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I hope you enjoy the following collection of link-to sites as much as I.
If you don't find what you're looking for in one category, simply try another!
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[diamond tiger face] Business Announcements: Get the details of what companies around you really do!
[diamond tiger face] Business Services: Deliveries, cleaning, consulation, professional assistance!
[diamond tiger face] Catalogs: * coming soon *
[diamond tiger face] Contests: Various sites offering 'prizes' for the lucky 'chosen' winners!
[diamond tiger face] Education: Schools from elementary to colleges + promote everyday is a learning day!
[diamond tiger face] Employment: Resume services, job opportunities - even some only available online!
[diamond tiger face] Entertainment: Movies, tv listings, games, ideas of things to do for all ages!
[diamond tiger face] Entrepreneur: Be your own boss ... tips for starting / running a profitable business!
[diamond tiger face] Events: Special occasion occurrences that usually happen during limited times!
[diamond tiger face] Financial: Stock quotes, mortgage and loan calculations - get the real bottom line!
[diamond tiger face] Free Stuff: * coming soon *
[diamond tiger face] Government: Politics, federal, state, municipal agencies expose their services!
[diamond tiger face] Graphics: Resources for animation, background images, icons, gifs, jpegs and more!
[diamond tiger face] Health and Science: Subject matters which help keep us going - affecting everyone!
[diamond tiger face] Home Pages: See who else has created their own web pages and what they have to say!
[diamond tiger face] HTML / Design Tips: Learn HyperText Markup Language and other web page concepts!
[diamond tiger face] Humor / Comedy: Laughter and smiles are sure to rise when you discover these talents!
[diamond tiger face] Internet Service Providers: Discover companies that connect computers to the internet!
[diamond tiger face] Kids / Teens: Exciting and informative sites challenge today's youth - tomorrow's leaders!
[diamond tiger face] Legal: Should you or shouldn't you? - What the law and lawyers may have to say about it!
[diamond tiger face] Live Chats / Camera Shots: Use your computer to communicate (text, audio, visual) now!
[diamond tiger face] Magazine / Newspapers: Popular publications now print their information online!
[diamond tiger face] Miscellaneous: Sites that may not fit any special subject matter listed herein!
[diamond tiger face] Music: Get the top chart hits and / or download your favorite midi / wav files!
[diamond tiger face] Net / WWW: There's more to the Internet than the World Wide Web. Get all the details!
[diamond tiger face] Organizations: Private and public (mostly non-profit) global representation abound!
[diamond tiger face] Poetry: Words from the heart and mind are gathered together for your appreciation!
[diamond tiger face] Proverbs / Quotes: From the novice to the well-known, powerful words outway thoughts!
[diamond tiger face] Public Safety: Uncover police, fire emergency, plus most wanted / missing children info!
[diamond tiger face] Real Estate: Agents, brokers, companies, 'for sale by owner', pictures of homes, etc!
[diamond tiger face] Reference Resources: Online dictionaries, encyclopedias, yellow pages - even libraries!
[diamond tiger face] Religion: Spiritual resources of world wide peace and prayer unite in cyberspace!
[diamond tiger face] Restaurants: Table for two, four or take out; menu selections / options appear for you!
[diamond tiger face] Search Engines: LOOK AROUND the internet with keyword input forms and more!
[diamond tiger face] Shopping: Push a button or click a mouse and the stores / merchandise comes to you!
[diamond tiger face] Sports / Recreation: Gather your favorite team scores, lottery results; things to do!
[diamond tiger face] TV / Radio: Amateur radio, commercial broadcasters and now 'bit'casting in cyberspace!
[diamond tiger face] Travel / Tourism: Explore the world from your chair before you plan the next trip!
[diamond tiger face] Trivia / Riddles / Puzzles: Conquer the challenges placed by those testing your wisdom!
[diamond tiger face] Utilities - Computers: Tools, programs + hardware resources for successful computing!
[diamond tiger face] Weather: Satellite imagery, earthquake, storm and coastal reports, ski conditions!
[diamond tiger face] Web Presence Services: Professional individuals / companies design and implement ideas!

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Virtual Highways shield
Virtual Highways

a unique way to travel through central CT

Greetings from Meriden, Connecticut sign
Meriden, Connecticut

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