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Alex's Restaurant ~ a colorful cartoon that's going big
Amanda's humor collection ~ select from rednecks, political jokes and many more topics
Arlo and Janis ~ comic strip featured via United Media
Arne's House of Jokes, April 1996
Art and 'toons ~ Dr. John Capps of North Carolina shares his humor to help make you feel better
Betty ~ follow the daily feature of this Canadian known funnies
Big Nate ~ Lincoln Peirce's daily toon strip
Bizarro ~ get to know Dan Piraro through his drawings and own biography
Borderline Cartoon Netazine Home Page, The - Cartoons, Humor and Satire ~ preview online or buy book
Born Loser, The ~ toons by Art and Chip Sansom as presented by United Media
Buckets, The ~ Scott Stantis' cartoon talents as displayed by United Media
Cagle's Daryl Art Page ~ talented Canadian author of True Cartoons featuring contests, too
Cagle's, Daryl Professional Cartoonists Index ~ an extensive, well organized list presenting info on various cartoonists' sites
Calvin & Hobbes Comic Gallery, The
Calvin and Hobbes ~ eleven years and still going strong - see the toons that make this popular
Calvin and Hobbes Comic Gallery, The
Cartoon Arts Network ~ once you register with CartooNet, you may access the gateway of over 150 images found in various sections
Cartoon Factory Animation Art Gallery, The ~ the largest selection of animation art on the World Wide Web
Cartoon Links ~ get all the particulars from one site using frames
Cartoons and Illustrations ~ great material for your magazine, book, newsletter, online publication or trade journal
Cartoons and Illustrations for Christian Publishers ~ Randy Glasbergen's creations change daily
Cartoons for Publications and Advertising by Randy Glasbergen ~ variety for businesses to teens and inbetween
Cartoons for Teens by Randy Glasbergen ~ the author / artist offers a new toon daily and explains it's process
Cathy ~ from the originals to the current - see the toons online
Centre for the Easily Amused on the Web
Citizen Dog ~ U Express presents this toon
Comedy Central Online
Comedy Warehouse, The
Comic Strip Central ~ one source to comics site links on the Web
Comics 'n stuff ~ a large resource of comics online here and links to several others
Comics Page, The
Committed ~ Michael Fry shows his talents through United Media
Computtoons Week of ... ~ John Zakour's weekly cartoons
D C Comics
Daily Joke
Dangerfield, Rodney
Dilbert Zone, The
Doctor Fun Page, The ~ archived cartoons online
Doctor Fun Page, The ~ daily cartoons and more for the educated crowd
Doonesbury ~ Garry Trudeau's talents can also be seen online
Drabble ~ United Media presents the toon talents of Kevin Fagan
E-mail a cartoon to a friend
E-Mail Humor
Ettienne's Humour Topics ~ be sure to also read her jokes of the day
Farcus Daily Comic ~ great quality presentations with the added rights to e-mail forward a piece
For Better or For Worse ~ visit Lynn Johnston's cartoon page and interact too
FoxTrot Web Site, The Official ~ as presented by Bill Amend and the Universal Press Syndicate
Foxworthy's, Jeff
Funnies 21 ~ some interesting reading features here
funny page ~ Web master Chapman has received some unique e-mails in his days
Funny Town, Welcome to ~ joke central, pick up lines and many more topics to make you laugh
Fun_People Archive, The ~ this 'off-beat' site has contributors ranging form professors to dentists and other unexpected
Garfield ~ see the daily cartoon online
Garfield Online ~ more than the cartoon, this official site has loads of fun things to read
Generic Comics ~ discover the talents of Richard M. Dominguez who even offers his work for ordering
Goff's, Ted Online Cartoon Catalog ~ check out his business, safety and daily cartoon creations
Great One-Liners ~ a special page from Eeeek magazine
Greatest Collection of Jokes, The GRECOJ
Ha, Welcome to ~ jokes of the day and more
Hotlist Today ~ a collection of comics on various servers
http://www.leftbank.com/~antia/Light_Bulb_jokes.txt ~ an interesting collection of Light Bulb jokes
http://www.mts.net/~ddonahue/litebulb.txt ~ light bulb jokes
Humor ~ Don Geddis collection
Humor for Webmasters ~ who says creating pages has to be all work and no fun?
InterWat Fun Site ~ a unique entertainment (jokes and cartoons) site benefiting two cultures (Japanese and English)
James' Favorite Jokes
Jerry's Emergency Medical Humor Pages ~ sometimes you need good humor to keep your sanity
Joke of the Day ~ great story boards changed daily
Just 'n' Case ~ free cartoons for your newsletters, reports, newspapers, magazines, etc.
Laugh Page, The ~ an archive of jokes, funny storeis and other humor in various categories
LaughWEB, Welcome to ~ categorized collection of various humor - you may need a tissue
Madam and Eve Daily Strip ~ check out this unique toon
Make You Laugh
Marmaduke ~ Brad Anderson displays his daily talents
Mister Boffo Daily Page ~ this cartoon feature is sure to make you think and smile at the same time
Mister Boffo Home Page ~ daily toon
Mother Goose and Grimm ~ preview the latest of this daily toon
New Excuss Generator Intro ~ a large list of interesting sayings / ideas
nFX Cartoon-O-Matic (tm) ~ select a face and make your own toon
Oracle Service Humor Archives ~ collection from all over the world
Over the Hedge ~ daily toon by Michael Fry and T Lewis
Pizza Bones Web Site, The ~ daily cartoons by Cris Cassatt
Planet Wallywood - One Liner Diner ~ randomized outside comedy goes online
Politics of Cartoon Characters
Random Light Bulb Joke ~ Netscape users automatically get a new message every few seconds
Reality Check ~ Dave Whamond's cartoon feature
Robotman ~ Unitedmedia displays Jim Meddick's ever changing cartoon
Rose Is Rose ~ cartoon by Pat Brady
Search the Funny Site
Sega Online - Buzz: Comics ~ aka Sherman's Lagoon by Jim Toomey
Shakespearean Insult ~ randomized adjectives/nouns create new phrases
Shoe Page, The Jeff MacNelly ~ the official Web site for this cartoon
Simpson's Archive, The
Snapshots the Cartoon Home Page ~ experience the daily talents of creator Jason Love
Tech Funnies ~ this network's collection of interesting e-mail questions they receive
The Web
Tim's Hilarious Home Page cartoons, movies, sound effects, unique postcards and more fun
Toon A Day ~ order or simply preview the daily fresh clip art images
Toonogram ~ send free Doctor Fun cartoon postcards to friends in cyberspace
ToonWorld welcomes you ~ excelent presentation for custom toons, toon faqs, free toon art and even a toon store
UExpress ~ Universal Press Syndicate official site featureing Dear Abby, popular comic strips and more
Virtual Comics #1, Welcome to ~ read William Renn Jr's Web moing fun scripts
WashingtonPost.com: Non Sequitur Daily Panels ~ daily toon
WebComics - Your Comics Homepage ~ yet another featured source of daily and weekly comics on the Net
Willy 'n' Ethel ~ another creative daily toon
World of Lily Wong, The ~ American cartoonist Larry Feign displays his talents via the South China coast favorite secretary
Yesterday's News ~ nationally known cartoonist Bill Rielly now going on-line
Ziggy ~ catch last week's printed favorite and all the other great archives
Zippy the Pinhead ~ daily toon brought to you by the Gate
Zstuff West Coast ~ home of computtoons and zany zoo comics - every HTML / Netscape code trick used

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[ Cartoon Feature ]
Be sure to LOOK AROUND these cartoons!

Flintstones ... Jetsons

Since the early eighties, I reference these creative productions
in my instructional presentations on how the multi-media industries
continue to successfully reshape our methods of communications.
(Hanna/Barbera images courtesy: Ronn Webb at Wingnut Productions)

Yes, I am a strong believer this is the future:

Dick Tracy

Soon, Chester Gould's vision may become our next reality! Phil

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