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Here's your unique opportunity to learn about a major interstate highway which is
located in my home town ... the Silver City of the Nutmeg / Constitution state.
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You are about to experience the results of my latest on-line project

Virtual Highways

enabling you to cruise along the "Crossroads of Connecticut"!

Like any other responsible Web site, you'll find the following resources
are just the beginning of interesting references with much more to come.

For now, you can begin your virtual journey either from Meriden and
end the more than 8 mile trip in Cheshire, Connecticut or vice-versa.

As you travel Interstate 691 (Henry D. Altobello Highway) on your screen,
you will be able to realize the trip just as if you were in your own car:
dividing paint lines, speed limit postings, bridges and of course the
various highway informational signs are portrayed from beginning to end!

There are even real photos of surrounding views
- including west and east 'bridge scenes' -
and details of what you'd find at each exit point.
Trivia factors will also be highlighted, soon.

So buckle your belt, watch your tap and enjoy the ride {;-> Phil

I-691 exit map


To I-691 West ... To I-691 East

To I-691 West ............ To I-691 East

sneak peek
I-691W CT exit signs
I-691E CT exit signs
(features under construction)

Yes, 'Virtual Highways' presently includes I-84, I-91 and soon, others.

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created August 16, 1999