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1997 Miss Teen USA Pageant ~ results from August 1997 event as seen on CBS-TV
A Girl's World! ~ kids' online clubhouse
aha! kids network ~ a bright, colorful, fun place for kids in all age groups ~ videos of Excellence in North Houston Education
Alphabet ~ + #s; kids 3-8 yrs
Amber's Place - Prepare to Enter ~ an excellently put together site by a teen
An Awesome site for all ages (for kids 5 to 95), starring Marlo Marmalade and JJ Jamm
Arthur ~ great young kids site
Bonus.com - the supersite for kids ~ play, color, dissect, explore, imagine
ccweb.com/creator/kidspages/kidsindex.html ~ a long list of sites created by kids
Children's Playroom
Connecticut KidsLink
Consumer Education for Teens ~ Mt. Rainier High School students created this informative site for Washington State Attorney General Office
Crayola * Crayola * Crayola * Crayola
Disney's Daily Blast Preview Page ~ games, stories and learning activities with your favorite Disney characters
Electronic Zoo ~ Wash Univ educ resrce
FamilyWeb home page, The
Fletcher's Fairy TalesFlA> ~ real audio utilized
For Kids! ~ special section of Ntnl Wildlife Federation website - games, riddles, facts etc
Gilligan's Island
Glossy ~ site designed exclusively for the teenage females' knowledge and entertainment
Hands on Children's Museum
I P L Teen Divison
I P L Youth Division ~ Internet Public Library (kid section)
Ingenius ~ net for kids svc w/yahooligan partnership
Internet For Kids
Internet Gaming Zone
Just for kids
Katharine's home page ~ Katharine's Kool KidsKlub - for members under age 18
Kid Slick's: Hot Links!! ~ graphic intensive
Kid's Around the World ~ one kid from each state / country gets to have his / her name listed as their representative
KIDLINK: Global Networking for Youth 10-15
Kids Help Line
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Kids World 2000 ~ museums, zoos, aquariums, cities, countries, vacation spots, science, sports, fun and games
Kids' Space
Kids' Space ~ gallery, story books, language switch to Japanese, on-air concert info
Kids' Space Connection ~ features pen pals, bulletin boards, kid villages - child safe
Kids' Web ~ links featured on Primenet.com
Kids' Web: Garden of Verses
Klaaskids ~ making the world safer for our children
LA Youth Notebook ~ special Web site by and about Los Angeles youth
LEGO World Wide Web, Welcome to the official
Microsoft Kids ~ great educational tutoring projects
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ~ PBS Online feature
O U D P S - Kid Safety ~ Oklahoma Univ compiled data
Pg-13 and Under! ~ geneology, games, birthday club, homework help and more
Planet Zoom, Welcome to ~ a professionally done kids' Web page / site that's really for kids
Preschool Pages - At Home Moms ~ ideas, articles, seasonal themes, printable projects
Pumpkin's Net Patch ~ a site that offers the younger viewers an opportunity to find great info they can appreciate
react ~ teen webzine
Rollerblade ~ in-line skating factors
School House Rock Page
Seussville!, Welcome to ~ Cat in the Hat +
Snoopy's Dog House ~ official cartoon and other features site
Spin the Web ~ TV Guide's randomizer feature for kids' sites
Sports Illustrated for Kids Online
Student Cyber Centre ~ sites for kids: general education, recreation, entertainment, sports, games, surf-e-mates
Students Online, Welcome to ~ great 'hangout' spot on the Web - requires fee paid membership
Sunflower Kids and Families Pages
Teen Advice Online
Teen Page, The ~1starnet.com feature
Teens Only! ~ links mentioned on indiana.edu site
The Case: The fun and challenging mystery website ~ stories change weekly
True Stories for American Indian Youth ~ Native American Culture and Folklore - slow loading server
Virtual Mr. Spud Head ~ create your own Mr. Potato Head online
Virtual Youth Hall of Fame ~ recognizes those who accomplish special achievements in their schools and communities
W U W K Magazine ~ What's Up With Kids allow you to play games - win frog coins and other prizes
Warf's, Jennifer, Personal Barbie Doll Collection! prsnl user hmpg
Willow Tree, The ~ an online magazine written by kids for kids - Jessica Viger, editor
Winnie the Pooh - An Expotition
www.4kids.org ~ designed to highlight fun, educational and safe spots for kids to visit on the Web
Yahooligans! ~ web guide for kids
You Can with Beakman and Jax ~ kids' fun/educational questions get answered
You Rule School ~ General Mills cereal company's excellent site for kids
Youth Online Awards Page ~ now there's special recognition to our younger contributors

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