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[animated colorful tiny new] Now you can use keyword forms to find telephone numbers, street and e-mail addresses.
555-1212.com ~ find area codes, country codes, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and Web sites
A J R / NewsLink ~ American Journalism Review - radio, tv, newspapers, magazines etc
A T & T Toll-Free Internet Directory
A.Word.A.Day Home Page
Almanac.com, Welcome to ~ the Old Farmer's Almanac is now online with radio reports too
American Business Information Presents: ~ lookup USA
American Directory Assistance - People: Search
American Thanksgiving for Kids and Families, An
American Trademark Company, The
Area Code Lookup ~ Inter-Links special feature allows you to check on those ever growing phone codes
Ari's Today-page ~ almanac
Associated Press ~ timely updates as fed to Christian Science Monitor
Astrology Online ~ choose your sign for info
AutoSite, Welcome to - The Ultimate Automotive Buyer's Guide
Avis Galaxy: Driving Maps, The ~ pick a state, then download / view the detailed map
Babel : A glossary of computer related abbreviations and acronyms
Baker Street Connection : Welcome ~ Sherlock Holmes stories/info
Bali Online - Distance ~ helps determine distance between two points in the world
Better Homes and Gardens: Home Improvement Encyclopedia
BigBook Directory Search
BigBook: Search Results ~ find a street anywhere in the U. S.
BigYellow ~ NYNEX yellow pages +
Britannica Online, Welcome to
BuildNET, The Home of - The Building Industry Online ... and More! ~ 20,000+ building industry related resources, links and listings
Buyers Guide 1996 ~ Car and Driver's resources
C M U Pronouncing Dictionary, The ~ frm Carnegie Mellon Univ
Cainer's, Jonathan Zodiac Forecasts Astrology - Horoscopes
calendar ~ add your name and birth date to this site and join others who may share your same special day
Calendar Conversions ~ day of week, Julian day, Gregorian, Jewish, French republican references
CalendarLand ~ celestrial, cultural, religious calendars, info, resources, indexes, directories and even software
Cambridge Astronomy ~ fascinating info from the UK perspective
Candy USA
Car Talk* *actual site title: www.cartalk.com ~ you read it in the newspapers, now read it online
Castles of the World ~ Jamie Fernandes hmpg feature
Census TMS home page ~ U. S. Bureau of Census' coast to coast digital map database
Computer Resources / Mike Breeden's Web Site ~ a rather interesting, well put together site of resources and help
ComVista Internet Solutions ~ Macintosh Internet Resources
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia you can download for future reference about the Net
Connecticut College Library Home Page
Connecticut Library homepage, The ~ Walter Feldman, author
Connecticut Regional Directory ~ svc frm Sthrn CT State Univ
Connectix VideoPhone and the Four11 online directory
Consitution for the United States of America ~ the complete text available online
Consumer Information Center ~ w/more links
Cook's Thesaurus ~ suggests substitutes for thousands of ingredients
Cool Word of the Day Page, The ~ featured by York University
COPNet & Police Resource List
Cybertalk Glossary ~ Internet and technology specific terms
D O S World ~ essential references for DOS and Windows
Daily Almanac
Day of the Week Form ~ enter dd/mm/yyy and learn what day of the week it is/was/will be
Deadbeat Parents Page ~ wanted by Connecticut for failure to pay child support
Desk Top Reference Agent ~ designed to assit finding reference material on the Net
Digital Moments Intro ~ 36 images frm the Technological Revolution
Dog Information, News and much more - www.woofs.org ~ great resource site with lively info
Dog-e-zine!!, Welcome to ~ all about dogs - breeds, training, etc
Dummies Homepage ~ first there was the book: DOS For Dummies; now ...
EasyScopes - Fast and Easy Horoscope Index ~ detailed info on those astrology signs
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides ~ consumer advice since 1966 covering safety info, pricing and repair manuals
Electric Library, Welcome to the ~ the wallless room has surely arrived
Family - Friendly Sites (TM) at Virtuocity ~ a database reference supporting all-viewers interests
Find an Address ~ special joint venture service from America On Line and Geosystems
Find-A-Grave ~ geographical listings, pictures of famous sites and much more
foodwine.com ~ an Electronic Gourmet Guide
Four11 Directory Services
Frequently Occurring Names from the 1990 Census
G I F image 585x440 pixels ~ colorful highway map of CT
G T E SuperPages ~ 5,000 yllw pg directories + over 60,000 web site listings
GAKUSHUKAN ~ NTT Digital Museum - History of telecommunications
GeoCities - Create a Map with the GeoViewer ~ find a street address, city / state, or domain / e-mail address
Geographic Nameserver ~ database lets you look up most any US city
Grolier Online's The American Presidency
Handwriting and You
Hersey's Recipes Index ~ you're sure to get hungry reading this
Historical Text Archive, The
Honeymoons.com ~ Modern Bride mgzn's Susan Wagner
Hypertext Webster Interface ~ online interactive dictionary
I L C Glossary of Internet Terms ~ Internet Literacy Consultants dictionary of industry terms
I P L The Internet Public Library
iGuide, Welcome to ~ cmmrcl site covering the internet, tv, movies, sports +
Information SuperLibrary ~ Macmillan Computer Publishing online
InfoSpace - The Ultimate Directory ~ yellow pages, business directory, city info, residential phone numbers and e-mail addresses
Inkspot ~ resources for writers
Internet 800 Search ~ keyword database search of 800 and 888 toll free numbers
Japan Window home page ~ U.S. - Japan collaboration of Japan info on internet (Stanford/NTT)
Learn2.com - the ability utility ~ excellent reference source of several topics - a must use site!
Libweb - Library WWW Servers ~ from all over the world
Little Known Facts ~ some interesting tidbits published by Eeeek magazine
Living Digital ~ Prodigy's interactive feature
MapBlast, Vicinity Corporation's ~ use their colorful online maps to find the street locations you're looking for
Merriam-Webster!, Welcome to ~ dictionary, word of the day, word for the wise and bookstore features
My Virtual Reference Desk - Welcome one-stop reference guide to all things Internet - extremely close to LA concept
National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060 ~ daily alerts on new scams and how to avoid them
Net Lingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
Newsletter Library home page
Nissin Foods: The Ramen Page ~ japanese noodles +
Notable Citizens of Planet Earth ~ dictionary containing biographical info on over 18,000 people from ancient times to present day
O C L C Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
On-line Books Page, The
onlinechef - home page ~ virtual electronic cookbook of favorite recipes
Perpetual Calendar
Phonebooke, Welcome to ~ search for Web site, e-mail and street addresses, area plus zip codes and more
Phonetic/spelling alphabets for various languages ~ includes some morse code
Planet Earth home page ~ WWW virtual library
PopClock Projection ~ U. S. Census Bureau indicates how many people live in the U. S. to date
Recipe Archie ~ frm semcor.com member "eileen"
Rhyming dictionary
S J C P L's Public Libraries with Internet Services ~ find out who has what where
Small & Home Based Business Marketing; Mailing Lists; SIC Codes
Soundview Executive Book Summaries home page
Sunrise Theater ~ source for science fiction moviews of the '50s
Supermarket Shopping Network ~ feature: internet sandwich center
Surname Springboard ~ a unique center point to sites containing genealogy data of specified families
Tea Man, The ~ all about the "world's second most popular beverage"
Tele-Direct 1997 ~ French or English White and Yellow Pages Directories Database
Telephone Directories on the Web ~ world wide coverage compiled by Robert Hoare
Thomas Register homepage ~ American mfg directory
Time Service Department ~ U. S. Naval Observatory Master Clock
TipWorld home page ~ features computer/software news, bug reports, shareware
Today Date and Time ~ award winning site also contains other pertinent reference links
Today in History ~ from the archives of the Library of Congress
Today's Fun Fact
Today.Com: - News, Weather, Business, Technology, Sports, Fun
Tripod: Tools for Life, Welcome to ~ get practical advice via real life stories shared by other members
U. S. Gazetteer ~ search for a place in the United States
Ultimate UK Vehicle Registration Number Service, The ~ see if your registration number is already in the system
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Video Library ~ this site uses Apple's Quick-Time Movie Player plug-in
VINguard ~ vehicle history information for a fee
Virtual Calendars ~ experimental perpetual calendars require table reading browsers
Walk Through Time, A ancient calendars, earliest clocks, world time zones resources
Whole Wired Word, The
WhoWhere? Email Addresses
World Birthday Web (WBW)
World Factbook 1995, The
World Flag Database ~ one source of all flown
WorldTime: interactive atlas, time info, public holidays ~ you can even see when the sun will rise / set
Xerox PARC Map Viewer ~ Excellent production from Xerox and the Palo Alto Research Center enable you to see details from an interactive atlas
Yahoo! People Search
Zip2 Home Page ~ search over 16 million businesses across town and the country

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Synergism: greater in total effect than the sum of their effects.
(ex: Two people are given a problem to solve. Individually, they have
an idea on how to solve it; but by sharing their thoughts, they are
able to create a broader vision to a successful resolution.)

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