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A C P: Association of Coupon Professionals ~ industry trade organization for marketing professionals
A D M Home Page ~ Association of Directory Marketing
ACiD Productions Home Page ~ a unique organization site for talented artists
American Bar Association
American Cancer Society
American Demographics/Marketing Tools ~ a service for business people who need to find, reach and keep customers
Better Business Bureau Alerts, Warnings and Advisories ~ telemarketing fraud is number one
Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada, The
Center for Youth as Resources ~ network of local programs providing small grants to young people to design and carry out service projects
Child Quest International - Finding missing children ~ someone is reported missing every 40 seconds
CommerceNet Home ~ membership industry assoc for internet commerce
Connecticut Historical Society, The ~ factual data from this Hartford based organization
Connecticut Society ~ sons of the American Revolution
Consumer World
CT State Golf Association
CyberAngels - Welcome!
D M G Direct Home Page, Welcome to ~ the Direct Marketing Group taps the Net
Deaf World Web ~ worldwide deaf-related information
GlobaLearn, Inc.
HeadLice.Org - National Pediculosis Association Home Page For The Prevention of Head Lice
Internet Developers' Association, The ~ fee based professional trade organization
July 4th in Boston ~ 1998 marks 25th major anniversary celebration
Junior Achievement ~ Clearwater, Florida headquarter info theme
Junior Achievement
M A D D On-Line ~ Mothers Against Drunk Driving
MatchMaker Organization (mm.org) ~ your chance for romance - parental guidance recommended
Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc.
Musei ~ the Vataican Museums now available through the Net
N R A .org (National Rifle Association) Home Page
National Wildlife Federation ~ in the clasroom, on-line library, games for kids
Organization of American States, Welcome to the
Plugged In ~ non-profit community access computer svc, Palo Alto, CA
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Online
Public Library Association ~ their goal is to advance the development and effectiveness of public library servic and public librarians
R S A C, Welcome to ~ Recreational Software Advisory Council - site rating based on content acceptance
Software Publishers Association, Welcome to the ~ leading organization for the software industry
State Vocational Federation of Teachers ~ SVFT Local 4200A, Connecticut
Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation ~- The Art and Science of Conscious Living
Television Workshop
Trusts Home Page ~ this organization's goal is to establish trust and confidence in electronic transactions
United Nations Home Page ~ organizing peace, security, international law, economic and social development, humanitarian affairs, human rights
Veterans' Educational Resources Agency
Wild Life, The
World Wildlife Fund - US Site ~ this non-profit organization helps you understand the dangers and species at risk
Writers Guild of America, Welcome to The
Y M C A of the USA
Y W C A of the USA, Welcome to the

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Since 1990, Phil Viger professionally volunteers as a Junior Achievement
Project Business Consultant for Meriden / Wallingford, CT 8th grade students!
Starting the fall of 1997, we focus on personal and business economics.

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Meriden, Connecticut

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