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Meriden, CT
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Here's your opportunity to learn about other opportunities available from those
located in my home town ... the Silver City of the Nutmeg / Constitution state.

Non-profit organizations and private individuals located in Meriden, CT may
take advantage of free placement/exposure of a message through the year 2003.
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Material submitted is subject to this site's maintainer approval and acceptance.
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'91 Navy Blue 4-Door Custom Buick Regal

'91 Custom Buick Regal
$425.00 or b/o
Being sold 'as-is' mainly for parts or rebuild - does not run!
Navy Blue 4-Doors, cloth seats, AM/FM radio, automatic,
original transmission and engine has over 120k miles.
Please call Phil at (203) 238-2583 for inspection.

'90 Range Rover
This County Sport Utility 4D has 146,700 miles and
is in 'good' condition. It has a V8 3.9 Liter engine,
automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive, a/c, moon roof,
power: steering, windows, door locks, and dual seats.
Please call Betsy at (203) 235-0528 for complete details.

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Betsy Viger

For all your AVON needs, call
your independent representative,
certified beauty advisor, and unit leader:
Betsy Viger, (203) 235-0528, today!

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updated September 1, 2003
created January 28, 1999