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Christ Chapel Home Page Centerville, MA, The brought to you by the Trailduster ~ an interesting fact page
Dr. Rob's Home Page ~ pastor of First Baptist Church, Meriden, Connecticut
Fellowship of Life Church, Cheshire, Connecticut ~ a non-denominational Christian Church
First Congregational Church (UCC) - Meriden, Connecticut ~ simple basic text info
Holy See, The ~ the official Vatican Web site
Net Ministries Home Page ~ placing religious organizations on the Web
On-Line Bible ~ interactive source text now accessible via the Web
Religions of the World
Rosh Hashanah Web Page Site, The
S S Peter and Paul Orthodox Church ~ Meriden, Connecticut
Shamash Home Page ~ the Jewish Internet Consortium placing others on the Net
Taiwanese Christian Church of Connecticut ~ services held in Meriden, Connecticut
Temple Beth David, Cheshire, Connecticut ~ learn about their history, leadership, special events and more
Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden, The ~ started in the 1850's, now approximately 100 Meriden, Connecticut members strong
W C G - Connecticut Home Page ~ part of the Worldwide church of God Web exposure
Worldwide Church of God Local Congregations Online ~ ordained ministers and local congregation information

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updated December 12, 1999
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