertown - the 3DVR Community of the Future
The Investor's Website
CYBERVILLE RADIO - Surf as-u-listen Web Tours, Music and Fun.
Data Broadcasting Corporation Home Page
DealDeal.com -- Giving YOU The Best Auction Deals On The Internet -- Auction Deals & Bargains in computers, computer accessories, electronics, appliances, and more auction bargains, deals, and sales from liquidations and closeouts.
Debriefing meta search engine: fast and accurate!
Publishing on the Web Forum
Welcome to The Dental Site™
Welcome to Denya's Auto Body.
Radio - Free Internet Radio Station Streaming Audio Software - Cybercast Live Worldwide Broadcasts For Free - Convert .WAV to streaming web clips - Local Intranet or Global Network - High Quality Compression Technology - Freeware - Great for University Radio, Coop Radio, Religious Radio, Commercial Radio or TV Stations, Clubs, Hobbiests, Businesses - Compare expense of Progressive Networks Streaming Real Audio
You've Found Digital Auction, The Home of Digital Deals on the Net!
Welcome to Digital City
Chicago's New Home Resource: locate home builders, architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and new home communities.
DigitalMenu Home
The Free Webpage Provider Review
Client List
Diners Club Global Home
The New York Dining Guide
Dinner and a Movie.com
Direct Hit Home
Board Games Card Games Suppliers ~ actual company name Discover Games
New England Travel Community - Official site for Six New England State Tourism Departments ~ actual site title - Discover New England
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
Welcome to DomainBack!
Domain Names - Information
Domain Names
DoubleClick International Home Page ~ Internet Advertising Solutions company directs brands to consumers worldwide
Bonds: What You Need to Know Before Buying
Buy, sell or lease Houston Real Estate
DreamHost : Main Page
Virtual Sites Index -- A Web Surfer's Guide of over 300 helpful pages pointing towards 10,000 Selected sites within seven content areas including Freestuff, Reference, Search Engines, Cams and Tours ~ a must definite top 5 LA site
Virtual Freestuff - Over 3,000 of the Best Free Offers on the Internet ~ very well indexed - a must use
Driveways of the Rich & Famous
Welcome to DSP Group, Inc. ~ developers of the 'True Speech' plug-in, player and converter
Personal Home Pages on www.du.edu ~ from the students, staff or faculty of the University of Denver
Dummies Daily: Sign Up
Dog House Entrance - Dogs - Animals - Games - Links - Family Fun For Everyone and their Dogs
Electronic Advertising
EarthTuner - The Global Media Receiver - Realaudio at its best
Town of Easton Official Web Page Frame
Easton Massachusetts Community Homepage
EasyPost Mail Authentication
EasySpace Limited
United States Department of Education
Ultranet Communications Inc. - New England's Premier Full Solution Internet Service Provider
Altaf Uddin's Jokes' Page
Global Real Estate Web Sites
Penn State University Weather Pages
Encyclobeaniea - Collect and Learn
Frank's homepage.
Enlinea Communications offers deep discounts on all international calls via Callback!
EriNet Online Communications
SVFT Local 4200A Connecticut
Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference
Jim Lubin's Home Page
Entertainment Tonight
PureVoice Player/Recorder for E-mail Clients
Mantec Dictionary
voogd and his animated gifs
Genealogy for beginning your ancestor and history research from Everton's Genealogical Helper !
Welcome to Entrepreneur Weekly - Secrets of successful Internet based business ................. Keywords: Web Pages, Marketing on the Internet, Help Wanted, Sales and Advertising
Excite Lifestyle: Hobbies & Recreation: Genealogy
voyeurism,voyeurism,exhibitionism,public nudity
Welcome to the Beanie Basket! Currents, Retireds, and Beanie Accessories!
Experian (TRW, CCN) Credit and Real Estate Information
Eyewitness News Network ~ UPN15 and WHP-TV21 online with timely and behind the scene coverages
FACES The Ultimate Composite Picture TM
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Home Page
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Internet FamilyFinder
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Family Tree Maker Online Search
FANS FOR INSTANT REPLAY ~ voice your opinion and see some of the worst calls of the recent games
Franciscan Brothers of the Sacred Heart Web Page
The National Fatherhood Initiative
Links of the National Fatherhood Initiative
Fayetteville N.C. | Fayetteville Online
Welcome to the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce - Fayetteville, NC
FBI's Crime Alert
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
Feist Coupons ~ mainly Texas business areas (great for LA sample)
Find A Friend - Home Page ~ commercial service for finding someone (including companies) for a fee
Find A Grave
The Flag Institute
Absolutely Free Web resources,Java,graphics,photoshop,midis,Term papers.
FlashNet Customers
Kissimmee-St. Cloud Florida Convention & Visitors Bureau
Flycast Communications Corporation | Real-time web advertising network
Make Your Own Local Map ~ enter a postal code for the UK and create a map of the selected area
Welcome to FoodExplorer.com ~ information for food industry professionals
The Motley Fool
Tornado MIDI program
The Music of the Internet ~ this site converts your IP Address into MIDI music
News at Ten Weather ~ get the current conditions for Hartford, New Haven and New London counties as reported by WTIC - FOX TV 61
The Official Frank O. Pinion Website!
Free-Banners [ New ]
Free-Market.Net: The Most Comprehensive Source for Information on Liberty, Laissez-Faire Economics, Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Libertarianism and Individual Freedom
Free Stuff and Sweepstakes! (Free-n-Cool) ~ catalogs, magazines and trivia blitz items for you to appreciate
Free2Try , Free Stuff and Trial Offers : Featured Offers
FreeBIZZ Free Marketing Tools and Business Opportunities
FreeBSD Inc. ~ free Unix based / pc-compatible software for Web setups
Free Center: Find free homepages, free webpages, free email, free counters, free trackers, free promotion, and other freebies!
FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
FreeSampleClub.com ~ fill your cart with free product samples
FreeScripts -- Free CGI Scripts! Chat Room, Postcards, Form Processor, Guestbook, Ad Banner, And More!
Central Valley Online
Frogger Lite
FrontDoor, a revolutionary directory of quality websites.
FrontRow Sports - Home Page
Mutual Funds Interactive(sm) -- THE Mutual Funds Home Page(sm)
Welcome to Funster!
The Gadget Guru Online
Georgia Lottery
Furby - the interactive pet!
Genealogy Online
Generalinfo.com - generalinfo.com - We quickly locate missing persons or the search is free!
Connecticut Online! Merchants & Travel Information
Parrigo's Home Page
Holy Angels Parish
The Music Odyssey
Pi Lambda Phi
Jon's homepage
Multimedia Site
Blueprint ~ a how-to build a Web site publication for GeoCities members
Erica's Bookmarks
Jerald's JavaScript pages
Treasure Chest of Backgrounds
Aardvark Web!
Welcome to The FREE Logo & Banner Shop.
Digital Doodles
Imaginary Web Project at GeoCities
Hilltop Class of 1963 Home Page
The Complete FREE Guide to HTML & Javascript
Surfin' With Liz
FunRunHaven: recreational website from New Haven, CT USA
Georgia Lottery
Free Stuff Freebies ~ items from all over the world and possibly your own neighborhood
Weird cartoon Humor from Gibbleguts
2Cool Animations Main Page
giftpoint.com ~ the gift certificate store for other retailers
welcome ~ actual site title: Girl Tech
____ Global Dance Radio ____
Global-HomeBiz.com for Internet Income!
Home of Global Domains ~ you can register your newer top level domain name here at a fee
United States Community Page Index
Greenwich Mean Time - The Home of Check 2000
Go2orlando.com - Makes your Central Florida vacation better!
Godiva Chocolate
The Church of the Good Shepherd ~ excellent sample of religious organizations (this one in Virginia) can utilize Net exposure
Welcome to Go Online.Com
GOTit! Import Export Wholesale Classifieds Shopping
Grand Royal Records
Architecture.Design.History.Images.3D Models—Artifice Great Buildings Collection
Great Flowers - Flowers Direct From The Grower. Save up to 80%!
Gourmet Food & Specialty Food Gifts from GreatFood.com
Detect broken links
American Greetings Online-Greetingcard.com
Greg Randall, G.C. ~ a general building contractor in Virginia now online
Welcome to Hasbro World
Headcount, Internet usage and demographics
The Healthy Refrigerator ~ open the door to a healthy heart
Heazlewoods Solicitors ~ legal assistance from the folks in Sydney Australia
We Extend This Special Invitation to You..
Harbor House Inn
Pop Music Links
HIGH TIMES - Warning!! ~ comments on whether the marijuana laws should be reformed
Hipbones Home Page - Animal Skeletal Reconstruction
WebSideStory.Com - World 1000
Hong Kong - City of Life - Travel
Hollywood Reporter
The Home Based Helper - How To Start A Home Business And Make Money Now
Home Business Links
homepage.mgmt.LLC - New England Graphic and Web Site Design, Internet Marketing and Promotion. Your Complete Internet Resource
Web Page Design and Hosting by HomeZone.Com
Allergy Glossary
Homes on the net - Affordable Web Sites for Real Estate Profesionals
HotWired: Webmonkey - Web 101
U.S. Housing Markets
How Are You ?
Welcome to Hewlett Packard
HTML Empire's FREE GIF Animations & HTML Tutorial
The HTML Goodies Home Page - Thanks for stopping by...
Human-i-Tees: The Environmental Fundraising Company
_Hunt 4 The site for hunting information, fishing information, and outdoor adventure information.
Iowa Lottery Home Page
Full Service Internet Provider ~ aka LDS iAmerica
LDS iAmerica | Internet Software
Intro to Websters World
Cards, Postcards, & Flowers
Webster's World
IBM Web Guidelines - Complete set
HCI Web Design - Tips ~ IBM's Human Computer Interaction excellent info for Web Master references
25 MB Domain Web Hosting (YourName.Com) $8.25/mo.
10 MB Domain Web Hosting (YourName.Com) $8.25/mo.
Intercom - Web Hosting Accounts ~ The CGI Resource Index
International Data Corporation
Welcome to Identify
Free domain name news plus tons of information about domain names
Domain Name Showcase : List a domain name for sale FREE
Int'l Herald Tribune
Flag Software and Free Flag Images
The Unofficial Walt Disney Imagineering Page
The Internet Movie Database. A database of more than 150,000 movies
Welcome to Photos to Go
Integrating the Internet:
Inet.d - Home
INFOHUB United States Page
Information Please Home Page ~ your ultimate fact finder
Index of /users/
The Ultimate Directory - Finger.com
Thoughts From Online
The Inn at Mystic
InsWeb - Insurance Quotes and Information
Integrity Online ~ a growing National ISP whose known for their unique filtering feature
Intel Web Applets
NEXRAD Image of northeastern U.S.
Intellicast - Albany NEXRAD Base Reflectivity Image
Intellicast - Albany IR Satellite Image
Internet Supermall
Web Interface to Whois
The Online Investor - Stock Research & Data, Tips On How To Use It For Investing
You & Your Broker
Glossary of Stock Investing Terms
InvestorWEB Home Page
IPIX- The World Leader in Immersive Imaging
Ipswitch Home Page - WS_FTP Pro, IMail Server, and WhatsUp Gold!
iQVC Shopping Home Page!
IRED - International Real Estate Digest
Island Records
ISOC Internet Society
(www.ispy.nl) ~ ISpy Web Cam Software - takes video images and converts/saves them as JPEGs
iSyndicate -- The Content Marketplace
iSyndicate Express - Free, Customized News Pages For Your Site
The CGI Collection
Research It!:
Japan Times
Applet Bank
Jim & Bob's Internet Connection
Simple Chat 1.5
Jim Click's Online Auto Center
John L. Prentis & Co., Inc. Meriden, CT
CGI Made Really Easy
Career Resources @ JobBank USA
Jolly Time Pop Corn: pop corn, games, family fun, coupons, popcorn Jolly Time Pop Corn: popcorn, recipes, pop corn Jolly Time Pop Corn: popcorn, games, coupons, recipes, popcorn
Judy Burkett Homes - Remax realty ~ great production from this Baton Rouge, LA real estate representative
Just E-Mail Me ! Home Page
Kalija's Online Gift & Boutique: The Home Page
Kalispell Chamber of Commerce ~ a vacation spot in Montana
Karen Schweinfurth, REMAX Masters, Inc.
Keynote Systems, Inc. ~ this professional company will even appraise your site's performance from world-wide locations
Kidlink: Linking Kids between 10 and 15
Kids Domain
KIDSNET ~ a national resource for children's television and radio
Kidz Online
Welcome to Kilroy's Internet ~ aka Empath Systems of Berlin CT Jason Zigmont seems to be involved with many project companies
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
KKLH 104.7 Classic Hits
Korea Times
http://www.kvoa.com:80/ ~ NBC TV-4 Tucson
Lafleur.Org Search For Bible Records
A Beautiful Landscape Starts Here
Lanorix Consulting - Internet Web Design
Graphics for your web pages by Laughingbird Productions
"!Hints and Tips, Cleaning Tips, Cooking Tips and Beauty Tips!"
Laura's MIDI Heaven! It's HUGE! Over 10,000 MIDI Files! Free! Music, chat, Big Band midi, Oldies midi, Favorites midi, Classical midi, Disney midi, Musicals midi, Broadway midi, ShowTunes, Movie Music, Patriotic, Marches, Classics, TV, Ragtime, Rock/Pop/Dance, Video Games
Leadership Strategies
The Annenberg/CPB Projects Learner Online ~ math and science educational show material featured on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting stations
Personalized Poems Linda's Lyrics Personalized Poems
LinkExchange - Clubhouse, Ask Dr. Design ~ periodic topic reports on Web page designing
LinkMonster Website Search and Announcement Directory
Links Ahoy
Web Life ~ a great personal site that even helps you with HTML design tips and many more resources of value and interests
ListBot ~ get a free mailing list for your Web site
Litchfield, CT
Live Online
Live Concerts
Crescendo Cool Site of the Day
Crescendo StreamSites!
The Living Network
Locate.com all-in-one search page
Logos On Line
Londonderry, New Hampshire: Official Town Site
151 Tips For Realtors - By a Realtor
Look Here
LookSmart - exploring World
Lottery Newspaper Online
LOTTONET JACKPOT FORECAST ~ find out which state has the latest highest lottery jackpot
Caribbean Online Directory including Caribbean facts, Caribbean Real Estate, Caribbean Travel, Caribbean Tourism, Caribbean Maps, Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Barbuda, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, BVI, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Florida Keys, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Monserrat, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Martin, St. Maarten, St. Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad, Turks and Caicos, Turks & Caicos, US Virgin Islands, Venezuela
Welcome to Lincoln East High School ~ Nebraska education online
LISTSERV General User's Guide
Explode ~ banner exchange type offer utilizing the pyramid concept
Lycos Community Guide: CU-SeeMe
The International Lyrics Server - Find your favourite song lyrics! ~ your source to over 100,000 songs
Welcome to Merriam-Webster
Macromedia Shockwave Test Page
Macromedia - Flash Gallery
Mad Trivia - The Hip Trivia Game That Pays Cash Prizes! ~ 10 new questions everyday
MagicTricks.Com: The Magician's Magic Shop- Charlottesville, VA - Monticup Museum of Magic, Library of Magic, International Magic Directories, Magicians Index, magic trivia, magic contest, free magic tricks
MAGNETEC - kiosk components, printer components, specialty printers, transaction printers, printheads, printer mechanisms, receipt printers, ticket printers, ATM components, Keno machine components, lottery machine components, Magnetec, Transact.
PerFextX - Brad Burnett ~ excellent 3D site
One-Stop Parcel Tracking - Upgrade City Inc.
Maine Today: It's all right here
MAP Internet [ Home ]
Mapblast! Blast Central ~ Meriden, CT map
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas ~Meriden, CT page
MapQuest Services!
Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
Marco Island Chamber of Commerce
Graphics ~ aka The Webmaster's Toolbox
Buttons and Icons
Internet Marketing Center Associates Program
internet marketing tips and secrets for small to medium and home-based businesses Learn how to increase your sales online or start a new business
Web Site Banner Advertising: Introduction/Overview ~ Mark Welch has put together an excellent site of 500 Links to banner + advertising resources
Welcome to massage.com ~ an "informational" site on massage therapy
MassLive Edition
Save Money On $1 Million+ Term Life Insurance Policies ~ actual site name - Matrix Direct
The Chiropractic Page ~ material presented by John Wiens, DC of the Elmwood Chirocpractic Centre in Winnipeg, MB, Canada
My JavaScript Scripts
Maricopa Center for Learning and Instructions.
Spam Free Washington!
Stop Junk Email
MCSC Home Page
Maryland State Lottery (Official Web Site)
meadows farms
The Whole Brain Atlas
MediaBuilder Free Image Library
The Media History Project
Welcome to MediaRing Talk!
Church of The Slacker Goddess Freebie Page ~ over 5600 items on 130 pages - including special 800/888#s to free stuff
Merchant-Accounts.net - Get a Merchant Account and Increase Your Sales
Meriden.. Your City, Crossroad of Connecticut!
The City of Meriden Connecticut Board of Education and Public School System Web Site
Meriden Board Of Education - Schools Page
imagine - an unofficial tribute to John Lennon
John D Rockfeller and the Standard Oil Company ~ discover how he came to dominate the oil industry for 50 years
Welcome to MicroNet
Microscene - Visual Classified Ads
Virtual Radio for Music, Music, Music!
Champion Middle School Partnership
MidiKaraoke.com - The Midi Karaoke Library
lotto tickets powerball tickets , lottery tickets online , powerball tickets on line, Florida lotto, Florida lottery, lotters brokers, play lotto, powerball winning numbers, Florida Lottery winning numbers, California , New York, Nevada, Gambeling, Scratch off, bingo, Fla Lotto, multi-state Power Ball, Millennium 2000 Lottery Brokers
Mind Media Life-Enhancement Network: Your Self-Improvement Center for Software and Guide to the Web
Spinal Dos and Don'ts
Dennis Goodno's Genealogy Home Page
Minotel Home Page
Child Safety Information on the Information Highway
Doug's Lotto Page O' Gambling
The Dash
ModemHelp: Support for modem installations, modem upgrades, Explorer and Navigator internet browser configuration, 56k and v90 modem connections
Working Moms' Internet Refuge
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
Features of the New Twenty
Mosby, Inc: Health Science Publishing
Motor Trend
Motown Records
MoverQuotes Home Page
MP3.com - The MP3 resource on the Internet
Mr. Stock Online Stock Trading 24 hours a day
Michigan State Police--Home Page
MSU Home Page ~ Michigan State University
Concise Animated GIF Archive
The Music Source
Multi-State Lottery Home Page
Powerball Main Page
MUW Personal Home Pages ~ Mississippi University for Women faculty and student personal productions
MX BookFinder: Search for Out of Print and Used Books
Welcome to the "My Card" Network
MyDesktop Network - Technology Information at Your Fingertips
DREAMSELLER® Internet Business Incubator and Management Company
MyLink, Inc - Central Georgia's Internet Service Provider
MyLink - Member Pages ~ personal and commercial sites from members of this Georgia ISP
UnitedStates.com ~ this page is an ALIAS of unitedstates.com home page
Personal Postcards - Get your FREE postcard site!!!
McAfee, Network General, PGP & Helix have merged to create a new company, Network Associates. Welcome to www.nai.com!
NameShop - Internet Domain Name Addresses
Domain Name, Trademark, and Competitive Intelligence services -- namestake.com Home Page
NASA Homepage
~ actual site name: National Parks
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page
Welcome to The National Chimney Sweep Guild
NEGIA: User Pages ~ personal and business pages created by / for the members of the Northeast Georgia Internet Access service
NeoPlanet - the Alternative Web Browser
ASCII stereogram signature.
Welcome to netCards.com
Netcraft Web Site Search
NetEscapes: Free Cruise & Airfare Sweepstakes.
This is my fancy apartment - welcome in!
NetGoal, Inc.
Welcome to The Net Idea, ISP (Internet Service Provider). Proudly serving Castlegar, Nelson and Trail B.C.
Personal Pages ~ members of Net Idea ISP
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
NetMall Home
NetMechanic Find Broken Links - Link Validation
URL-minder Demographic Retrieval
Net Perspectives Internet Services, A Division of iPi
NetRadio Network- Listen to over 150 Free Music Channels
Benchin' Cyberstore -
NetSeek World Presence Main Site Master Frame
NetSeek World Presence Classifieds
http-analyze - Log analyzer for web servers
A Next-generation of website promotion software - The Net Submitter Professional - FREE Trial Software
Old Riverton Inn
New England Mall
New England Links @ New England Online.com, Associations, Arts, Crafts, Events, Government, Law, Libraries, Lottery, Malls, Museums, Newspapers, Plug - Ins, Radio, Television, Real Estate, Sports, Theater
GTHBA Public Home Page ~ Greater Toronto Home Builder's Association
NEWHOMESALE.COM - Your New Homes Directory
Let's Be Debt Free
Next Home - Welcome!
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Amateur Radio Resources
CyberCart Shopping Cart Script
New Media Telecommunications, Inc.
Northampton, Massachusetts
The Looney Tunes SoundSource
NewHoo Main Page
Northern Light Search
Around The Community ~ great site about North Georgia area
notts.net Classifieds - Nottinghamshire's (UK) Community Site
Domains For Sale / For Lease
PARKNET:The National Park Service Place on the Web
Traceroute Gateway
Internet Domain Survey
Northwestern University
New York City Sky Scrapers
Latest Winning Numbers
Oceanfront Realty International, Inc.
Odd Rods
The Original Old Time Radio (OTR) WWW Pages
OTR Sound Byte Survey
Old Lyme Inn
Online Educator: Welcome ~ visit their suggested sites for teachers to use, and/or subscribe to their publication
Home Page ~ actual site title: Pet's Pal - North Branford, CT
Personals - One & Only - Home Page
OneLook Dictionaries (Dictionary), The Faster Finder
Dictionary and Glossary List ~ an extensive list of nearly every reference book online
The Wild Onion!
Online Catalogs Marketplace
On-Line Mall
Online Promotions Home Page
OnLine Surgery - Plastic Surgery Network ~ watch live 'net'casts or archives of others
Online Today Home Page
Online Today Home Page ~ user home pages
Best of the Internet
Los Angeles Airport Hilton and Towers Hotel Information
Welcome to ONSALE!
A Guide To Real Estate For Birmingham, Alabam
Opportunist Magazine
Introducing "CGI Programming on the Web"
OrlandoCity . c o m
Hanukkah - Festival of Lights
KID SAFETY on the INTERNET - The Police Notebook
OurBest.Com - The Best Stuff on the Web - Free Stuff, Too!
Our MIDI Jukebox Welcome Page
Quick and Dirty Guide to Image Maps
michael williams.com ~ a very well done personal and commercial site in one with motion picture industry freeware
FreeProduction ~ if you're in the motion picture business, you'll appreciate these freeware programs
The Internet Paintball Resource
Pambytes Free Clipart & Web Graphics
The Living Planet Campaign Homepage ~ save the creatures and treasures of our earth
Home Page ~ actual site title: St. John Brebeuf School - Canada
Pangea.CA Users WWW Page Listing
Pass The Shareware - Shareware And Freeware Sites And Downloads
PC Connection
PersonalConnections ~ your suite of free web-based communications: free e-mail, business card, homepage and online whiteboard
PC World Online
PC WholeWare Home Page ~ home of great Windows (3.1+) multimedia text-to-speech programs like Slim Show, FreeCard and WinSpeech
Peapod - Internet Grocery Shopping and Delivery
Welcome to Pediatric Physician Alliance
The Traffic Makers - Free Internet Advertising And Services, Search Engines Secrets.
People's Bank
** (actual title blank) Pequot Casino
Performers Connection ~ World Championship of Performing Arts
World Association of Talent Modeling & Entertainment - Olympics of Performing Arts
PERL.COM - Introducing Real World Perl
Virtual Points Home Page
All Flags in Alphabetical Sequence - Flag Image Identifier
Pionex Technologies Inc.
GAMES @ PIXELWINGS ~ great shockwave type programs
SSSpider, your Personal Web Agent
Welcome to Planet Alumni - The Easiest Way to Stay in Touch
PlanetRider: Internet Travel Resources - hotels, weather, maps, museums, nightlife...
Come Play with Us!
PointQuest .com SEARCH ENGINE OF THE WORLD \ Business, computer, Entertainment, Sports, Chat, E-commerce, Advertising, Shopping, Travel, Weather and More! Your Source for the Best Sites on the Internet! Virtual Checking Bank Services.. The best way to accept money On-line! Get your Merchant account today
Point & Shop Mall - Shop for computers, software, electronics, fashion, flowers, clothes, jewelry, watches, books, music and furniture
PortONE Internet - Connecticut's Statewide Service Provider
Posty Cards, Inc. Business Greeting Cards Catalog
Advanced web design and hosting services. Web designers that know marketing! FREE advertising!
Always original free midi music,streaming audio for websites, TV, radio, video and multimedia!
domain name search
Progressive Woman
Prime Climb, Inc. Rock Climbing Gym
PR Newswire Home Page
Professional News Ticker
Professionals Online--The Web Company For Service Professionals [We feature web design and consulting for doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and other service professionals]
Profiles Online
How to get started with Shockwave
Starting A Business
Resume writing tips - 40 free resume workshops by Regina Pontow
Providence RI - Home Page
Prudential Realty Company of Pittsburgh
Consumer Information Center Main Page
Gossip - Official Web Site
All FREE: Sweepstakes, Magazines, Videos, Software, Catalogs and Contests for Prizes
QGM Site RoadMap
The QuikPages: National Business Web Site Directory
Quality Roofing - Home Page
QUINNIPIAC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE -- Connecticut Business-- Wallingford, North Haven
Quisp Internet Postcards
Radiation -- the Webmasters' Source for Interactive Ideas and Solutions
Radio City Productions
Radio City Christmas Spectacular
Ted Rall Online
RankThis! The Online Tool and Cyberguide for Search Engine Promotion
Life Time Reminder Service ~ great, fee-based concept helps you remember what's coming up within the next few days
RealGuide: Live
index ~ actual site title: The Real Estate Directory ~ your world wide guide to real estate on the internet
RE/MAX of California & Hawaii, Inc.
Connecticut Real Estate buy,sell or rent and Business Advertising
Real Estate On Line - our Turf
Reality X Interactive ~ UK's most comprehensive game news site
Real Media
Barberino Real Estate ~ Wallingford, CT
Real Estate Careers Minnesota Employment Opportunities Real Estate Minnesota Realty Careers Coldwell Banker Burnet Realty
Record-Journal Cybermall - Shop for watches, books, music, flowers, computers, software, electronics, fashion, furniture, clothes and jewelry
My Virtual Reference Desk - Select Sites of the Day
Referit: The leading search engine / guide for Revenue Sharing (Affiliate, Associate) Programs
REGARDS.COM FREE electronic greeting cards - Holiday Cards - Greeting Cards
The Real Estate Library - Home Page
Reprise Records
ReserveMe.com ~ free domain registration service
Real Estate Dictionary
Retail Merchants Association of Greater Richmond
Riddler Version 3.0
Ranson's CGI Scripts, web page builders, database, self replicating sites, counters, statistics, banner rotation, password . . .
The Ronald McDonald House of NYC
Radio Netherlands
Roberts Dodge Chrysler Plymouth
Robin's FYI (for your information)
RockOnTV ~ guide to music on television
Roger Sherman Inn
Welcome To Rooms Plus Travel Guide ~ commercial listing of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, camp grounds and golf courses
The Rosary
Rover Search Service ~ generates customized e-mail mailing lists plus postal and telephone lists
73 Amateur Radio Today's "Ham To Ham" by Dave Miller NZ9E - Official Past Columns Web Site
A Poem A Week
Rwhois Development Pages ~ raw data approach to suppliment the InterNIC's Who Is database
Safefood.org - Home Page ~ your food safety connection
Welcome to Salons.Com - The Center For Hair and Beauty On The Internet
Sample Site ~ exciting products for you to try at no cost
Welcome to SASS ~ Stay Alert, Stay Safe - Canada's leading streetproofing program for children age 7-10
Bureau of the Public Debt
Savoy Discount Brokerage
Index ~ actual site title: Small Business 2000 - learn how others start and grow a business
SBA: Small Business Administration Home Page
Name that Candybar - Science Museum of Minnesota
Thinking Fountain A to Z - Science Museum of Minnesota
Strata - Science Museum of Minnesota
AL's Labs: The skeleton - Bones - Outline ~ LA highly rated site with excellent textual and angular graphic details
Scottrade - Online Trading
ScriptSearch The Worlds Largest CGI Library
ABS - Web Site Promotion, Design, CGI Scripts and Free Java
The Dash ~ the best graphically produced page of this poem
Southern California Traffic Report
San Diego Traffic Report
Freeway Speeds ~ map of current San Diego conditions
SelectSurf -- Less Sand, More Surf
National Address and ZIP+4 Browser
Where Did They Move To? Search Page
Senator Murkowski's Junk E-Mail Provision
HotSyte- The JavaScript Resource
1st music shop mp3 01274 shopping mall cybercoin mpeg wav CDs, BT ARRAY, Barclaycoin ~ a UK purchase site
Corky's Search Engine Page!
Vern's SIRDS Gallery
Paducah KY real estate and Western Kentucky real estate - Prudential Sirk and Company Realtors
Siteflow's Home Page
LinkExchange - SiteInspector ~ briefly (not fully) checks your Web site page(s) for validation of HTML, links and more
site scribe - main page
San Jose Mercury News
Traceroute from www3.slac.stanford.edu to (sttn-sh3-port4.snet.net)
Southington Dental Associates
Snap! HOME
The National Center for Social Entrepreneurs
SoftwareToGo - Welcome Page for Games, Business, Internet , Learning, and General Software
Welcome to SoftwareVault.com, Your solution to finding the software you need.
SoldSign.com - Serving Real Estate Professionals, Commercial/Residential Property Buyers, & Sellers
NBS World Wide Web Software
Sony Music
SoundAmerica ~ over 25,000 sounds for your listening entertainment
Sound Mind Theater "The Curse of Dracula" - New Audio Drama in Classic Radio Style
Image Bytes: Art Gallery
SpaceStar's User Pages
Mary's Lemon Page [frame enhanced] ~ a bad experience story about an owner of a 93 Buick Skylark
Welcome To SPAM-ME!!
Christmas Lights Display at Domino's Farms
Spree.com - Books, Movies, Music, Flowers & free web sites!
The WDVL: Simple JavaScript Scripts
The WDVL: Tutorials
Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota USA startribune.com network
Town of Fairfield, Connecticut official home page
City of Meriden HOMEPAGE
State of Connecticut List of Towns and Cities
Connecticut State Department of Education
MGSSPI - Middle Grade School State Policy Initiative
Connecticut Tourism Home Page
Illinois Department State Lottery Home Page Little Lotto Pick 3 4 Big Game
Around the World in 80 Clicks ~ great animated site to cameras virtually everywhere
Welcome to the NEW Stomping Grounds! ~ daily updates on the gaming industry news
Welcome to Student.Com -- College Life Online
Topic - Contests and Freebies ~ an updated list from Suite 101.com
Complete Electronic Commerce Solutions
The SuperMall® of the Great Northwest -- Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, shopping
Supernews - The World's Usenet
SuperStats -- Free Web Page Statistics
Welcome to KDS Pixel Touches Surftouch Homepage ~ now you may literally bring the Web to your fingertips - great for public kiosk screens
Office of the U.S. Surgeon General
Welcome to Surplus Auction - The Premier Auction Site for Hardware, Software, Accessories and Consumer Products.
Survive All ~ commercial site providing disaster preparedness kits and accessories for emergencies and weather related calamities
SUZIO INSURANCE - HOME PAGE - Insurance Connecticut
Sweety's Candies : Home Page
Shayne Michael's: New Humor Index
Welcome to the T'AI CHI Magazine and Wayfarer Publications
TAM Airlines ~ award winning Transportation Web site for Brazilian needs
Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway ~ educational and curricular resources for students and teachers from astronomy, biology, match, physics and more
Steve's Place - Midis, Graphics, Travel Photos and More ~ nicely done personal page reciprocates a link to LA
Teachers.Net - THE TEACHER WEBSITE! Teacher chatboards & teacher chat rooms, lesson plans and teaching tools, teacher job listings and career resources, reference desk and curriculum tools, everything for the on-line teacher!
Teachers Wanted Search
Working From Home - Networking Opportunity & Successful Home Based Business
CMPnet Spotlight on Domain Names
Welcome To TEL3
Welcome to Teleport! ~ a caring ISP for the Oregon regions
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
The Seeker, Reuniting America!
The Bartenders Joke of the Day
THE DAILY OVERLOOK ~ preview a new photo every week day
The Free Site is the best place to find free stuff, freebies, samples, freeware, counters, free Web pages, screen savers, graphics, free Email, guestbooks, etc.
Welcome to TheKiss.com ~ your online 'fun' kissing resource - well designed site
The Onion | America's Finest News Source
The Palace | Home Page
Search Public Eye Certified Safe Shopping Sites ~ a list of businesses with sites that are registered as practicing proper transactions
Welcome to your site!
Toronto Star
TheTrip.com - 1-888-4-TheTrip
Ultimate Promotion - Get ULTIMATE PROMOTION For Your Web Site!
The Vault
The Weather Network Online - Welcome! ~ forecast reports for Canadian provinces
ThinkQuest Library of Entries
Thompson Candy - Home Page
Alex Rosen's Home Page
The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut
Welcome to Finlay McQuade's Website! ~ educators - you'll want to read his profiles in excellence stories
the $uperChicken JavaScripts webPage!!!! - intro!!!
Tipper.com Home Page
Jump back to TipWorld
National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids
Tomorrow Magazine
Untitled ~ actual site title Top 10 - shows the ranking of your site with the major search engines
D & J Real Estate Dictionary
Find the best price through the Top10Guide ~ shope and compare prices in many categories
Home To Over 500 Top 10 Web Site Lists. Top Ten Links - The ultimate bookmark.
Tourist Guide to accommodations, transportation and shopping
Tower Air - Great fares to Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Athens, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, San Juan and more..
Toy Madness - Main Page
Track-Star | Professional Media Tracking & Analysis
TrackBot ~ traffic tracking and response analysis
Internet Tradeline Homepage
PBS Home Page 11/25/96
Cancun Shops & Services Guide
travelzoo.com -- The News Channel for Travel Deals
The Real Estate Book Online; Real Estate, Homes and Properties Throughout North America
TRI_C Home Page ~ Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland Ohio
Tripod's Homepage Directory: Top Level
TV Party tonight!
Welcome to The TV Rundown ~ journalistic industry review approach of behind the scenes activity
The Texas Pharmacy Association
Ty - The Official Home of the Beanie Babies
Mike's Web Resources
Ubid Online Auction | Computer Products
Welcome to the Ultimate Band List
* actual site title: U Can Do ~ site like LA / phil intentions
Connecticut Weather Page
Unix Guru Universe ~ the official home page for Unix System Administrators
UK OnLine Pages
The European Directory - The Doorway into Europe
FACTS Center
FACTS: JavaScript: An Introduction
Beauty and the Bandwidth: Low-Fat Web Design
Welcome to ULI - The Urban Land Institute
America's Real Estate - Data Center
Mutual Funds Home Page
University of Maryland
UnitedStates.com ~ the official page of this well produced all purpose page
/users/ -
The ol' Joke Page ~ great material although not for all ages
Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
UPROAR -- Free games, trivia, puzzles- win prizes.
Free Games For Your Website
Building Your Own Basic CGI Program
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Domain Names For Sale, Domains For Sale, Available Domains, Domain For Sale, Available Domain Names
useit.com: Usable Information Technology (Jakob Nielsen's site)
useit.com: Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
Welcome to Universal Studios Florida
Welcome to the U.S. Lottery
MoversNet: Relocation, Moving and Address Change Made Easy
Law and Business As Usual on the World Wide Web
Vacation Travel Mart
Virginia Lottery
Val-Pak Coupons National Homepage
500+ Connecticut Links Enter your CT Link FREE! 500+ Connecticut Links Enter your CT Link FREE! 500+ Connecticut Links Enter your CT Link FREE! 500+ Connecticut Links Enter your CT Link FREE! 500+ Connecticut Links Enter your CT Link FREE! 500+ Connecticut Links Enter your CT Link FREE!
ValueClick Banner Advertising Network
Becoming a ValueClick Host Site
ValueClick - The Pay For Results Advertising Network
Welcome to Valu-Net
ValueWeb Marketing Systems
Welcome to vanbasco.com!
The Vancouver Sun
Home Page VARIG Airlines ~ service to/from Brazil
Welcome to Vault Reports Online! ~ now job hunters can found out about the major company before they apply for work
Vectro Web Hosting
Welcome to Veen.com
UnHallowed Grounds
Welcome to Verio ~ Texas ISP services
SimpleSubmit! The easiest, fastest, cheapest way to submit your site!
Veterans Ring of Honor
virtual dining guide of South Florida, dining,dining,dining, palm beach, palm beach,restaurants, restaurants restaurants restaurants beach, palm beach
VirtualADz | index
Student Affairs Virtual Compass
Virtual Directory - Health Care
Virtual Entrepreneur: Warning
Virtual Home Page TOC ~ home of the Virtual Garage Sale free listings
Virtualis Systems - Professional Web Hosting / Design
Virtual Journeys Home Page
Virtual Menu
America's New England - A Virtual Tour
A selection of Greeting Cards, free downloads. Virtual Objects Inc. greeting cards
Award Winning Web Site Designs
Virtual Promotions - Banner designs, domain hosting, web site designs
Virtual Relocation
Select Vermont for a really great vacation.
Virus bulletin
Voting Records of the U.S. Congress
The Mystic Tourist Information Center
Applewood Farms Inn
Visit New England: New England: Travel: Tourism: Vacation
Visual Radio, Inc.
Download a VivoActive Player
Subscriber Homepages ~ customers of Voicenet who have created their own sites
European Real Estate
BADGER'S Animated GIF Gallery
Virtual Servers LLC - The World Leader In Virtual Internet Servers
The South Park Index
CGI - Common Gateway Interface
Joey Green ~ wacky uses - discover hundreds of little-known uses for well-known products
Walking In South East England
Warped Factors
Jehovah's Witnesses: Watchtower Society Official Web Site
Flags of all Countries
WayCool Weddings
Warner Bros Records
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
The Weather Channel - New Haven, Connecticut
The Weather Channel - New Haven, CT
The Weather Channel - Connecticut
Weather24 :: Weather Report for Meriden, CT
Webby, inc fast webspace for commercial and power users
WebCoder.com - Your home for JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on the Web.
Web Hosting for Small Businesses Worldwide - WebCom
One Great Music Trivia Contest
NVI Classical Records - Home of Audiophile Classical Vinyl LPs
WebDeveloper.com ® Learn How to Build Web Sites, Program in Java and JavaScript, and More!
Javascript Tutorial / WebDeveloper.com®
Future WebSite ...?
Web Garage - America's Automotive Search Engine
WebIT USA, your Internet Hosting and Web Design Company.
Welcome to WebMapPro.com!
Welcome to Web Page Depot
Web Solutions LLC - An internet consulting, web design and internet marketing firm.
A historical look of Meriden Connecticut at the turn of the century through an on-line tour of photographs, images, and popular sites.
WebPointers Online
Services / Graphics / Online Jpeg Wizard - WebReference.com
WebShopper > Storage / Drives > How-To
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Mailing Lists, E-mail Newsletters, List Managers, Web Site Marketing - Web Site Post Office
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SafeAds.Com - Site Application Form
WebSitez - Search engine for domain name addresses! Beats Internic whois!
Win Prizes at Webstakes
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer - A Tutorial
Welcome to WebTechniques.com ~ magazine providing solutions for Internet and Web Developers
The Web Techniques/Web Review Web Tools Buyer's Guide
Web Thumper's MIDI Page ~ excellent site with up-to-date current and oldie tunes
All International Stations ~ listen to radio broadcasts over your computer (many require REAL audio plug-in or similar)
Webtravels Home Page
The Weekly 101 - The entirely FREE site with 101 Nude Celebs and Models each week!
Welcome Net - Click Globally...Save Locally! ~ excellent concept but only serving CA and NV 7/98
Welcome To: First Coast Home Page
WGME 13 Online - WGME-TV, Portland, Maine
Chicago's Very Own WGN-TV
Surfing the Net
Web Features
What Is...an IP address (a definition)
whatUseek Search Engine | home
WHFS 99.1 FM - E-mail the Jocks
Who's Who Online®
WHOW - Web Helpers On Wheels, your Automated Directory.
Why Me, Inc.
WHYN ~ 93 FM / 560 AM Springfield, Mass now online
Wildcat Canyon Software: Get WebTracks
Public Safety Online
WiseCat's Top 100 Web Sites - most visited, most popular
Personal Pages ~ subscribers to WizVax Communications services
WJXT - TowerCams ~ Jacksonville, FL News Channel 4
The World Chambers Registry ~ leads to all the Chambers of Commerce around the world
Welcome To World Class Domains
Domain Name Registration by Network Solutions
WorldNIC Domain Name Registration by Network Solutions
Matt's Script Archive: FormMail
The World Wide Willie (WWW) Home Page
!WPRC Web Site Promotion Information and Consulting: Internet Marketing and Website Advertising.
WPRC Idea Chalkboard
WTNH News Channel 8 / Cool Stuff From the Web
WTNH News Channel 8 / Cool Stuff From the Web
WTNH News Channel 8 / Cool Stuff From the Web
WTNH News Channel 8 / StormTeam 8 / Storm Doppler LIVE
Forecast the weather! ~ sign-up for this interactive game challenge
WZMX ~ Classic Hits Radio 93.7 FM, Hartford CT with Sebastian in the morning
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Random Internet Cameras
Reaching the World of Flags
the Episode Guides Page - Main Page ~ episode lists for over 1000 tv shows
y'all.com - We cover the South like Kudzu ~ great site to learn about the southern US culture, music, food, activities etc
Yankee Candle® Co. - Famous for Fragrance
The Year 2000 Information Center / Millennium Bug
Internet Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 1 Your Internet Yellow Pages!
The Young Investor Web Site
At YourSpine, the world's source for chiropractic help on-line ~ nicely designed site with lots of valuable info
You've Got Mail
ZDNet AnchorDesk -- Web Interoperability Pledge
A-List: Top 200 Steals and Deals - Intro
Rynzeski's Home Page
OzNet Design - Rynzeski's Homepage
Welcome to Disney Cruise Line
Walt Disney World - Official Home Page
KXTV-10, Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto ~ ABC TV
Mumm at the Movies - Index Page ~ Jonathan Mumm's opinions / reviews of what's hot and what's not
Web Wombat Australian Search Engine
Cool Savings ~ actual site title blank - join their coupon receipt service for shopping savings
Incredibly Useful Site of the Day - April 3, 1998
Web Engineer's Toolbox CGI Programming Class
YRINC.COM HOME --Home of Office Buildings Magazine the Commercial Real Estate Source Book
NSI Secure On-Line Payment System ~ check on the payment status of a domain name registered with InterNIC
Personal Home Pages ~ extensive list of Northwestern University members personal productions

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