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Meriden, CT
Boys and Girls Club

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Here's your opportunity to learn more about the history and services
of the Joseph F. Coffey Boys and Girls Club organization which is
located in my home town ... the Silver City of the Nutmeg / Constitution state.
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Joseph F. Coffey
Boys and Girls Club of Meriden

[Meriden Boys and Girls Club facilities 
at 15 Lincoln Street]

Mission Statement

To inspire and enable all young people, especially those from
disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their fullest potential
as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

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For over 111 years, the Meriden Boys Club has been a safe,
supervised place of hope, opportunity and positive growth
for 1,000's of Meriden Youth. The vision of a group of
far sighted individuals in 1898 has had a dramatic impact
on the youth of Meriden as we approach the year 2000.

Meriden Boys Club through 1955

Originally started as the Meriden Boys Club, the member
facilities were located at 21 Colony Street through 1955.

In 1956, the Joseph Coffey Meriden Boys Club moved to
Lincoln Street where members still meet today ...

... and in early 2000, you'll be able to enter from
Colony Street via the newly completed building addition:

Meriden Boys and Girls Club, 
with expansion opening year 2000

The Boys Club has been a positive meeting place and 'home' for
developing new friendships, reinforcing and extending their school work,
and meeting daily with caring adult role models. For many of the youth,
The Club offers the only stability in their young developing lives!

Core Beliefs

Today's Boys and Girls Clubs provide:

Hope and opportunity
A safe place to learn and grow
Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals
Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences

At age 18, the Boys and Girls Club youth should attain the following capacity:

Updated, revised Core Program Areas for the Club reflect the emphasis on achievement of the new Youth Development Outcomes. The core program areas are: Character and Leadership Development; Education and Career Development; Health and Life Skills; The Arts; and Sports, Fitness and Recreation!

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Age Groups

                              Name        Ages

                              Cubs        6 - 8
                              Midgets     9 - 11
                              Juniors    12 - 14
                              Seniors    15 - 18

Membership Fees

Annual membership is $25.00 (twenty-five dollars).
Membership begins the day you join through August 31, 2000.
As a member, boys are allowed to participate in all the Club's
drop-in programs and to join other programs for a small fee.
Financial assistance is availabe to those that meet income guidelines.

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Youth Drop-in Programs

Boys and Girls Club kids

(Included in membership -
calendars available each September)

Air Rifle:
Boys ages 6 and up can come down Saturday morning and shoot for the fun of it and receive basic instruction. Teams will be formed for a league starting in December.

For boys ages 9 and up. New archers must take a lesson. For further information, pick up an archery calendar or contact Dominic at the Club. (See Archery under shooting programs.)

Boys make woodcrafts and special tremed crafts for different holidays using hand tools. Projects take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Guess the score, Quarterback Club, Double Dribble, Name that 'Toon and many other contests are held throughout the year. Check the counter to see what contests are being held.

Gym Class:
Basketball, wiffle ball, indoor soccer and many other games are played on a 'pick-up' basis.

Open Gym:
Boys ages 14-18 during October, November and April use the gym, under adult supervision, to play basketball. Sneekers and gym shorts are required.

Gameroom Tournaments:
Beginning in late January, the Boys Club holds its annual Gameroom Tournaments. Each week boys compete in pool, bumper pool, ping pong and table soccer. Four weekly winners then compete against each other to be the champion of their age group.

Coming again fall of '99 ...

Lions Club Computer Center:
The Lions Club Computer Center at the Boys and Girls Club of Meriden!
Thanks to a grant from the Lions Club, the Meriden Boys and Girls Club will once again be operating a "state of the art" computer center for their members to use after school. Watch for the official announcement in September!

PowerHour Homework/Tutoring:
Starting late Septemeber, students in grades 3 thru 8 meet 2 to 4 afternoons a week with volunteer tutors and a teacher for help with their schoolwork.

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Sports Leagues

High School Basketball:
This league, for boys in high school, runs during October and November one or two nights a week. Teams are coached by adults with the emphasis on recreation, skill improvement and exercise. Sign-ups in late September, with games beginning mid-October. Contact Don Maleto or Jeff Hewitt for further information.

Cuno Basketball:
An organized and coached league for boys ages 8-13 as of January 1, 2000. Screenings are held in late October. Practices start in November and games get under way around the first of December. Registration begins in September.

An outdoor co-ed league for youths ages 6-14 (can not be in 9th grade). Practices being in early August and games start around September 1. Sign-ups are in the middle of May.

A co-ed league for youths in grades 6-8. Registration is held the first week in December. Practices and games get under way after the first of the year and finish up in March.

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Special Classes

Special Classes in cartooning, model building, painting, etc.
are offered throughout the year. Ask at the office for further
information on what classes are being held.


CREATE! is a club for artistically inclined youth that are interested
in working on community art projects. Past projects have included
murals, window painting, Daffodil Festival Floats, etc.
CREATE! is open to students in 5th grade or higher that can demonstrate
some artistic ability. Contact Dominic Pereyo at the Club for further info.

Building Juvenile Decency

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Cuno Camp

Cuno Camp is located at Beaver Lake Road

The Boys Club's day camp, Cuno Camp, operates weekdays during the summer.
Camp operates in four, two week sessions starting in late June.
The camp day runs 8:30 - 3:00* with extended hours availabe.
Activities include swimming, arts and crafts, archery, air rifle,
group games (wiffle ball, soccer, basketball, etc.) and other activities.
The camp has an all adult staff and is certified by the State of Connecticut.
Look for information and registration in late March 2000.

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Shooting Programs


Archery Programs

Includes archery leagues, drop-in shooting, single day and multi-week tournaments are offered for boys ages 9-16. Advanced classes and Junior Olympic Rankings aimed at improving technique and achieving a ranking in the National JOAD Program are also offered throughout the year. Archery calendar of events are available or contact Dominic at the Club for further information. A beginner's lesson must be taken prior to partaking in any of the archery events. Any member that has not shot at the club or at Cuno Camp in the last year must take a lesson. Simply schedule for a lesson.


Riflery Programs

The riflery program, for boys ages 8-16, runs once a week starting in the fall. Boys in this program receive instruction in the safe handling and care of firearms, range safety and shooting instruction. After completing the safety and instruction course, students are able to achieve a ranking from the NRA, join teams and compete in weekly matches against other teams. Contact the Club for further information on this newly revised program.

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the POSITIVE place for kids

If you wish to request additional information
on any of the above programs, please contact:

Meriden Boys and Girls Club
15 Lincoln Street
Meriden, CT 06451
(203) 235-8185

- Staff -

Executive Director - Gary Burt
Program Assistant - Dominic Pereyo
Program Assistant - Jeffrey Hewitt
Development Director - Richard Seethaler
Individual Services Assistant - Donald Maleto

- Office Hours -
(September - June)

Mon - Fri 9:30 - 11:30am 1:00 - 4:45pm
Saturday 9:00 - 11:15am

- Club Drop-in Hours -
(September - June)

Mon - Fri 2:00 - 4:45 6:30 - 8:30*
Saturday 9:00 - 11:15 1:00 - 3:00
Saturday Morning hours start at the end of September
Saturday Afternoons start in November
*Evening hours begin in October

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be sure to

[Meriden, CT Community Calendar]
Meriden, CT
Community Calendar

for additional upcoming events

Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut 

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Special thanks to Dick Seethaler for providing much
of the detailed information produced in this document.
All data are subject to changes, errors and omissions.

Copyright © 1999 Philip L. Viger
created August 15, 1999