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Meriden, CT
- community calendar -
(February 2001)

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This is your opportunity to learn more about the community events that took
place in my home town ... the Silver City of the Nutmeg / Constitution State.
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daily except Tues + Fri, February 2001

2000-2001 Indoor Swim Program

You're welcome to maintain your swimming exercise at
the Maloney High School indoor pool on Gravel Street.
Interested participants must possess a valid 2001 pool tag,
which can be obtained at the Parks and Recreation office.
(Cost $5.00 for adults, children 17 and under $1.00
Proof of Meriden residency required for purchase.)

The pool's weekly schedule will be as follows:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays ... 6:30 - 7:45pm
Saturdays and Sundays ... 12:00n - 3:45pm

The Maloney High pool will be open from 1:00-3:45pm
Tuesday thru Friday during the winter vacation week.

There is no public swim on school holidays or snow days,
unless otherwise noted. Daily updates can be found on the
Parks and Recreation Department Activity Line (203) 630-4279.
Meriden Parks and Recreation, 460 Liberty St, 630-4259

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Tuesdays, February - April 10, 2001

2000-2001 Co-Ed Adult Volleyball Program

Organized recreational volleyball games for adults
ages 18 and older takes place every Tuesday night
at Lincoln Middle School from 6:00 - 9:00pm!
(Program will not run school holidays or snow days)
One-time $20.00 registration fee payable at game or
Meriden Parks and Recreation, 460 Liberty St, 630-4259

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every Monday - Thursday, February 2001

Meriden Men's Basketball League

Freely watch Meriden resident teams (18 and older) compete on area courts:

Mondays and Tuesdays @ Washington Middle School, 1225 North Broad Street
Wednesdays and Thursdays @ Y.M.C.A., 110 West Main Street, Meriden

All games are at 7:00 and 8:00 PM
Meriden Parks and Recreation, 460 Liberty St, 630-4259

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between, February 5-12, 2001

2001 Valentine's Day Card Contest

Students in grades K-5 are invited to enter!
Original, hand-produced cards can be brought
or mailed to the Parks and Recreation office.
One winner will be chosen from grades K-2 and
one winner will be chosen from grades 3-5.
Winners will receive a special Valentine's Day
prize package. All entries must include the
child's full name, address, phone number,
name of school and his or her grade level.
Meriden Parks and Recreation, 460 Liberty St, 630-4259

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vacation, February 19-23, 2001

Winter Vacation Week Activities

2001 Winter Karate Camp:
Valentin Karate will once again be hosting the popular program
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Children in grades
K-3 will meet from 10:00-11:00AM, while grades 4-8 students
will meet from 11:00AM-12:00PM. The camp introduces youngsters
to the Tang Soo Do form of karate and educates them in the
principles of the 'Kid Smart' program. All interested
participants must register at the Parks and Recreation Department
office between February 5th-16th. The cost is $5.00 per child.
Registration is limited at each session, so please don't delay!

Winter Hike:
A special winter hike will take place at Giuffrida Park on
Tuesday, February 20th. Interested participants are asked to
met in the parking lot at 10:00AM. The hike will last
approximately 2 hours. Boots and warm clothing are suggested!

Snow Tubing Trip:
On Thursday, February 22nd, the Parks and Recreation Department
will be sponsoring a trip to the Powder Ridge Ski Resort's
Mega Tube City - conditions permitting, of course :) The bus
will leave the Maloney High School parking lot at 8:30AM
and return at approximately 12:30PM. Interested participants
must register at the Parks and Recreation Department office
between February 5th-19th. The cost is $18.00 per person,
and children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
Space is extremely limited, so sign up today!

Meriden Parks and Recreation, 460 Liberty St, 630-4259

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