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A P C O International's Official Web Site ~ Association of Public Safety Communications Officials
A T & T Missing Children Resources ~ links to other sites and even a special page to report a missing child
Adopt a Guardian Angel Webpage
Amerasian Children's Information Network
Anonymous Sexual Abuse Recovery (Canada) Inc.
Birth Quest* ~ *actual site title: birthquest adoption adoptee adopt birth; - a searchable site for adoptees and birth parents
BirthNet World Wide Family Registry ~ database stores your photo and info accessible during emergency needs
Bristol Police Dept Home Page ~ a Connecticut PD offers info online
Child Abuse Yellow Pages
Child Abuse, Depression, Suicide and other hotline numbers
Child CyberSearch Canada/CyberSearch d'enfants Canada ~ Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially recognized MC agencies
Child Health and Safety - Recalls - Doctors - Parenting - Pediatric News - Kids Books - SIDS information and more
Child Protection Center
Child Safe Home Page ~ safety skills for children as offered by the New Westminster Police Services
Child Search Start Page ~ a National Missing Children Center Organization
Child Sexual Abuse Search
Children and Youth ~ crime prevention materials for children
Children At Risk Today ~ non profit org informs / educates the public about the dangers of youth risk behavior
CityKids / National Childrens Coalition
Connecticut Correctional Officers On-Line
Connecticut State Police ~ an unofficial home page from a retired Lt. who served 21 years with CSP
Cop Spot
Cops ~ Fox TV network Bad Boys are now on the Net
Cops On Line
Crime Prevention Coalition of America ~ nonpartisan group of more than 136 national, state and federal organization united to encourage action to prevent crime
Crime Scene Evidence File ~ you get to help the Yoknapatawpha County Law Enforcement Division solve their crime by viewing the know facts
Delaware State Police Home Page ~ excellent creation with detailed info on various Public Safety agency departments
Department of Public Safety ~ Betsy's and my work place site in Middletown, CT (State Police)
Disaster Relief
Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community
Duh! Stupid Criminals ~ an eeek magazine feature of interesting stories of criminal acts
East Hartford Police Department
Easton Police Department, Massachusetts
F B I -- National Crime Information Center Training ~ audio - visual special offerings for LE officials
Family Violence Prevention Fund, The ~ national non-profit organization focusing on domestic violence education, prevention and public safety
Family Youth Service Bureau* ~ *actual site title: FYSB Homepage; - official site of the US Department of Health and Human Services
Find Sam ~ a special Web site established to help find this abducted child
Greyhound Home Free ~ this bus company offers a way for a child to return home via free transportation
Health and Health Needs of Homeless and Runaway Youth
How To Find People Using Computer Traces
http://www.cybernw.com/~nmclc/ ~ aka National Missing Children's Locate Center
Illinois State Police - Missing Children From Illinois ~ photos with descriptions available
International Center for the Search and Recovery of Missing Children
Kids ID Child Identification System
Kids in Trouble Help Page
Koeka Bolla's Home Page A Cyber Police Officer Patrolling the Net ~ some coverage of Hartford, CT PD
Law Enforcement JPG, GIF and WAV Resource Page
Line of Battle - A Memorial to Our Fallen Officers, The
Lost Child, The - For the recovery of missing, lost, abducted, runaway children ~ JavaScript browser capable suggested
M E C C Home Page ~ Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse for New York State
MAC Watch ~ missing and abducted children of Canada
Massachusetts State Police Homepage ~ official site with much detail info
Missing Child - Crystal Gayle Dittmeyer
Missing Children's Network Canada, The - Alliance 9000 ~ non-profit organization in Montreal, Quebec Canada helping families in North America and Europe
Missing Kids / People Links ~ an extensive list of sites world wide including varioius countries and states
Missing Kids Internation Inc. ~ last update 4/96 ???
Missing Persons Search and Locate Service
Missingpersons ~ the original site on the Net, itinitially focused on Sarah Beth Waits
N A C J D ~ National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
N W P S Crime Prevention Office Home Page ~ New Westminster police of British Columbia, Canada with excellent info
N. A. M. C. A. Inc. ~ North American Missing Children Association based in Nova Scotia, Canada
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children* ~ *actual site title: their URL - also have non-profit organization address .org
National GRADD ~ National Group Rides and Designated Drivers supporting collegiate safe ride programs nation-wide
National Missing Children Center, ChildSearch
National Society for prevention of cruelty to children (UK), The
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York State Police ~ their official site
Officer Know It All
OneWorld, Welcome to ~ a community of over 120 leading global justice organizations under one roof
Operation Go Home
Pennsylvania State Police ~ Troop D online
Pereyda's, Mark Home Page ~ a unique selection of Law Enforcement Insignia Collecting
Police Central Dispatch ~ a great link source to several officer and law enforcement issues
Police Graphics Library
Police Guide ~ this massive, in-depth site contains over 180 pages of detailed information
Police Officer's Internet Directory, The ~ law enforcement's resources (jobs, agencies, mailing list etc)
PoliceNet Home Page ~ public service designed to help public service agencies communicate with their communities
PoliceScanner.Com ~ listen to Dallas Police / Fire calls live online
Question a Cop?
Raritan PD ~ see who's been arrested in this New Jersey city and much more
Reading, Massachusetts Police Department
Rescue One Internet Services ~ EMS, Fire, Police Headquarters online
Runaway hotline site
S P D ~ Southington, CT Police Department's official Web page
Safe-T-Child Online, Welcome to ~ child's street smart exam and other safety tips
Sanford Police Department ~ in York County, Maine
ScamWatch, Welcome to ~ a service of InterGOV with ways to avoid scams and learn the latest methods others try to use to fool you
Self Protection Page ~ tips from the Metro Nashville Police Department with Real Audio
Sexual Assault Information Page ~ linking info regarding rape, violence and abuse
Springfield, MA Police Department
Streetproofing Your Children ~ order this $20 video before it's too late
T R A K: Technology to Recover Abducted Kids ~ service used by law enforcement officials
Teens, Crime and the Community Program ~ combining education and action to reduce the high level of teen victimization
Tracer Net - Find, locate, search People and Money ~ licensed service company charges for research
V S P home ~ Virginia State Police online
Vanished Children's Alliance, The ~ dedicated to the prevention and recovery of missing children
Violence Against Women Office ~ includes National Domestic Violence Hotline info
Voices for children
WANTED:"Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" ~ FBI list
We Prevent ~ a dedicated organization that helps fight crime
Web Police, Welcome to ~ crime fighting agency (from e-mail abuse to international terrorism) with offices in 435 cities in 104 countries
Wells Fargo Fugitive Publicity ~ preview the mug shots of people on their wanted list
What you need to know to become a Police Officer ~ CAmeron lists a minimum of 7 necessary steps
World Wide Registry
World's Most Wanted, The ~ US listings by state / city, US marshalls' listings by district, bail jumpers, APBs and more

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