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Meriden, CT
- parks and recreation -

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Here's your opportunity to learn about the parks and recreation organization
located in my home town ... the Silver City of the Nutmeg / Constitution state.
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Meriden Parks and Recreation

[Meriden Parks and Rec logo]

The Meriden Parks and Recreation Department
is committed to providing quality recreational opportunities,
celebrating cultural events, and maintaining the parks system
and its facilities for the enjoyment of the people of Meriden.

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  Park Name                  Acreage                      Location

Baldwin Pond                    20                N Wall St & Westfield Rd
Beaver Pond                     15                Hicks Avenue
John Zajac Park                  1                Elmwood Drive (formerly Birchwood Park)
Bronson Park                     4                Cook Avenue
Brookside Park                  11                Bunker Avenue
Carroll Park                     6                Bee Street & Baldwin Avenue
Cedar Park                       2                Cedar & Camp Streets
Ceppa Field                     10                Gale Avenue
City Park                        8                Bunker Avenue
Columbus Park                   12                Lewis Avenue
Crescent                         2                East Main & Pleasant Streets
Dossin Beach                    19                Oregon Road
Falcon Field                    26                Westfield Road
Giuffrida Park                 598                Westfield Road
Habershon Park                  18                Meadow & Camp Streets
Hubbard Park                  1800                West Main Street
Ives Park                        9                Knob Hill & Race Brook Roads
Johnson Hill                     4                Johnson Avenue
Kronenberger                    16                Maple Avenue & West View Drive
Nessing Field                   12                Murdock Avenue
North End Field                  6                Britannia & Tremont Streets
Meriden Lions Club Park         23                River Road (formerly Quinnipiac Park)    
St. John's Park                 10                Bee Street
Washington Park                 10                Liberty Street


Legion Field                                      Hanover Road
Black Pond / New Dam                              Cone Avenue


Thomas Hooker School                              Overlook Road
Lincoln Middle School                             Centennial Avenue
Maloney High School                               Gravel Street
Platt High School                                 Coe Avenue

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January       Tradition Run                         Hubbard Park/Castle Craig
February      Winter Carnival                       Hunter Golf Course
March         Leprechaun Hunt                       Dept Activity Line
  "           St. Patrick's Day Parade              East-West Main Streets
April         Easter Egg Hunt                       Hubbard Park
  "           Daffodil Festival                     Hubbard Park
May           Memorial Day Parade                   Liberty, Cottage, East Main St
June          Special Day for Special People        Hubbard Park
  "           Black Unity Expo                      Hubbard Park
July          4th of July Fireworks Display         Hubbard Park
  "           Puerto Rican Cultural Festival        Hubbard Park
August        Puerto Rican Family Day Festival      Hubbard Park
  "           Castle Craig Night Viewing            Castle Craig
September     Hoopin' Downtown Basketball Festival  Downtown Complex
  "           NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Competition   Ceppa Field
October       Autumn Fest                           Hubbard Park
  "           Halloween Hike                        Hubbard Park
November      Veterans Ceremony                     Broad St Monuments
  "           Turkey Hunt                           R-J/Dept Activity Line
  "           Hubbard Park Lighting Ceremony        Hubbard Park
December      Christmas in the Park                 Hubbard Park

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Indoor Swim Program           September - June         Maloney High School
Outdoor Swim Program          June - August            Hubbard Park
Summer Concert Series         June - August            Hubbard Park
Summer Playground Program     June - August            Various locations
Co-ed Volleyball              October - April          Lincoln Middle School

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(subsidies, facilities, promotions, etc)

  American Legion Baseball                      Meriden Junior Football                    
  Jack Barry Little League                      Meriden Mets Baseball                     
  Meriden Amateur Softball Association          Meriden Silver Fins
  Meriden Boys Club Cuno Basketball League      Meriden Soccer Club
  Meriden Boys Club King Youth Soccer League    Silver City Soccer Club 
  Meriden Girls Softball League                 Silver City Striders Club
  Meriden Intermediate Baseball League          Ed Walsh Little League
                   South Meriden Youth Baseball League

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If you wish to receive or provide more details on a
special function or usage of city parks, please contact:

Meriden Parks and Recreation
Christian Bourdon
(Recreation Program Supervisor)
460 Liberty Street
(Washington Park)
Meriden, CT 06450
(203) 630-4259

24-hour activity line: (203) 630-4279
(above information subject to change)

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