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102.3 The Wave ~ W V V E FM, Stonington, CT radio station
14.4 baud ~ this URL is direct audio feed of foxnews broadcast
91.7 FM: W H U S, Storrs -- Your Sound Alternative ~ Univ of CT radio station
98Q - WDAQ Danbury, CT, Welcome
A & E ~ from the cable service
A B C home page ~ TV network
A B C News Hourly Radio ~ this address makes RA connection at 28.8bps
A B C Radio News ~ hear the latest with your real audio player
A B C RadioNet / Main Menu ~ live frm NY
A R R L's home page ~ American Radio Relay League org
Amateur Radio
B R S Radio Directory ~ comprehensive list of radio stations on Web
Boston Amateur Radio Club
C|Net TV ~ excellent weekly show keeps you informed of Web/Net developments
C F R 47 Part 97 Amateur Radio Service Rules ~ FCC's Ham Operator Regs
C N N Interactive ~ Cable News Network
C-SPAN Networks, Welcome to the
Center for Amateur Radio Learning at the Arizona Science Center (C.A.R.L.), The ~ W7ASC
Chris' Amateur Radio Page ~ he's been around - both on the Net and airwaves
Connecticut Public Radio
Connecticut State Police Radio Codes ~ provided by Jim Fordyce
Connecticut's Classic! 99 Rock WPLR ~ FM radio station
Country 92.5 WWYZ - FM Hartford ~ CT radio station
Cox Communications ~ another major player in the cable television + service business
Drew's Scripts-O-Rama ~ over 500 television and movie scripts available on the Net
Eye on the Net 2 CBS ~ national television network
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) home page
Fox 61 WTIC Hartford ~ Connecticut Television station
Fox News ~ the network news service can even be heard live over the Net
H B O Home Video OnLine
H R O Page ~ Ham Radio Outlet
HearNow ~ a 'WebActive' link source of audio services you can listen to on the Web
Here's What's On the Cartoon Network Right Now
History Channel, The
Internet Broadcasting Corporation
Internet Jukebox, The
Internet Talk Radio - Geek of the Week ~ although only covers feature from 1993 thru mid 94, great source of interviews
Internet's First Superstation, The ~ worldwidetv.com - also home of bunting.com (the computer man)
Introducing W D R C ~ choose from 1360 AM or 102.9 FM (Big D 103) Hartford, CT
Jeopardy Pro
K C 101 WWW home page ~ Hamden, CT FM radio station WKCI
KissSite 95.7 FM ~ Hartford, CT radio station WKSS
Late Show with David Letterman, The ~ get his recent Top 10 List
Lifetime Online, Welcome to
Long Island Area Scanning Resources ~ includes CT/Northeast
Los Angeles Times TV and Video ~ Nielsen TV ratings and video charts
M I T List of Radio Stations on the Internet, The ~ including 'bit'casters
M S N B C, Welcome to ~ Microsoft/NBC joint venture site
Meriden ARC Home Page ~ Amateur Radio Club, Connecticut
Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets ~ a Net resource
Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabets (HTML 3) ~ chart shows multi-national understanding
N A B Home Page ~ National Association of Broadcasters Organization
N B C.COM ~ national television network
N P R Online
N T I A home page ~ Ntnl Telecommunications & Information Assoc
NetRadio Network home page
Nick-At-Nite's TV Land ~ info about the 24 hour programming show on your computer
Nielsen results* *actual title changes as a new heading daily from USA Today
NuMorse and NuTest - Index, Homepages of ~ download their freeware program and learn morse code
Original Old Time Radio (OTR) WWW Pages ~ now you can rehear the golden programs
Other Kilowatt N9TOK's Ham Radio Page, The ~ a lot of work evident here
P B S OnLine!, Welcome to
Phil's Old Radios - Antique Radio Gallery ~ great presentation of old time past
Premiere Radio Networks Online* ~ *actual site title: URL; - great sound bytes updated often
Q R Z home page ~ amateur radio publication online w/interactive info
Radio Classics
Real Audio, The Best of ~ excellent selection of RA Sound clips
S N E T. We go beyond the call.
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
Simpsons, The
So you want to learn Morse Code? ~ tips on how to learn including software to teach you
Soap Links
Sony Online
Star Trek ~ a colorful Paramount site
Star Wars Trilogy: Official Website ~ fiction on the Web
Talk America ~ Radio Network (utilizes StreamWorks xingtech)
Tele-Communications, Inc. - TCI ~ well-known cable television service company
Telecommunications Acit of 1996*\ actual site title: http://cnn.com/US/9602/telecom_bill/final_bill.txt
Timecast ~ your real media guide - concerts, realaudio, realvideo site lists and more
TV Net - Ultimate TV lists
TV.com, Welcome to ~ special CNET feature of their cable program
TV1 ~ what's on tonite
U P N 44 Universe
U S Kids Television and Anti-Violence Campaign
U. S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page
UltimateTV, Welcome to ~ learn what's on tonite and all the soaps' news
Unofficial Guide to Classic Jonny Quest, The
Unsolved Mysteries ~ popular tv show program now goes online with requested info
Virtual Radio Home Page ~ hear bands from all over on your online computer
W C T Y 97.7 FM ~ Norwich, CT
W E B E 108 ~ Bridgeport / Westport, CT FM radio station
W E Z N 99.9 ~ Bridgeport, CT FM radio station
W F S B: Main Menu ~ Hartford, CT television station channel 3
W G N - TV Chicago, USA ~ program schedules, sports and news reports plus live-cam shots
W I C C ~ 600 AM, Bridgeport, CT radio station (sister to WEBE)
W I C H 1310 AM ~ Norwich, CT radio station
W M U R - TV 9* ~ *actual site title: main - ABC affiliate in New Hampshire
W N H U - 88.7 FM - University of New Haven ~ Connecticut
W N L C 1510 AM ~ New London, CT radio station
W S H U - FM home page ~ Sacred Heart Univ, CT radio station
W S N G's home page ~ 610 AM Torrington, CT radio station
W T I C AM / FM Radio - Hartford, CT ~ 1080 AM / 96.5 FM
W T N H - 8 Television On-Line ~ New Haven, CT station
W T Y D 100.9 FM ~ New London, CT radio station
W V E C - TV ~ Norfolk, VA channel 13
W V I T ~ West Hartford, CT television station channel 30
W W L P - TV22, News in Springfield, Massachusetts, a local NBC affiliate official site
WebTV ~ the network service that let's you see the Web on your television set
World Radio Network Online ~ direct acess to worldwide stations you can hear live over the Net
World Wide Radio ~ access hundreds of US and other countries' radio stations with/out Web sites
X-Files Australian Homepage, The
X-Files, The ~ 20th Century / Fox official Web site
Yale Radio - W Y B C 94.3 FM ~ Yale Univ, New Haven, CT radio station

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Phil Viger received his FCC 3rd Class Commercial Broadcast License in 1974;
and also currently holds an FCC Amateur Radio Technician License (KA1FGK)

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