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O C L C Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
O U D P S - Kid Safety ~ Oklahoma Univ compiled data
O'Donnell Show, Rosie ~ famous TV talk show host / comedian has her own Web page
Oakdale Theatre ~ Wlfd, CT musical/entertainment shows center
Obsolete Computer Museum ~ excellent site covers the older computer machines of the early 80s and up
Occupational Safety and Health Administration ~ OSHA
Office of the Secretary of Defense
OfficeMax OnLine ~ tour their business offerings, buy direct
Officer Know It All
Official 1996 Olympic Web Site - home page
Official Disneyland Ride Lyric Database, The
Old Codger's MIDI Page ~ oldie goldies, country, jazz, pop, country, this and that
Old Sturbridge Village ~ explore a small New England community as it was in the 1830s
Oldies Unlimited - Home of 50's Rock and Roll, Doo Wop, Rhythm and Blues ~ the title says it all
Olsen and Associates: Currency Convertor
Omega Productions ~ svc production/promotion co for tv, record, film industry
OmniTouch, Inc.: home page
On'Village, Welcome to ~ become a free member to get inside deals on merchandise and learn what's going on
On-Line Bible ~ interactive source text now accessible via the Web
On-line Books Page, The
On-line Cookbook, The
On-Line Discounted Air Fares and Flight Reservations ~ you may know more than your travel agent
On-Line exhibitions, images, etc.
OncoLink Cancer News ~ provided via University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center
One Nation Worldwide ~ a link page for personal homepages and non-profit organizations
One Sexy Cool Spot ~ the title may be purposely deceiving
One World Plaza ~ cmmrcl site rep other adv bus
OneWorld / SingNet WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation - ver 2.0 - 21 Oct. 1994 ~ ref resources for creating sites
OneWorld, Welcome to ~ a community of over 120 leading global justice organizations under one roof
Onions, Under the Boardwalk etc. plus other Fun ~ personal page of variety
Online Bonsai Icon Collection, The ~ GIFs of this famous tree
Online Business Solutions ~ URL svc
Online Career Center ~ claims to be the Internet's first and foremost career center
Online Product News, The ~ C.G.I's interactive online shopping newspaper
Online Resources for the Designing Web Graphics Book
onlinechef - home page ~ virtual electronic cookbook of favorite recipes
OnLive Technologies ~ makers of live text data potential for Web conferencing
OnTheWeb: home page ~ www presence designers
Open Text Corporation, Welcome to ~ document field search engine
OpenService Proactive Scalable System Management ~ 'system watch' server tool co mfgr
Opera Software ~ excellent browser for the handicap / impaired ex: use keyboards instead of mouse
Opera Software - Bringing speed, fun and quick results back into Internet browsing ~ a no-frills tool competing against Netscape and IE
Operation Go Home
Operation Smile Internet Headquarters ~ provides reconstructive surgery and related health care to indigent children and adults world wide
Oracle Corporation Home Page
Oracle Service Humor Archives ~ collection from all over the world
Organization of American States, Welcome to the
Original ANSI Art Gallery, The ~ first there were the CGA computers and BBS, now it's on the Web
Original Old Time Radio (OTR) WWW Pages ~ now you can rehear the golden programs
Original Vision - software and books for writers and designers working in film, video, multimedia and Web site design ~ excellent on-line catalog resource
Orphan Delivery ~ you may want to watch your 'mice' when viewing this home page special
Oscar.com The official academy awards Web site
Oslo Stock Exchange ~ another point in the world for the timely numbers
Osmond Network ~ you can even sign the famous brothers' guest book
Other Kilowatt N9TOK's Ham Radio Page, The ~ a lot of work evident here
OtherSide.Com - member home page index ~ their subscribers personal creations
Our File Libraries ~ Sat-Com's offering of various programs of GIFs, viewers, educational material, games, etc.
Our MIDI Jukebox ~ over 400 great sounding tunes from various genre
Our World ~ a personal site dealing with the spirtual and beyond
Outback Lotto Club ~ fee based concept where your membership puts you in a pool of other gamblers
Outdoor Channel, The ~ a cable tv programming service
Outland Chess ~ internet matches for a fee
Over 1,000 Places to Advertise Your Products, Services or Websites for Almost Nothing or Even Free!
Over the Hedge ~ daily toon by Michael Fry and T Lewis
Ovi's World of the Bizarre ~ you'll want to check these collections of bizarre news stories often
Owizel's Place ~ a great personal home page with stories of life's adventures

- P -

P B S OnLine!, Welcome to
P C Computing Choice Page
P C Magazine on the Web
P C Magazine: The Top 100 Web Sites
P C Quote Makes the Internet MarketSmart
P C Wholeware Home Page ~ now you can hear your text message spoken via your PC
P G A. com
P M Zone Home Page, The ~ Popular Mechanics online
Pacific Bell Internet
Packard Bell ~ computer mfgr
Packard Bell Factory Outlet ~ remanufactured computer and online clearance specials
Page Count, Free Counters from
Paint Shop Pro 4.0 and Photoshop, Plug-in filters for
Paint Shop Pro 4.12 Tips and Tricks ~ learn how to make affordable sizzling graphic images
Paint Shop Pro Tips and Trips ~ this colorful site helps you understand the potentials abound
Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics ~ Chuck Dale takes you through a step-by-step guide for this great program
Palm Canyon Resort
Pammi's Music Page* ~ *actual site title: Music Page; links page to sites containing MIDI files of the 60's era
Pampers Total Baby Care
Pana Vision:, Welcome to Pana, IL cam shots
ParaChat Home Page ~ free, JAVA browser required feature enables you to communicate with others over the Net
Paragon's Haunted Web Page ~ very heavy loading graphics - but worth the wait
Paramount Pictures Online
Parent, Doug, Welcome to the ~ very good personal page with a peace officer theme
ParenthoodWeb -- The WWW community for parents and prospective parents
Parenting, Parents, Baby: The PARENTS PLACE.COM Mall is the shopping arena for parents, children, baby, babies and more
Parents and Children Together Online ~ educational Family Literacy Project
Parker High Home Page ~ preview this info packed site in Janesville, Wisconsin
Parknet : The National Park Service Place on the Web
Pass the Shareware Please ~ great source of downloadable files
Pat's Home Page ~ a teenager's rather colorful, light humored production
Pathfinder ~ your connection to Time, Life, Money, People, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated and other Time Warner publications
Paula's House of Music - Vinyl Records, CDs and Books ~ a site you can shop from and enjoy the selection
Peak - Peak images page ~ this Oregon ISP allows you to utilize their collection of Web Page creation tools
Peak, Inc. - Internet Service Provider and Education Center ~ Public Electronic Access to Knowledge in Orgeon
PeekABoo, The - TM Services, Information and Travel Directory
Pegasus Home Page ~ excellent Jpeg Imaging compression software
Pelders, H. MIDI Page ~ top 20+ pops and classicals
Pennsylvania Lottery
Pennsylvania State Police ~ Troop D online
People Finder
People on Delphi ~ an indexed page leading to home pages of Delphi members
People's Bank of Connecticut ~ a nationally popular organization now online
People's Court, The ~ former NY Mayor, Ed Koch, is now the judge for this popular tv show
Pepsi World, Welcome to
Pereyda's, Mark Home Page ~ a unique selection of Law Enforcement Insignia Collecting
PerformNet USA: The Performance Network ~ worldwide cmmrcl resources
Pergatory Guestbook Server System ~ free service for your home page
Perl Language Home Page, The ~ a non-commercial site of useful and timely info for the good of the Perl community
Perl Subroutines
PerlWWW ~ an index of Perl programs and libraries related to the World Wide Web
Perpetual Calendar
Persistant Client-State HTTP Cookies ~ Netscape shares the info on how these cookies really work
Personal Web Pages ~ I-conn ISP member sites
Peter Pan Bus Line ~ official company site
PetStation - all about pets, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, rabbits, ferrets, horses, fish, aquariums, parrots ~ Internet home base for animal people
Pg-13 and Under! ~ geneology, games, birthday club, homework help and more
Phil's Old Radios - Antique Radio Gallery ~ great presentation of old time past
Philadelphia Stock Exchange ~ their official site
Philadelphia Youth Orchestra
Philips, Welcome to ~ popular electronics company, now tied in with Web TV
Phonebooke, Welcome to ~ search for Web site, e-mail and street addresses, area plus zip codes and more
Phonetic/spelling alphabets for various languages ~ includes some morse code
Phrack Magazine Home Magazine ~ targeted by Federal Law Enforcement as a publication of hacker information
Phys: Nutrition for Normal People ~ professionally designed informative site
Pick A Pearl, Welcome to
PictureWorks Technology ~ great software packages for REALTORS and others seeking 360 degree photos and other special feature options
Piett Productions ~ free guest book for your home page
Pikes Peak Cam [tm] ~ a view of the Rocky Mountains from the rooftop of Softronics headquarters
Pinchbeck's, B.J. Homework Helper this youngster and parent have collected over 370 sites to help you quickly get the research info you may need
PinPoint - A Search Engine for Your Site! ~ website util at a purchase fee w/free trial period
Pixelsight ~ excellent resource of professionally created images for your Web site - register today
Pizza Bones Web Site, The ~ daily cartoons by Cris Cassatt
Pizza Hut, Welcome to ~ order your pizza online or simply learn more about their services
PKWARE, Inc., Welcome to download shareware versions of pkzip, pkunzip, pksfx
Planet Earth home page ~ WWW virtual library
Planet Earth Home Page - Images Section ~ excellent resources of URLS to add to LA
Planet Wallywood - One Liner Diner ~ randomized outside comedy goes online
Planet Wallywood - Random Acts of Trivia ~ great messages randomly appear with every page reload
Planet Zoom, Welcome to ~ a professionally done kids' Web page / site that's really for kids
Planets, Welcome to the
Planning to Build Your Class' Web Page ~ Prodigy's basic suggestions for educators thinking of getting their students' productions online
Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) ~ helps parents and teachers control Internet content access
Platinum 100 - - The Top Sites of 1996
Platt, O. H. High School Welcome to
Play the stock market online
Play4Prizes: Play Free Games; Win Cash ~ weekly drawings of winners for Interlotto gambling play too
Playbill On-line ~ theatre related +
Plea ~ * official title Web Prestige - speaks of why not to take graphics linking to another server
Plott Chiropractic ~ informative topics are 'just a mouse click away'
Plugged In ~ non-profit community access computer svc, Palo Alto, CA
Plymouth MA - Its History and People ~ here's your chance to get to know the first Pilgrims
Poetry Daily a new poem every day ~ one source of many words
Point: It's What You're Searching For
Pointers to Pointers ~ fee based service places your URL in multiple search engines
Police Central Dispatch ~ a great link source to several officer and law enforcement issues
Police Graphics Library
Police Guide ~ this massive, in-depth site contains over 180 pages of detailed information
Police Officer's Internet Directory, The ~ law enforcement's resources (jobs, agencies, mailing list etc)
PoliceNet Home Page ~ public service designed to help public service agencies communicate with their communities
PoliceScanner.Com ~ listen to Dallas Police / Fire calls live online
Politics of Cartoon Characters
Pollstar - The Concert Hotwire ~ info on over 30,000 events and 2,000 artists from one site
Pontiac Excitement on the Web
Pop Music Charts Archive - PMCA
PopClock Projection ~ U. S. Census Bureau indicates how many people live in the U. S. to date
Port Jefferson Ferry ~ Village of Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY
Positive Place on the Internet, A ~ inspirational messages are found here
Positive Press, The Good News Every Day ~ check their daily story and other resource factors
Positive Response TeleVision ~ infomercial industry online
Post Office, The ~ see the progress, developments of a United Kingdom operation
Postman, Welcome to ~ a free mailing list service on the Web
PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere!
Powell's Home Page, The ~ excellent, well designed with personality personal page
Powersoft Web Site ~ aka Sybase - sftwr dvlprs for internet presence creations
PowerVision Corporation, Welcome to
Premiere Radio Networks Online* ~ *actual site title: URL; - great sound bytes updated often
Preschool Pages - At Home Moms ~ ideas, articles, seasonal themes, printable projects
Presence Information Design ~ professional Web page designers
Presence Provider: 123 Go Global Web Hosting (International) ~ a Web Designer's dream come true - IPP exclusive services
Preview Travel ~ as used by AOL as a special feature for their members, try their fare finder service for the best offers and more
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine ~ computer hardware, software, books
PriceScan: The Computer Price Search Engine ~ hardware, software and supplies
Prime Climb, Inc. Rock Climbing Gym ~ vertical indoor exercise
Primenet Links to other WWW Sites
Primenet Services for the Internet WWW ~ Arizona based prtl ntnl ISP
Princeton University
Pro CD Table of Contents ~ commercial product enables you to find people, businesses and most any other directory type information
Prodigy Service, The
Professional Business Network Exchange, The ~ search for business cards, personal resumes, corporate brochures
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Online
Professional Web Design
Profusion ~ this service enables you to search the top six search engines from one entry
Program Five - Professional software to win a Lotto and all the others National Lottery Games over the world ~ you can even download a free preview version
Programming 101 By Way of JAVA ~ T. Boutell shares the secrets and tips on JAVA writing
Project Cool: Man ~ ~ includes developer's zone and coolest on the Web
Project Cool: Sightings ~ see what new sites appear on a daily basis courtesy of Glen Davis
Project W Home Pages ~ place your 'monitored' web pages on net for fee
Promoting Your Page (How to Publicize Your Web Page) - Oregon State University
Promotion Source: Premier Web Site Promotion Resources ~ get the tips for marketing and selling on the Internet / Web
ProsperTech Group, Inc. ~ web presence designers of corporate employment svcs
Prudential Securities' Virtual Branch Office ~ financial advising online
Puberty 101
Public Library Association ~ their goal is to advance the development and effectiveness of public library servic and public librarians
Publishers Clearing House - magazines, contests, sweepstakes, subscriptions, promotion ~ their official site
Pueblo Home Pages ~ a Global Learning Collaboratory
Puerto Rico ~ a Spanish listing of services available on the island
Pulaski, Casimir Elementary School ~ Meriden, Connecticut public grade school
Pulver Report ~ Jeff Pulver offers timely Web / Net active development news
Pulver Report, The ~ each edition takes a look at emerging and enabling net technologies
Pumpkin's Net Patch ~ a site that offers the younger viewers an opportunity to find great info they can appreciate
Punster, The ~ home page of the newsletter dedicated to puns and other fun wordplay
Purina Pet Care Center ~ pet care, training, nutrition and even fun and game features
Puzzle Depot, At the ~ puzzles, board games, trivia, related books and software
Puzzle Depot: Software Shelves ~ links to crosswords, jigsaws, scramblers and other shareware creator programs

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- Q -

Q and D Software Development home page ~ download their WebForms and WebMania HTML designing sharewares
Q R Z home page ~ amateur radio publication online w/interactive info
Q V C home page
QPage.com The On-Line Automatic Web Page Maker ~ you can design your own Web page online right now
Quad's, D.J. Ultimate HTML Site ~ multi-awards winning site guides you through the process
QuailWare Outlet, The ~ computer consultants and sellers - try their unique and valuable shareware
QUALCOMM Enterprise Software Technologies ~ Eudora
Quality Graphics & Marketing
Quantum Networking in Phelan, California ~ tri-community ISP
Quantum Networking Solutions, Inc. ~ Antelope Valley, CA ISP
Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiative ~ Mars projects, shuttle team progreses and more educational timely developments
Question a Cop?
Question of the Day ~ great site offers the answer, too
Quick As A Snail* ~ *actual site title: Index - interesting personal page
Quick Clips ~ add a little (graphical) style to your personal Web page
Quick Introduction to the Internet, A ~ a quick one pager by Michael Allen Gelman
Quick Review of HTML 3.0, A ~ as put out by the W3 organization
Quicken Financial Network ~ get stock and mutual fund quotes and other news online
QuickTime Plug-in Sample Web Site ~ great look for Apple's feature abilities
QuickTime Software, Download Apple ~ an Macintosh / Windows multi-media browser plug-in
Quicktime to GIF Animation Resource
Quintessential Career and Job-Hunting Resources Guide ~ more than a job seeker's leads ... focused tips on how to land that job
Quotations home page
Quote Page, The ~ a home page of one's best words one likes
Quote.com - Quotes, News, Investment Research and More ~ quick quotes online
Quotes 'R' Us ~ over 1100 quotes available for your reading
Quotes from the Perfect Man ~ get a new message with every page reload
Quotes of the Day ~ selected from Michael Moncurs collection of quotations

- R -

R A M Research Group, The Planet of Low Rate, No Annual Fee, Secured, rebate Credit Cards ~ Best Credit Card Deals
R B S E's URL database ~ another spider search robot, this one from the Repository Based Software Engineering Program
R G B - Hexadecimal Color Conversion ~ calculation formula provided
R G B Color Chart ~ Douglas Jacobson's excellent RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart identifies the color and numbers nicely
R S A C, Welcome to ~ Recreational Software Advisory Council - site rating based on content acceptance
R. E. Designers # high quality, low cost Web site design - they'll even submit to major indices. ~ Reciprocator Member
Radio Classics
Ramsch, Martin - iso8859-1 table ~ codes to use for unique characters
Random 80's Lyrics ~ see if you recognize any of these last decade lines
Random Internet Cameras
Random Light Bulb Joke ~ Netscape users automatically get a new message every few seconds
Rank This The Online Tool and Cyberguide for Search Engine Promotion ~ Web masters can easily find out how well the popular search engines recognize their URL
Raritan PD ~ see who's been arrested in this New Jersey city and much more
Raveis, William home page ~ CT real estate company
RE/Max International
react ~ teen webzine
Reading, Massachusetts Police Department
ReadToMe Home Page ~ now you can 'hear' what the Web pages have to say
Real Audio home page
Real Audio, The Best of ~ excellent selection of RA Sound clips
Real Estate Zeen and Network - REZN ~ where real estate agents can sharpen skills, chat and enjoy jokes and humor
Real TV, Welcome to ~ 'Today, video cameras are everywhere'; this tv show brings you the captured pictures
Reality Check ~ Dave Whamond's cartoon feature
Realtime Audio Effects for Guitar, Voice, MIDI, CD and more ~ a utility that boosts your PCs output
Realty 3 ~ Southington, CT real estate company
Realty View Web Server
RebelOne's Home Page ~ chock full of interesting features
Recipe Archie ~ frm semcor.com member "eileen"
Reciprocator, The onLine's Web Promote - ~ free service helps you determine who should be linked to your site
Recommend-It.Com Spread the Word ~ the electronic word of mouth way to tell others about your site
Record-Journal Publishing home page ~ Meriden, CT newspaper online
Red Deer and District Museum ~ Canadian virtual net tour
Redsox.com, Welcome to ~ presented by the Boston Redsox and New England Sports Network
Redwood Country Online, Welcome to ~ great virtual community for California's north coast
Regie's Cool Page ~ one long intro page leads you to several interesting topics to surf through
Region 88 Boat Rides ~ southeast Connecticut coastline info
Regional Climate Centers ~ historical climatic information for the United States
Regional Technology in Education Consortia ~ their mission is to improve student achievement via technology
Register for Free Home Page at Angelfire Communications ~ this page will later produce a password for your access
Register your Domain on the Web! ~ Global Entrepreneur Network svc
register.com new mall
Registration Services Help Desk ~ the InterNIC's guide to domain name listings
Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now, Welcome to ~ professionally done, informative site
Religions of the World
RELO International Relocation Network ~ real estate
Relocation Salary Calculator
Remember When (Memories of Yester Years) ~ relive the 50s, 60s and 70s music, tv, movies and more
Rendezvous, The Interesting personal page with dark age theme
Reno-Sparks Real Estate
Republican-American home page ~ Waterbury, Connecticut newspaper online
Rescue One Internet Services ~ EMS, Fire, Police Headquarters online
Research Institute on Addictions, The ~ research findings on drinking, drugs and other substance abuses
Researchpaper.com ~ large collection of topics, ideas and assistance for school related research projects
Residential Energy Efficiency Database, The ~ info on designing, building, renovating, operating energy efficient residential housing
Resource Central ~ another informational site with over 3,000 of only the best links
Resource Marketing, Inc. Trade Banners Program ~ display their banner and they'll do same (for fee) for you
Resume for Jennifer Warf ~ displaying her xcllnt graphical/html talents
Rhyme Generator ~ the computer will write a little poem jsut for you, as long as you give it the first line
Rhyming dictionary
Rhythm97 ~ a personal home page featuring weekly top 40 of various categories
Rick's List of Links ~ SCSU stdnt's hmpg w/great graphical links
Riddle du Jour ~ you'll enjoy the daily interactive challenge
Riddler!, Welcome to ~great games and prizes all free
Riddler's Games, Welcome and Enjoy Playing ~ great games, great prizes - and it's all free
Riklan's, David and Michelle Self Improvement Web Guide
Riley Guide to Job Search, The
Ring Around the Sun - Join ~ others will make a planetary stop to your site
RingSurf ~ another ring service but unsure of its maintenance
Roadmap96 Workshop home page, The ~ text based 27 lesson Internet training
Roadmap96 Workshop Homepage, The ~ a free, easy way to learn a lot about the Internet
Robin's Weekly Byte of Gold ~ great home page leading you to other links
Robotman ~ Unitedmedia displays Jim Meddick's ever changing cartoon
Rock 'N Road ~ rock climbing areas of North America
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum ~ visit online and see the inductees, top hits and more
Rock Mall - Are You Musically Interactive? The #1 Music Website on the Net.
Rock-and-Roll Page ~ Tom Simon devotes a special feature ot the artists and tunes of the 50s and 60s
rockhall.com ~ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - remember the psycedelic years
Rocktropolis ~ rock and roll fantasy theme park
Rockweb Interactive - Virtual Music Community
Rocky Mountain Tradecard ~ barter assoc
Rollerblade ~ in-line skating factors
Ronit's Quantum Leap Pages (Main)
Rose Is Rose ~ cartoon by Pat Brady
Rose's Everything Links
Rose's Java Page
Rosetta Technologies home page ~ communication software developers for Macintosh, PC, Unix platforms
Rosh Hashanah Web Page Site, The
Roth, Daniel A. ~ an excellent resume sample
Roy Agencies, The ~ a Wallingford, CT based real estate and insurance agencies
Royal British Columbia Museum, The
RubberFlex ~ home of AnimaFlex - a higher step up from GIF animations
Runaway hotline site

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- S -

S B A: Small Business Administration home page
S C S U, CS WWW Server, Student homepages
S I Online ~ Sports Illustrated
S I T O artchives and collabspace ~ a place for image-makers and image-lovers to collaborate and exchange ideas
S J C P L's Public Libraries with Internet Services ~ find out who has what where
S N E T Connecticut Yellow Pages ~ after 15 years, my vision finally materializes
S N E T Internet - Towns ~ Connecticut municipalities
S N E T. We go beyond the call.
S P D ~ Southington, CT Police Department's official Web page
S S Peter and Paul Orthodox Church ~ Meriden, Connecticut
S T A Travel
SABRE Travel Information Network Home Page ~ special site for the professionals in the business
Sacramento real estate, Homes, Agents, Lenders & Community Links ~ Norhtern California info
Safe-T-Child Online, Welcome to ~ child's street smart exam and other safety tips
SafeSurf home page ~ the original Internet rating system
Safety Belts ~ a one page simple fact of why you need to wear them
Sailor's (Maryland's Public Informatioin Network) Home Port ~ Maryland's State Department of Education
Saint Francis home page ~ one of the nation's leading health care systems in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Saint Joseph School, Welcome to ~ Meriden, Connecticut grade school now online
Saint Stanislaus School, Meriden, CT* ~ *actual site title: http://www.record-journal.com/ststan/home.htm
Sam's International Pen Pal Club
San Juan Island Web Directory
Sandy Bay Software's PC Webopaedia - Welcome ~ yet another award winning site that keeps you abreast of computer topic developments
Sanford Police Department ~ in York County, Maine
Santa Clarita Valley Optimist Club of Newhall
Saquel, Mario Midi Home Page
Sarah's Guide to (Worldwide) Coolness* * actual site title: main ~ very nicely done personal page
Saturdays at Talcott Mountain Science Center ~ learn what's waiting for you at Farmington, Connecticut
Saturn Site, The ~ automobile maker
Sausage Software home page ~ HTML script writer and more
SavvySearch ~ checks multiple search engines w/one entry
Say... ~ a Mac machine way to have your computer read aloud what you see on the Web
ScamWatch, Welcome to ~ a service of InterGOV with ways to avoid scams and learn the latest methods others try to use to fool you
Scavenger Hunt ~ *actual site title same as URL
ScholarStuff ~ professes to have more stuff for scholars than anywhere else on Web
Scholastic Place ~ popular educational publishers go online
School House Rock Page
School Placement Services
Schools on the Web ~ a special grant giving service sponsored by MicroSoft
Schools Online
Schrock's, Kathy Guide for Educators
Schrumm, Ricki home page , Cheshire Real Estate, Connecticut
Schwab, Charles and Co., Inc. -- SchwabNOW ~ mutual fund one source online
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
sci.geo.meteorology data sources FAQ ~ comprehensive listing of weather-related information on the Internet
Science and the Environment - A Learning Tool ~ electronic magazine brings you environmental news from around the world
science club child kid experiment fair project ~ if you need more resources to other science related sites, this the place to start
Science Friday Kids' Connection
Science Hobbyist: Amateur Science subpage ~ here are some great resources for science projects
Science Horizons WWW Server ~ data acquisition and processing technical hard/software developers
Scoreboard ~ get the latest sports results as featured on USA Today's Web site
ScoreCheck - check your site's Web visibility as to how you rank against your competition in the major search engine finds
Scout Report Home Page ~ this online publication helps keep you abreast of the Net developments
Scout Report Homepage ~ weekly publication of Web developments you can even have e-mailed to you
ScoutLink ~ IRC Network allowing scouts to chat with other scouts around the world
Screen Saver Central ~ fantastic links to over 500 alpha / category saver sites
Screen Saver Heaven ~ archive index of the best available on the Net - over 500 images for Window users
SeaFare Access Ltd. ~ St. Johns, NF, Canada ISP
Search Engine Room ~ one page leads you to text choice options
Search Page, The
Search the Funny Site
Search Tripod Member Pages ~ over 130,000 personal pages
Search.com ~ c:net's search engine leads to others
Searching the Internet For a Certain MIDI File ~ enter your request in one of the forms
Searching the World Wide Web ~ detailed info w/procedure suggestions on using search engines; Susan Gaer, author
SearchSport The Sports Directory. If it's sports, find it here ...
Sears, Roebuck and Company, Welcome to
Seattle FilmWorks ~ photography and digital image processing company
Secrets of Searching the Web and Promoting Your Website ~ Eureka - you've discovered an excellent resource
Security First Technologies - Network Security Division ~ SecureWare for your Net connections and services
Seekers WebLink Express ~ advertise your site in Parade and USA Weekend newspaper magazine
Sega Online - Buzz: Comics ~ aka Sherman's Lagoon by Jim Toomey
Sega Online!, Welcome to
Select List of Only the Very Best Midi Pages, A
Self Discovery Workshop - Free, Fast and Fun IQ Test ~ in 10 minutes you can learn more about yourself
Self Improvement Online - tests on intellectual, physical and emotional ability
Self Protection Page ~ tips from the Metro Nashville Police Department with Real Audio
self-esteem self-help home page ~ a site with more links and their own info / resources
Selph-Juday, David Web Page Design ~ consultation and creative programming creations are his specialty
Sempahore's Free Internet Resources, Welcome to ~ includes National Address browser and Credit Card Processor programs
Sense Networking: oz.net ~ Seattle ISP
Seussville!, Welcome to ~ Cat in the Hat +
Seven Wonders ~ timely chosen site picks
Sexual Assault Information Page ~ linking info regarding rape, violence and abuse
Shaikun's, Mike Animated GIF Collection ~ over 600 selections
Shakespearean Insult ~ randomized adjectives/nouns create new phrases
Shamash Home Page ~ the Jewish Internet Consortium placing others on the Net
Shano's Chat Acronym Database ~ identifies the lingo used in today's chat sessions
Shareware CGI's
Shareware Library ~ Web browsers, FTP software, graphic viewers, html editors, utility software
Shareware.com -- the way to find shareware on the Internet ~ C|Net's special feature service
Shockzone Gallery Guide ~ part of Shockwave's official site showing sites using the special plug-in feature
Shoe Page, The Jeff MacNelly ~ the official Web site for this cartoon
Shoppers Advantage Club ~ save on merchandise cost from this special service
Shoppers Advantage: home page
Shorttimer ~ a nicely put together personal production
Shotgun will Shoot Your Site All Over the Web! ~ link your site to theirs - they'll submit yours to 50 top search engines
Sidewalk, Welcome to ~ your personalized major city guide to entertainment
Siegel's, David home page presents webpage creation ideas
Sights and Sounds Technology
Silicon Investor ~ excellently high rated site with timely feature article info and more
Silicon Surf, Welcome to visualization, 3D, graphics, sound, multimedia developers - this site has heavy graphics/frames
Silicon Valley Web Directory, The
Silver Shadow # dedicated in exploring new horizons ~ Reciprocator Member
Silver's Place home page ~ a Web page designer with a great personal home page
SimpleNet - The low cost web hosting service
Simpson's Archive, The
Simpsons, The
Sinna-Tech Webworks Design Studio
Sirius Connections ~ San Fran/Bay area ISP
Sistine Chapel Art* * actual site title: Extended Tour
Site Construction Price Example
Site Fights 4.0, The ~ register your site here to compete against other home pages
Site Flow ~ yet another free counter service for your Web page
Sites and Sound Links ~ links to some of the best music resources for musicians
Sites That Do Stuff ~ Cathie Walker has put together a page of links to very interactive sites
Sites with audio clips ~ from presidential debates to cartoon sounds / effects
Skies of the Dancing Dragon, The graphic and text adventure story of the world of Hakkhor
Sky and Telescope
Slate ~ Microsoft's magazine online
Slip.Net - America's Premier Internet Service Provider ~ ISP
Small & Home Based Business
Small & Home Based Business Marketing; Mailing Lists; SIC Codes
Small Business Foundation of America
Small Business Resource Center
Smartclicks: - Targeted Banner Advertising For Free ~ another way to expose your site while helping others do same
SmartLink home page, The ~ Santa Clarita Valley, California ISP +
Smartnet Home Page ~ Sacred Heart University's Smart Center focuses on mathematics and science
Smick and Smodoo's World ~ if you love music, you'll enjoy this site with extensive resources and MIDI files of all catagories
Smileys File, The ~ more than the ;-) found here
Smithsonian Institution home page
Snapple Smiles
Snapshots the Cartoon Home Page ~ experience the daily talents of creator Jason Love
Sneeze Page, Welcome to the ~ Clariton provides various .au files of different sneezes
Snoopy's Dog House ~ official cartoon and other features site
Snow Conditions & Maps ~ a web user hmpg creation
SnowLink, Welcome to
So you want to learn Morse Code? ~ tips on how to learn including software to teach you
So, you want to make a Web Page ~ Joe Barta offers online and downloadable (for later offline reference) tutorials on creating Web pages, using frames, tables etc.
Soap Links
Social Security Administration* ~ (actl ttl SSA hm pg)
SoCoOl ... Sonoma County OnLine ... SoCoOL Bob's Roller Coaster Index ~ one interesting way to learn where to visit
SoftCell Marketing* - Web site presence planning services ~ *actual site title: Home
SofTec Software, Inc. ~ home of Digital Cards and other great authoring tools
SoftSeek, Welcome to - The Software Source ~ great site shows and allows you to access the most popular files and current Net news
Software Archive ~ oldie but goodie shareware / freeware for clip art, true type fonts and Windows
Software Publishers Association, Welcome to the ~ leading organization for the software industry
Sojourner Roll-out, Movie of (9 frames)
SoloTech's Resources for Internet Novices ~ Beginners Luck - long list of categorized links on one page
Something for Nothing Journal Home Page, The your guide to the best free offers - you can even submit your own copy
Sony Online
Sony Pictures Entertainment Movies
Sound Gallery, The ~ check out Steve's massive collection of MIDI tunes
SoundApp ~ the Mac source for being able to play WAV and other audio files found on the Web
Soundview Executive Book Summaries home page
Southern Lady's Homepage ~ this home nurse shares her personal and professional love
Southington High ~ Connecticut public high school online
Southington Public Schools ~ CT
Southington Savings Bank ~ Connecticut banking online
Southington, Connecticut ~ Hickory Hill pub svc production
Southington, Connecticut ~ a service of Hickory Hill highlights the town's features and more
Southwest Airlines home gate
Southwest Link ~ Phoenix, Arizona ISP
SoVerNet - Vermont's Internet Connection ~ ISP
Space Calendar (JPL)
Space Movie Archive gateway ~ biggest collection of space animations in the world - search database of over 2300 videos
SpaceCowboy's home page ~ an LOOK AROUND Web Rocket neighbor's creation
Spam Cam
Sparkle ~ special graphic displayer plug-in tool for Mac machines
Special Offer - Wear Your Homepage ~ Mackey's special tees - your home page logo on a shirt
Specials on the Web ~ (new: not yet descrptv)
Speedtrap Registry, The WWW ~ now you can find out where the radar is pointing most anywhere
Spiegel Directions ~ famous catalog company
Spilled Ink - creative thought journal ~ authors offers from poems to short stories
SPiN Communication Line: Get a Free Chat ~ add a free interactive JAVA based feature to your Web site
SPiN Goodies: Multi Guest Book ~ yet another free service for your Web pages - from Denmark
Spin the Web ~ TV Guide's randomizer feature for kids' sites
Sports Illustrated for Kids Online
Sports Network, The
Sportsline USA, Welcome ~ superstars, scores, odds & analysis
Springfield, MA Police Department
Sprint ~ ntnl ISP and LD phone svcs
SprintWeb ~ excellent professionally done home page in the Netherlands offers much like LOOK AROUND
SPRY Safety WEB Server ~ software tools
Spy Fact of the Day
Squishy Thoughts... ~ excellently layed out personal home page
ssanimation.com ~ over 100 all original and free graphics to use
St. John's University ~ NY
St. Louis Business Factory ~ daily business news available online
Standard and Poor's ComStock on the Net ~ real time market data with unlimited flexibility
Standard MIDI Files on the Net - The List of Sites With MIDI Files
Staples* ~ (actual title Welcome.html rewritten for proper I.D.) - virtual office superstore
Star Mail, Introduction to ~ register for e-mail addresses that include famous names, places and phrases
Star Trek ~ a colorful Paramount site
Star Wars Trilogy: Official Website ~ fiction on the Web
StarNet Communications Corp. ~ producers of PC X (server +) software
StarNet Online Systems, Welcome to ~ cmmrcl site w/links
StarNet Online Up-to-Date Stock Quotes
Starting Point ~ search engine
Starting Points for Internet Exploration
State Vocational Federation of Teachers ~ SVFT Local 4200A, Connecticut
States Flying Flags ~ specially created animated flags of all US states
Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island Immigration Museum, New York, NY
Steve's Kewl Links ~ home page author is also LOOK AROUND's Rocket neighbor
Stevie's Guest Book Setup ~ just fill out the form and start using this free guest book service from Steve
Stevie's Internet Resources, Services and Facilities ~ share in his experiences of Web surfing and special finds
Steviejeep's Place ~ animated backdrop / wallpaper pages
Stewart, John N., Art of ~ an excellent "artists" site
Stickney's, Doug Silver Screen Siren Website ~ view the images and galleries of your favorite Silver Screen Movie Stars
Stock Market Data
Stock Market Update - stock market quotes, news, charts and analysis ~ nicely done page for info access
Stock Smart* ~ *actual site title: Stocks, Mutual Funds, News, Portfolios, Financials, Investments - free service lets you follow the latest developments
Stock-Line ~ professionally done site enables you to really learn what's going on in the market including Real Audio interviews with some of the shakers and makers
StockMaster ~ you enter the desired trade item and then see their quote and graph - free 15 minute delay ticker info and more regarding stocks and funds
Stone - Welcome to My World ~ unique site of author's personal interests packed in multi-frames
Stoopid Fly Game, The ~ an interactive JAVA site that encourages you to help find the bugging insect
Storer, Teresa Coldwell Banker Right, Buyer Broker Agent ~ professional representation in the New Haven, Connecticut shoreline area
Storm Chaser homepage ~ track tornados/T-storms and more
Stormy Weather Software ~ programs include: ocean tides, astronomy, morse code, yacht race and more
Strategic School Profiles - all Connecticut Schools
StratoNet, Inc., Welcome to ~ Florida ISP with great home page
Streetproofing Your Children ~ order this $20 video before it's too late
Strictly Sports ~ catalog items online
Stuart Entertainment, Welcome to ~ Bingo King - Video King - Bazaar & Novelty
Student Cyber Centre ~ sites for kids: general education, recreation, entertainment, sports, games, surf-e-mates
Student Guide, The ~ financial aid from the U. S. Dept of Education
Students Online, Welcome to ~ great 'hangout' spot on the Web - requires fee paid membership
Style Guide for Online Hypertext ~ provided from the W3.org site
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ~ federal / world-wide organization site
Subway navigator ~ routes around the world
Sunflower Kids and Families Pages
Sunflower WWW home page ~ Kansas City's non-profit org server displaying members' + pages
SunJet ~ Newark, California, Texas and Florida flights
Sunridge* ~ *actual site title: URL; - the official site of the instant lottery tickets exchange service
Sunrise Theater ~ source for science fiction moviews of the '50s
SunWorld Online - table of contents ~ Sun computer system's magazine now available on web
Super Collider BBS ~ full internet, game connections, teleconferencing capabilities and more @ 33.6 kbps
Supermarket of Savings
Supermarket Shopping Network ~ feature: internet sandwich center
Supermarket Shopping Network, The ~ main page for cooks, parents, grocery shoppers +
SuperNet User Guide - Creating a Web Site
SUPERNET! ~ (aka ski.com) ~ Colorado ISP attracting major ntnl cos for marketing dvlpmnt
SuperNet, Inc. ~ categorized links
Superprize International - The All New Way to Win Big Prizes
Supreme Court Decisions
Surf the Net with Ed! ~ photos of his honeymoon/tour duty
Surf-E-Mates ~ write to cyber pals from Australia and other countries
Surfin' With Liz ~ a great personal page whereby Liz takes you on a tour (pages) of site links she has visited
SurfPay - Get Paid to Surf the Net ~ the luck of the visited draw beholds you
SurfWatch from Spyglass ~ server / client software monitors sites and determines safe content access
Surname Springboard ~ a unique center point to sites containing genealogy data of specified families
Susan's Quote Book
Susse Chalet* ~ *actual site title: Wallingford, Connecticut
Swain's, Rex HTML Sampler ~ an LA 11 page shows EVERY tag available
Sweepstakes on the Webstakes Network ~ try your luck through the various categories
Sweepstakes Online Welcome Page
Swimming Holes in the Eastern States
Syed's Bullets, Buttons and Other Gizmos ~ graphic images for your usage
Symmetry Associates ~ Ila Marie Goodey, PhD shares some poetic thoughts as an LAtW neighbor
Sympatico Help: Learn about the Internet ~ excellent coverage from Canadian ISP
Synchromic Studios, Inc. Post Production and Animation ~ home of Maui cam
Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation ~- The Art and Science of Conscious Living
Systran Software HTML Translation Page ~ pick a less than 10k page and see it in a different language

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