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I hope you enjoy the following collection of link-to sites as much as I.
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A O L's Instant Messenger ~ now you can chat with other AOL members even if you aren't one
Amazing Fish Cam!, The ~ see fish on the net
At Work-Cam ~ who do you want to spy on today - live interaction with pc repairmen at their desk
Big Eye, The - Cybercafe Resource for WWW browsing
Cameras, Cameras and more Cameras ~ one page with links to other Web sites utilizing video feeds - even has a search database feature
Chat with Beseen.Com's WWW Chat...
Chat World! ... Fastest chatline on the Net! ~ frame browsers connect to live world-wide conversation
Classic Cams Menu ~ an extensive list of great live shots available over the Net
CoolTalk, Netscape Navigator 3.0 ~ an exciting plug-in enabling you to make long distance calls free and transfer live 'white-board' drawings, and photos
CU-SeeMe Home Page, White Pine's ~ video chat software
Cyberzine Chat ! Best Chat Rooms on the Web !
DayTraders ~ IRC chat room service for those trading the stock market
EarthCam - We Never Close ~ comprehensive directory for locating live video cameras on Net
Free Advertising Exchange, The ~ chat service featuring banner exchange concept for your Web site
FreeTel ~ download their advertiser supported software and conduct free live voice / text conversations over the Net
GeoCities - Hollywood and Vine Camera ~ live shot gives you a sense of being there
Home of World NetCams ~ Trendy.Net presents the original list and view of some great scenes
I R C Related Documents ~ a page with links to other WWW-IRC Information
IIS Webnet Chat ~ warning: this live, interative service contains sexual references in the adult area
InfiNet ~ aka IRC general commands
Intel Internet Video Phone* *actual site title: Connected PC ~ requires Windows 95 and a Pentium machine
Internet Information Center ~ keeps you abreast of recent developments and provides references to other URLs
Internet Relay Chat - The Undernet!
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - Information!
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Frequently Asked Questions ~ detailed references from when it all started in 1988
Internet TeleCafe, The
JenniCAM Live
Live Cams ~ you select from seven + options
Live Net Cameras
Michael's Home Turf - Main PowWow and WAV Files Page - Thanks for Stopping In ~ most anything you wanted to know about Pow Wow plus help with and resource for WAVs
NetMeeting ~ Microsoft's product let's you teleconference over the Net
NetSpeak Corporation, Welcome to ~ official site for the makers of the WebPhone Internet phone
OnLive Technologies ~ makers of live text data potential for Web conferencing
Pana Vision:, Welcome to Pana, IL cam shots
ParaChat Home Page ~ free, JAVA browser required feature enables you to communicate with others over the Net
Pikes Peak Cam [tm] ~ a view of the Rocky Mountains from the rooftop of Softronics headquarters
Random Internet Cameras
ScoutLink ~ IRC Network allowing scouts to chat with other scouts around the world
Shano's Chat Acronym Database ~ identifies the lingo used in today's chat sessions
Spam Cam
SPiN Communication Line: Get a Free Chat ~ add a free interactive JAVA based feature to your Web site
Synchromic Studios, Inc. Post Production and Animation ~ home of Maui cam
The Diner ~ sit down and 'chat'!
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide #1 ~ extensive list arranged by state locations
Trendy.Net Presents - Chat Touring ~ a browser capable of reading Java and frames is required
Tribal Voice - The PowWow Page ~ software allows upto 7 people to chat, send / receive files and explore the Web together using a static URL
Ultimate Chatlist: Acronym Search
VocalTec Home Page ~ creators of Internet Phone and other telephony multimedia conferencing products
Voxware, Welcome to - The Voice in Software ~ PC World 6/97 gave highest ratings for TeleVox Internet Phone
WebChat Broadcasting System ~ chat with over 2,500 registered users - IE browser preferred
Well, The ~ fun and intelligent conference rooms available to paid monthly membership
Who? Me? Search Form ~ a new, unique way of leaving a message or checking on who may have left one for you
Worlds Chat (TM) ~ here's a great place to conduct your IRC conferences

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Let's Communicate ...

[AOL Instant Messenger]

AOL Instant Messenger

Download this free program today and start teletyping live with other
America Online subscribers / even non-members who activated this service.
See if I am currently surfing the Net by adding me to your buddy list:


I'll be glad to 'chat' with you regarding your questions / thoughts :)



This advertiser supported service enables you to vocally talk with
others around the world via your computer - it's like making long distance
phone calls to relatives and new friends for free (purchase plan optional)!
If necessary, your computer's keyboard can replace the use of a microphone.

You may even call me, Phil Viger, via FreeTel from here

(Netscape's Navigator and FreeTel programs must already be running)

Advice: Parental supervision is strongly recommended ...
You may never really know who is chatting with you on the other end!
Fictitious / screen names are often used and subject matter is not controlled.
Always be cautious about releasing your personal information to anyone. Phil

take a

Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut sign
Meriden, Connecticut

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