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7UP Carbonate Your Brain
American Diamond Exchange, Inc ~ sales and education center
Ames home page ~ retail department store online
Animated E-Mail Music Boxes
Around Town WWW Shopping Mall
As Seen on TV ~ infomercial products
Auto-By-Tel -- Buy/Lease New Cars & Trucks Online! Never Pay Retail!
automobiles.com ~ list of auto co w/URLs, used car inventory listings, shop talk, euromotorcars
Beech Nut
Bestmall Business Directory ~ search & shop categories
Buick home page
Campbell Soup Company
Canon WWW home page
Carousel Classifieds ~ antique art and collector resource
CDnow : Main : homepage ~ search for and buy music/video albums online
Chevy Spot - Chevrolet home page
Chrysler Technology Center
Cirque du Soleil
Coca-Cola, Welcome to Want more? Click the image
Connecticut Business Today, Welcome to ~ as seen on weekly tv show hosted by Susan Curtin
Connecticut Internet Mall - home page
Electronics Boutique Software Store online* ~ (actual title same as URL in error)
Entertainment Earth: Kenner Star War Action Figures and Toys!
Family Ford Waterbury C ~T
FoodNet welcome page
FoodTV home ~ CyberKitchen
Ford Motor Company
Free Forum, The ~ everything here is 'FREE'
Free Stuff Continuum, The ~ items galore compiled by Adam Weisblatt
FreeRide, Welcome to ~ earn 'free internet access' points from items you buy
Fuji Photo Film U.S.A.
Galaxy Mall (Access)
Game Crazy Mall ~ buy / sell used video games
General Motors
GeoCities GeoStore, Welcome to ~ online merchandise
Gerber Baby Foods
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, The
Harley-Davidson: Caution ~ the motorcycle folks
Home Depot, The ~ popular hardware company
Honda Table of Contents
Hot Hot Hot Welcome ~ popular 'early day web' site ref in many articles re: sauce business success using web
I S N, Welcome to ~ Internet Shopping Network (computer products)
IMALL homepage
Internet Shopping Network
Isuzuville, You Are Now Entering vehicle mfgr
J C Penney home page
K M M C - Multimedia Greeting Cards ~ cmmrcl co dwnld offer
Kinney Shoes ~ "hello" (site temp down)
Kmart home page
Kodak, Eastman Company, Welcome to the
Lamborghini Web Site, The Official Automobili
Land's End, Inc. ~ direct marketing outfitting resource
Luxury Online - Neiman Marcus
May Department Stores Company, The ~ including Filene's, Kaufmann's, Lord and Taylor, and others
MyBusiness Directory ~ cmmrcl website displaying sold ads of businesses (limited)
Pepsi World, Welcome to
Pick A Pearl, Welcome to
Pontiac Excitement on the Web
Positive Response TeleVision ~ infomercial industry online
Q V C home page
register.com new mall
Saturn Site, The ~ automobile maker
Sears, Roebuck and Company, Welcome to
Shoppers Advantage: home page
Shopping Affair ~ this entrepreneurial commercial site offers gifts of distinction
Snapple Smiles
Spiegel Directions ~ famous catalog company
Staples* ~ (actual title Welcome.html rewritten for proper I.D.) - virtual office superstore
Supermarket of Savings
Supermarket Shopping Network, The ~ main page for cooks, parents, grocery shoppers +
Toyota, Welcome to @
Toys 'R' Us, Welcome to ~ popular retailer online
Volvo - home page ~ car maker
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Welcome Mall, The
Xerox, The Document Company

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[Consumer Education for Teens]

Consumer Education for Teens

Students at Mt. Rainier High School, Washington help today's youth
better understand how to spend their precious savings more wisely.

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Meriden, Connecticut

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