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Phil Viger of Meriden, Connecticut dedicates this Web site
to all who recognize pursuing a vision can lead to successful reality!
Your patience and encouragement throughout the journey are appreciated.

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Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut 
more Meriden, Connecticut info

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[tiny new] L[animated graphical eyes]K AROUND Special Features ... (166 pages)

New Bookmarks: Now you may explore what I discovered and conquered in 1998, 1999 and 2000!

Name These Tunes: Identify MIDI clips of pop songs - new challenging selection created monthly!

Penny Trivia: See how wise you really are as you test your common 'cents' skills!

Meriden Businesses: Meet those located in the Silver City of the Nutmeg / Constitution state!

Community Calendar: Monthly feature informs you of what's happening in central Connecticut + more!

Class Reunions: Get together details for graduates from any of Meriden's four high schools!

School Lunch Menus: Discover what the students in Meriden, CT are offered for daily entrees!

[Virtual Highways shield] Virtual Highways: real photos, sign data and exit info for Connecticut's Interstates and Expressways!

[Amy raised PR flag] Amy Ann Gonzalez-Viger raises Puerto Rico's flag in Meriden.

[traffic signal] Meriden Bus route maps, stop schedules and fare info for Connecticut's Silver City!

[under constrctn] This is an ongoing project - thanks for your encouragement. Please be sure to visit often!

[light bulb button] Meanwhile, you're welcome to see how the first page appeared!

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[coming soon] Make this your site ... what would you like to LOOK AROUND and see?

[future plans] LOOK AROUND unique business, educational and entertainment resources:

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