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I A A T C Air Courier Travel Home Page ~ International Association of Air Travel Couriers based in Florida
I B M Corporation
I B M Internet Connection Phone ~ download their software and start talking
I E N Galileo Ferraris - Museum ~ collection of electrical instruments
I E T F / TERENA Training Materials Catalogue ~ resources for Internet Trainers to use for training other users
I Enjoy Visiting the Mohegan Sun ~ shared experiences at a Connecticut casino
I L C Glossary of Internet Terms ~ Internet Literacy Consultants dictionary of industry terms
I L T web: History: NA: NativeAmerican Navigator ~ Institute for Learning Technologies presents maps, timelines and other factors
I M Db's local cinema listing pointers, The ~ Internet Movie Database
I M Db, Welcome to the ~ internet movie database search engine
I Opener Frontdoor ~ great site of links - much like LA concept
I P L Teen Divison
I P L The Internet Public Library
I P L Youth Division ~ Internet Public Library (kid section)
I P O Data Systems, Inc, Welcome to ~ Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Data on the Web
I R C Related Documents ~ a page with links to other WWW-IRC Information
I R E D .COM - home page ~ International Real Estate Directory
I R S - The Digital Daily
I S N, Welcome to ~ Internet Shopping Network (computer products)
I S O 8859-1 (Latin-1) Characters List ~ special characters for HTML
I Z A D - Web Marketing
I'm NOT Miss Manners of the Internet ~ Arlene H. Rinaldi's Netiquette Home Page
i-conn, Connecticut's Internet Connection! ~ ISP
i-Studio, Entity ~ global site submission service and leads to other Web page exposure tips
Iain's Textures ~ Anderson permits usage of the images provided links made
Ian's Home Page ~ a nicely done personal page containing some files and links + for Mac, TI-82/83 and PC users
Ice, Welcome to The ~ cool Antarctic stuff including pictures, trip journals and history of Ross Island
IceMan's Hot Hits Internet JukeBox, The
iChess home page ~ play chess against each other on net (JAVA enhanced browser req'd)
Icon Browser, The ~ Department of Computer Science at University of Pisa offers over 100 icon images
Icon Depot, The ~ everything you'll need for your Web page
Icons for Web Publishing and Design ~ a service of desktop publishing
Icons Found at www.baylor.edu ~ a late '95 collection from Baylor University
Icons, Textures and Art Stuff ~ a brief list of other sites to get what you need
Iconz ... The Ultimate Free Icons Collection Fopr Your Home Page ~ sharp, clean, professional looking images
iGuide, Welcome to ~ cmmrcl site covering the internet, tv, movies, sports +
IIS Webnet Chat ~ warning: this live, interative service contains sexual references in the adult area
Illinois Department State Lottery Little Lotto Pick 3 4 Big Game ~ official state site
Illinois State Police - Missing Children From Illinois ~ photos with descriptions available
Image Map Example ~ brief info on creating your own linkablbe images
Image Shop, The
Image-O-Rama ~ formerly WWW/HTML images/graphics/icons
Imagine Games Network, The Most Visited Resource for Computer and Video Games ... ~ even features live event chats
IMALL homepage
impact1's Home Page ~ 21 year old college student entertaining home page
Imposters are out there ~ actual site for M and Ms candy
In The Know ~ brush up on your business vocabulary with these industry buzz word terms
In Your Ear ~ now you can order on-line the cool, funky, reviled and hard-to-find Top 40, Pop, Dance, Oldies and R&B hits from the 50's thru 80's
iName Personalized E-mail Services ~ using e-mail just got easier
Independent News Service ~ specializing in news and reviews ignored by the national media
Index Dot HTML: The Advanced HTML Reference ~ HTML 3.0 and 3.2 plus Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mosaic
Index of /hypertext/faq/usenet-faqs/ ~ choose Ohio State University's feature category of either computers or HTML
Index of /midi/ ~ a large page showing several various artist directories containing their popular hits in MIDI format
Individual home pages for Grove users ~ mainly from Univ. of Florida students
Indy Car Racing Magazine - Welcome
InfiNet ~ aka IRC general commands
InfiNet!, Welcome to ~ sprawling US, VA based ISP
Info Avenue WWW Home Page N/S Carolina based ISP serving SE region
Info Connections home page ~ prsnl srvr showing Jim Gottlieb's and Bill Cerny's hmpgs
Info-Mac Home Page ~ for the Macintosh user who needs information resources
InfoBeat, Inc. ~ formerly Mercury Mail, automatically e-mails you with the latest news, sports, weather and more of your choice
InfoBON's HTML Guide by Dr. Clue [] Table of Contents ~ best graphical layout presentation
Infodata Systems, Inc. ~ priv cmmrcl co that manages documents electronically
Infohiway:, The Surf-N-Search engine home page
Infomatique!, Welcome to # you are invited to display your banner links at this site. ~ Reciprocator Member
Informant, The ~ free robot that notifies you via e-mail when your fav URL/keywords changed
Information Station, The ~ one page showing common categorized lists of URLs to visit (much like LA)
Information SuperLibrary ~ Macmillan Computer Publishing online
Information Week
Infoseek : Internet for schools
Infoseek Guide ~ search engine
InfoSpace - The Ultimate Directory ~ worldwide e-mail search and more
InfoSpace - The Ultimate Directory ~ yellow pages, business directory, city info, residential phone numbers and e-mail addresses
InfoStarBase ~ an excellent semi-commerical site much in the setting of LA intent
Ingenius ~ net for kids svc w/yahooligan partnership
Inkspot ~ resources for writers
Inktomi Web Services ~ Univ of California at Berkeley search engine - cmmrcl name now HotBot
Inman, Robert - Wharton Faculty
Innerspace - The writings of Julia White ~ your safe haven for self growth, self awareness, inner exploration
INNS & OUTS Bed & Breakfast Source home page
InReference, Inc. ~ search engine
Inso: Word View Plug-in info ~ Netscape and IE plug-in allows you to view Word 6 and 7 docs
InstaMatch Resume Database ~ achieve your professional career goal w/ their search engine database entry svc
Instant Sports ~ baseball reporting on the Web
instant web ad setup form - long version with compelling sales info
Institute for Biomedical Computing Internet Search Engines ~ text layout form
Intel Internet Video Phone* *actual site title: Connected PC ~ requires Windows 95 and a Pentium machine
Intel MMX(tm) technology Home (mmx.com) ~ all about the state of the art multi-media chip
Intel, Welcome to
Intellicast: world weather ~ offers satellite forecast images +
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Online ~ professional trade site
Inter-Links ~ xcllnt (LA-type) source already accessed 50+ million txs
InterAccess ~ Chicago ISP
Interactive Internet Sports ~ play sports trivia, enter your predictions and even mouth off with other IIS fans
Interactive Tide Chart - Location Form ~ generates tide charts for various regions
Interactive Travel Guides' Travel Page directory of Worldwide Destinations, Hotels & Resorts, Cruise Travel, Air Travel and Favorite Places
Interactive Weather Browser
Interactive Weather Information Network ~ provides timely regional 'active' warning info and more
Intercom - Web Hosting Accounts
Interesting Destinations by Category hundreds of links provided by US Digital
InterGo's KinderGuard ~ another method of protecting kids from adult sites
InterGOV International, Welcome to ~ excellent site with specific info on various global activities
InterKeno, Welcome to
Interlog, Welcome to ~ Ontario's Internet Connection (ISP)
InterLotto - On-Line Lottery Information Service
InterLotto ~ now you can gamble and win over the Lichenstine server
Intermediate HTML ~ Case Western Reserve University helps you further understand the production of a Web site
Intermind Homepage ~ their software program enables you to monitor 170+ sites for changes
International Archives ~ search for prgm fls, pc cos +
International Baby Boomers Web Site ~ if you were born between 1946 and 1964, this site is for you - movies, tv shows, music and more info
International Badminton Federation* ~* actual site title was: index
International Center for the Search and Recovery of Missing Children
International Council of Shopping Centers ~ interesting data for the business professional and buying consumer
International Weather Summary ~ quick text info showing area conditions and temps
Internaut ~ get the details on how things began for the Net
Internet 101, Welcome to ~ award winning guide for those who want to have fun with the Net
Internet 800 Search ~ keyword database search of 800 and 888 toll free numbers
Internet Addiction Survey
Internet Ads By Owner Go-Get-It Submission Service, Top 50 Classified Ad Network ~ whether it be real estate, automobiles or other, you may place a free ad here
Internet Audit Bureau (tm) ~ report your web page accesses
Internet Book Shop ~ said to be the largest source on the Web with a catalogue of 894,000 titles to search
Internet Broadcasting Corporation
Internet Casinos ~ cyberspace gaming
Internet College Exchange (ICX) ~ get scholarship info, list of colleges and more
Internet Company, The ~ web creators with server offerings
Internet Count
Internet Creator 3.0 Trial Version
Internet Cruise, The ~ register your Web site on their passenger list
Internet Developers' Association, The ~ fee based professional trade organization
Internet Distiller ~ great Net ftp service converts your postscript files into pdf files
Internet Distribution Services ~ webpage designers- technical system providers
Internet Domain Survey ~ results of nearly every host search
Internet FAQ Consortium, The ~ your and others' questions get answered here
Internet Filter Products ~ IF claims to be the ultimate in access control, monitoring and data collection (protect the young ones from unwanted material) - free trial and pay-for commercial versions
Internet Finder
Internet For Kids
Internet Gaming Zone
Internet Guide ~ MCI.net's intro on what the Net is all about and how to use it
Internet Guides, Tutorials, and Training Information (Library of Congress) ~ one page of links to other great resources
Internet Help Desk, The ~ Amy Ward's fantastic approach of helping the beginners and advanced Internet users
Internet Help for New People (Newbies) ~ an explanatory dictionary of need-to-know terms
Internet Info For Real People ~ Bob Brand discusses some basic info to know (a bit outdated tho)
Internet Information Center ~ keeps you abreast of recent developments and provides references to other URLs
Internet Job Locator
Internet Jukebox, The
Internet Link Exchange, The
Internet MIDI Center ~ Trendy.Net jukebox links you to hundreds of great MIDI sounds and artist sites plus offers technical, hardware and software details
Internet Pearls Index, The - SoloTech Software ~ ISO Country abbreviation codes of Internet site addresses
Internet Pizza Server Home Page, The ~ your selection is made to on screen and even e-mail order
Internet Presence Providers
Internet Providers Agent ... Business Opportunity ... Free Software # unlimited Internet access, no hourly fees, no surprise bills, get paid $$$ ~ Reciprocator Member
Internet Real Estate Sales (FSBO) Sell it yourself; Save Thousands
Internet Relay Chat - The Undernet!
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - Information!
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Frequently Asked Questions ~ detailed references from when it all started in 1988
Internet Resources for English Teachers and Students
Internet Resources on the Web ~ a collection of resources useful for Internet trainers and learners
Internet Search Tools ~ Nick Carbone's 'text-type' layout hmpg
Internet Service Provider In a Box ~ internet access capability from a BBS
Internet Services List, The ~ xcllnt compilation/presentation of sites by Yanoff
Internet Shopping Network
Internet Sleuth, Search the Internet with The ~ multiple search engines checked from one site page
Internet Sleuth, The
Internet Society Home Page ~ professional organization informs all of the medium's developments
Internet Squeegee Guy ~ this guy will wash the inside of your monitor screen as you stop on the Superhighway
Internet Starter Kit ~ Hayden Books puts their best selling edition, with all its chapters, on the Web for your reading
Internet Survival ~ beginners' assistant to 'ftp, Gopher, Archie +' terms/tools
Internet Survival Skills, ISS101 ~ a 1995 hypertext tutorial by Dr. Kenneth Hensarling
Internet Talk Radio - Geek of the Week ~ although only covers feature from 1993 thru mid 94, great source of interviews
Internet TeleCafe, The
Internet Text Project, The ~ a collection of links and resources for the new Net user
Internet Tools Summary ~ John December summarizes the software info used for Net usage
Internet Tour ~ an excellent (LA 11) tutorial from Global Village Communications
Internet Traffic Report* ~ *actual site title: The Andover News Network; - shows you the Net's traffic speed for the current hour
Internet Travel Mall ~ anywhere around the world you go
Internet Type Foundry
Internet World Magazine Online
Internet's First Superstation, The ~ worldwidetv.com - also home of bunting.com (the computer man)
InternetWeek, Welcome to ~ up-to-date news on Internet Activity developments
InterNIC 15 Minute Series ~ Tools for the Internet Trainer
InterNIC News: A Domain is Born: ~ step by step process on How Ideas Become Addresses at the InterNIC
Interplay Productions ~ interactive gaming/entertainment
InterServe Communications ~ Palo Alto, CA ISP
Intervista home page ~ provider of VRML tools
InterWat Fun Site ~ a unique entertainment (jokes and cartoons) site benefiting two cultures (Japanese and English)
Introducing W D R C ~ choose from 1360 AM or 102.9 FM (Big D 103) Hartford, CT
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents ~ by Ian S. Graham
Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents ~ award winning online tutorial provided by Case Western Reserve Univ
Introduction to JavaScript
Introduction to PC Hardware ~ get an understanding of what all the terms in newspaper ads really mean
Introduction to the Internet for Teachers ~ material intended to help teachers get started using the Internet in the classroom
Introduction to Windows to the Universe ~ learn about our planet and universe - extremely graphic intensive
Investor Relations Magazine
Investor's Supersite on the Web, The
InvestorsEdge Web Site, Welcome to the ~ see the latest Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S and P, 30 year Treasury indexes and more
InvestorWeb Home Page ~ long standing site provides interesting points of views on market developments
IQuest Network Services ~ Indianapolis based ISP for midwest
Isuzuville, You Are Now Entering vehicle mfgr
It's Alive GIF Animation
Iterated Systems ~ fractal image viewer
iTools! - Full-Serve Internet Tools ~ Research It, Find It, Promote It
iWORLD: Internet Daily Stock Report ~ a forum for activity and morning / close info
iWORLD: Internet News and Resources ~ online updtd internet happenings source

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- J -

J A S C Paint Shop Pro ~ a reseller site of the popular graphic creation utility
J C Penney home page
Jack's home page
James' Favorite Jokes
James' Search Page ~ graphically enhanced
Jamie's Homepage ~ this teen in Rochester, NY has some creative talents
Jan's Home on the Web ~ friendly, well organized home page
Japan Window home page ~ U.S. - Japan collaboration of Japan info on internet (Stanford/NTT)
Java Weekly, The
Java(TM) Boutique, The ~ 100s of applets for your use
JavaMachine ~ no programming knowledge needed for your HTML scripting of pages with this tool
JavaScript ~ Netscape's list of great reference resources
JavaScript ~ Brian Buechler's favorites with actual samples can be found here
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Javascript discussion newsgroup ~ read or post questions / answers regarding this hot topic
JavaScript for Anyone
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer
JavaScript Tip of the Week (from WebReference.com)
JavaScript: Simple Little Things To Add To Your Pages
Javascripts.com - Free Registration ~ join and access the many idea codes available
JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community ~ get the nuts and bolts, news and views and Java resources from this one location
Jeff's Paint Shop Pro Tips ~ nicely done site helps you understand the basics of the 3.x and 4.x versions
JeffD's Music page ~ over 1000 personal midi collection
Jelane's Free Web Graphics ~ an excellent site that not only offers images, but how to create your own
JenniCAM Live
Jeopardy Pro
Jerry's Emergency Medical Humor Pages ~ sometimes you need good humor to keep your sanity
Jigsaw Puzzle: Jigsaws Galore - Powerful player/creator for Windows ~ you'll want to order the full program once you try the preview download
Jill's home page
Jim's Coaching Resources ~ a link page to other sports coaching tips and ideas
Jin's World home page of favorite gifs and links
Joanne's Place ~ a well designed personal page
Job Fairs by Region
Job Hunt Meta-List
JobBank Job Listings
JobLynx ~ connects you with over 2300 professional recruiters and your next job opportunity
JobWeb - linking jobs, job seekers, and job-search information ~ jobs, employer profiles, career planning resources and professionals
JobWeb's Searchable Career Fairs Database
JodieF's Eclectic Page ~ a home page dedicated for the unusual content
John's Home Pae ~ his family's hobbies are also displayed
Johnson's, Alex Massive Music Links ~ a personal home page with an ear for musically related sites
Joke of the Day ~ great story boards changed daily
Jones, Joe, CRB - 'Service with Integrity' ~ REALTOR
Joseph's home page ~ high school student's creation from Western North Carolina
Journalism Exercises ~ great ideas for journalists today and the future to use the Net to its fullest resource potential
Jovigal's Home Page ~ Debra Kovik shares her personal family and interest link resources
Jpeg Playground ii, The ~ this excellent site helps you understand Jpegs and the latest development news
Judo Sites on the Web ~ courtesy of the Palo Alto Club
July 4th in Boston ~ 1998 marks 25th major anniversary celebration
Jumbo!, Shareware! Games! Freeware ~ over 83,000 categorized programs you can download
Jump Link - A cool way to surf the net! ~ visit categorized random sites (frame viewing browser req'd)
JumpCity, Welcome to ~ a great way to select a category and surf the Web for hours
Jungle, Welcome to the ~ Dave's Jungle of Free Stuff
Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement ~ Clearwater, Florida headquarter info theme
Juno - Free Internet E-Mail Service ~ sign up and get their software copy - then, you won't need an ISP
Just 'n' Case ~ free cartoons for your newsletters, reports, newspapers, magazines, etc.
Just Another Useless Page ~ become a JAUP member for your site
Just for kids

- K -

K B Guest Book Server: Simply the most advanced and reliable guest book server there is ~ at a nominal annual fee
K C 101 WWW home page ~ Hamden, CT FM radio station WKCI
K M M C - Multimedia Greeting Cards ~ free service from Krepec MultiMedia Corporation
K-12 Acceptable Use Policies ~ site materials assisting school districts in development of effective Net policies / practices
K-12: Table of Contents ~ Busy Teacher's website
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
Kalamazoo Michigan Convention and Visitors Bureau Homepage
Kansas Lottery Title Page ~ official site
Kaplan Educational Centers, Welcome to ~ an LA 11 ranking site with great interactive online projects to test your knowledge
Kaplan's Award-Winning Games Take a Productive Study Break ~ these online interactive programs are not only fun but education too
Kaplan's Career Center: Resume Do ~ get a view of the do and don'ts of writing a resume
Kaplan: Career Center ~ this interactive site is more than interesting and informative - an LA 11
Karaoke Bar, The ~ see the words to sing while the music plays in background
Karen's Organized Hotlist ~ May95
Karen's Outdoor Adventure Page ~ a Meriden, CT teacher shows her personal interests
Katharine's home page ~ Katharine's Kool KidsKlub - for members under age 18
kattnet.com ~ various link sources
Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values and New Car Pricing
Kellogg's Cereal City!
Kemp's, Dr. Roger L. Home Page ~ the City Manager of Meriden, CT has his own personal page
Kid Slick's: Hot Links!! ~ graphic intensive
Kid's Around the World ~ one kid from each state / country gets to have his / her name listed as their representative
KIDLINK: Global Networking for Youth 10-15
Kids Help Line
Kids ID Child Identification System
Kids in Trouble Help Page
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Kids World 2000 ~ museums, zoos, aquariums, cities, countries, vacation spots, science, sports, fun and games
Kids' Camps - Camp Directory - Teen Tours Summer Camp Search Youth Sports Jobs Sleep-away Sleepaway Special Needs Family Children Recreation Overnight Reunions Daycamps Day Camps Traditional
Kids' Space
Kids' Space ~ gallery, story books, language switch to Japanese, on-air concert info
Kids' Space Connection ~ features pen pals, bulletin boards, kid villages - child safe
Kids' Web ~ links featured on Primenet.com
Kids' Web: Garden of Verses
Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator, A ~ another way to check your document scripts
Kinetex* ~ *actual site title: is the url; Autodesk 3D studio creation software
King of the Jungle, The ~ their award registration page
King Steve's Disney Page ~ excellent unofficial site home page
Kings', Stephen ~ are you the real one?
Kinney Shoes ~ "hello" (site temp down)
KissSite 95.7 FM ~ Hartford, CT radio station WKSS
Klaaskids ~ making the world safer for our children
Kmart home page
Knowledge Adventure ~ educational software for the young and growing
Kodak, Eastman Company, Welcome to the
Kodi's Home Page ~ she has a personal page in the making
Koeka Bolla's Home Page A Cyber Police Officer Patrolling the Net ~ some coverage of Hartford, CT PD
Komando's, Kim Komputer Klinic - We Make Computers Easy ~ daily site for intersting factual tips and data
Kranzco Realty Trust ~ Conshohocken, PA
krish's favourite links
Kristeeyana Personal WBS Home Page ~ this Meriden, CT teen enjoys sharing her cool thoughts

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- L -

L A A W - Legal Aid for Abused Women Fund ~ assists women and men in an abusive situation
L N Consumer Information ~ the CT Living Network provides ideas on home ownership (CT REALTOR source)
L N E Consulting, Home of
L. E. Connection, Join the ~ details on the HIT Law Enforcement Web Ring membership
L. L. Bean ~ popular catalog company now offers items online
LA Youth Notebook ~ special Web site by and about Los Angeles youth
Labovitz's John e-zine-list ~ contains over 1000 zines available on any part of the Net
LadyDi3 ~ an excellent personal page with an angel theme
Lake Compounce Theme Park Bristol, Connecticut ~ America's first family theme park now owned by Kennywood Entertainment
Lambert's Michael P. Custom AOL Disks ~ look what he did to all his mail receipt disks
Lamborghini Web Site, The Official Automobili
Land's End, Inc. ~ direct marketing outfitting resource
Landru's Top 100 Midi Selections And More
Larry's World Home Page ~ professionally produced timely information of Net / Web developments for kids +
Last Homely House, The ~ interesting J.R.R. Tolkien Web story with interactive pages
Late Show with David Letterman, The ~ get his recent Top 10 List
Late Show with David Letterman, The ~ get all the latest info including Dave's Top 10 List
LatinoMix Web Site ~ a great resource of Latin music from the Web
Laugh Page, The ~ an archive of jokes, funny storeis and other humor in various categories
LaughWEB, Welcome to ~ categorized collection of various humor - you may need a tissue
Launch-it Awesome Website Promotion ~ fee based service places you in over 240 top locations
LaunchBot ~ 50 sites Link Exchange suggests you visit
Law Enforcement JPG, GIF and WAV Resource Page
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Online Center ~ the definitive source for info and resources about your civil rights
Leading Ladies ~ ways you can fight breast cancer
Learn a Little, Accomplish A Lot ~ texted words showing English to Spanish translation
Learn Advanced JavaScript Programming ~ excellent scripts to download - this site has been accessed over 250,000 times
Learn the Net
Learn2 Floss your Teeth ~ a great graphical tutorial on a very important routine
Learn2.com - the ability utility ~ excellent reference source of several topics - a must use site!
Learning in Motion's Top Ten List ~ their choice of monthly 'best' educational sites
Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
Legal Information Institute* ~ *actual site title: their URL; - offers Supreme Court opinions under the auspices of Project Hermes, the court's electronic-dissemination project
Legal Information Institute ~ research activity of the Cornell Law School
LEGO World Wide Web, Welcome to the official
Legos ~ famous building blocks are now building foundations in cyber space
Lemelson-MIT Prize Program, The ~ American inventors & their discoveries
Lemonade Stand, Welcome to ~ play the classic computer game, now with a WWW twist
Leslie's MIDI MIDI music files midi tools GIFs animated GIFs HTML publishing and PC resources Magazines England Schotland and more ~ aka Leslie's Place - created a link to LA
Lessons Developed by Susan Boone ~ originating at Saint Agnes Academy, Houston, TX, this site encourages students to LOOK AROUND the Web
Let's Link Education Network, Real Estate Corner, Global Travel Guide ... ~ welcomes you to add your reciprocal URL to their database - very much like LA
Levy's home page, Mark ~ attractive layout with interesting personal links from a New Jersey CyberWeb member
Lewis, Jerry Lee - The Kill34 ~ a personal page devoted to Jerry
LexiConn Internet Services, Inc.
LexiConn, Search the
Lezlisoft Computer Graphics, Welcome to the ~ excellent presentation Hungarian commercial site w/ own software
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) home page
Libweb - Library WWW Servers ~ from all over the world
License Plates of the World ~ see the various designs - excellently produced / organized site
Lido's Pizzaria* ~ *actual site title: Record-Journal (Dining Out); and adver-article about one of Meriden's restaurants
Liechtenstein about the International Lottery
Life on the Internet, Welcome to ~ a PBS special documentary on the history and new developments of the Net
Life on the Internet: Creating Your Own Home Page
Life on the Internet: Exploring the Internet ~ Cochran Communications' approach to giving you resources to other sites with detailed info
Life on the Internet: Trivia Contest ~ test your knowledge of the Internet - see who else won
LifeSavers Candystand, Welcome to ~ latest browsers and shockwave plug-in use suggested
Lifetime Online, Welcome to
Lighthouse Weather ~ Tom Karlo's inter/national on-line weather information
Lighthouse: Smullin Computer Lab home page ~ Willamette Univ student home pages +
Lincoln Beach Software - Authors of Download Butler, FlexSite and many more useful Internet applications ~ such as the 1996 award winning HTML Web-It editor
Line Around the World ~ add your site to others around the world
Line of Battle - A Memorial to Our Fallen Officers, The
Link Encyclopedia ~ thousands of sites available to choose from
Link Exchange, The Internet: LinkExchange Web News Headlines ~ get the timely facts
Link Trader - banner exchange ~ a great way for Web masters to gain additional site exposure
Linkaway2 home page ~ another GREAT site designed like LOOK AROUND's concept vision
LinkFinder Internet Index ~ somewhat scattered category list to other linked sites
LinkMaster8 Cool Search ~ add your site's URL to this massive database
LinkPay - Get Paid to Place Links on Your Web Site ~ a plan to help you make some money for your efforts
Links ~ 2001+ free places to submit / promote your Web page free
LinkStar Internet Directory ~ search engine
List of USENET FAQs ~ identifies most newsgroups available and their subject topics
Little Known Facts ~ some interesting tidbits published by Eeeek magazine
Live Cams ~ you select from seven + options
Live Net Cameras
Live Picture Corporation Home Page - the leader in imaging on the Net - enabling fast and efficient high-resolution imaging, panoramic viewing, and image interaction to make pictures come alive on networks
Living Digital ~ Prodigy's interactive feature
Living in WOW ~ spreading a 'Wish Only Well' philosophy
Local Eyes : Community Yellow Pages Guide with Local Web Links
local GIF icons ~ Dani Ellis' collection of buttons
Local Group, The ~ providers of localized information distribution systems for businesses and communities
Locker's, Kitty Introduction to the Web ~ learn how to use the Web, do research and design home pages
Lockergnome's Free Windows 95/NT Newsletter ~ over 68,000 subscribers
Logan Net ~ Web site of James Logan High School, Union City, California - San Francisco Bay area
Lombard Public Access Quotes ~ registered users access free info from this California based brokerage firm
London ~ England tourism info
London - Luton Airport
London Stock Exchange ~ official site
Long Island Area Scanning Resources ~ includes CT/Northeast
Look Around ~ a copyrighted 1988 story by Jan M. Cox
LOOK AROUND ... Explore, Discover, Conquer! links for beginners and experienced users to various world wide web sites
Lookaround Panoramic Portfolio Panoramic photos - cameras, silver prints, art
Looking for Student Aid ~ a brief intro on where to get more information on financial aid
LookSmart ~ colorful, much like LA with categorized link lists
LookUp Directory
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times TV and Video ~ Nielsen TV ratings and video charts
Lost Child, The - For the recovery of missing, lost, abducted, runaway children ~ JavaScript browser capable suggested
Lost in WebSpace, World Wide HomePage Club - ~ Canuck world wide 'ring' member service
Lottery Manager - Results via E-mail Home Page ~ or you can preview Lottery One's pages for the latest winning numbers
Lottery Systems and Software International
LotteryUSA ~ get the latest results in lightning strike speed
lotto ~ free online random number picker for any lottery type game
Lotto Edge Magazine ~ the lottery resource for the serious player since 1986 now online
Lotto Luck: home page ~ the Internet Lotto game you don't have to pay to play
LottoWorld home page
Louie's Midi Collection
Louvre ~ art lovers delight from France
Love Calculator, The ~ Dr Love's interesting site talks about namess and calculates your outcome
Love.com where people meet people
Lowe's Storm97 Hurricane Central - Your news source for hurricane and storm information
LPage Home Page - CGI Specialists using VB/MSAccess ~ World Famous CGI Shop (incl tutorials)
Luckman Interactive, Inc., Welcome to ~ web product mfrs
Lucky Duck's Bengal Tiger Page ~ a home page displaying photos of my extinct favorite animal
luckyduck's Home Page ~ photos of many endangered species and info on them
Luxury Online - Neiman Marcus
LView Pro Web Page ~ image processing program for Windows allows you to even create and edit graphics
Lycos ~ special pictures and sounds multimedia search section for audio / video file / programs
LYCOS - A2Z home page
Lycos DialWeb ~ now you can have your voice recorded for playback on a Web site with just a touch tone phone
Lycos, Welcome to ~ search engine
Lynx Information ~ the official site about the original Net (mostly) text browser used by Unix system users

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- M -

M A D D On-Line ~ Mothers Against Drunk Driving
M C I, Welcome ~ ntnl ISP and LD phone svcs
M E A N S home page Minnesota Equal Access Network Services, Inc linking their community w/fiber optics
M E C C Home Page ~ Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse for New York State
M I D I Center ~ collection of those rare and hard to find tunes
M I D I City
M I D I Farm Internet, The ~ great source of downloadable MIDI files
M I D I File Central ~ major source site with various world wide access server locations
M I D I Haven ~ from the oldies to the current hits, this great site may be what you're looking for
M I D I Home Page ~ all about what is MIDI
M I D I Kingdom
M I D I Parlour - Fine Midi Files
M I D I Server Yellow Page ~ sites using Yamaha's MIDI plug-in player
M I D I Studio Page ~ this program enables you to creat MIDI files from your computer - you can even see the staff musical notes
M I T home page, The ~ Mass Institute of Technology
M I T List of Radio Stations on the Internet, The ~ including 'bit'casters
M S N . COM, Welcome to ~ Microsoft Network with International site location options
M S N B C, Welcome to ~ Microsoft/NBC joint venture site
M S U School of Architecture ~ Mississippi State University
M T V Online ~ for those who keep insisting they want their Music Television - it's now online
M-Files ~ Music Files - excellent site allows you to hear the original full-length playing oldies and current tunes via Real Audio plug-in
Mac User's Guide to the Woodshed, A ~ great reference resource for those wishing to properly utilize MIDIs via the Mac
MAC Watch ~ missing and abducted children of Canada
Machine Listening Group home page
Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide, The ~ the Mac is great for music playing
Macintosh Software Resources ~ an organized start reference list
MacMikMod for Macintosh ~ great freeware mod player for Mac users
Macmillan Computer Publishing, Welcome to ~ The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Computing - great site for research learning and ebook data
Macmillan Publishing USA: Software Library ~ hundreds of shareware, freeware and demo programs to download
Macromedia - Shockwave: Get Shocked!
MacUser, Welcome to ~ Ziff-Davis popular magazine for those using the Mac
MacWeek Online ~ read the latest top stories about the changing developments affecting the Mac product line
Macy's ~ they do the NY parade; now this famous retailer is online
MacZilla ~ plug-in utility for Macintosh to view AVI, QT, MPEG and hear AU, WAV, MIDI, AIFF, MP2 and more
Mad Scientist Network, The ~ colorful and informative site
Madam and Eve Daily Strip ~ check out this unique toon
MadeiraWorld.com ~ yet another free guest book service
Madison, Connecticut - The Magic of Madison ~ this site is totally dedicated to the shoreline community
Madonna Web Page, Bob's ~ after his extensive search for a good page, he created his own
Mag's HTML Resources ~ by Tom Magliery
Mag's List of HTML Documentation
Magellan! ~ search engine
Magic JavaScript* ~ *actual site title: URL; - uses latest Java 1.2 technology - excellent with Navigator 4.0, okay with lesser than
Magic Moments Greetings Cards Found in better cards shops across the USA ~ their official site
MagicTricks.Com: The Magician's Magic Shop - Charlottesville, VA - Monticup Museum of Magic, Library of Magic, International Magic Directories, Magician's Index, trivia, contest, free tricks
MagicURL Mystery Trip ~ selective random site access
Magnavox Consumer Electronics ~ official site even has some fun and games
Magnetic Lock, The ~ personal Web site dedicted to the 'Robot' of Lost In Space
Mail Boxes Etc. ~ commercial site
Maithy's Place* *actual site title: I didn't have any shoe, then I saw a guy with no feet, and so I took his shoes... ~ great home page
Major League Baseball MLB@BAT ~ the official site
Make You Laugh
Make You Think Series ~ just press the question mark for the 'fun' test to take
Make Your Own Home Page, Welcome to ~ answer a few questions which get entered into a form producing an HTML script for you
Mall of America, Welcome to ~ take a virtual tour of this famous Mid-West center
Maloney home page ~ Meriden, CT H.S.
Malta, Search ~ much like Yahoo's search engine services
Mansfield Middle School ~ CT
Many Paths ~ an interesting personal page that dwells on life's meaning and the many opportunities abound
Map This Home Page ~ cool gif/jpeg viewer - and now even refers to Live Image
MapBlast, Vicinity Corporation's ~ use their colorful online maps to find the street locations you're looking for
Mapedit ~ excellent program from Boutell enables you to make client or server side image maps
Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map ~ learn about the different type of maps available
MapQuest! Welcome! ~ access maps anywhere in the world - interactive street guide top lot driving trips
Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
Marc's Home Page ~ although using lots of frames and javascripts, a fun place to visit
Marcel's Home Page ~ an excellent personal site from a student in Vienna
Marco's Worldmap of Homepages ~ select a continent and off you go
Marigold Digital Internet Web Site Design Marin Bay Area California
Marin & S.F. Moving and Storage
Mariners' Museum - Newport News, Virginia, The
Maritime Global Net, Welcome to ~ information and communications resources for the International Maritime Community
Mark's home page ~ creative concept from a fellow in Durban, South Africa
Mark's Mystery Picture ~ Wise Acres production also seen as interactive Prodigy member service
Mark's Word Search Page ~ make your own 15x15 word search puzzle by inputting to this site
Mark's World ~ a CT prsnl hmpg
Mark's World
Marmaduke ~ Brad Anderson displays his daily talents
Marvel home page genealogy, country dreams, Nascar and more
Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
Massachusetts State Lottery Commission ~ their official site
Massachusetts State Police Homepage ~ official site with much detail info
MasterCard International Pointers ~ credit card co
MatchMaker Organization (mm.org) ~ your chance for romance - parental guidance recommended
Math ~ a long page of resources, games and teacher lesson plans for this number subject
Matt's Script Archive ~ free Perl and CGI references
MaxHP ~ an English home page from a citizen of Kazan, Russia
May Department Stores Company, The ~ including Filene's, Kaufmann's, Lord and Taylor, and others
Mayor Marinan's City of Meriden Home Page, Welcome to ~ keep abreast of the old Silver City's governmental developments
Maze ~ you must help the princess through her over 100 page journey
Maze Maker Home Page ~ great on-line interactive feature creates rectangle, Christmas and Valentine shapes for you
McAfee!, Welcome to ~ network security/mngmnt sftwr tools
McCuthcin's, Judy, list of homes for sale in Dallas, Dallas real estate. Funny links to her dog's site. Updated constantly!
McDonalds Splash
McGraw-Hill School Division Home Page ~ a place for teachers for product info and store items
McLaughlin's Place ~ nicely done personal page with interesting feature topics
Meadow Years, The - a 60's and 70's retrospective ~ with special attention to the POW/MIA/Veterans
Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc.
Med Help International ~ non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality medical information
Med Nexus Home Page ~ now you can monitor the rapidly evolving healthcare system from your computer
Mediabridge Infosystems, Inc. home page ~ info sftwr designers re: NY city svcs
Mediarama's Color Page Builder ~ lets you see what RGB codes do when designing your HTML pages
MediaUSA: Web Publishing and Design
Medic Home Page, The ~ medical education information from the University of Texas
Megahits (c) - Connecticut's Premier Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Meggie's Rainbow Connection ~ well done, colorful home page
Men in Black ~ an official 'now in theaters' site
Mercury Center ~ San Jose newspaper online - excellent
Meriden 1996 annual report, City of* ~ *actual site title: Table of Contents
Meriden ARC Home Page ~ Amateur Radio Club, Connecticut
Meriden homepage, City of ~ one very long page of data regarding this Connecticut municipal government
Meriden Square Mall - Shopping Malls - Department Stores ~ commercially designed page about the mall
Meriden, CT home page ~ brief history review by Chris Dickinson
Merriam-Webster!, Welcome to ~ dictionary, word of the day, word for the wise and bookstore features
Merrill Lynch ~ financial investments
Merrill Lynch Online ~ investment info at your fingertips
Messenger ~ local features, news and more from Marlborough, Connecticut
MetaCrawler Searching
Metro-North Home Page, Official ~ check the schedules and routes of this CT / NY railroad company
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
MetroPool Home Page ~ commuter service info for Fairfield County, Connecticut and neighboring New York areas
Metroscope: Connecticut ~ links to CT business, educational, cultural and other organizations
Miami County Kansas OnRamp ~ excellent ISP home page, too
Michael's Home Turf - Main PowWow and WAV Files Page - Thanks for Stopping In ~ most anything you wanted to know about Pow Wow plus help with and resource for WAVs
Michelle's Place ~ a nice home page from a Sarasota gal in her 20s
Michi-Web MIDI Archive, The - MIDI is all we do ~ less glamour - more midi tunes to choose from
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Expedia ~ more travel plan packages available
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Frontpage Home Page ~ popular commercial product for Web page creation
Microsoft Games
Microsoft Kids ~ great educational tutoring projects
Microtest WebEtc - Home Page ~ commercial software enables multiple networked users to use one modem for Net
Middlesex Community Technical College ~ main campus grounds in Middletown, Connecticut
MIDI Files* ~ *aka: Kling Klang Entrance - selection of original midis
MIDI Mart, The ~ great opportunity for those creating original tunes to market them on the Net
MidiGate from PRS Corporation ~ browser plug-in plays MIDI files
MidiSite - the site that will make your PC groove
MidiWeb - User supported MIDI Web site
MIDIWerks MIDI Page ~ great reference to learn all about the basics and professional details
MidiWorld International ~ great Crescendo supporting site of tunes worldwide
MidLink Magazine ~ electronic magazine for kids in the middle grades ages 10-15
MidPlug ~ a Yamaha MIDI player synthesizer plug-in for Netscape
MidPlug ~ download Yamaha's official synthesizer MIDI player
MidPlug-E, Dowload ~ the insturction page for downloading Yamaha's MidPlug
MigraineZine ~ headache info
Mike Peterson's MIDI Page
Mike's Page ~ now this teenager really has some production talent
Mind Games ~ play pick a number tricks or the grammar puzzles
Mindbenders ~ if you're tired and bored, try these
Mindleak's WebDesign Archive ~ backgrounds, animations, images, wav and midi files resource in one location
MindSpring Enterprises home page ~ Atlanta, GA based ISP
MindWarp ~ models of consciousness / pshcology
Mirabilis LTD. ~ creators of ICQ - the latest 'I Seek You' tool tells you when your firends sign on Net
Mischief, Wav and MIDI ~ an extensive personal page with loads of one's findings to share
Missing Child - Crystal Gayle Dittmeyer
Missing Children's Network Canada, The - Alliance 9000 ~ non-profit organization in Montreal, Quebec Canada helping families in North America and Europe
Missing Kids Internation Inc. ~ last update 4/96 ???
Missing Kids / People Links ~ an extensive list of sites world wide including varioius countries and states
Missing Persons Search and Locate Service
Missingpersons ~ the original site on the Net, itinitially focused on Sarah Beth Waits
Mission: Impossible
Mister Boffo Daily Page ~ this cartoon feature is sure to make you think and smile at the same time
Mister Boffo Home Page ~ daily toon
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ~ PBS Online feature
Moby's Icon Archive ~ including 3-D buttons
Mod Archive ~ tunes in .mod format - better sounds than MIDI files
MOD MOD MOD - The List of Sites with MOD files
Modern Healthcare - Icon Page ~ professional magazine publication online
Modern Language Association Documentation ~ A Guide to Writing Research Papers
Mohegan Tribe, The ~ learn about this Native American group
Money Online ~ access the popular financial magazine right from your computer
Money Quick Quotes ~ Pathfinder's service enables you to get a quote or search a symbol plus review Money Online
Monster Board, The ~ the premier career hub on the WWW - job search, resume builder, employer profiles
Monster Magazine List, The
Monty's Bookmark's ~ Tim Montague's favorites
Moocow: Moo Web Pages ~ selection of sites containing more cow content
Morningstar.Net ~ an online investment magazine that is also a live source of info on stocks and mutual funds
Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets ~ a Net resource
Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets (HTML 3) ~ chart shows multi-national understanding
Mortgage Calculator Input ~ see how the monthly payments break down
Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support ~ an overview with a dozen varoius samples of form implimentations
Most Interesting Websites of the Week, The ~ you'll want to check this site out often
mostNewYork ~ it's New York's Daily News publication gone online
Mother Goose and Grimm ~ preview the latest of this daily toon
Motorola ~ corporate Web site
Mouse Jam Interactive Online Music Jam ~ fantastic site requires Quick-Time browser plug-in
Movie Bloopers, Welcome to ~ you pick the category and enjoy the picked reviews of errors
Movie Sounds Page, The ~ an excellent resource of audio clips from popular movies
MovieLink ~ search by theater, title, time or simply browse what's available
MovieStar Plug-in
Movieweb: home page
MovieWorld ~ see the current times, places, reviews and even industry news
MPEG Play ~ download this utility for Windows that plays MPEG files
Mr. Bill's World ~ multi-award winning site by major entities - much like LA intent
Mr. Showbiz, Welcome to
Mr. Wonderful's Jukebox
Mr. Wonderful's Place
Mt. Washington Weather Guy
Much Music
MudBall Wall ~ interesting game from Broderbund - you can even play using your browser and shockwave plug-in
Multi-State Lottery home page ~ MUSL association features Powerball, Daily Millions, Tri-West Lotto
Multimedia and Clip Art ~ provided by San Fransico Univ
Munica* *actual site title: http://www.munica.com/ - home of the Web FormPAL CGI scripts
Musei ~ the Vataican Museums now available through the Net
Museum of Contemporary Ideas
Music and Entertainment Resources on the Web ~ this site is dedicated to those who enjoy special midi music
Music Page, The
Music Room Yogyakarta
Music Shoppe, The ~ professionally done, non-commercial site selects weekly pro-type midis
Music Shoppe, The - MIDI Ring ~ a special note from the Ring Master
Music, MIDI and Online Copyrights
Musicbug - Welcome
MusicPage, The ~ home of the best midi files on the Net
MusicSearch : The Internet's Music-Only Search Site
musicwest.com ~ Vancouver, Canada info site
Mustek Home Page ~ the total scanning solution
Mutual Fund Investor's Center, The ~ get an education on how it all works
Mutual Funds Interactive(sm) ~ an independent resource of info on the Web
My Place ~ an interesting home page
My Virtual Reference Desk - Welcome one-stop reference guide to all things Internet - extremely close to LA concept
MyBusiness Directory ~ cmmrcl website displaying sold ads of businesses (limited)
MYST Trivia ~ timely (8/96+) challenging 50 question quiz contest

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N A B Home Page ~ National Association of Broadcasters Organization
N A C J D ~ National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
N A R New Haven, Connecticut Home Search ~ Meriden, Wallingford, New Haven and other south/central CT REALTORS' MLS type listings
N A S A homepage
N A S A Jet Propulsion Laboratory ~ see the latest project developments including photos from Mars
N A S A Shuttle Web: STS-84 ~ archives of Space Shuttle's countdown, launch, orbit and landings now on the Web
N A S C A R Online
N B A .com: The Official Site of the National Basketball Association
N B C.COM ~ national television network
N C D C home page ~ (National Climatic Data Center) global climate information
N C S A Mosaic ~ one of the earlier, original Net browsers
N C S A's imagemap tutorial ~ step-by-step info for those creating CGI scripts
N C S Career Magazine
N F L .COM : Front Page ~ official Web site of the National Football League
N G B Website ~ Ntnl Guard Bureau
N I A A A - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcholism
N O A A NIC, Welcome to the ~ National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration - Network Information Center
N P R Online
N R A .org (National Rifle Association) Home Page
N R V net Online ~ Virginia based ISP
N S B O L Connecticut United States Community Page Index New England
N S W Lotteries ~ Australian's State Lottery info and results
N T I A home page ~ Ntnl Telecommunications & Information Assoc
N W P S Crime Prevention Office Home Page ~ New Westminster police of British Columbia, Canada with excellent info
N W S Forecast Office, Boston, MA
N. A. M. C. A. Inc. ~ North American Missing Children Association based in Nova Scotia, Canada
Nabisco: America's Favorite Food Company!
NACOMEX USA - home page ~ Ntnl Computer Exchange - hdwr brkrg, eductnl donations, publctns, stolen sys registry
NameSecure (SM) -- Internet Domain Name Registraion Services ~ for an additional fee than that of InterNIC
Nancy's Baskett of Goodies ~ a playful use of one's last name
Nando Times, The ~ 24 hour newspaper for the Web
Nate's Multimedia Page ~ an excellent home page featuring self composed MIDIs, quick-time eatures, graphics, jokes and more
National Air and Space Museum
National Archives and Records Administration ~ important government documents preserved for your online viewing
National Association of Baby Boomers
National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents - Real Estate Agents for Home Buyers - Exclusive Buyers Agents ~ no home buyers may hire an agent to serve their interest
National Association of REALTORS
National Association of REALTORS Home Search - HomeSelect
National Banking Network: Recruiting for Banking and Finance ~ the best banking and financial service jobs on the Internet
National Business Employment Weekly, The
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children* ~ *actual site title: their URL - also have non-profit organization address .org
National Center for Technology Planning ~ suggestive ideas on helping the educational community utilize the Net
National CLearinghouse for Alchohol and Drug Information
National Endowment for the Arts Home Page ~ official site with excellent reference material
National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060 ~ daily alerts on new scams and how to avoid them
National GRADD ~ National Group Rides and Designated Drivers supporting collegiate safe ride programs nation-wide
National Hockey League Official Web Site
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
National Job Seeker Resources
National Missing Children Center, ChildSearch
National P. T. A. ~ 100 years of Parent, Teacher Association's ideas now online
National Society for prevention of cruelty to children (UK), The
National Weather Service Forecast Office Albany
National Weather Service Welcome Page
National Wildlife Federation ~ in the clasroom, on-line library, games for kids
NationsBank Home Page, Welcome to ~ official site
Naugatuck Valley CTC, Welcome to ~ Community Technical College, Waterbury, CT
Navigate Clarkson ~ Clarkson Univ, Potsdam, NY
Navy: Welcome Aboard ~ U. S. Navy OnLine
NavyOnline home page
Neff's, Tom jump page
Neighborhood: Settlements ~ StarText.com Settlements Free Personal Home Pages for subscribers
Nerd World Media Internet Subject Index ~ categorized search engine
Nerdity Test, The infamous ~ answer the questions and get your online score
Nestle S. A. Web Site, Welcome to the ~ the company - Nescafe, Nestea, Carnation, Perrier, Friskies products
Net Culture ~ read the special feature articles as presented via Time's Pathfinder service
Net Lingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
Net Locator: Jump to Search Results ~ Accufind takes you straight to the search results of your category selection
Net Magazine, The | Extreme Surfing | Web Surfer's Tool Kit
Net Ministries Home Page ~ placing religious organizations on the Web
Net Shepherd ~ from Canada, another Internet safe use filtering service - download daxHOUND software
Net Source of Naples Internet Services - Dialup Access - WWW Domain Hosting / Virtual Domains - Lan / Wan Consulting - Novell / DOS / Windows / Unix Specialist - Naples, FL
Net Tips for Writers and Designers ~ David Siegel's Web Wonk
Net-Tamer Home Page ~ DOS PPP dial-up access program requiring no TSR packet driver for old machines
Net-Trak - The Best Free Web Site Trakker ~ more than just a counter
NetAd, Welcome to The World's Classified Ads ~ from business to personals, this site is growing
Netaholics Anonymous Netaholics Anonymous Netaholics Anonymous ~ World Headquarter's Website
Netcast 3 Letter Code Forecast ~ state index includes District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
NETCOM On-line Communication Services, Inc. ~ ISP and Web presence services
NETCOM1 ~ prof webpg desgnrs w/own srvr for presentations
netCreators Icon Page - Free GIFs, Clip Art, Animations, Backgrounds, Icons, Bars, Bullets, Buttons, Cartoons, MIDI and more
NetDay National ~ wiring the schools on October 25, 1996
NetForum(tm) ~ a great Perl written program enabling your Web site visitors to leave message topics and replies - purchase software for UNIX systems
NetGuide Magazine, Welcome to
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary ~ a great way to learn all the terms utilized
Netlinks! Your Online Cyberspace Guide
netMarket ~ you've heard of Shopper's Advantage - now you can even participate in live auctions online
NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation ~ let their robots provide this free service - results via e-mail
netMEDIA by GO PUBLIC cmmrclizzd 'hot link' provider FREE for ANY business site 'worldwide'
NetMeeting ~ Microsoft's product let's you teleconference over the Net
NetMind Free Services home page
NetNoose ~ play hangman against a dictionary - choose your level
NetOwl(TM) from SRA ~ cmmrcl co selling net tracking tools
NetPlay Game Club Home Page ~ download their software and start freely playing with others
NetRadio Network home page
Netropolitan Life ~ a college course documentation of the electronic world culture
Netscape 3.0 Online Handbook* ~ *actual site title: The Online Handbook
Netscape home page
NetSpeak Corporation, Welcome to ~ official site for the makers of the WebPhone Internet phone
Netsurfer Digest home page ~ subscribe for free and receive weekly e-mail developments
NetTech home page ~ Northeast Regional Technology in Education Consortium
NetValue* ~ *actual site title: index - an Internet Presence Provider
NETView Communications ~ internet presence dvlprs for San Jose, Silicon Valley, CA businesses
Netwelcome says Welcome Newbie
NETworth ~ follow mutual funds or equities from one source
Neuroscience for Kids ~ special site for elementary and secondary students and teachers interested in our nervous system
New Car Shopping Tips ~ a public service of AAA Oregon
New England Foliage Reports
New England Hiking Group, The
New England INDEX home page ~ info/links for disabled
New England Online ~ brief list of major sites in six state region
New England Ski Reports
New England Web Map - newmap.com ~ the online interactive guide to tourism in New England
New England What Where When ~ calendars of events, contests and more regional info
New England, Welcome to ~ frm travel editors of Yankee Magazine
New Excuss Generator Intro ~ a large list of interesting sayings / ideas
New Hampshire - The Granite State's Lottery (nhlotto) (nhlotto)
New Haven Advocate ~ Connecticut publication online
New Jersey Lottery* ~ *actual site title: Division of Lottery
New Jersey Lottery* ~ *actual site title: Division of Lottery; - their official site
New Quest City - Home Page ~ select a state and city and get factual details on your choice
New Quest City, Welcome to ~ commercial site with categorized info for several US towns and businesses
New Rider's Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
New Scientist Planet Science - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly magazine
New Stock Issues ~ NewsPage Stock Industry News articles updated daily
New Webaholics ~ once you finish your home page, place the URL for universal exposure
New York City Super Resource Guide, The All ~ anything you want to know about the Big Apple places, events, etc
New York Lottery, The
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York State Police ~ their official site
New York Stock Exchange ~ this non-official site from Ohio State University is a great way to start learning about the Exchange
New York Stock Exchange Home Page ~ this official site acts as an educational tool for investors, students and teachers
New York Times on the Web, The
New York University, Welcome to
New York Yankees Home Plate ~ 1996 World Series Champions have their own fan club and merchandise page
NewbieNet ~ cyber course tutorial including how to utilize the Netscape frames
Newbies Guides, The
Newbies, Check This One Out
NewHomeSale.com - Your New Home Directory
NeWo: First step to the New World ~ a near exact of LA site and operational intents
News Bytes
News in Motion ~ NY Times' daily photoshots
News, Sports Business and Current Events from 7am News ~ JAVA enabled browsers required
News-Times, The, home page ~ Danbury, CT newspaper on-line
News.com, Welcome to C|Net's computing and inter/intranet news
Newsday / Long Island and Queens, New York ~ excellent newspaper online service
Newsday.com / AP Update - Lottery Numbers ~ get the drawn winning lottery numbers as reported by various mid-east coast and Northeast states
Newsday.com / AP Update - Wall Street ~ seee the latest stock news as reported by the Associated Press every half hour during trading
Newsletter Library home page
NewsPage ~ great site to get the latest news on the industry topic of your choice
Newsweek International Business Resource Center
NewsWorks ~ now you can search the contents of over 130 of America's best newspapers
Newtown Bee, The ~ paper publication serfving western Connecticut since 1877 is now online
NewYork.ORG - Links to Web Sites in New York City and New York State
Next to Nothing! ~ Julie Pederson provides weekly updates
nFX Cartoon-O-Matic (tm) ~ select a face and make your own toon
Nick-At-Nite's TV Land ~ info about the 24 hour programming show on your computer
Nickelodeon - entertainment and games, just for kids ~ the official site
Nielsen results* *actual title changes as a new heading daily from USA Today
Nine Planets, The ~ multimedia tour of solar system
Nintendo home page
Nissan North America ~ auto manufacturer's corporate info site
Nissin Foods: The Ramen Page ~ japanese noodles +
Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers ~ all about the 216 browser safe colors to use in graphics
Norman's ~ Hot Tips and Sites Archives ~ he'll even e-mail you the weekly updates
North American Internet, Inc. home page ~ ISP
North Bay Network ~ Calif. ISP
NorthEast Recreation Information Center
Northeast Regional Climate Center
Northeast River Forecast Center
Northeastern US Weather Page
Northwest Airlines WorldWeb
Northwest Nexus ~ Pacific Northwest ISP
Norwalk Transit District, Welcome to ~ fixed bus routes and train schedules in this Fairfield County, Connecticut area
Notable Citizens of Planet Earth ~ dictionary containing biographical info on over 18,000 people from ancient times to present day
Nova Southeastern University ~ Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Novus (sm) Network Services home page ~ incl 'Discover' & 'Bravo' credit cards
NuMorse and NuTest - Index, Homepages of ~ download their freeware program and learn morse code
Nurses, RN & LPN have earned "A License To Care" ~ learn more about these professionals
Nuthin' but Links ~ another Prodigy member develops a site much like LA's intentions
Nutscape: See your pages in a different light
Nye, Bill - Science Guy
Nye, Bill the Science Guy's NYE Labs OnLine ~ now get the PBS guy and facts on your computer

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