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I hope you enjoy the following collection of link-to sites as much as I.
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50 Best Web Sites, The Overwhelmed by the Web? Start here ~ contains descriptions
About the Matrix and the Internet (FAQ, maps, graphs, sources)
Acronyms and Computer Jargon ~ often found in e-mail and newsgroup communications
AlphaWorld ~ don't just surf the Net, now you can build virtual environments online
Anchorman ~ contains list of UseNet newsgroups
Andover News Network, The ~ daily reports of online developments and news
Archie on the Web ~ Columbia Univ contribution docs about Archie & FTP
Ask Dr. Internet ~ fantastic online e-zine discussing issues of interest to your viewing
Beatrice's Web Guide ~ professionally created / commercial site with multi topics to others
Beginners Central ~ a walk-through of the Net and what it has to offer
Beginners Guide ~ part of Matt's 5 Minute Guide to the Internet as seen on his home page
Blue Planet's Coolest Picks For Today
Blue Web'n Applications Library ~ internet based instruction resources
C M C Information Sources ~ aka the December's List - Internet factual resources from Computer Mediated Communication
CleanWeb ~ promoting a better content image request for all viewers
Closed Captioning Web ~ special info on attempts to close caption tv and movie showings
Cool Central Site of the ... ~ randoms of the moment, hour, day, week, month and more
Cool Site of the Day ~ according to infi.net incl their 'past' collection
Coolest Sites to Visit - Just Surf There ~ visit their selection and / or submit your own for possible award
Crispen's, Patrick Internet Roadmap ~ Neil Enn scripted Patrick's text writings on the subject
Daily Scoop, The ~ excellent Tripod feature page provides the latest of all categorized news events
Daily Web News
Danny's Newbie Page ~ a bit outdated, but brief in paragraphs of your first Net usage
DelMarva Online Cool Sites ~ home pages of DMV subscribers
Delphi Internet Services ~ before there was AOL or various ISPs, there were Prodigy, CompuServe and ...
Dynamite Site of the Nite, The ~ check out the daily winners - submit your site for consideration
E F F's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - Table of Contents ~ Texinfo edition 2.3 September 1994
E F F's Guide to the Internet ~ Electronic Frontier's Foundation NetGuide
eBORcOM: Random New Page ~ hit the reload button and you get a new site to visit
Email ~ guide and tutorial from Inter-Link
Exploring the Internet ~ another attempt to make the myriad resources easier to understand, appreciate and access
Eye on the Web ~ timely info on Net developments, as well as current news, sports, wx and more
F A Qs by Category ~ an extensive list of links to the common FAQs and their answers
Fred Langa's HotSpots Page ~ see what daily site is chosen for your interest
Free Interactive Guide to the Internet Desktop Presentation ~ download and learn from it today - a service of Sierra Multimedia Productions
Front Page, ZDNet AnchorDesk ~ get the latest Net technology news presented by Ziff Davis Net
GEnie's Fingertip Guide to the Internet* *actual site title: http://genie.com/fingertip/index.htm
Get Hooked on the Internet ~ one page text listing of sites to see daily or weekly
Getting Started on the Internet ~ Help Web Imaginary Landscape - information you need the first day you log on
Getting Started with the World Wide Web ~ provided by Stirling Univ, Scotland
Global Internet: Net Happenings ~ timely announcements of interest to network staffers and end users
Gopher Jewels ~ a great list of Net resources leading you to the best of gopher sites
gopher://funrsc.fairfie...s/An%20Internet%20Guide ~ the internet as known in '93
gopher://futique.scs.un...0/veronica/veronica-faq ~ Veronica info
Gray, Matthew ~ web growth research author
Guide to Cyberspace 6.1: Contents
Guides to the Internet for Historians ~ CCSU students' assgnment projects
History of the Net, The
Hobbes' Internet Timeline ~ informative details of the Internet's development and growth since the 1950s
Hot Topic: Internet's 25th Anniversary ~ Amdahl's special report on this 1994 occassion
Hytelnet ~ Internet resources via Telnet
Index of /hypertext/faq/usenet-faqs/ ~ choose Ohio State University's feature category of either computers or HTML
Information Week
Internaut ~ get the details on how things began for the Net
Internet 101, Welcome to ~ award winning guide for those who want to have fun with the Net
Internet Addiction Survey
Internet Domain Survey ~ results of nearly every host search
Internet FAQ Consortium, The ~ your and others' questions get answered here
Internet Guide ~ MCI.net's intro on what the Net is all about and how to use it
Internet Help Desk, The ~ Amy Ward's fantastic approach of helping the beginners and advanced Internet users
Internet Help for New People (Newbies) ~ an explanatory dictionary of need-to-know terms
Internet Info For Real People ~ Bob Brand discusses some basic info to know
Internet Pearls Index, The - SoloTech Software ~ ISO Country abbreviation codes of Internet site addresses
Internet Resources on the Web ~ a collection of resources useful for Internet trainers and learners
Internet Society Home Page ~ professional organization informs all of the medium's developments
Internet Starter Kit ~ Hayden Books puts their best selling edition, with all its chapters, on the Web for your reading
Internet Survival ~ beginners' assistant to 'ftp, Gopher, Archie +' terms/tools
Internet Survival Skills, ISS101 ~ a 1995 hypertext tutorial by Dr. Kenneth Hensarling
Internet Text Project, The ~ a collection of links and resources for the new Net user
Internet Tour ~ an excellent (LA 11) tutorial from Global Village Communications
Internet Traffic Report* ~ *actual site title: The Andover News Network; - shows you the Net's traffic speed for the current hour
InternetWeek, Welcome to ~ up-to-date news on Internet Activity developments
InterNIC 15 Minute Series ~ Tools for the Internet Trainer
InterNIC News: A Domain is Born: ~ step by step process on How Ideas Become Addresses at the InterNIC
iWORLD: Internet News and Resources ~ online updtd internet happenings source
Jump Link - A cool way to surf the net! ~ visit categorized random sites (frame viewing browser req'd)
JumpCity, Welcome to ~ a great way to select a category and surf the Web for hours
Larry's World Home Page ~ professionally produced timely information of Net / Web developments for kids +
LaunchBot ~ 50 sites Link Exchange suggests you visit
Learn the Net
Life on the Internet, Welcome to ~ a PBS special documentary on the history and new developments of the Net
Life on the Internet: Exploring the Internet ~ Cochran Communications' approach to giving you resources to other sites with detailed info
Link Exchange, The Internet: LinkExchange Web News Headlines ~ get the timely facts
List of USENET FAQs ~ identifies most newsgroups available and their subject topics
Locker's, Kitty Introduction to the Web ~ learn how to use the Web, do research and design home pages
Net Culture ~ read the special feature articles as presented via Time's Pathfinder service
Netaholics Anonymous Netaholics Anonymous Netaholics Anonymous ~ World Headquarter's Website
NetDay National ~ wiring the schools on October 25, 1996
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary ~ a great way to learn all the terms utilized
Netsurfer Digest home page ~ subscribe for free and receive weekly e-mail developments
Netwelcome says Welcome Newbie
NewbieNet ~ cyber course tutorial including how to utilize the Netscape frames
Newbies Guides, The
Newbies, Check This One Out
News Bytes
News.com, Welcome to C|Net's computing and inter/intranet news
Norman's ~ Hot Tips and Sites Archives ~ he'll even e-mail you the weekly updates
Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) ~ helps parents and teachers control Internet content access
Project Cool: Sightings ~ see what new sites appear on a daily basis courtesy of Glen Davis
Pulver Report ~ Jeff Pulver offers timely Web / Net active development news
Pulver Report, The ~ each edition takes a look at emerging and enabling net technologies
Quick Introduction to the Internet, A ~ a quick one pager by Michael Allen Gelman
Roadmap96 Workshop home page, The ~ text based 27 lesson Internet training
Roadmap96 Workshop Homepage, The ~ a free, easy way to learn a lot about the Internet
SafeSurf home page ~ the original Internet rating system
Sandy Bay Software's PC Webopaedia - Welcome ~ yet another award winning site that keeps you abreast of computer topic developments
Scout Report Home Page ~ this online publication helps keep you abreast of the Net developments
Scout Report Homepage ~ weekly publication of Web developments you can even have e-mailed to you
Searching the World Wide Web ~ detailed info w/procedure suggestions on using search engines; Susan Gaer, author
Silicon Valley Web Directory, The
Smileys File, The ~ more than the ;-) found here
SoCoOl ... Sonoma County OnLine ... SoCoOL Bob's Roller Coaster Index ~ one interesting way to learn where to visit
SoftSeek, Welcome to - The Software Source ~ great site shows and allows you to access the most popular files and current Net news
Star Mail, Introduction to ~ register for e-mail addresses that include famous names, places and phrases
Starting Points for Internet Exploration
Stevie's Internet Resources, Services and Facilities ~ share in his experiences of Web surfing and special finds
Sympatico Help: Learn about the Internet ~ excellent coverage from Canadian ISP
The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette, by Arlene Rinaldi ~ Florida Atlantic University and AR provide great info
Too Cool ~ excellent site to check out daily for other award winning excellent sites
Tours : Computing : New to the Net? ~ special feature service from Excite
Tower's Main Page, The ~ resources of the Net
TradeWave Galaxy ~ guide to worldwide information and services
Treasures on the Internet ~ a 1995-6 highlight of the growing Net
Tutorial Coverpage ~ learn all there is to know regarding Internet related topics
Usenet - news.newusers.questions ~ this address brings you to the popular Usenet service area for new users
UseNet FAQs, List of ~ an inventoried list of documents answers your questions
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods ~ an archive of Frequently Asked Questions and other periodic, informative articles, posted in the Usenet newsgroup
Virtual Tourist Pre-Home Page ~ a mapped based directory of all the WWW servers in the world
Wave of the Day ~ check daily for the specially chosen - this site contains no graphics so loads very quickly
Web Addressing Overview (URIs, URLs, ...) ~ WWW Names and Addresses, URIs, URLs, URNs
Web FAQ's
Web Robots Pages, The ~ everything you want to know about Robots, Web Wanderers and Spiders
Web University ~ a great way to easily learn the techniques and technologies of the Internet / Web
Web Week, Welcome to -- WW July 22, 1996 ~ & timely updts
Webaholics home page v2.1 ~ others are hooked on the Net just like you!
WebAppeal - Where the attraction begins .. (aka Assimilation in progress) ~ great story board on the Net
WebCrawler Select: New Sites This Week
Webring, The: Home ~ visit sites preselected for you by category
Webtivities Inc. entrance page ~ free internet services, entertainment, education, commercial sites +
Weekly Bookmark, The ~ Matt Alberts attempts to inform, instruct and support the Internet community with his tidbits
What's New on the Internet (tm) ~ daily writeups of arriving sites
Who's Who at the World Wide Web Consortium ~ learn more about who invented the WWW and others
Whois, Web Interface to ~ service provided by InterNIC identifies who has registered a certain domain name
WickNet NetCatch ~ a different featured site everyday
Windows on the World ~ adding Internet access to PC's according to this 1995 document
World of Interest Net fast-track ~ a near exact duplicate of LA site intentions
World Wide Web FAQs and Guides ~ incl developer/provider tools, Perl etc
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Cryptography, PGP and Your Privacy ~ the light details on this method
WWW & Internet manuals, WWW Demos (4-Mar-1996)
Y I L: Surf School ~ Yahoo Internet Live - your guide to the best of the Web
Yahoo! - What's New ~ this page changes daily for the latest site entries
Your Free Survival Guide Glossary to the Internet and World Wide Web. Compliments of the Web Page Company, FREE Web Pages!!! Newport, RI USA!!!
Zen and the Art of the Internet - Table of Contents ~ a beginner's guide to the Internet - first edition January 1992

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