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#1Country Music and Nashville Entertainment Internet Site ~ said by many to be Nashville's finest entertainment system
1-800 MUSIC NOW ~ buy/hear the music, dj picks, pre-releases, free stuff
@Tower ~ over 150,000 titles available at this Tower Records site
A B C's of Using MIDI Files on the Net ~ a brief description of what to do
A Complete Directory of MIDI Files
A I S P MIDI Might ~ hundreds of musical MIDIs, mods and wav files for your entertaining
Abundant Legal MIDI Files of Public Domain Tunes ~ songs produced over 75 years ago, now available with no copyright conerns
Alan's Midi Paradise ~ personal page of collected tunes
Anger's, Brian MIDI Archive
Annie's Place, Welcome to - Tunes of the 50's and 60's ~ very nicely done - several .wav and .midi selections
Beatles Information Page, The ~ collection of links to sites regarding the '60's pop stars
Beatles pics, sounds, chat, lyrics, facts, links, and votes, The ~ one huge factual site
Bellew's, Kenny MIDI-Karaoke File Library ~ well organized, extensive resource of tunes
Best of MIDI Page, The
Best of MIDI: Movies
Big Elvis - A thousand points of Elvis ~ this site has a huge collection of links to others regarding the King
Billboard Online Chart Spotlight ~ the Hot 100 singles and other charts
Brian's High Quality MIDI Collection ~ Sound Blaster AWE 32 quality
Cakewalk Users Guild, The ~ fantastic commercial product creates MIDI from your computer +
Casey's Top 40 - Most recent edition ~ check every Saturday for the latest countdown results
Chen's, Joe Mariah Carey Page ~ you can tell a lot of work went into the making of this site
Ciari, Claude Midi World
Classical MIDI Archives ~ over 160mb - approx. 3,000 files available
Complete Guide to Midi, The ~ excellent reference pages with loads of information and resources
Complete MIDI File Directory, The ~ links to thousands of files all over the Web from one site
Computer Karaoke homepage ~ midi files w/ lyrics, too!
Daily.WAV, The new wav / midi files to listen / download daily
Dees Home Page, Rick ~ famous radio jock's top 40 musical hits.
Directory of /pub/midi ~ aka Trantor's Midi Archive - an ftp site using .gz compression
Disney Frameset ~ midi tunes
Enhanced CD Databse, The ~ now you can try before you buy via the Net
Frequently Asked Questions about MIDI on the Mac ~ some brief helpful tips
Fugees, The - Mix-o-matic ~ hear their greatest tunes
G E M M home page ~ Global Electronic Music Marketplace ~ huge resource of used / new LPs, CDs, memorabilia and more
George's Funky Hole In The Ground ~ his personal collection of midis
Glady's Musical Palace ~ she's about to become a teenager as she shares her favorite tunes
Grammy.com ~ music awards
Greatest Collection of MIDIs GRECOM
HitsWorld: Music Charts Online ~ top singles, albums, over 100 radio station music charts +
http://www.cuug.ab.ca:8001/|~heacock/midi.html ~ aka The Midi Collection ~ rock n roll by some of today's hottest artists
IceMan's Hot Hits Internet JukeBox, The
Index of /midi/ ~ a large page showing several various artist directories containing their popular hits in MIDI format
Internet MIDI Center ~ Trendy.Net jukebox links you to hundreds of great MIDI sounds and artist sites plus offers technical, hardware and software details
JeffD's Music page ~ over 1000 personal midi collection
Johnson's, Alex Massive Music Links ~ a personal home page with an ear for musically related sites
Karaoke Bar, The ~ see the words to sing while the music plays in background
Landru's Top 100 Midi Selections And More
LatinoMix Web Site ~ a great resource of Latin music from the Web
Lewis, Jerry Lee - The Kill34 ~ a personal page devoted to Jerry
Louie's Midi Collection
M I D I Center ~ collection of those rare and hard to find tunes
M I D I City
M I D I Farm Internet, The ~ great source of downloadable MIDI files
M I D I File Central ~ major source site with various world wide access server locations
M I D I Haven ~ from the oldies to the current hits, this great site may be what you're looking for
M I D I Home Page ~ all about what is MIDI
M I D I Kingdom
M I D I Parlour - Fine Midi Files
M I D I Server Yellow Page ~ sites using Yamaha's MIDI plug-in player
M I D I Studio Page ~ this program enables you to creat MIDI files from your computer - you can even see the staff musical notes
M T V Online ~ for those who keep insisting they want their Music Television - it's now online
M-Files ~ Music Files - excellent site allows you to hear the original full-length playing oldies and current tunes via Real Audio plug-in
Mac User's Guide to the Woodshed, A ~ great reference resource for those wishing to properly utilize MIDIs via the Mac
Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide, The ~ the Mac is great for music playing
Madonna Web Page, Bob's ~ after his extensive search for a good page, he created his own
Michi-Web MIDI Archive, The - MIDI is all we do ~ less glamour - more midi tunes to choose from
MIDI Files* ~ *aka: Kling Klang Entrance - selection of original midis
MIDI Mart, The ~ great opportunity for those creating original tunes to market them on the Net
MidiSite - the site that will make your PC groove
MidiWeb - User supported MIDI Web site
MIDIWerks MIDI Page ~ great reference to learn all about the basics and professional details
MidiWorld International ~ great Crescendo supporting site of tunes worldwide
Mike Peterson's MIDI Page
Mod Archive ~ tunes in .mod format - better sounds than MIDI files
MOD MOD MOD - The List of Sites with MOD files
Mouse Jam Interactive Online Music Jam ~ fantastic site requires Quick-Time browser plug-in
Mr. Wonderful's Jukebox
Much Music
Music and Entertainment Resources on the Web ~ this site is dedicated to those who enjoy special midi music
Music Page, The
Music Room Yogyakarta
Music Shoppe, The ~ professionally done, non-commercial site selects weekly pro-type midis
Music Shoppe, The - MIDI Ring ~ a special note from the Ring Master
Music, MIDI and Online Copyrights
Musicbug - Welcome
MusicPage, The ~ home of the best midi files on the Net
MusicSearch : The Internet's Music-Only Search Site
musicwest.com ~ Vancouver, Canada info site
Old Codger's MIDI Page ~ oldie goldies, country, jazz, pop, country, this and that
Oldies Unlimited - Home of 50's Rock and Roll, Doo Wop, Rhythm and Blues ~ the title says it all
Osmond Network ~ you can even sign the famous brothers' guest book
Our MIDI Jukebox ~ over 400 great sounding tunes from various genre
Pammi's Music Page* ~ *actual site title: Music Page; links page to sites containing MIDI files of the 60's era
Paula's House of Music - Vinyl Records, CDs and Books ~ a site you can shop from and enjoy the selection
Pelders, H. MIDI Page ~ top 20+ pops and classicals
Philadelphia Youth Orchestra
Pollstar - The Concert Hotwire ~ info on over 30,000 events and 2,000 artists from one site
Pop Music Charts Archive - PMCA
Random 80's Lyrics ~ see if you recognize any of these last decade lines
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum ~ visit online and see the inductees, top hits and more
Rock Mall - Are You Musically Interactive? The #1 Music Website on the Net.
Rock-and-Roll Page ~ Tom Simon devotes a special feature ot th artists and tunes of the 50s and 60s
Rocktropolis ~ rock and roll fantasy theme park
Rockweb Interactive - Virtual Music Community
Saquel, Mario Midi Home Page
Searching the Internet For a Certain MIDI File ~ enter your request in one of the forms
Select List of Only the Very Best Midi Pages, A
Sights and Sounds Technology
Sites and Sound Links ~ links to some of the best music resources for musicians
Smick and Smodoo's World ~ if you love music, you'll enjoy this site with extensive resources and MIDI files of all catagories
Sound Gallery, The ~ check out Steve's massive collection of MIDI tunes
Standard MIDI Files on the Net - The List of Sites With MIDI Files
T V Theme Songs and More ~ great archive of popular show tunes in au and wav formats
TopTown Sounds Library, The ~ mostly .wav file clippings from your favorite movies, tv shows and commercials
Trantor's Very Large Collection ~ MIDI's for your choosing
Tunes of the 50's and 60's ~ Annie has a large selection of .wav and some midi
tvtrecords.com ~ concert info, music selections resource incl contest, musical artists discussion, ability to buy etc
Twin Cities MIDI: MIDI on the Macintosh ~ yes, the Mac can play MIDI tunes but you must learn how to do it right
Ultimate Band List, Welcome to The ~ formerly Web Wide World of Music
Ultimate MIDI Page
Ultimate TV and Movie MIDI page, The ~ the biggest collection of tunes around
UnfURLed ~ MTV / Yahoo Guide to Web Music
V H 1 ~ music first cable network is now online
Very Best MIDI, The
Vibe Magazine Online: VibeOnline ~ a music resource site
W W W Virtual Keyboard, The ~ click on a piano keyboard and actually hear the note online
Wanderer Real Audio Oldies Music - Crusin' 50's ~ top rated golden oldies site, you'll spend hours here ... plug-in player required
Warner Bros. Records, Welcome to ~ professional productions of their official site
WaveGuru's Wave Page ~ megabytes of great audio and music clips to hear / download
Web Thumper's MIDI Page ~ top quality files for your download and listening enjoyment
World Wide MIDI ~ get the latest, worldwide, assorted tunes you're looking for
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Audio, The ~ an excellent resource to sites containing music and other audio recordings
WorldWide Guide to Music ~ WorldWide Net Corporation's hotlist of music type sites to visit
www.geocities.com/~tvjukebox/sound.html ~ great use of frames to play tv themes

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