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2600 Magazine ~ the Hacker Quarterly
A P on the Globe Online: Nation Wire ~ regionalized for Boston Globe - may take while to load
A V web The Internet's Aviation Magazine and News Service
Absolute Sound Home Page, The ~ professional journal magazine online
Addicted to Noise a cool music mag
Advertising Age ~ popular, well respected professional publication now online
Barber's, Phil Historic Newspapers ~ archive of collectible publications available for your interests
Bargain News Online Automotive, Computer, and General Merchandise Classifieds ~ over 20,000 ads (mostly Connecticut) updated every Thursday
Billboard Online ~ popular music magazine now online
Blues and Soul ~ unique music magazine online
Boardwatch Magazine
Boston.com, Welcome to ~ excellent Boston Globe newspaper online service
BuildNET Main Magazines Online Page ~ hundreds of links to online magazines
BuildNET Newspapers Online Page ~ from small towns to large cities
Business Week
Byte Magazine
Career Magazine
Checkitout.com ~ Hearst publication cmmrcl net info svc. updtd
Chicago Sun-Times Online ~ get to read a major newspaper publication on your computer
Christian Science Monitor, The
Clickstream Consciousness, The Center for ~ lively source of links offering cam-views, news and other timely subjects
Computer Life Online, Welcome to
Computer Shopper, Welcome to
Conn Chess Magazine ~ official site for the Connecticut Chess Association
Connecticut Magazine - Home Page ~ popular publication now online
Connecticut Post Online ~ Bridgeport newspaper
Consumer Reports Online ~ launch date of this site is still in progress as of 11/97
Cosmopolitan Online ~ the famous magazine with a new perspective
CT Central,: Connecticut News Sports Entertainment ~ a by-product of the New Haven Register Newspaper Publisher (aka www.nhregister.com)
Current ~ Hartford, CT newspaper online
Discover Magazine ~ the world of science online
Disgruntled Cover ~ the business magazine for people who work for a living - not suitable for young children
Eeek-Net Onlinteractive Magazine - Update Always in Process ~ great service keeps your mind fresh
Electronic Elementary Magazine ~ welcomes students aged 5-12 to participate
Electronic Journals, The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: ~ you pick the category, it'll find the subject matter
Elle Magazine ~ fashion and modeling articles
Enter Magazine ~ not your ordinary publication is in print and online
eZines Database ~ search by category or name for most any magazine
Forbes Magazine
Fortune, Welcome to ~ Fortune Magazine On-line
Hartford Advocate ~ a Connecticut news and arts weekly publication
hmsbeagle ~ the BioMedNet magazine
Houston Chronicle Interactive
Independent News Service ~ specializing in news and reviews ignored by the national media
Indy Car Racing Magazine - Welcome
Internet World Magazine Online
Investor Relations Magazine
JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community ~ get the nuts and bolts, news and views and Java resources from this one location
Labovitz's John e-zine-list ~ contains over 1000 zines available on any part of the Net
Los Angeles Times
Lotto Edge Magazine ~ the lottery resource for the serious player since 1986 now online
MacUser, Welcome to ~ Ziff-Davis popular magazine for those using the Mac
Mercury Center ~ San Jose newspaper online - excellent
Messenger ~ local features, news and more from Marlborough, Connecticut
MidLink Magazine ~ electronic magazine for kids in the middle grades ages 10-15
Money Online ~ access the popular financial magazine right from your computer
Monster Magazine List, The
mostNewYork ~ it's New York's Daily News publication gone online
N C S Career Magazine
Nando Times, The ~ 24 hour newspaper for the Web
National Business Employment Weekly, The
NetGuide Magazine, Welcome to
New Haven Advocate ~ Connecticut publication online
New York Times on the Web, The
News in Motion ~ NY Times' daily photoshots
News-Times, The, home page ~ Danbury, CT newspaper on-line
Newsday / Long Island and Queens, New York ~ excellent newspaper online service
NewsPage ~ great site to get the latest news on the industry topic of your choice
NewsWorks ~ now you can search the contents of over 130 of America's best newspapers
Newtown Bee, The ~ paper publication serving western Connecticut since 1877 is now online
Online Product News, The ~ C.G.I's interactive online shopping newspaper
P C Computing Choice Page
P C Magazine on the Web
P M Zone Home Page, The ~ Popular Mechanics online
Pathfinder ~ your connection to Time, Life, Money, People, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated and other Time Warner publications
Phrack Magazine Home Magazine ~ targeted by Federal Law Enforcement as a publication of hacker information
Positive Press, The Good News Every Day ~ check their daily story and other resource factors
Publishers Clearing House - magazines, contests, sweepstakes, subscriptions, promotion ~ their official site
Record-Journal Publishing home page ~ Meriden, CT newspaper online
Republican-American home page ~ Waterbury, Connecticut newspaper online
S I Online ~ Sports Illustrated
Slate ~ Microsoft's magazine online
SunWorld Online - table of contents ~ Sun computer system's magazine now available on web
T V Guide Online: - The TV entertainment magazine
Tabloid News Services
Telegram and Gazette Online - Main Index ~ Worcester, MA
The Net magazine
Time.com, Welcome to ~ the popular magazine online
Twins Magazine
U S A Today
U. S. News and World Report
U. The National College Newspaper ~ reading online material can be very beneficial
Vict's Internet Newspapers ~ access to all worldwide publications
Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, The
WashingtonPost.com, Welcome to
Waterbury Observer News Magazine - Waterbury Connecticut ~ now an online publication
Webmonkey ~ join Hot Wired Guide via this free connector
WebWeek ~ the newspaper for Internet technology and e-commerce with online access
Windows Magazine PC Tips, News and Reviews ~ this is a definite must see for all PC users
Wired ~ popular magazine with Net developing news and online access to hot features
Women's Wire, Welcome to ~ commercialized e-zine
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electronic Journals, The
Yahoo - News and Media:Newspapers:College and University ~ college and university newspapers on the Web
Yahoo! Internet Life ~ Ziff Davis' publication also a daily online guide to the Web
Your Small Office ~ magazine publication (incl Home Office Computing) online - make your ventures a success
ZDNet ~ Ziff Davis' official home page leads you to other professional pages
Ziff-Davis Magazines ~ from Computer Shopper to PC Magazine and more - see their best

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The Vigers of Meriden, Connecticut have been part of the
Silver City's local newspaper distribution service for four decades!

It all began in the 60's when Phil would take his "banana" bike and
deliver the afternoon Journal edition to his neighbors in the areas of
Geer Avenue and View, Silver, Jefferson and Oak Streets.

With the acquisition of a 3-speed English Racer, a second and third route
from Eli-Whitney School to Heritage Apartments on Broad Street were served.
Phil's customers would often find him spending his tips with his friends
at Lynch's Drug Store soda fountain bar for cherry vanilla ice cream.

Phil even delivered the morning Record to the apartment residents across
Maloney High School on Gravel Street; and got an 'inside job' telemarketing
for the company's circulation department before graduating in 1975.

Eventually, Phil's sisters Cherolyn, Diane and Suzanne (and later his
brother Lionel) were seen carrying-on the first route tradition into the 80's.

The 90's saw a new generation of Vigers continue the entrepreneurial quest.
Amy and Bryan were carriers of the (combined) Record-Journal for residents
of Sherman Avenue, Prescott and Britannia streets until 1996. Their mother,
Betsy, continued with the Sherman route through 1998; while Phil takes the
tradition of delivery of the local paper into the electronic era with a link!

take a

Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut sign
Meriden, Connecticut

for more references

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