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A A A Home Page ~ American Automobile Association online
A P T A, Welcome to ~ official site for the American Public Transit Administration
A T A Home ~ American Trans Air - special net fares and other company info / schedules / routes
AdirondackNET - Your Gateway to the Adirondacks ~ info on Lake George/Chaplain, NY +
Adventurous Traveler Bookstore - USA: New England ~ commercial site listing material on hiking places
Air Courier Association, The ~ join the ACA and save big on international flights while helping someone else
Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Websites ~ complete listing of known airlines
Airlines and Airports ~ Cal Tech extensive list of the world-wide companies and locations
Airlines of the Web - Marc-David's Chunk of the Web ~ everything from passengers, cargo and virtual sites
Alamo Rent A Car Online Reservation System ~ reservations and hot deals available online
Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air
All Aboard - USA: pro-rail Internet coalition
American Airlines Home Page
American Camping Association New England Home Page ~ know where you're kids can camp
American Express Last Minute Travel Bargains
American Immigrant Wall of Honor, The ~ discover your roots and link to your heritage - view the Ellis Island Wall
American Museum of Natural History
Amtrak Schedules
Arizona Guide, Welcome to ~ official site of Arizona Office of Tourism
Arrow Bus Lines - Motorcoach transportation ~ CT based w/NE and to FL svc
Asheville & Western N. C. home page ~ visitors guide w/various category subject matter
Austria National Tourist Office ~ attention Americans, this is Europe as you dreamed with some unexpected surprises
Axeta Travel2000 home page ~ hotel brochures and reservation suggestions including 'photo trips' around the world
Banana Bungalow ~ hostels located at various major USA locations
Bestfares Magazine On-Line
Block Island and New London Ferry ~text schedule and fares
Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, CT
BreezeNet's Guide to Rental Cars, Auto/Car Rentals, Rates
Bridgeport Port Jefferson Ferry ~ brief info on who to contact
C T A A On-Line, Welcome to ~ Community Transportation Association of America
Camp Channel ~ automated search engine directory of camps / shopping center for your needs
Camping Guide for New Hampshire
Campsearch.com - Summer Camps, Adult Camps, Specialty Camps, Family Camps, Day Camps, Overnight Camps ...
Caribbean Hotels and Resorts Where to Stay in the Caribbean ~ welll put together island stops, hotels and even other links
Caribbean Reef Club ~ a unique place to rest and enjoy
Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Newtown, CT* ~ *actual site title: America's Vacation Experts - provides a virtual site seeing venue
Carnival Air Lines, Fly
City.Net Travel by Excite ~ from Bed and Breakfasts to guided tours and even a personal trip planner
CityShowcase ~ (formerly GuideNet) info on major cities featured
Clickable Connecticut ~ utilizes CT tourism guide page once you choose an area
Clown Hall of Fame ~ living museum, convention hall, research center
Colorado Community Corner ~ Prudential Patterson Group, REALTORS want you to discover Colorado
Colorado Springs Community Corner ~ Prudential Patterson Group, REALTORS want you to discover Colorado
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ~ excellent tourism 'about state' page
Commuter Link ~ an accessible source of alternative commute info and how it can fit into your lifestyle
Commuter's Register CT Edition, The ~ park / ride lot locations; transit routes and schedules
Commuters' Register NY Edition, The
Commuters' Register, The
Connecticut / Rhode Island Casino Area Information
Connecticut Highpoint Website ~ Michael Fedor reveals the real claimer of this travelers interest
Connecticut Tourism Guide ~ a case sensitive map leading to great info
Connecticut Tourism Guide
Connecticut Welcome Page
Connecticut's Highpoint ~ Michael Fedor details a Northwestern mountain location
Continental Airlines, Welcome to ~ their official site - registration may be required - receive e-mail specials
Costa Rica Expeditions ~ travel factors include their conservation efforts
Council Travel
Craighead Publications, Inc. ~ business travel library
Critter Camp ~ home page that invites kids to talk to the animals - also LA mention link
Delta Air Lines home page
Destination Florida(tm), Welcome to Your Online Travel Guide to Florida
Destinations Unlimited, Inc. - TravelFile ~ Sthngtn, CT
Diners Club Global Home ~ customer service, local Diners Club sites, airport lounges, traveler's aides
Disney's Pleasure Island ~ get to know before you go
Driving Directions ~ Yahoo and Vicinity combined services allow you to enter a start and finish point realizing the between details
easySABRE ~ airline, car rental, hotel information
Ellis Island ~ Statue of Liberty
European Rail Travel - Index ~ learn how to use the train, info on the Chunnel, connecting ferries and more
ExciteSeeing Tours ~ Excite's link tour of the Web arranged by category
Florida Tourist Information
Flyte Trax Query System ~ plot your airliner's destination path and calculate the route / time
Fodor's Travel Online ~ travel tips, a lounge for travelers to talk to travelers and you can hear their weekly radio show - online
Foreign Languages for Travelers ~ online translating dictionaires, pointers, and travel related info
Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, CT ~ multi-million dollar operation with thousands of slot machines, several card game tables, bingo and restaurants / shops / hotels
French Travel Gallery & Reservation Center
Global Index home page ~ community related info
Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
Goodspeed Opera House ~ Haddam, CT
Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Groton-New London Airport ~ Groton, CT text info
Hartford - Brainard Airport ~ ilncludes management and operation hours info
Hawaii For Less information line 800.967.6687 ~ commerical agency site
Home ~ official on line travel - info on European vacations, resources, maps, and other helpful ideas
Honeymoon Information ~ Florida, southeast USA, Caribbean destinatoins
Hotel Guide, The ~ about 50,000 worldwide locations display their details
How to get to Connecticut ~ whether by car, bus, train, air or ferry, this southern New England state has easy access
I A A T C Air Courier Travel Home Page ~ International Association of Air Travel Couriers based in Florida
I E N Galileo Ferraris - Museum ~ collection of electrical instruments
Ice, Welcome to The ~ cool Antarctic stuff including pictures, trip journals and history of Ross Island
INNS & OUTS Bed & Breakfast Source home page
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Online ~ professional trade site
Interactive Travel Guides' Travel Page directory of Worldwide Destinations, Hotels & Resorts, Cruise Travel, Air Travel and Favorite Places
Internet Travel Mall ~ anywhere around the world you go
Kalamazoo Michigan Convention and Visitors Bureau Homepage
Kids' Camps - Camp Directory - Teen Tours Summer Camp Search Youth Sports Jobs Sleep-away Sleepaway Special Needs Family Children Recreation Overnight Reunions Daycamps Day Camps Traditional
King Steve's Disney Page ~ excellent unofficial site home page
London ~ England tourism info
London - Luton Airport
Louvre ~ art lovers delight from France
Madison, Connecticut - The Magic of Madison ~ this site is totally dedicated to the shoreline community
MapQuest! Welcome! ~ access maps anywhere in the world - interactive street guide to plot driving trips
Mariners' Museum - Newport News, Virginia, The
Maritime Global Net, Welcome to ~ information and communications resources for the International Maritime Community
Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
Metro-North Home Page, Official ~ check the schedules and routes of this CT / NY railroad company
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
MetroPool Home Page ~ commuter service info for Fairfield County, Connecticut and neighboring New York areas
Microsoft Expedia ~ more travel plan packages available
Museum of Contemporary Ideas
N S B O L Connecticut United States Community Page Index New England
National Air and Space Museum
New England Foliage Reports
New England Hiking Group, The
New England Online ~ brief list of major sites in six state region
New England Web Map - newmap.com ~ the online interactive guide to tourism in New England
New England, Welcome to ~ frm travel editors of Yankee Magazine
New York City Super Resource Guide, The All ~ anything you want to know about the Big Apple places, events, etc
Northwest Airlines WorldWeb
Norwalk Transit District, Welcome to ~ fixed bus routes and train schedules in this Fairfield County, Connecticut area
Obsolete Computer Museum ~ excellent site covers the older computer machines of the early 80s and up
Official Disneyland Ride Lyric Database, The
Old Sturbridge Village ~ explore a small New England community as it was in the 1830s
On-Line Discounted Air Fares and Flight Reservations ~ you may know more than your travel agent
Palm Canyon Resort
Parknet : The National Park Service Place on the Web
PeekABoo, The - TM Services, Information and Travel Directory
Peter Pan Bus Line ~ official company site
Port Jefferson Ferry ~ Village of Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY
Preview Travel ~ as used by AOL as a special feature for their members, try their fare finder service for the best offers and more
Puerto Rico ~ a Spanish listing of services available on the island
Red Deer and District Museum ~ Canadian virtual net tour
Royal British Columbia Museum, The
S T A Travel
SABRE Travel Information Network Home Page ~ special site for the professionals in the business
Safety Belts ~ a one page simple fact of why you need to wear them
San Juan Island Web Directory
Seven Wonders ~ timely chosen site picks
Snow Conditions & Maps ~ a web user hmpg creation
Southington, Connecticut ~ a service of Hickory Hill highlights the town's features and more
Southwest Airlines home gate
Speedtrap Registry, The WWW ~ now you can find out where the radar is pointing most anywhere
Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island Immigration Museum, New York, NY
Subway navigator ~ routes around the world
SunJet ~ Newark, California, Texas and Florida flights
Susse Chalet* ~ *actual site title: Wallingford, Connecticut
Teleroute ~ European's Transportation Services
TheTrip.com Everything for the business traveler except the stress 1-800-4-THETRIP ~ very well produced site with useful info
Tips for Travellers ~ opinions frm Kaitlin Sherwood hmpg
Tourist map ~ Washington D. C.
TrainWeb ~ info and photos re: passenger, freight and model trains in US and Worldwide
Trans World Airlines
Travel - Internet Travel Network - Travel Reservations and Information
Travel Channel, The commercial site with timely updates
Travel Information Center of Hawaii
Travel Link Corporation
Travel.org - Travel Directory
Travelers Aid and KidsCall
TravelFile ~ worldwide tourism offices/travel supplier links
TravelGram (Bargains Discounts Airlines Hotels Travel) ~ an international travel newsletter reporting the very latest travel discounts and vacation news
TravelHub #1 Travel Directory (Airfares Cruises Tours Specials Discounts)
Travelocity home page
travlang front page ~ "site xcllnt recomm" p.viger
Tri-Met Kiosk Trip Planner, Download
Truck Companies On the Web ~ links to various motor carriers' sites
Truck Network ~ gateway site to large database of trucking directories and lists for the trucking industry
U C Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits ~ dinosaurs and other fossils +
U S A CityLink Home Page ~ your link to America's cities - great travellers resource
U S A United States Community Page Index
U S Department of Transportation, The
United Airlines
University Museum ~ at Univ of Mississippi
USAir: Welcome to USAir On The World Wide Web
Vail, Colorado - Ski Resort, Real Info - ~ guides, real estate, retail, weather and much more
ValuJet ~ another well-known airline company introduces their fares / schedules online
Virtual Cities
Wiley Inn, The - welcome back to Vermont ~ relax in Peru - New England style
Windham Airport ~ IJD in East Windham, CT info
World Wide Arts Resources ~ galleries, museums, for sale, festivals, schools, (even theatre, dance, antiques, crafts)
World Wide Camp Directory, The ~ database of locations and other great info
World-Traveler home page ~ Australia, Caribbean, Europe and UK travel information
Yellowstone Journal ~ about the national park

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