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A B L Web site, Welcome to the ~ Women's Professional American Basketball League
America's Sports HQ: Gambling & Wagering Websites
Bad Golfers Association
Basketball Hall of Fame, The ~ Springfield, MA
Bet 4 A Better World ~ online gaming
Bingo Zone(tm), The ~ live payouts
Blackjack Time ~ playing this online game for free may actually win you a welcoming at a sponsoring casino
Braves, Home of the ~ 1996 National League Baseball Champions Web Site
California Lottery's Web Site, Welcome to ~ check out their official info-packed site
Canadian Lottery Updates ~ Canada's first result info site
College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, The ~ discover the details of this popular sport's history
Connecticut Lottery ~ service of Quality Graphics Marketing - latest winning numbers
Connecticut Lottery Information, The ~ service from freenet.com
Connecticut Lottery Results ~ Lotto Zone - another unofficially supported site
CTGolfer Online ~ Connecticut's Internet Golf Community
E S P N Studios: Multimedia
ESPNET SportsZone
Fastball ~ off season source for major league baseball news
Florida Lottery Directory
G O R P - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages ~ a great LA11 site with loads of informational features for world wide attractions, activities and more
Gamblers Anonymous Official Home Page ~ see where you stand by answering their basic 20 questions
Golf Illustrated Magazine Cover Page - Free Trial Subscription
GoSki - The Worldwide Snow Sports Guide ~ get info about your choice area from their database of 1,500 resorts in 25 countries
I Enjoy Visiting the Mohegan Sun ~ shared experiences at a Connecticut casino
Illinois Department State Lottery Little Lotto Pick 3 4 Big Game ~ official state site
Instant Sports ~ baseball reporting on the Web
Interactive Internet Sports ~ play sports trivia, enter your predictions and even mouth off with other IIS fans
InterKeno, Welcome to
InterLotto ~ now you can gamble and win over the Lichenstine server
InterLotto - On-Line Lottery Information Service
International Badminton Federation* ~* actual site title was: index
Jim's Coaching Resources ~ a link page to other sports coaching tips and ideas
Judo Sites on the Web ~ courtesy of the Palo Alto Club
Kansas Lottery Title Page ~ official site
Lake Compounce Theme Park Bristol, Connecticut ~ America's first family theme park now owned by Kennywood Entertainment
Liechtenstein about the International Lottery
Lottery Manager - Results via E-mail Home Page ~ or you can preview Lottery One's pages for the latest winning numbers
Lottery Systems and Software International
LotteryUSA ~ get the latest results in lightning strike speed
lotto ~ free online random number picker for any lottery type game
LottoWorld home page
Major League Baseball MLB@BAT ~ the official site
Massachusetts State Lottery Commission ~ their official site
Multi-State Lottery home page ~ MUSL association features Powerball, Daily Millions, Tri-West Lotto
N A S C A R Online
N B A .com: The Official Site of the National Basketball Association
N F L .COM : Front Page ~ official Web site of the National Football League
N S W Lotteries ~ Australian's State Lottery info and results
National Hockey League Official Web Site
New England Ski Reports
New Hampshire - The Granite State's Lottery (nhlotto) (nhlotto)
New Jersey Lottery* ~ *actual site title: Division of Lottery; - their official site
New York Lottery, The
New York Yankees Home Plate ~ 1996 World Series Champions have their own fan club and merchandise page
Newsday.com / AP Update - Lottery Numbers ~ get the drawn winning lottery numbers as reported by various mid-east coast and Northeast states
NorthEast Recreation Information Center
Official 1996 Olympic Web Site - home page
Outback Lotto Club ~ fee based concept where your membership puts you in a pool of other gamblers
Outdoor Channel, The ~ a cable tv programming service
P G A. com
Pennsylvania Lottery
Prime Climb, Inc. Rock Climbing Gym ~ vertical indoor exercise
Program Five - Professional software to win a Lotto and all the others National Lottery Games over the world ~ you can even download a free preview version
Redsox.com, Welcome to ~ presented by the Boston Redsox and New England Sports Network
Region 88 Boat Rides ~ southeast Connecticut coastline info
Rock 'N Road ~ rock climbing areas of North America
Scoreboard ~ get the latest sports results as featured on USA Today's Web site
SearchSport The Sports Directory. If it's sports, find it here ...
Sports Network, The
Sportsline USA, Welcome ~ superstars, scores, odds & analysis
Strictly Sports ~ catalog items online
Sunridge* ~ *actual site title: URL; - the official site of the instant lottery tickets exchange service
Sweepstakes on the Webstakes Network ~ try your luck through the various categories
Swimming Holes in the Eastern States
Texas Lottery Information ~ get the previous day's lotto and Cash 5 results
Tipster home page, The ~ xcllnt gaming/related info site
Total Baseball, Welcome to
U K Lottery, The ~ get the results of the winning games from here
U. S. Lottery ~ Indian tribe's official site allows you to purchase and play high-stake instant games online
WebSwim ~ all about the swimming competitive sport
What would you like to do? ~ New England activity places, CT state parks, sporting fun, etc
Winston Cup Online's Speedworld
World Wide Web Gaming Infobase ~ click the map and get the latest state's winning numbers
World Wide Web of Sports ~ you pick the category - it'll most likely be there

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Congratulations to the UConn Huskies
The 1999 NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions

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