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123Promote* ~ *actual site title: Site Promotion Promoter Marketing Promotion Software to List Submit Advertise Free - like the pros
A C D Systems Ltd. ~ creators of the image viewer utilities - ACDsee and PicaView
A W P for Netscape 2.0 ~ Astound Web Player - 16 bit plug-in
Adobe Acrobat ~ now you can view .pdf creations
Adobe Photoshop What's New ~ get the latest development progress news from this official site
Aladdin Systems, Inc. - Stuffit Expander ~ popular dearchiver of MacBinary, BinHex and .sit files - works on Windows, too
Alchemy Mindworks Inc. ~ home of the GIF Construction Set shareware and other book / disk material
Animated Software Company, The ~ excellent educational + programming developers
Antivirus Resources, Antivirus Software
Apple Computer ~ corp site
Apple QuickTime Home ~ a great browser plug-in to see movies online
Arcanum Computing ~ Nels Anderson's downloadable site of Mahjongg, Tile Match, Shooting Gallery, EGA Trek +
AST Computer's home page
Atari Jagwire, The
Behold Software - Web Page Counter ~ a program for your site's server
Berkeley Software Design, Inc: home page
Bestzips Archive main page ~ shareware online distribution source
BrowserWatch - Browser Blvd. ~ complete list of browers available for any OS platform
BrowserWatch, Welcome to ~ iworld svc of breaking news info re: browsers & plug-ins
BugNet Newsletter Intro ~ Win95 & browser/internet prgm bugs info
C D W - Computer Discount Warehouse ~ shop for your needs online
C M P's TechWeb ~ Netguide's i-tech publishing articles and svcs
C R T home page ~ computer svc techs, Meriden, CT
C S E 3310 HTML Validator's home page ~ commercial product for Windows 95 verifies your scripting before placing it online
Cerious Software Inc. - The Home of ThumbsPlus ~ a shareware graphic program
Compaq.com, Welcome to ~ Compaq Computer Corp.
Computer Security Information ~ detailed info on a very important topic
Compware - Cambridge UK ~ creators of Web authoring (Agile) and teletext software - download their betas
Cool Tool of the Day, Welcome to ~ instead of finding new sites, Web masters have a greater valuable resource
Creative Labs' FTP server files* ~ *actual link title says: Directory of /
Crescendo by Live Update ~ browser plug-in plays MIDI files used on Web sites
Cyber Sentry ~ software filters Internet access / downloads for business / employer (ee) control
Cybercop Precinct House - Keeping Cyberspace safe for consumers
CyberHits Free Counter Service ~ also offered are free date and clock feeds
Cyberware Software main home page index ~ cmmrcl co sllng internet related products
Das Boot ~ getting the tech details for your PC
Dell Computer* *actual site title: Welcome to www.dell.com ~ build and order your own Dell Computer online
Download.com -- Welcome ~ get the most popular software, newest titles, top picks from C|Net
Dragon Systems Speech and Voice Recognition Software, including DragonDictate (Dragon Dictate) ~ commercial copy product / service
Dunce - Vector Development ~ download their freeware Color Picker for HTML 3.0
EliaShim - Download Center ~ free anti-virus program and other computer security issues
Free Computer Help ~ a service of Techni-Help
FreeLoader home page - Welcome to FreeLoader! ~ see updates, download files while you sleep
FutureWave Software ~ a browser plug-in for Netscape used by MSN
G I F Wizard from Raspberry Hill Publishing ~ may shrink your GIF size upto 90%
Games and Utilities for Windows 95 ~ John Leung's hmpg
Gateway 2000 USA, Welcome to ~ South Dakota computer builder online
Glimpse Working Group - University of Arizona, CS Dept. ~ server tool
H T M L Builder ~ a free MicroSoft Windows based editor from FLFSoft
H T M L Tools ~ a personal page that identifies some of the 'other' editors available
Hiro's page ~ home of WinGroove - midi synthesizer player for windows
Home Page Press and Nortech Software
HomeSite ~ yet another home page editor - freeware version available
http://pb-factory-outlet.com/index.html ~ buy reconditioned products direct from Packard Bell
I B M Corporation
Info-Mac Home Page ~ for the Macintosh user who needs information resources
Informant, The ~ free robot that notifies you via e-mail when your fav URL/keywords changed
Inline Plug-ins ~ Netscape lists over 150 3rd party offerings
Inso: Word View Plug-in info ~ Netscape and IE plug-in allows you to view Word 6 and 7 docs
Intel MMX(tm) technology Home (mmx.com) ~ all about the state of the art multi-media chip
Intel, Welcome to
InterGo's KinderGuard ~ another method of protecting kids from adult sites
Intermind Homepage ~ their software program enables you to monitor 170+ sites for changes
Internet Creator 3.0 Trial Version
Internet Filter Products ~ IF claims to be the ultimate in access control, monitoring and data collection (protect the young ones from unwanted material) - free trial and pay-for commercial versions
Internet Service Provider In a Box ~ internet access capability from a BBS
Internet Tools Summary ~ John December summarizes the software info used for Net usage
Intervista home page ~ provider of VRML tools
Introduction to PC Hardware ~ get an understanding of what all the terms in newspaper ads really mean
Iterated Systems ~ fractal image viewer
J A S C Paint Shop Pro ~ a reseller site of the popular graphic creation utility
Jumbo!, Shareware! Games! Freeware ~ over 83,000 categorized programs you can download
Kinetex* ~ *actual site title: is the url; Autodesk 3D studio creation software
Lezlisoft Computer Graphics, Welcome to the ~ excellent presentation Hungarian commercial site w/ own software
Lincoln Beach Software - Authors of Download Butler, FlexSite and many more useful Internet applications ~ such as the 1996 award winning HTML Web-It editor
Luckman Interactive, Inc., Welcome to ~ web product mfrs
LView Pro Web Page ~ image processing program for Windows allows you to even create and edit graphics
Lynx Information ~ the official site about the original Net (mostly) text browser used by Unix system users
Machine Listening Group home page
Macintosh Software Resources ~ an organized start reference list
Macmillan Publishing USA: Software Library ~ hundreds of shareware, freeware and demo programs to download
Macromedia - Shockwave: Get Shocked!
MacWeek Online ~ read the latest top stories about the changing developments affecting the Mac product line
Map This Home Page ~ cool gif/jpeg viewer - and now even refers to Live Image
McAfee!, Welcome to ~ network security/mngmnt sftwr tools
Microsoft Corporation
Microtest WebEtc - Home Page ~ commercial software enables multiple networked users to use one modem for Net
MidiGate from PRS Corporation ~ browser plug-in plays MIDI files
MidPlug ~ download Yamaha's official synthesizer MIDI player
MidPlug ~ a Yamaha MIDI player synthesizer plug-in for Netscape
MidPlug-E, Dowload ~ the instruction page for downloading Yamaha's MidPlug
Mirabilis LTD. ~ creators of ICQ - the latest 'I Seek You' tool tells you when your firends sign on Net
MovieStar Plug-in
NACOMEX USA - home page ~ National Computer Exchange - hardware brokerage, educational donations, publications, stolen system registry
Net Shepherd ~ from Canada, another Internet safe use filtering service - download daxHOUND software
Net-Tamer Home Page ~ DOS PPP dial-up access program requiring no TSR packet driver for old machines
NetOwl(TM) from SRA ~ cmmrcl co selling net tracking tools
Netscape home page
OpenService Proactive Scalable System Management ~ 'system watch' server tool co mfgr
Opera Software - Bringing speed, fun and quick results back into Internet browsing ~ a no-frills tool competing against IE and Netscape
Oracle Corporation Home Page
Our File Libraries ~ Sat-Com's offering of various programs of GIFs, viewers, educational material, games, etc.
P C Wholeware Home Page ~ now you can hear your text message spoken via your PC
Packard Bell ~ computer mfgr
Packard Bell Factory Outlet ~ remanufactured computer and online clearance specials
Pass the Shareware Please ~ great source of downloadable files
Pegasus Home Page ~ excellent Jpeg Imaging compression software
Photodex Software - We make garphics easy ~ home of the popular CompuPic graphic viewer/editor
PinPoint - A Search Engine for Your Site! ~ website util at a purchase fee w/free trial period
PKWARE, Inc., Welcome to download shareware versions of pkzip, pkunzip, pksfx
Postman, Welcome to ~ a free mailing list service on the Web
PriceScan: The Computer Price Search Engine ~ hardware, software and supplies
Q and D Software Development home page ~ download their WebForms and WebMania HTML designing sharewares
QuailWare Outlet, The ~ computer consultants and sellers - try their unique and valuable shareware
QUALCOMM Enterprise Software Technologies ~ Eudora
QuickTime Software, Download Apple ~ an Macintosh / Windows multi-media browser plug-in
ReadToMe Home Page ~ now you can 'hear' what the Web pages have to say
Real Audio home page
Realtime Audio Effects for Guitar, Voice, MIDI, CD and more ~ a utility that boosts your PCs output
Rosetta Technologies home page ~ communication software developers for Macintosh, PC, Unix platforms
Sausage Software home page ~ HTML script writer and more
Say... ~ a Mac machine way to have your computer read aloud what you see on the Web
Science Horizons WWW Server ~ data acquisition and processing technical hard/software developers
Screen Saver Heaven ... ~ over 500 images for Window users
Security First Technologies - Network Security Division ~ SecureWare for your Net connections and services
Shareware Library ~ Web browsers, FTP software, graphic viewers, html editors, utility software
Shareware.com -- the way to find shareware on the Internet ~ C|Net's special feature service
Software Archive ~ oldie but goodie shareware / freeware for clip art, true type fonts and Windows
SoundApp ~ the Mac source for being able to play WAV and other audio files found on the Web
SPRY Safety WEB Server ~ software tools
StarNet Communications Corp. ~ producers of PC X (server +) software
SurfWatch from Spyglass ~ server / client software monitors sites and determines safe content access
Tandy Corporation home page
Tar ~ get the "true" compression program
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A ~ museum notes of an old computer
Texas Instruments Welcomes You
TI-99/4A Home Computer Page ~ Rich Polivka's hmpg feature
TI-99/4A Shrine ~ a personal home page dedicated to the original computer
Top Ten Ways to Improve your Netscape Browsing Experience
Torture Test ~ C Net's Browser Capability Testing free on-line service
Trend Micro ActiveX Virus Scan ~ makers of PC-cillin House Call anti-virus program - site requires IE 3.0+
True Stories Page 4 ~ Hooked on Visions of Tomorrow - Phil Viger's article on TI's official site
Trycho Tunes Performance Sequences
TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations ~ pick the closest to you and download winsock + programs
U. S. Dept. of Ed. Software, Link to ~ programs for those old computer operating systems
U.Vision Hardware and Software Computer Search ~ Computer ESP: guide to companies, products and prices
UNIXhelp for users ~ helpful information for users of the UNIX operating system developed at the University of Edinburgh
V D O net - Real-Time Video & Audio over the Internet
V D O net
Video On Line Browser
Virtual Tourist World Map ~ a geographic directory of all the WWW servers in the world
Virus Bulletin Home Page ~ international publication on computer virus prevention, recognition and removal
Voice E-Mail 3.0 for Netscpae ~ Bonzi software lets you send photos and audio mail
Waveout 2.4 and #wavaddiction ~ play .wav / .midi music over IRC connections
Web Tracker home page, The ~ complete statistical cookie details of visitors to your sites
Web Turbo ~ speed-up Web surfing tool works in conjunction with Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers on Windows 95 or NT systems
Webmaster Expert Solutions ~ complete Web creation tools to download
Webspice.com ~ commercial software source of graphics for Web site creation / usage
Which Browser? ~ see the live stats showing which browser the world is using
WhizBang ~ order the computer usable fonts providing comic-book style design
Windows 95 Discussion Forum : Tips and Tricks ~ ask and learn about the 32 bit workings
Windows95.com - The Internet's Premiere Windows 95 Web Site ~ drivers, shareware, tutorials and more
Winforce* *actual site title is main URL ~ the Nordahl family from Sweden have produced an interesting Windows utility program
WinSite(tm) Archive ~ holders of the software archives for share/trial ware program files
Winsock Connections ~ how to set up a winsock connection and much more technical info
winWeb and MacWeb ~ TradeWave's commercial products for inter/intraNet browsing
WinZip home page
wtools ~ special programs for your Web server
WWPlus Home Page ~ a shareware wallpaper creator program
Xiaomu's Internet Apps ~ from winsocks, to editors, browsers and much more
Xilng - StreamWorks NOW! ~ audio/video browser plug-in
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Internet: World Wide Web: Browsers
Yamaha ~ official home page of corporate multi-media / audio equipment and software players
Z D Net Software Library - Top Rated Shareware ~ 10,000 virus-free programs

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