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!sdrawkcaB ~ enter any URL and Surf the Web Backwards - excellent CGI script
#1Country Music and Nashville Entertainment Internet Site ~ said by many to be Nashville's finest entertainment system
1 in a Million Cars Classic Car Marketplace ~ a four-wheel collectors' dream source come true
1,2,3..Easy Web Page Center ~ great site helps you quickly understand the HTML basics and details
1-800 MUSIC NOW ~ buy/hear the music, dj picks, pre-releases, free stuff
1-800-FLOWERS - Welcome to Our Store ~ a fresh approach to living and giving
100hot Websites ~ see which sites get the highest weekly visitors
100hot Websites ~ ranks the top excluding XXX sites, colleges, ISPs and browser companies
101 Kindergarten Tips ~ a commercial site still offering some free ideas
101 Uses For AOL Disks ~ you've most likely gotten one in the mail - now you can ...
102.3 The Wave ~ W V V E FM, Stonington, CT radio station
11 Amazing Home-Business Opportunities Free Downloads, Secrets Revealed. Discover the Hottest, Money-Making Opportunities in Electronic, Marketing Information Software, Shareware. Powerful Turn-Key Businesses Guaranteed to Generate Income.MLM..
123Link Home ~ large categorized business directory
123Promote HTML Tips and Tricks ~ great suggestive ideas for the advanced writer as well
123Promote* ~ *actual site title: Site Promotion Promoter Marketing Promotion Software to List Submit Advertise Free - like the pros
14.4 baud ~ this URL is direct audio feed of foxnews broadcast
1492 Exhibit ~ the Library of Congress presents this ongoing voyage of facts
164 Currency Converter by Oanda ~ excellent global currency online service
1996 ThinkQuest Contest Winners
1997 Miss Teen USA Pageant ~ results from August 1997 event as seen on CBS-TV
1st Steps: Marketing and Design Daily ~ excellent exposure resource keeps you in tune with developments
200+ Search Engines from Around the World
212.net ~ a rather unique and interesting commercialized site with varied topics to choose from
216 Color Cube, The ~ move your mouse over the squares and see the background colors instantly change
24 Hour JavaScript.com - Welcome / Login
2600 Magazine ~ the Hacker Quarterly
3000 Animated GIFs at Club Unlimited ~ the WWW's largest collection of images - a LA 11 site
360 Degree Panoramic Color Mosaic
50 Best Web Sites, The Overwhelmed by the Web? Start here ~ contains descriptions
50+ Home page ~ but you can enjoy it at any age!
555-1212.com ~ find area codes, country codes, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and Web sites
7B-Free Websites ~ brief list of places to get free site placement
7UP Carbonate Your Brain
91.7 FM: W H U S, Storrs -- Your Sound Alternative ~ Univ of CT radio station
98Q - WDAQ Danbury, CT, Welcome
@Home home page ~ cmmrcl network utilizing cable high speed trnsmssn
@Tower ~ over 150,000 titles available at this Tower Records site

- A -

A & E ~ from the cable service
A A A Home Page ~ American Automobile Association online
A A A World Announce Archive ~ Australian site exposes yours and others
A A P C C Home Page ~ American Association of Poison Control Centers
A B C home page ~ TV network
A B C News Hourly Radio ~ this address makes RA connection at 28.8bps
A B C Radio News ~ hear the latest with your real audio player
A B C RadioNet / Main Menu ~ live frm NY
A B C tec Toast Free Guest Book Service* ~ *actual site title: their URL
A B C's of Using MIDI Files on the Net ~ a brief description of what to do
A B Cs of building your own Web site, The ~ a feature service of CNet
A B Cs of Small Business and Entrepreneur Success
A B L Web site, Welcome to the ~ Women's Professional American Basketball League
A C D Systems Ltd. ~ creators of the image viewer utilities - ACDsee and PicaView
A C L U Freedom Network
A C P: Association of Coupon Professionals ~ industry trade organization for marketing professionals
A Complete Directory of MIDI Files
A D M Home Page ~ Association of Directory Marketing
A Girl's World! ~ kids' online clubhouse
A I S P MIDI Might ~ hundreds of musical MIDIs, mods and wav files for your entertaining
A J R / NewsLink ~ American Journalism Review - radio, tv, newspapers, magazines etc
A L P C A archives index ~ Automobile License Plate Collectors Association - all the history facts of various state + plate manufacturing / distribution
A M A home page ~ American Medical Assoc; database of 650,000 US physicians
A N S I Hall of Fame The Great ANSI and ASCII Collection
A O L Instant Messenger ~ now you can chat with other AOL members without actually being an AOL member yourself
A O L NetFind ~ a newer search engine type service from America On Line
A O L press, Download ~ get version 2.0 of their HTML editor for Windows or Mac for free
A O L Web Tools, Welcome to ~ AOL server and AOL Press software tools
A O L's Instant Messenger ~ now you can chat with other AOL members even if you aren't one
A O L, Welcome to ~ America OnLine's main info page
A P C O International's Official Web Site ~ Association of Public Safety Communications Officials
A P on the Globe Online: Nation Wire ~ regionalized for Boston Globe - may take while to load
A P T A, Welcome to ~ official site for the American Public Transit Administration
A R G Cartoon Animation Studio ~ Artie Romero Graphics designs animated GIFs and cartoons / Web sites
A R R L's home page ~ American Radio Relay League org
A S A Compucom, Opening Page ~ ISP and IPP also displays users' home pages
A S L Dictionary, Animated ~ great site to watch and learn the American Sign Language for the hearing impaired
A Starter for Elementary Kids and Teachers
A T & T home page
A T & T Missing Children Resources ~ links to other sites and even a special page to report a missing child
A T & T Toll-Free Internet Directory
A T & T WorldNet(sm): Personal Web Pages @tt.net ~ access a great resource of individuals' creations
A T A Home ~ American Trans Air - special net fares and other company info / schedules / routes
A V web The Internet's Aviation Magazine and News Service
A W C Weather History Page ~ American Weather Concept's archive service of major damaging storms
A W N: Animation World Network, Welcome to ~ most anything you want to know about today's animation is here
A W P for Netscape 2.0 ~ Astound Web Player - 16 bit plug-in
A+ Art Free Clipart Icons Backgrounds Buttons Bars Animated .GIFs Photos ~ great large selection to chose from and utilize
A.Word.A.Day Home Page
A1 Web Page Promotion and A1 Web Site Promotion Promotes your page or Site for Optimum Web Page and Web Site Traffic and Exposure with 2 Years of Web Page and Web Site Promotion and Traffic Building Experience ~ index of over 650 free URL submission sites +
A1s' Cool Web Page Goodies, Gizmos 'N Gadgets ~ lists over 670 sites you can list or link your Web page for free
About the Matrix and the Internet (FAQ, maps, graphs, sources)
Absoloutely Unique Lessons Using Postage Stamps ~ classroom ideas submitted by teachers
Absolute Sound Home Page, The ~ professional journal magazine online
Abundant Legal MIDI Files of Public Domain Tunes ~ songs produced over 75 years ago, now available with no copyright concerns
Acadiana Internet Home Page ~ a small but growing ISP
Access Business Online home page
Access Resources Web Center ~ nearly 300 alphabetized search engines to submit to/search
Access to the Global Marketplace and More - WorldMarket Mall ~ another huge source for shopping
Accessible HTML guidelines - Table of Contents ~ Tips for designing pages usable for those with disabilities
AccessWatch ~ excellent server tool - usage statistics
Achoo ~ an Internet Directory of over 7,000 indexed and searchable healthcare sites
Achoo Healthcare Directory ~ global healthcare community at your fingertips - medical info directory
ACiD Productions Home Page ~ a unique organization site for talented artists
Acronyms and Computer Jargon ~ often found in e-mail and newsgroup communications
Acropolis Internet Casino - Elegant Gaming Online ~ you may even download a version of their games
Acxiom Corporation ~ provides data of e-mail owners to Big Foot as joint venture
Add Me ~ enter your site's URL into other search databases, one by one from this one spot for free
Add Width and Height to IMG tags ~ MS-DOS based utility updates your HTML pages with proper dimensions
Addicted to Noise a cool music mag
Addicted to Showing off with Animated GIFs ~ a few great ones, then links to others
Addicted to: Stuff ~ you may be surprised you're not the only one with these crazes
AdirondackNET - Your Gateway to the Adirondacks ~ info on Lake George/Chaplain, NY +
ADnet - Small Business Hosting, Announcing and Advertising Services
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Photoshop What's New ~ get the latest development progress news from this official site
AdOnWeb's EnviroCards
Adopt a Guardian Angel Webpage
Adventurous Traveler Bookstore - USA: New England ~ commercial site listing material on hiking places
Advertising Age ~ popular, well respected professional publication now online
Advertising in the Web
Advertising Internet, Inc. ~ cmmrcl ad svcs
African Stock Exchange Guide, The ~ Johannesburg Stock Exchange trade companies info provided by Africa dot com
African Wildlife Concerns ~ home page of interest
Agent Search ~ find a real estate professional (if they paid for the ad) from this New Quest / BuyersUSA service
aha! kids network ~ a bright, colorful, fun place for kids in all age groups ~ videos of Excellence in North Houston Education
Air Courier Association, The ~ join the ACA and save big on international flights while helping someone else
Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Websites ~ complete listing of known airlines
Airlines and Airports ~ Cal Tech extensive list of the world-wide companies and locations
Airlines of the Web - Marc-David's Chunk of the Web ~ everything from passengers, cargo and virtual sites
Aladdin Systems, Inc. - Stuffit Expander ~ popular dearchiver of MacBinary, BinHex and .sit files - works on Windows, too
Alamo Rent A Car Online Reservation System ~ reservations and hot deals available online
Alan's Midi Paradise ~ personal page of collected tunes
Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air
Albert ~ a unique search engine with original educational content
Alcanseek - Search Alaska and Canada With Alcanseek ~ exclusinve search engine for Alaskan and Canadian Web sites
Alchemy Mindworks Inc. ~ home of the GIF Construction Set shareware and other book / disk material
Aldea Communications, Inc. - Publisher of NetPages(tm)
Alex's Restaurant ~ a colorful cartoon that's going big
Alexa, Welcome to ~ free browser supliment software tool, that when installed, gives you info on the site and suggests where to go next
Alien Skin Eye Candy Photoshop Plug-Ins
Aliweb Search Form ~ search engine
All Aboard - USA: pro-rail Internet coalition
All About Health ~ an online news magazine with detailed topic articles
All American Baby Boomers Website
All-in-One Search Page ~ multiple keyword frame boxes avail
All-Internet Shopping Directory: Welcome
All-Movie Guide
Almanac.com, Welcome to ~ the Old Farmer's Almanac is now online with radio reports too
Alphabet ~ + #s; kids 3-8 yrs
AlphaWorld ~ don't just surf the Net, now you can build virtual environments online
alt-n - Your On-Line Entertainment Network ~ featuring dialog developments for Soaps, to comics and more dailies
AltaVista Technology ~ svcs' main corp hmpg
AltaVista: Main Page ~ search engine
Alyssa's Home Page ~ she may be young (9) but she has one heck of a page
Amanda's humor collection ~ select from rednecks, political jokes and many more topics
Amateur Radio
Amazing Fish Cam!, The ~ see fish on the net
Amazing Instant Online Animated Banner Maker ~ try it online, and/or download their 30 day fully functional version
Amazon.com Books Earth's Biggest Bookstore ~ order current and hard-to-find books online
Amber Online, Patti - Your Central Florida Real Estate Resource ~ home buying 3D previews
Amber's Place - Prepare to Enter ~ an excellently put together site by a teen
Amerasian Children's Information Network
America Online
America Online - Members
America's Job Bank - State Employment Service
America's Sports HQ: Gambling & Wagering Websites
American Airlines Home Page
American and British History Resources on the Internet ~ an extensive resource listing for the history researcher
American Association of Individual Investors ~ providing individual investors with knowledge that will help them to manage their own assets
American Bar Association
American Business Classified -, ABC Ads
American Business Information Presents: ~ lookup USA
American Camping Association New England Home Page ~ know where you're kids can camp
American Cancer Society
American Demographics/Marketing Tools ~ a service for business people who need to find, reach and keep customers
American Diamond Exchange, Inc ~ sales and education center
American Directory Assistance - People: Search
American Express home page ~ credit card co
American Express Last Minute Travel Bargains
American Immigrant Wall of Honor, The ~ discover your roots and link to your heritage - view the Ellis Island Wall
American Marketing Association Homepage, The ~ offers you a strategy for success online
American Medical Association (AMA) Home Page, Official ~ even includes an on-line doctor finder
American Museum of Natural History
American Optometric Association
American Racing Scene
American School Directory, Welcome to the ~ each of America's 106,000 k-12 schools now have their own free Web site
American Stock Exchange - The Smarter Place to Be ~ visibility for over 700 companies
American Thanksgiving for Kids and Families, An
American Trademark Company, The
American Weather Concepts (AWC) Home Page ~ great, at fee, commercial site often used by airline pilots
Ames home page ~ retail department store online
Ames Lawn and Garden Tools
Amtrak Schedules
An Awesome site for all ages (for kids 5 to 95), starring Marlo Marmalade and JJ Jamm
An Exploration of Dynamic Documents ~ Netscape's views on server push and client pull capabilities
Ancestry Home Town - #1 Genealogy Site on the Internet ~ search 52 million names, buy genealogy products and more
Anchor's, BR Books on Moving and Relocation ~ great resources for those in the real estate profession or simply making a personal move
Anchorman ~ contains list of UseNet newsgroups
Andover News Network, The ~ daily reports of online developments and news
Andy's Lighthouses - Pictures, History and Links ~ fantastic informative site
Angelfire Communications ~ register for their free home page usage - utilzie their graphic source
Anger's, Brian MIDI Archive
Animal Photo Library - Initial Set
Animate Page ~ Visioneering Research Laoratory's free service creates animated GIFs from your submittance online
Animated Art For Netscape ~ an organized list of 'borrowed' GIFs
Animated E-Mail Music Boxes
Animated GIFs ~ a large collection from nicely organized on the Dr Fun site
Animated GIFs ~ medium list but very useful
Animated GIFS ~ Van Welden and Partners of Belgium share their creations (including explaining how they created them)
Animated GIFs Collection ~ fast loading, well organized site full of free images
Animated Software Company, The ~ excellent educational + programming developers
Ann-S-Thesia's Aesthetic Pharmacy: The Visual Apothecary ~ old western-type fashion home page
Annie's Place, Welcome to - Tunes of the 50's and 60's ~ very nicely done - several .wav and .midi selections
Anonymous Sexual Abuse Recovery (Canada) Inc.
Anonymous Surfing ~ personal info of you stops here
Anthony's Icon Library ~ not your routine sort - special selections for programmers, designers of programs etc
Anti-Canada Website, The ~ a sattire about the second largest country in the world
Anti-Counter - Instructions!
Antivirus Resources, Antivirus Software
AnyWho Find Telephone Numbers, Email, Home pages, URLs, Faxes, Toll Free Numbers and Addresses - service of AT&T
Apollo ~ fantasitc UK search engine lets you find info on any business worldwide
ApparelNet - The OnLine Guide for the Apparel Industry ~ designer, manufacturer and organization info, too
Apple Computer ~ corp site
Apple QuickTime Home ~ a great browser plug-in to see movies online
Arachnophilia Home Page ~ a great Windows 95 careware program to create current HTML scripts
aracnet.com home page ~ Portland, OR ISP
Arcadia Home Page ~ actually Clarence Donath's Page referencing New England arcade machine resources but also many more tidbits
Arcanum Computing ~ Nels Anderson's downloadable site of Mahjongg, Tile Match, Shooting Gallery, EGA Trek +
Archie on the Web ~ Columbia Univ contribution docs about Archie & FTP
Arctic Studies Center home ~ info on Artic people, culture and environment
Area Code Lookup ~ Inter-Links special feature allows you to check on those ever growing phone codes
Argus Clearinghouse, The ~ internet research library
Ari's Today-page ~ almanac
Arizona Guide, Welcome to ~ official site of Arizona Office of Tourism
Arlo and Janis ~ comic strip featured via United Media
Army homepage, The
Arne's House of Jokes, April 1996
Around Town WWW Shopping Mall
Arrow Bus Lines - Motorcoach transportation ~ CT based w/NE and to FL svc
Art and 'toons ~ Dr. John Capps of North Carolina shares his humor to help make you feel better
ArtHole Gallery
Arthritis Foundation
Arthur ~ great young kids site
ArtToday, Welcome to ~ a member fee based publisher resource site of over half-million images
As Seen on TV ~ infomercial products
Asheville & Western N. C. home page ~ visitors guide w/various category subject matter
Asian Securities Online
Ask Dr. Internet ~ fantastic online e-zine discussing issues of interest to your viewing
Associate Press ~ direct URL for Associated Press official page
Associated Foreign Exchange, Inc. ~ the dollar's value in other countries
Associated Press
Associated Press* ~ *actual site title: URL; - official home page
AST Computer's home page
Astound Incorporated, Welcome to ~ makers of multi-media creation software for the Web including WebMotion and WebCast
Astrology Online ~ choose your sign for info
Astronomy Picture of the Day
At Work-Cam ~ who do you want to spy on today - live interaction with pc repairmen at their desk
Atari Jagwire, The
Atlantic's home page ~ tech network supporters
Atlantis Virtual Reality Entertainment Resource Guide
Atlas for the Information Superhighway ~ Crispen's on-line World Wide Web book to order
atOnce Software, Download Warehouse ~ online store for great program + files
Attitude Network, Welcome to the ~ it's time to redefine the state of your gaming + mind
Attorney General's Office, Welcome to ~ state of Washington
AudioPros Inc. Home Page Welcome ~ jingles, voice overs and more available for purchase or hire
Australian Internet Awards
Australian Stock Exchange ~ official site
Austria National Tourist Office ~ attention Americans, this is Europe as you dreamed with some unexpected surprises
Authoritative Guide to HTML ~ excellent layout
Auto-By-Tel -- Buy/Lease New Cars & Trucks Online! Never Pay Retail!
Automated Weather Source Nationwide School Weather Network, Welcome to the
Automated Weather Source Neighborhood WeatherNet ~ Connecticut sites as featured on WTNH TV-8
automobiles.com ~ list of auto co w/URLs, used car inventory listings, shop talk, euromotorcars
Automotive Tips: Money-Saving Automobile Tips on Repairs, Car Buying, Leasing, Insurance and more ~ a commercial spot for an under $35 book of tips
Autopilot ~ Matthew Gray's MIT perl program lets you visit a different site every 12 seconds
AutoSite, Welcome to - The Ultimate Automotive Buyer's Guide
Avenue, The 100's of places to promote at
Avis Galaxy: Driving Maps, The ~ pick a state, then download / view the detailed map
Avon shopping for cosmetics and beauty online ~ official site for Skin-so-Soft and other popular Avon products
Award Archives, The ~ Karen has put together an extensive list of where you can get recognition for your production
Awesome Lists (john@trainer.com) ~ compiled by John Makulowich as training seminar presentation tool
Axeta Travel2000 home page ~ hotel brochures and reservation suggestions including 'photo trips' around the world

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- B -

B and W 360 Degree Panorama
B C Sports Collectables ~ source for trading cards, memorabilia and licensed sports apparel
B D D: Daily Puzzle ~ Dell Magazine's daily puzzle (Adobe Acrobat plug-in required to view)
B H S Homepage ~ Bloomfield (Connecticut) High School online
B K HTML Body Builder ~ download this tool and develop the proper text/background colors
B R S Radio Directory ~ comprehensive list of radio stations on Web
B.U.A. Advertising and Design
Babe: Pig Trivia
Babel : A glossary of computer related abbreviations and acronyms
Baby Boomer Collectibles
Background Colors
Background Generator
Backgrounds - All ~ 7+ pages of great selections
Backgrounds I have Collected (Page 1) ~ unique real use type images
Backgrounds Page 1 ~ another texture selection for your use
Bad Golfers Association
bajacalifornia.com ~ rated best Web site south of the border by thousands of visitors
Baker Street Connection : Welcome ~ Sherlock Holmes stories/info
Balchen, Jens at Home ~ excellent personal page with emphasis on learning Visual Basic - even has downloadable samples
Bali Online - Distance ~ helps determine distance between two points in the world
Banana Bungalow ~ hostels located at various major USA locations
Bank of America ~ from home banking services to money management tips
Bank Rate Monitor Home Page ~ get the rates, news and other basics
Banks with home pages, List of
BannerAdz - The Real Source For Free Banner Advertising ~ yet another mutual way to expose your site
BannerSwap, Welcome to ~ yet another way to promote each others' sites
Barber's, Phil Historic Newspapers ~ archive of collectible publications available for your interests
Bare Bones Guide to HTML, The
Bargain News Online Automotive, Computer, and General Merchandise Classifieds ~ over 20,000 ads (mostly Connecticut) updated every Thursday
Barnes and Noble
Barry's Clip Art Server ~ professionally displayed images and services benefit your graphic needs
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Basketball Hall of Fame, The ~ Springfield, MA
Bass Voyage to the Titanic
Bautista's, Gina Poetry Home Page ~ nicely done personal page
Bayer Corporation USA, Welcome to ~ more than makers of asprins
Beatles Information Page, The ~ collection of links to sites regarding the '60's pop stars
Beatles Links Page ~ prsnl hmpg, intergate.com member
Beatles pics, sounds, chat, lyrics, facts, links, and votes, The ~ one huge factual site
Beatnik Web Site ~ an audio plug-in for Netscape 3.01 and above enabling you to hear .mod, .rmf, .mid and other sound files
Beatrice's Web Guide ~ professionally created / commercial site with multi topics to others
Beaucoup! -- ... 'the exceptional way to search' ~ 460+ search engines in various languages
Beech Nut
Beginner's Guide to HTML, A
Beginners Central ~ a walk-through of the Net and what it has to offer
Beginners Guide ~ part of Matt's 5 Minute Guide to the Internet as seen on his home page
Behavior OnLine : The Mental Health and Behavioral Science Meeting Place ~ join ongoing discussions or read statements from other psycology professionals
Behold Software - Web Page Counter ~ a program for your site's server
Behrenbrinker's Home Page, Mike ~ a great oldie but updated goody simple but featured production
Being Seen: Free Web Graphics ~ excellent selection of high quality images
Belcher's, John, Real Estate Page
Bellew's, Kenny MIDI-Karaoke File Library ~ well organized, extensive resource of tunes
Ben and Jerry's ~ visit the site of New England's famous ice cream + company
Bent Cover, The: Book Search
Berardino Company, REALTORS, Meriden, CT* ~ *actual site title: Smart Buyers Today Never Buy A Home Alone
Bergtraum, Murry High School ~ New York
Berkeley Software Design, Inc: home page
Berna's home page ~ located in Bergen, Norway, your site might win their award
Bess, The Internet Retriever ~ categorized topic options
Best of MIDI Page, The
Best of MIDI: Movies
Best of the Net Links ~ place your URL in one of these categories
Best of the Net: Over 2000 Links
Best Viewed With Any Browser ~ editorial and suggestions on creating HTML scripts readable by all browsers
Bestfares Magazine On-Line
Bestmall Business Directory ~ search & shop categories
Bestzips Archive main page ~ shareware online distribution source
Bet 4 A Better World ~ online gaming
Better Business Bureau Alerts, Warnings and Advisories ~ telemarketing fraud is number one
Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada, The
Better Homes and Gardens: Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Betty ~ follow the daily feature of this Canadian known funnies
Big Dummy Search ~ look for something in their own large database of resources
Big Elvis - A thousand points of Elvis ~ this site has a huge collection of links to others regarding the King
Big Eye, The - Cybercafe Resource for WWW browsing
Big Nate ~ Lincoln Peirce's daily toon strip
BigBook Directory Search
BigBook: Search Results ~ find a street anywhere in the U. S.
BigYellow ~ NYNEX yellow pages +
Billboard Online ~ popular music magazine now online
Billboard Online Chart Spotlight ~ the Hot 100 singles and other charts
Bingo Zone(tm), The ~ live payouts
BiP - Baltic Internet Plaza - BiP ~ communicate with people in Sweden
Birth Quest* ~ *actual site title: birthquest adoption adoptee adopt birth; - a searchable site for adoptees and birth parents
Birthday Party ~ visit this site on your special day
BirthNet World Wide Family Registry ~ database stores your photo and info accessible during emergency needs
Bizarro ~ get to know Dan Piraro through his drawings and own biography
BizBlues Records - Home of Marketing Mike and the Suits ~ listen and / or order their tunes poking fun at the business world
Blackjack Time ~ playing this online game for free may actually win you a welcoming at a sponsoring casino
Blizzard Entertainment News ~ online gaming svcs
Block Island and New London Ferry ~text schedule and fares
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Connecticut, Welcome to
Blue Planet's Coolest Picks For Today
Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
Blue Web'n Applications Library ~ internet based instruction resources
Blues and Soul ~ unique music magazine online
Boardwalk USA ~ six acres of in/outdoor amusements at Colorado Springs
Boardwatch Magazine
BobbyT's Place ~ a personal home page with over 485 pages
Bongo Inc ~ this teenager's project may help you get a decent site for minimal donations
Bonus.com - the supersite for kids ~ play, color, dissect, explore, imagine
Boogie Jack's Backgrounds ~ stored as Barry's Clip Art Server
BookPage, Welcome to *subtitle text changes periodically - national review publication covers available books and people writing them
Books On-line: Titles ~ an extensive alpha listing by John M. Ockerbloom
BookWire - The First Place to Look for Book Information ~ ... as the title says
Boomer's International Web Site ~ if you were born between 1946 and 1964, this site is for you
Borderline Cartoon Netazine Home Page, The - Cartoons, Humor and Satire ~ preview online or buy book
Borg home page ~ central New York's premiere ISP
Borg Personal Listings ~ complete list of ISP subscribers' home page URLs
Born Loser, The ~ toons by Art and Chip Sansom as presented by United Media
Boss Wolf's Den ~ personal page tests your creepy nerves
Boston Amateur Radio Club
Boston Globe Online / Latest News ~ greater New England news and more updated every 5 minutes
Boston.com, Welcome to ~ excellent Boston Globe newspaper online service
Bottom 95% of Sites on the Web Site, The Official ~ If you're not part of Point's top 5%, be here
Bottom Five Percent, The
BoxTop Software, Inc. Products ~ top tools for Web graphics production - some even free for Macs and Windows
Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, CT
Brady's home page, Caroline ~ LAtW neighbor - Transcontinental (Ireland) connection of varied issues
Brain Exerciser, The - Mathematical riddles
Braves, Home of the ~ 1996 National League Baseball Champions Web Site
BreezeNet's Guide to Rental Cars, Auto/Car Rentals, Rates
Brian's High Quality MIDI Collection ~ Sound Blaster AWE 32 quality
Bridgeport Port Jefferson Ferry ~ brief info on who to contact
Bristol Police Dept Home Page ~ a Connecticut PD offers info online
Britannica Online, Welcome to
British Monarchy, The ~ their official Web site
Broadcaster ~ submit your URL here for free placement in several site engines
Browser Capabilities Registry ~ this site shows you how the different browsers interpret HTML scripting
Browser Tune-Up
Browser Wish List
Browsers, Viewers and HTML Preparation Software for PCs
BrowserTune: Fred Langa's Browser Torture Tests ~ a great way to see how well your browser sees the Web
BrowserWatch - Browser Blvd. ~ complete list of browers available for any OS platform
BrowserWatch, Welcome to ~ iworld svc of breaking news info re: browsers & plug-ins
Bry's Home Page ~ created by a Scotland man in his early twenties - signed LA guest book
Bubetts Home Page ~ a personal page from a Connecticut resident attending Sacred Heart University
Buckets, The ~ Scott Stantis' cartoon talents as displayed by United Media
BugNet Newsletter Intro ~ Win95 & browser/internet prgm bugs info
BugSplat ~ nothing better to do with your time - this page will get you going
Buick home page
Builder.com - Web programming - JavaScript for beginners
Builder.com, Welcome to ~ C|Net's special feature section on the latest Web site development ideas and methods
BuildNET Main Magazines Online Page ~ hundreds of links to online magazines
BuildNET Newspapers Online Page ~ from small towns to large cities
BuildNET, The Home of - The Building Industry Online ... and More! ~ 20,000+ building industry related resources, links and listings
Bullets by Jen
Bullseye Traffic Builder promote, traffic, hits, advertising, marketing ~ a fee based exposure concept
Burton's, Jeff Home Page ~ excellent site dwells on the color usage of Web page creation and more
Business Ethics Magazine Articles ~ this bi-monthly hard copy publication is now online featuring commentary and management tips
Business Systems International ~ systems integration specialists for banking
Business Week
Buyers Guide 1996 ~ Car and Driver's resources
Buzzell's Bailiwick ~ Gerry's home page which is very active with unique 'ring' site program links
Byte Magazine

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- C -

c|net online - front door
C B S MarketWatch ~ get the latest financial headline news, market data, portfolio reports and more
C D W - Computer Discount Warehouse ~ shop for your needs online
C F R 47 Part 97 Amateur Radio Service Rules ~ FCC's Ham Operator Regs
C G I Collection, The ~ Robert Niles, author of many published CGI / JAVA books, shares his scripts online
C G I Email Handler (2.1), A Simple ~ how to set up the form by Thomas Boutell
C G I Made Really Easy ~ writing CGI scripts to process Web forms and more in simple to understand directions
C G I Mail - Form E-mailer ~ Windows 95/NT commercial program that converts form input to readable e-mail type text
C G I Programming For New People
C G I: Common Gateway Interface ~ a brief overview of the programming
C M C Information Sources ~ aka the December's List - Internet factual resources from Computer Mediated Communication
C M P's TechWeb ~ Netguide's i-tech publishing articles and svcs
C M U ECE Icon Repository ~ hundreds of unsorted images to reuse
C M U Pronouncing Dictionary, The ~ frm Carnegie Mellon Univ
C N N - Weather ~ over 300 national major cities and 100 worldwide locations covered
C N N FN ~ Cable News Network Financial Network online
C N N fn - US Stock Markets ~ see how the numbers fall with this updated every 3 minute report
C N N fn - World Stock Markets ~ foreign market rated info
C N N Interactive ~ Cable News Network
C O B R A Online ~ health law resource center for health care professionals, hospitals, risk managers and their legal counsel
C Q's American Voter ~ congressional quarterly - politics and government information
C R E - NET home page ~ Commercial Real Estate Network
C R T home page ~ computer svc techs, Meriden, CT
C S C Image Index Page ~ Steve's GIF emporium
C S E 3310 HTML Validator's home page ~ commercial product for Windows 95 verifies your scripting before placing it online
C S U System home page ~ links to CT's 4 state univ
C T A A On-Line, Welcome to ~ Community Transportation Association of America
C-SPAN Networks, Welcome to the
Cafe Herpe ~ an artistic yet informative approach to help you understand and deal with this virus
Cagle's Daryl Art Page ~ talented Canadian author of True Cartoons featuring contests, too
Cagle's, Daryl Professional Cartoonists Index ~ an extensive, well organized list presenting info on various cartoonists' sites
Cainer's, Jonathan Zodiac Forecasts Astrology - Horoscopes
Cajun.net user personal home pages
Cajun.net, Welcome to ~ an ISP with great spunk
Cakewalk Users Guild, The ~ fantastic commercial product creates MIDI from your computer +
Calcagni Associates Real Estate - New Haven County Property Listings ~ in Connecticut
calendar ~ add your name and birth date to this site and join others who may share your same special day
Calendar Conversions ~ day of week, Julian day, Gregorian, Jewish, French republican references
CalendarLand ~ celestrial, cultural, religious calendars, info, resources, indexes, directories and even software
California Lottery's Web Site, Welcome to ~ check out their official info-packed site
Caltech ~ California Institute of Technology official Web site
Calvin & Hobbes Comic Gallery, The
Calvin and Hobbes ~ eleven years and still going strong - see the toons that make this popular
Calvin and Hobbes Comic Gallery, The
Cambridge Astronomy ~ fascinating info from the UK perspective
Camelot International Introduction
Cameras, Cameras and more Cameras ~ one page with links to other Web sites utilizing video feeds - even has a search database feature
Camp Channel ~ automated search engine directory of camps / shopping center for your needs
Campbell Soup Company
Campbell's Community ~ the official mmm mmm good company site
Camping Guide for New Hampshire
Campsearch.com - Summer Camps, Adult Camps, Specialty Camps, Family Camps, Day Camps, Overnight Camps ...
Canada Online home page
Canadian Lottery Updates ~ Canada's first result info site
Candles A'Blazin! ~ Missy's health condition to date
Candy USA
Canon WWW home page
Car Prices - New and Used Car Prices 1989 - 1998 and Automotive Links
Car Talk* *actual site title: www.cartalk.com ~ you read it in the newspapers, now read it online
Car-Link ~ aka Car List - find dealers, new / used cars club info
Card Tricks ~ one personal page designer's interesting use of javascript
Career Center - Graduate and Professional Study ~ a page leading you to links of specialty schools by subject
Career Magazine
CareerMosaic, Welcome to ~ jobs offered by search and more
Caribbean Hotels and Resorts Where to Stay in the Caribbean ~ welll put together island stops, hotels and even other links
Caribbean Reef Club ~ a unique place to rest and enjoy
Carlos' Forms Tutorial 1 ~ a generalized text lesson on creating forms for your Web pages
Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Newtown, CT* ~ *actual site title: America's Vacation Experts - provides a virtual site seeing venue
Carmona's, Sergio Home Page
Carnegie Mellon University Libraries Front Door
Carnival Air Lines, Fly
Carousel Classifieds ~ antique art and collector resource
cartalk.com ~ the click & clack writers
Cartoon Arts Network ~ once you register with CartooNet, you may access the gateway of over 150 images found in various sections
Cartoon Factory Animation Art Gallery, The ~ the largest selection of animation art on the World Wide Web
Cartoon Links ~ get all the particulars from one site using frames
Cartoons and Illustrations ~ great material for your magazine, book, newsletter, online publication or trade journal
Cartoons and Illustrations for Christian Publishers ~ Randy Glasbergen's creations change daily
Cartoons for Publications and Advertising by Randy Glasbergen ~ variety for businesses to teens and inbetween
Cartoons for Teens by Randy Glasbergen ~ the author / artist offers a new toon daily and explains it's process
Carvel Ice Cream Bakery ~ Bear, Delaware store site will Fed-Ex your order
Casey's Top 40 - Most recent edition ~ check every Saturday for the latest countdown results
CasinoGal at Home, Cruising, Casinos, Corvettes, WWW, GIFS and GIF-making, Webpages, etc. ~ a plv top 10 home page
Castles of the World ~ Jamie Fernandes hmpg feature
Cat's Back Alley! # various resources on the web, advertising, backgrounds, banners etc. ~ Reciprocator Member
Catalog Site Home Page ~ world's resource of mail order merchandise references
Cathy ~ from the originals to the current - see the toons online
Caveman pages, The ~ Mark Johnson's Web page connected to LOOK AROUND as 'line' neighbor - excellent expositional references
ccweb.com/creator/kidspages/kidsindex.html ~ a long list of sites created by kids
CD Designs Internet Web Authoring and Graphics Company ~ professional services for your needs
CDnow : Main : homepage ~ search for and buy music/video albums online
Census TMS home page ~ U. S. Bureau of Census' coast to coast digital map database
Center for Amateur Radio Learning at the Arizona Science Center (C.A.R.L.), The ~ W7ASC
Center for the Study of American Business
Center for Youth as Resources ~ network of local programs providing small grants to young people to design and carry out service projects
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page
Central Connecticut State University ~ New Britain, CT
Centre for the Easily Amused on the Web
Century 21 A Neighborhood Emporium
Cerious Software Inc. - The Home of ThumbsPlus ~ a shareware graphic program
Charlie's Website, Welcome to ~ the Starkist tuna guy
Charlotte's WEBster index ~ publish WWW destinations that provide real value and useful info or services incl tips, hints and pointers (like LA goal)
Chase Online Marketing Strategies ~ Larry, author of WDFM
Chase, Welcome to the new... ~ credit card svcs
Chat Suite, The # ~ Reciprocator Member
Chat with Beseen.Com's WWW Chat...
Chat World! ... Fastest chatline on the Net! ~ frame browsers connect to live world-wide conversation
Chatsworth, Chester B., homepage - Judy McCutchin's Dallas Real Estate Dog - Funny Links from Chester
CheckFree Investment Services - Ticker Symbol Lookup ~ security APL ticket lookup
CheckFree Investment Services Quote Server ~ check your stock from this 15 minute delayed ticker
Checkitout.com ~ Hearst publication cmmrcl net info svc. updtd
Chen's, Joe Mariah Carey Page ~ you can tell a lot of work went into the making of this site
Cheshire High School home page ~ Cheshire, Connecticut
Chess Mentor by Aficionado
Chet Bacon's hmpg ~ Pig Pen BBS, Plantsville, CT sysop on web
Chevy Spot - Chevrolet home page
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Chicago Sun-Times Online ~ get to read a major newspaper publication on your computer
Chicken Soup for the Soul Internet HQ ~ heart warming stories for children to sales people
Child Abuse Yellow Pages
Child Abuse, Depression, Suicide and other hotline numbers
Child CyberSearch Canada/CyberSearch d'enfants Canada ~ Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially recognized MC agencies
Child Health and Safety - Recalls - Doctors - Parenting - Pediatric News - Kids Books - SIDS information and more
Child Protection Center
Child Quest International - Finding missing children ~ someone is reported missing every 40 seconds
Child Safe Home Page ~ safety skills for children as offered by the New Westminster Police Services
Child Search Start Page ~ a National Missing Children Center Organization
Child Sexual Abuse Search
Children and Youth ~ crime prevention materials for children
Children At Risk Today ~ non profit org informs / educates the public about the dangers of youth risk behavior
Children's Literature Web Guide ~ Internet Resources related to books for children and young adults
Children's Playroom
Choate Rosemary Hall ~ Wlfd, CT educational institute
Chomp ~ (official site name is URL) download this 3.7 meg beta game and start chewing gummi savers
Choosing and Using Credit Cards -- February 1993 ~ Federal Trade Commission article
Chris' Amateur Radio Page ~ he's been around - both on the Net and airwaves
Chris' Duke Nukem 3D homepage ~ download game files, cheat codes, link to other related sites, live java chat
Chris' Space ~ a very creative and attractively designed personal page
Christ Chapel Home Page Centerville, MA, The brought to you by the Trailduster ~ an interesting fact page
Christian Science Monitor, The
Chrysler Technology Center
Ciari, Claude Midi World
Cindy's Baby Boomer Link! ~ Cindy Purdin's home page of her family and favorites
Cindy's Links ~ see the sites one has most interest in
Cindy's Southern Genealogy ~ great home page of resources on doing research (with detailed references)
Cirque du Soleil
Cisco Educational Archive and Resources Catalog ~ virtual schoolhouse and teacher / school Net - classroom usage
Citicorp/Citibank home page ~ credit card svcs
Citizen Dog ~ U Express presents this toon
Citta del Vaticano ~ unique Vatican City artwork
City.Net Travel by Excite ~ from Bed and Breakfasts to guided tours and even a personal trip planner
CityKids / National Childrens Coalition
CitySearch: U. S. Map ~ a graphical way to check out where and what places are all about
CityShowcase ~ (formerly GuideNet) info on major cities featured
Claris Corporation Main Page ~ use their e-mail or HTML producing software
Classic Cams Menu ~ an extensive list of great live shots available over the Net
Classic Car Source home page ~ commercial site with loads of oldie info
Classical MIDI Archives ~ over 160mb - approx. 3,000 files available
Classifieds2000 Free Nationwide Automotive, Computer, and General Merchandise Classifieds
ClassMates Online!, Welcome to ~ discover your old school friends' whereabouts
Classroom Connect ~ a premier Web site for K-12 educators and students
Classroom Connect ClassroomWeb ~ 100s of schools get free Web space in their database
Classroom Connect's Virtual Auditorium!
Claudia's Entertainment Page ~ excellent Connecticut home page with movies, television and multimedia theme
Claus Village
CleanWeb ~ promoting a better content image request for all viewers
Cliche Finder ~ over 2,000 indexed
Clickable Connecticut ~ utilizes CT tourism guide page once you choose an area
Clickstream Consciousness, The Center for ~ lively source of links offering cam-views, news and other timely subjects
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies ~ get the facts on how this tool / programming works
Clinton, Hillary Rodham First Lady of the United States ~ her official personal Web page
Clipart Directory
Closed Captioning Web ~ special info on attempts to close caption tv and movie showings
Closing Bell ~ Mercury Mail's free service provides daily e-mail messages containing closing prices and news of market indices, mutual funds and securities from 3 major US exchanges
Clown Hall of Fame ~ living museum, convention hall, research center
Club Unlimited - GIF Animation Gallery ~ fantastic resource uses frames for fast loading images
CNET features - how to - HTML tips and tricks ~ yet another great resource on how to create your own Web site
CNET features - how to - know the code: HTML for beginners ~ multi-page detail info
Co-Operative Internet Advertising
Coach University ~ an interesting teleclass approach of making you a coach with shareware and other modules
Coast to Coast Games Archive ~ this site is packed with excitement
Cobuild ~ Collin Cobuild is helping learners with real English
Coca-Cola, Welcome to Want more? Click the image
Coldwell Banker OnLine home page
College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, The ~ discover the details of this popular sport's history
College Graduate Job Postings
College of Chiropractic at University of Bridgeport
Collegescape Home Page ~ list of colleges - some you can apply to online, financial aid info +
Colombo Stock Exchange ~ official site of Sri Lanka
Color In Web Documents ~ a color chart for Netscape + pages shows you the proper RGB hex code
Color Picker - by Professional Web Design ~ great instant hexidecimal and interactive sampling
Color Test ~ excellent page shows you what the colorized text codes are
Colorado Community Corner ~ Prudential Patterson Group, REALTORS want you to discover Colorado
Colorado Springs Community Corner ~ Prudential Patterson Group, REALTORS want you to discover Colorado
ColorCenter ~ JavaScript application lets you try out text and background color combinations and textures online
ColorMaker ~ Sam Choukri provides an excellent way to pretest your page design colors of text and backgrounds
Comcast Online In Connecticut ~ *actual site title not visited
come.to/this.place ~ free service lets you shorten your long home page URL
Comedy Central Online
Comic Strip Central ~ one source to comics site links on the Web
Comics 'n stuff ~ a large resource of comics online here and links to several others
Comics Page, The
CommerceNet Home ~ membership industry assoc for internet commerce
Commercial Sites Index
Committed ~ Michael Fry shows his talents through United Media
Common Gateway Interface, The ~ now you can learn about CGI scripting
Common Gateway Interface: Forms, The ~ details from start to finish
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ~ excellent tourism 'about state' page
Community Computer Networks & Free-Net{R} Web Sites ~ Canadian source of link lists
Community Guide ~ aka Meriden, CT's ...; a brief description from System One
Commuter Link ~ an accessible source of alternative commute info and how it can fit into your lifestyle
Commuter's Register CT Edition, The ~ park / ride lot locations; transit routes and schedules
Commuters' Register NY Edition, The
Commuters' Register, The
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi ~ Newsgroup topic
Compaq.com, Welcome to ~ Compaq Computer Corp.
Compatibility Warning ~ *official title is Welcome to the Keeling Residence - xcllnt, well presented home page
Compendium of HTML Elements, The ~ see just how the different tags work for the various browsers available
Complete Guide to Midi, The ~ excellent reference pages with loads of information and resources
Complete MIDI File Directory, The ~ links to thousands of files all over the Web from one site
CompuServe, Welcome to
Computer Image Technology : Welcome ~ host server space providers/software dvlpmnt prod creators
Computer Image Technology... ~ a user's home page on 'collectable card game(s) info'
Computer Karaoke homepage ~ midi files w/ lyrics, too!
Computer Life Online, Welcome to
Computer Manuals Online Bookstore ~ this UK site is a great way to get another list of the availables
Computer Museum, Boston, The
Computer Resources / Mike Breeden's Web Site ~ a rather interesting, well put together site of resources and help
Computer Security Information ~ detailed info on a very important topic
Computer Shopper, Welcome to
Computer Training Courses and Windows / IT Courseware Training Materials - CCT -IT and PC training and Windows courseware at it's best ~ become an entrepreneur consultant
Computerized Horizons ~ Fairfield, CT ISP
Computers.com ~ a service feature of C|net helping you decide what to buy
Computtoons Week of ... ~ John Zakour's weekly cartoons
Compware - Cambridge UK ~ creators of Web authoring (Agile) and teletext software - download their betas
ComVista Internet Solutions ~ Macintosh Internet Resources
Condolences Home Page ~ your memories may last forever
Condon's, Frank Windows 95 page
Confession Booth ~ feeling guilty? Now you can release your thoughts
Conk! Cards Main Page ! send someone a graphic message
Conk! ~ fantastic commercial site offers wild, crazy content for your weekday entertaining pleasure
Conn Chess Magazine ~ official site for the Connecticut Chess Association
Connect 2000, Welcome to ~ conservative banner exchange concept plus
ConneCT'96 home page Connecticut educational and library systems tied together online
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia you can download for future reference about the Net
Connecticut / Rhode Island Casino Area Information
Connecticut Apartments* *actual site title repeats name 4 times - aka CT Renter's Pavilion
Connecticut Association of Boards of Education -- CABE
Connecticut Association of REALTORS
Connecticut Attorney General home page ~ Richard Blumental offers consumer/senior tips +
Connecticut Bar Association
Connecticut Business Today, Welcome to ~ as seen on weekly tv show hosted by Susan Curtin
Connecticut Chevy / Geo Dealers ~ CT dealer locator, virtual coupon, sdecial offers
Connecticut College Library Home Page
Connecticut Community-Technical Colleges home-page ~ direct link source to 12 institutions
Connecticut Correctional Officers On-Line
Connecticut Department of Labor
Connecticut Educators Computer Association, CECA
Connecticut Government Information Page
Connecticut Guide
Connecticut Guide - Web Sites, The ~ atlantic.com identifies CT based websites
Connecticut Highpoint Website ~ Michael Fedor reveals the real claimer of this travelers interest
Connecticut Historical Society, The ~ factual data from this Hartford based organization
Connecticut homepage, The
Connecticut Hot Links ~ all that is the Nutmeg State arranged by category
Connecticut Internet Mall ~ New Haven County based
Connecticut Jobs On-Line
Connecticut KidsLink
Connecticut Library homepage, The ~ Walter Feldman, author
Connecticut Living Network, The ~ real estate issues from how to buy to selecting agents and financing
Connecticut Lottery ~ service of Quality Graphics Marketing - latest winning numbers
Connecticut Lottery Information, The ~ service from freenet.com
Connecticut Lottery Results ~ Lotto Zone - another unofficially supported site
Connecticut Magazine - Home Page ~ popular publication now online
Connecticut Passport, Welcome to ~ a personalized guide to events and activities around Connecticut
Connecticut Post Online ~ Bridgeport newspaper
Connecticut Public Radio
Connecticut Regional Directory ~ svc frm Sthrn CT State Univ
Connecticut Restaurants ~ cmmrcl site
Connecticut School of Broadcasting ~ the official site for the Farmington, Connecticut headquarter based school
Connecticut Society ~ sons of the American Revolution
Connecticut State Police ~ an unofficial home page from a retired Lt. who served 21 years with CSP
Connecticut State Police Radio Codes ~ provided by Jim Fordyce
Connecticut Student Loan Foundation Home Page, The
Connecticut Tourism Guide ~ a case sensitive map leading to great info
Connecticut Tourism Guide
Connecticut Town and City Home Pages ~ an alpha list of sites based in the Nutmeg State
Connecticut Treasury Unclaimed Property
Connecticut Weather Page ~ xcllnt color / animated graphics
Connecticut Welcome Page
Connecticut's Classic! 99 Rock WPLR ~ FM radio station
Connecticut's Highpoint ~ Michael Fedor details a Northwestern mountain location
Connecticut's leading ISP - SNET Internet: Welcome
Connecticut, About ~ as presented by the Connecticut State University system
Connecting Connecticut WebRing
Connectix VideoPhone and the Four11 online directory
Connix ~ Middlefield, CT ISP
Connix.com user sites* ~ *actual site title: Directory of /pub/users; an ftp back door approach to their sites
Connpad - Connecticut ~ a commercialized but free source for Connecticut Web Masters to list their site
Consitution for the United States of America ~ the complete text available online
Constitution of the United States ~complete doc beginning w/ "We the People..."
Consumer Credit Counseling Center of Connecticut* CCCS ~ *actual site title: Credit Counseling; - helping those with personal financial debt problems
Consumer Education for Teens ~ Mt. Rainier High School students created this informative site for Washington State Attorney General Office
Consumer Information Center ~ w/more links
Consumer Law Page, The - Brochures
Consumer Mortgage Information Network
Consumer Reports Online ~ launch date of this site is still in progress as of 11/97
Consumer World
ContestGuide.com ~ extensive reference of sites you can visit for prizes and fun
Contests, Sweepstakes and Giveways on the Web ~ enjoy the games, hunts, trivia, raffles and more
Continental Airlines, Welcome to ~ their official site - registration may be required - receive e-mail specials
Cook's Thesaurus ~ suggests substitutes for thousands of ingredients
Cool Central Site of the ... ~ randoms of the moment, hour, day, week, month and more
Cool Site of the Day ~ according to infi.net incl their 'past' collection
Cool Tool of the Day, Welcome to ~ instead of finding new sites, Web masters have a greater valuable resource
Cool Word of the Day Page, The ~ featured by York University
Coolest Sites to Visit - Just Surf There ~ visit their selection and / or submit your own for possible award
CoolTalk, Netscape Navigator 3.0 ~ an exciting plug-in enabling you to make long distance calls free and transfer live 'white-board' drawings, and photos
Cop Spot
COPNet & Police Resource List
Cops ~ Fox TV network Bad Boys are now on the Net
Cops On Line
Copyright and Fair Use, SUL: ~ Stanford University provides info on this important topic
Copyrights, 17 USC Title 17 (01/16/96) ~ learn all about the copyright law at Cornell University
Coqui.Net: The Internet Access Provider of Puerto Rico. 753-1771 ~ ISP
Coriolis Group Website, The ~ check out their book specials, software and much more
Cosmopolitan Online ~ the famous magazine with a new perspective
Costa Rica Expeditions ~ travel factors include their conservation efforts
Cottage Inn Pizza ~ sample of real interactive ad of a Michigan business
Council Travel
Counter ~ programming code required
Counter service ~ Russian Web Counter by Dux
Counter.com home page
Country 92.5 WWYZ - FM Hartford ~ CT radio station
CouponMail Online - Your Internet Source for Free Coupons for Connecticut Merchants ~ just find it, print it, redeem it
Court TV Law Center ~ get the latest trial news of interest to you
Cow Images ~ Big Dave's collection of photos, skethces and informationals
Cox Communications ~ another major player in the cable television + service business
Cox Connecticut ~ the Nutmeg state's cable television, telephone and internet service provider
CP Systems
Craig's 1 Stop for HTML ~ everything you need to create a Web page can be found at this site
Craighead Publications, Inc. ~ business travel library
Crash course on writing documents for the Web ~ intially written for PCWeek editors
Crayola * Crayola * Crayola * Crayola
Crayon ~ CReAteYour Own Newspaper online
Create Your Own Web Page ~ a general, easy to follow outline of what to do from the folks at Small Planet Communications
Creating Net Sites ~ Netscape's reference link leads
Creating Transparent Background Images ~ a step-by-step guide
Creative Labs' FTP server files* ~ *actual link title says: Directory of /
Creative Zone ~ official site of Creative Labs
Credit For Security - Unsecured Credit Guaranteed ~ a modest fee will identify sources of credit card issuers
Crescendo by Live Update ~ browser plug-in plays MIDI files used on Web sites
Crime Prevention Coalition of America ~ nonpartisan group of more than 136 national, state and federal organization united to encourage action to prevent crime
Crime Scene Evidence File ~ you get to help the Yoknapatawpha County Law Enforcement Division solve their crime by viewing the know facts
Crispen's, Patrick Internet Roadmap ~ Neil Enn scripted Patrick's text writings on the subject
Critter Camp ~ home page that invites kids to talk to the animals - also LA mention link
Crossroads, Welcome to ~ an interesting home page with a train ride theme
Crossword Puzzle* ~ interactive feature of Christian Science Monitor
Cruising, Casinos, Corvettes, Grandchildren, Links ~ a scholar's excellent home page with midi files and more
Crunch - Cereal Box Collection
Cryptogram Corner ~ if these puzzles are of interest to you, then you'll enjoy these resources
Crysti's Corner, Entrance to ~ this young lady enjoys karate
CT Central,: Connecticut News Sports Entertainment ~ a by-product of the New Haven Register Newspaper Publisher (aka www.nhregister.com)
CT MarketNet Business Page ~ web pg dvlprs
CT Restaurant Guide ~ statewide info from Val-Plus with emphasis on shoreline
CT School of Broadcasting* ~ * site title reworded for ID; plv
CT State Golf Association
CT's Best Restaurants* ~ *link title says: main page
CTGolfer Online ~ Connecticut's Internet Golf Community
CuddlyKoala's Index ~ excellent site helps you learn much about Australia
Current ~ Hartford, CT newspaper online
Current Weather Maps/Movies
Custom Made CDs ~ an frmr AOL mem (frnd) hmpg - creators of audio / pc cd-rom disks
Customized License Plate ... Free Graphics ~ create your own virtual reality plate
Cut and Paste Warehouse, The ~ great source for JavaScripts, applets and much more
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript ~ over 160 scripts for your Web page usage
Cute FTP ~ a windows based utility for easy FTP transfers
Cy-Fair ISD's RealMedia Theatre, Welcome to
Cyan home page ~ MYST - mystery game of different worlds
Cyber Sentry ~ software filters Internet access / downloads for business / employer (ee) control
Cyber Services, Inc. - An Internet Service Provider for North Virginia, Washington, DC and Southern Maryland
Cyber Space Guide Business, Advertising, Computer, Entertainment ~ go ahead, try one of their worlds - even has HTML info
Cyber Spaces - Marketing Strategies for the World Wide Web
Cyber-Seuss ~ a special license agreement has been obtained for this fantastic site of Dr. Seuss
Cyber-Street Cafe' WWW home page
cyber411 ~ source of games, searches, shopping, etc.
CyberAngels - Welcome!
CyberCash home page
CyberCom, Inc. ~ Hawaii productions web dvlpmnt svc co
Cybercop Precinct House - Keeping Cyberspace safe for consumers
Cybergroup ~ excellent (LA 11) info on setting up your own server to the tools / ideas of creating a Web site
CyberHits Free Counter Service ~ also offered are free date and clock feeds
CyberHits: Free Counter, Clock or Date Display Service
Cyberian's Home Page ~ MIchael H. Parks personal page of poetry
CyberInk Guestbook
CyberLink Exchange 2000* ~ *actual site title: CyberLE.usww.com - free reciprocal banner exposure for your site
CyberPlex Interactive Media ~ cmmrcl marketing/publishing svcs
Cybershop, Welcome to ~ commercial on-line shopping with secure transaction features
CyberShore home page ~ CT ISP
CyberSlice, Welcome to ~ order your favorite pizza online
Cybertalk Glossary ~ Internet and technology specific terms
Cybertown Main Town ~ commercial site featuring every thought of service
Cyberware Software main home page index ~ cmmrcl co sllng internet related products
CyberWay Home Page ~ an ISP in Singapore
Cyberzine Chat ! Best Chat Rooms on the Web !
Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit ~ yet another resource layout

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