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101 Uses For AOL Disks ~ you've most likely gotten one in the mail - now you can ...
A L P C A archives index ~ Automobile License Plate Collectors Association - all the history facts of various state + plate manufacturing / distribution
Addicted to: Stuff ~ you may be surprised you're not the only one with these crazes
African Wildlife Concerns ~ home page of interest
All American Baby Boomers Website
American Racing Scene
Animal Photo Library - Initial Set
Anonymous Surfing ~ personal info of you stops here
Anti-Canada Website, The ~ a sattire about the second largest country in the world
ApparelNet - The OnLine Guide for the Apparel Industry ~ designer, manufacturer and organization info, too
ArtHole Gallery
Associate Press ~ direct URL for Associated Press official page
Associated Press
Associated Press* ~ *actual site title: URL; - official home page
Atlantic's home page ~ tech network supporters
Atlantis Virtual Reality Entertainment Resource Guide
Australian Internet Awards
Award Archives, The ~ Karen has put together an extensive list of where you can get recognition for your production
Baby Boomer Collectibles
bajacalifornia.com ~ rated best Web site south of the border by thousands of visitors
Bayer Corporation USA, Welcome to ~ more than makers of asprins
Beatles Links Page ~ prsnl hmpg, intergate.com member
Ben and Jerry's ~ visit the site of New England's famous ice cream + company
BiP - Baltic Internet Plaza - BiP ~ communicate with people in Sweden
Birthday Party ~ visit this site on your special day
BookPage, Welcome to *subtitle text changes periodically - national review publication covers available books and people writing them
Boston Globe Online / Latest News ~ greater New England news and more updated every 5 minutes
BugSplat ~ nothing better to do with your time - this page will get you going
cartalk.com ~ the click & clack writers
Charlie's Website, Welcome to ~ the Starkist tuna guy
Charlotte's WEBster index ~ publish WWW destinations that provide real value and useful info or services incl tips, hints and pointers (like LA goal)
Citta del Vaticano ~ unique Vatican City artwork
Claus Village
Compatibility Warning ~ *official title is Welcome to the Keeling Residence - xcllnt, well presented home page
Condolences Home Page ~ your memories may last forever
Confession Booth ~ feeling guilty? Now you can release your thoughts
Conk! ~ fantastic commercial site offers wild, crazy content for your weekday entertaining pleasure
Crayon ~ CReAteYour Own Newspaper online
Creative Zone ~ official site of Creative Labs
Crunch - Cereal Box Collection
CuddlyKoala's Index ~ excellent site helps you learn much about Australia
Customized License Plate ... Free Graphics ~ create your own virtual reality plate
Cyber-Street Cafe' WWW home page
Cybertown Main Town ~ commercial site featuring every thought of service
c|net online - front door
Dave Central Software Archive ~ well organized folders direct you to the source area
deleteme.com ~ a service of 212.net takes your e-mail address and helps stop you from getting junk e-mail
DeTar ~ unarchived files saved in Tar format
Downtown Anywhere (sm) - Front Street ~ see if your location is mentioned
Elaine's WAV Page ~ some great statements - some even from famous voices
Electric Postcard, The ~ send a free one to a friend, today!
Emmys ~ awards for Broadway Plays
Eudora ~ the most popular, highly accepted e-mail program
Fashion Internet ~ features, showrooms, beauty and health, entertainment and more
Fast Food Toys, Action Figures, and Non Sports Trading Cards Sales Lists
For Your Disclosure, Inc. - Presents Lead Help Online, The Premier Internet Magazine For Lead Paint Issues, Answers, Products, and Services. Your complete lead based paint resource center.
Foutch Virtual Zoo, The ~ from aardvark to zebra, you'll find lots of photos and info
Geek Site of the Day
GeoCities home page, Welcome to cmmrcl site w/daily updts/features has 1 meg free hmpg for registrants in 24 nei
Gravesites of the Famous People
Greetings From Freeway Enterprises ~ make your own publicly viewable greeting cards
GroupWeb Directories ~ great site contains links, current / developing news resources and more
Guestbook Surfing ~ encourages you to understand the reason behind the guest book
Gzip'ed Tar Archive vs a Zip Archive* ~ *actual site title: http://www.sct.gu.edu.a...ower/NE/misc/tgz-vs_zip
H F-Fax Marius Rensen offers an excellent page on facsimile and slow scan tv (SSTV) services
Hakle ~ who says Scott tissue doesn't have competition - participate in their inviting contest
Happy Birthday ~ great page to refer someone to on their special day
Heaven's Gate - How and When It May Be Entered ~ learn about their official message
HelpMeNow... Your Online Help Source ~ Balfer's free computer help page
Houdini, Harry ~ an excellent site on the mystical man
Human-Powered Vehicle's Page ~ photos and detailed info on the inventions
HyperSolutions ~ Douglas Jacobsen, owner, can help you with many of your Mac Web needs
Imposters are out there ~ actual site for M and Ms candy
iName Personalized E-mail Services ~ using e-mail just got easier
InfoBeat, Inc. ~ formerly Mercury Mail, automatically e-mails you with the latest news, sports, weather and more of your choice
International Baby Boomers Web Site ~ if you were born between 1946 and 1964, this site is for you - movies, tv shows, music and more info
Internet Squeegee Guy ~ this guy will wash the inside of your monitor screen as you stop on the Superhighway
Kellogg's Cereal City!
Kings', Stephen ~ are you the real one?
Lambert's Michael P. Custom AOL Disks ~ look what he did to all his mail receipt disks
Last Homely House, The ~ interesting J.R.R. Tolkien Web story with interactive pages
License Plates of the World ~ see the various designs - excellently produced / organized site
LifeSavers Candystand, Welcome to ~ latest browsers and shockwave plug-in use suggested
Look Around ~ a copyrighted 1988 story by Jan M. Cox
Lookaround Panoramic Portfolio Panoramic photos - cameras, silver prints, art
Love Calculator, The ~ Dr Love's interesting site talks about namess and calculates your outcome
Love.com where people meet people
Lucky Duck's Bengal Tiger Page ~ a home page displaying photos of my extinct favorite animal
luckyduck's Home Page ~ photos of many endangered species and info on them
Lycos ~ special pictures and sounds multimedia search section for audio / video file / programs
MagicTricks.Com: The Magician's Magic Shop - Charlottesville, VA - Monticup Museum of Magic, Library of Magic, International Magic Directories, Magician's Index, trivia, contests, free tricks
Maze ~ you must help the princess through her over 100 page journey
Maze Maker Home Page ~ great on-line interactive feature creates rectangle, Christmas and Valentine shapes for you
Mission: Impossible
Mohegan Tribe, The ~ learn about this Native American group
Moocow: Moo Web Pages ~ selection of sites containing more cow content
Movie Sounds Page, The ~ an excellent resource of audio clips from popular movies
N A S A Shuttle Web: STS-84 ~ archives of Space Shuttle's countdown, launch, orbit and landings now on the Web
Nabisco: America's Favorite Food Company!
National Association of Baby Boomers
News, Sports Business and Current Events from 7am News ~ JAVA enabled browsers required
Nutscape: See your pages in a different light
Original ANSI Art Gallery, The ~ first there were the CGA computers and BBS, now it's on the Web
Ovi's World of the Bizarre ~ you'll want to check these collections of bizarre news stories often
Real TV, Welcome to ~ 'Today, video cameras are everywhere'; this tv show brings you the captured pictures
Redwood Country Online, Welcome to ~ great virtual community for California's north coast
rockhall.com ~ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - remember the psycedelic years
Sam's International Pen Pal Club
Seekers WebLink Express ~ advertise your site in Parade and USA Weekend newspaper magazine
Sistine Chapel Art* * actual site title: Extended Tour
Sites That Do Stuff ~ Cathie Walker has put together a page of links to very interactive sites
Sites with audio clips ~ from presidential debates to cartoon sounds / effects
SnowLink, Welcome to
Specials on the Web ~ (new: not yet descrptv)
Stoopid Fly Game, The ~ an interactive JAVA site that encourages you to help find the bugging insect
Surf-E-Mates ~ write to cyber pals from Australia and other countries
SurfPay - Get Paid to Surf the Net ~ the luck of the visited draw beholds you
TheWire, Welcome to ~ actual home page gateway to members of Associated Press displaying latest AP news
Top Ten stupid customers comments / questions ~ from the perspective of a McDonald's employee
Tres Bizarre ~ daily trips to some of the stranger sites on the Web
Troop 9 Knots - animated ~ these Boy Scouts from Billings, Montana show you how it's done
Ty Inc. - The Official Website of the Beanie Babies ~ a favorite for all ages
Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living ~ great resource for reflections of the past and 19th century antiques
Virtual Design Group's Voodoo Doll ~ java reading browser needed - you select the pins and candle; e-mail one, too
Volition home page ~ get free stuff
Voxx, Welcome to
Webhippie ~ using the 'flair' of the 60s, this site promotes the information fun of the 90s (links, products etc)
WebMuseum: Bienvenue (Welcome from the curator) ~ special artwork exhibitions online
WebTrack, Jupiter ~ excellent resource for those wishing to market / advertise via the Web
Weekly Web Poll ~ visit this site every week to partake in the surveys
WhiteBoard ~ create your drawings online so others with JAVA capable browsers can add or view your art work
World Image: Diaries (Journals) on the Internet
XFILES home page
Yellow Submarine's Random Compliments Generator ~ you enter how many you want, then use the option to e-mail them to someone
Your lucky fortune cookie

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