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Meriden, CT
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Here's your opportunity to electronically communicate with residents and others
located from my home town ... the Silver City of the Nutmeg / Constitution state.

This resource is also designed to help you meet your neighbors and/or merchants.
Commercial use and/or spamming referencing this service is strictly forbidden!
Special permission must be extended to have your name and address posted herein.

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            Christian Bourdon, Parks and Rec              cbourdon@ci.meriden.ct.us
            Peggy Brennan, Economic Development Director  pbrennan@ci.meriden.ct.us
            Paul R. Fournier                              bbruin@erols.com
            Kevin W. Green                                kgreen@snet.net
            Roger Kemp, City Manager                      rlkbsr@snet.net   
            Thomas Loin, Community Development - Grants   tloin@ci.meriden.ct.us
            Meriden Federation of Municipal Employees     MFOME@hotmail.com
            Kathleen McParland, MFoME President           kmcparland@snet.net
            Step By Step Neighborhood Watch Association   bbruin@erols.com
	    Phil Viger                                    philviger@bigfoot.com
            Joseph Zajac, Meriden Transit                 jzajac@ci.meriden.ct.us

                            - former residents -

            Richard C. May       themays@cybertours.com  (Limerick, ME)

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If you're a resident, business, government, or organizational representative
located in Meriden, CT and would like your e-mail address listed, just simply
submit the appropriate information!

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Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut 

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updated December 4, 2002
created February 1, 1999